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Poll: Uchi Tama?! Uchi no Tama Shirimasen ka? Episode 6 Discussion

Feb 13, 8:19 AM

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Lol, the battle rap.

But jokes aside, this episode was actually slightly serious than the others but more importantly has a "historical" feel to it. Quite an unusual episode tbh. We got so many characters facing off with each other using words and fists.

Feb 13, 8:29 AM

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An ep. full of rap. Bull, dogs, even KajiKaji's character rapped! New characters are 7-chome. Most of the battle was by Bull and that "young master" from 7-chome because most of them forgot from the call for dinner.

What's that intermission w. the characters wearing their respective animal clothing lol~

Everyone sharing what they brought for picnic while watching super moon. KajiKaji's character remembering his ex-owner for a second when looking at others.

ED: "Inu Neko Ellery (犬猫エレジー)" by Gon Noda (CV: Wataru Hatano)
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Feb 13, 11:07 AM
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Remind me of Tokyo Tribe, but there are many more reference that I don't know.

But the boss's bodyguard is so hot! I don't want him to wear glasses though.
Feb 13, 11:08 AM

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Rap battle... that was amusing.

Nora at the end remembering his former owner. I want to see an episode focused on him.

Feb 13, 12:21 PM

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hmmm like their daily lives better...hmmm was still entertaining
Feb 13, 2:04 PM

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you have to appreciate the silliness of this anime with the first two stories when you consider all the characters don't have actual humanoid forms and are just cats and dogs. So if you where passing by that temple were they had their final battle, you'd just see a bunch of dogs and cats "fighting" with each other. Although the logistics on the enemy dog gang hanging out in an empty nightclub made no sense lol.
Feb 13, 9:39 PM

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Leo said:
Nora at the end remembering his former owner. I want to see an episode focused on him.
Me too! I hope he finds someone to look after him by the end of the series, he's so good and kind.
Feb 14, 12:38 AM

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all out dog cat war? but when their owners calls them for their routine food then everyone would stop and retreat! LOLZ!

Feb 15, 3:39 AM

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The conflict between the "Crazy Cats" of the Third Street against the "Young Kings" of the Seventh Street was epic. xD I guess Bull is officially one of them now. Poor Pochi though. He wasn't acknowledged in the "Crazy Cats" name to the very end. lol And I loved the picnic segment, it reminded a lot of the ones I have with my friends from time to time. And Tora is really loved. xD Poor Nora though, it seems he had someone who took care of him too. I wonder what happened... And Gon's ED was nice. xD
Feb 17, 10:56 PM

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Hypnosis Mic anime is looking good.

Feb 21, 7:19 AM

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The first part was kinda meh but the night time picnic was pretty fun and that short flashback of Nora made me interested in his past. I wanna see his story.
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3 hours ago

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"German sausage is the pride of a man!" - lol, I'm dying

Hope Nora-chan will find his human in the end, I feel so bad for him(
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