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Poll: Santa Company: Manatsu no Merry Christmas Episode 1 Discussion

Jan 28, 3:28 PM

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MAL>>>Crunchyroll confirmed lmao

Just realized that this was the very first anime I saw that portrayed the typical western image of Christmas lol

There were some beautiful shots tho and on top of that it also had a good message...probs to MAL!

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Jan 28, 3:31 PM

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10/10 Only cause I had fun in da youtube chat but anyways from What I was able to catch is how mint was overly enthusiastic, I was hoping she would get rekt but alas.

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But my feels.
Jan 28, 3:31 PM

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That Mint character was annoying. Thomas is number one.

It was good for a free anime.
Jan 28, 3:34 PM
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The chat made the experience good

I guess it was good for a free Anime

I really liked Thomas and the Pedo Santa
Jan 28, 3:35 PM

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The story was pretty bland but I didn’t have to force myself to watch it, cool character design with the colorful outlines, animation could be a lot better but it’s this studios first anime so I won’t bash it too hard, there were some cool looking backgrounds, overall: 6.5/10.
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Jan 28, 3:36 PM

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Lol, someone in the chat said that Santa looks like the Moon Man...
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Jan 28, 3:36 PM
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Aspier said:
The chat made the experience
I agree, couldn't stop laughing
Jan 28, 3:36 PM

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10/10 Santa kinda bad tho <3
Jan 28, 3:37 PM
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Heavy-handed at times, though lots of fun to watch with others live.

The art was pretty though the animation itself obviously didn't have a full series budget.

The ED song was pretty good, and I will definitely listen to it a few more times and see if I can find a full length version.

A lot of the things done in the movie were silly, but in a self aware way, and while it could have been better if more focused, it still was good for what it was. It was pretty funny as well.
Jan 28, 3:37 PM

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Just coming from the stream..its was fine i guess.. Animation is pretty good, nice blend with cgi... 5/10
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Jan 28, 3:37 PM
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Cute, nice colour scheme- the CGI probably wasn't needed though. But then again, it was short and sweet. The chat was the true star of the show though, oml those comments just sent me, spent pretty much the entire thing laughing my ass off.

Jan 28, 3:38 PM

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Love the character design of all the characters!! Everything looked well done to me.
Jan 28, 3:38 PM

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Happy to be a part of this cool event. Had fun participating in the live chat.
Jan 28, 3:39 PM
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Obviously aimed towards a fairly young audience so it's understandable that it was the way it was

But I think it was okay in all its simplicity at least, but not exactly memorable. I liked the character designs though

That aside, pretty cool that MAL managed to do this in the first place. Hadn't really planned to watch it live but I kinda ended up doing it in the spur of the moment

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Jan 28, 3:39 PM

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Good humour, especially that "1 minute corporate video" lol I need to watch the two earlier Santa Company anime too at some point... have been wanting to watch them ever since i first came across them. :P

(Also, as a Finn, i liked how they pronounced Tonttu, it sounded kinda cute. :D)
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Jan 28, 3:40 PM

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Ehh. It's fine. The story a bit all over the place, but I did not hate it.
Jan 28, 3:47 PM
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The whale was so sad bro, F
Jan 28, 3:49 PM

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It was an alright short film. Watching it with the chat definitely made it more enjoyable, but it wasn't awful to watch on its own either.

The character designs were really nice and so was the art style in general. The CGI was a bit questionable, but honestly not the worst I've seen, so I wasn't super bothered by it.

The story disappointed me. I know this was aimed towards younger audiences to push the environmentalism message, but I wish there was something more cohesive for a story. Just because it's aimed towards kids doesn't mean it has to be so flat. I don't think this would even fit a basic plot diagram, to be honest.

The characters were kind of dull. They were cute and occasionally funny, don't get me wrong, but there was no real sense of their goals or motivations. Not to mention Mook/the trash dragon showing up out of nowhere. It was all so fast and kind of random.

Overall a 5/10. It wasn't awful, but it could've been much better.
Jan 28, 3:50 PM

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Overall nice and cheese short. I liked...
Definitely it wasn't big budget series but made/funded by nonprofit organisation so it was fine, I liked overall art style.

If there was I didn't like it was kinda too on the nose when that old guy was saying how clining was pointless and kinda contradictory messages like "don't worry about future" but in the same time saying "how littering is bad".

Definitely this short would benefit if story was more grounded and showed how animals are suffering and those kids are helping them (there's tons of footage on internet) and not just one picture. But they said this story was targeted more towards children so giant garbage monster stealing christmas presents didn't bother me that much.

Radishinblue said:
Aspier said:
The chat made the experience
I agree, couldn't stop laughing

oh... now I regret that I turned off chat and watched only short.

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Jan 28, 4:06 PM

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Had fun watching this on stream. Chat was really funny.
Jan 28, 4:14 PM

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For being a 30 minute kids movie it was pretty ok. I don't think I like it more than the original Santa Company (and I can't watch the extended version) but it was a fine watch. The animation looked nice enough.

The plot was... there but we all knew it was gonna be a preachy environmental PSA from the start so idk why anyone was surprised about that.

Dont think I'd watch it again but it was a fun time especially with the chat lol
Jan 28, 5:45 PM

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Just watch The Premiere like everyone else. I agree the chat is fun to watch in conjunction with The Movie.

Mint was really excited to see Santa by herself and Giving Necklace to Mint for want helping Santa as his Subordinate Sound pretty dark if you think about it.

Then we got to see All Activity at School/Academy that little Mix Drama from Noah and Comedy from Thomas. But, Don't Forget The Ghostbusters Reference.

Then Fighting Mook that stole Present from Island at Finland I guess and Mook got Destroyed by Mint Necklace.

LOL, Mint fallen in love with Edison just because open his mask. What a LOL way to end the anime.

For me, The Story was Great for Scale Time of 30 Minutes and Specially addressed towards Children. But, it still bothering me that The Mook (Dragon Trash) was come out of Cave and I don't have any idea Mook was that Gigantic. Like how Mook can fit inside the cave, not to mention how Mook can get out from Cave too.
The Video Scene that used some Unused Information in the whole Anime that make pretty Pointless to knowing it
Other than Mook Existence and Video Scene, The Story was Great to spelled out Morale (Ocean Debris/Trash) that showed in this Anime and Even have Referenced to Dragon Ball and Ghostbusters.

Character was Great too for type of this Anime that just take 30 Minutes. I pretty amazed that Noah have some Pretty Strong Character that hidden with her annoyance that showed deepening of her Character. The Other was pretty good but not much like Noah, but is fine.

Animation was Really Colorful that make me thinking almost like making by Trigger and The Animation was Pretty Good, even though looks like the budget not too high but still Good. On the other hand The CGI a bit stiff but still pretty great to see it.

Sound was pretty Catchy that follow situation was Reallly Great and The ED song was good to listen.

Overall Santa Company ~Midsummer Merry Christmas~ was A Great 30 Minutes Anime Movie that have Great Environment Message to it with Good Story and Character but Antagonist have some Questionable Existence that make pretty confused to watch.

7.5/10 Good Anime that Deliver Strong Ocean Environment Problem For Us to Care About it
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Jan 28, 5:59 PM
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When the dragon came out, I couldn't stop laughing Idk why LMAO

yeah the story is a bit out of place but it's decent enough to be a free anime.
Jan 28, 6:17 PM

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I love this anime art style, and the CGI was pretty good tbh, and Mint is kinda cute.
Jan 28, 10:29 PM

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I liked it. Although, I did like the original short better. Thomas and Mint look younger in the original. I'm curious enough about the characters to watch the movie.
Jan 28, 10:58 PM

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It was cute!

The chat was pretty fun, would like to see MAL do more of these events in the future.

Also man, they had some legendary seiyuu in there too...............
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Jan 28, 11:00 PM

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the art style was so cute! nin nin! thomas best girl
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Jan 29, 2:23 AM

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I wasn't going to watch it at the premiere since in my country it was at midnight... Then, while sitting there, getting ready to sleep I looked at my clock: 2 to midnight. And Bilbo Baggins woke in my subconcious, and whispered: In the end why not? Why shouldn't I? And to be honest I have no regrets about it. Seen a lot of far worse anime than this, and this particular was simply pretty. Those moments the sky was being shown... They were beautiful. All in all nice piece of anime :)
Jan 29, 4:21 AM

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Jan 30, 10:52 AM

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This anime was genuine trash.