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Apr 23, 2019 11:00 PM
Apr 2019
Shark NV752 Review: A Versatile Vacuum for All Your Needs

The demand for multi-purpose models of vacuum cleaners has risen with the introduction of the new products from different manufacturers. And Shark NV752, which has an upright design, is probably one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market for that segment.

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Many customers have left positive feedback about its variety of features, stating that it has become their new first choice when it comes to household vacuum cleaners.

But what makes this high-end vacuum a special product? We will take a look at the features and the real-life performance in this Shark NV752 review.



  • Sleek and appealing design
  • Great pet hair-related performance
  • Powerful suction
  • The lift-away mechanism for high versatility
  • Multiple attachments for different tasks
  • Built-in LED lights
  • Easy to move around
  • Intuitive control system


  • Fairly expensive
  • Quite heavy for a lightweight model
  • Height not adjustable

Main Features

Three modes with the Lift-Away mechanism

You may get confused by the fact that the Shark Rotator NV752, like the name suggests, can bring three different modes in just one product. Let us explain this.

Just with some tweaks, you can have three kinds of vacuum cleaner: standard upright, handheld, and canister, each of which serves its own purpose.

At its full-fledged configuration, this standard upright vacuum is suitable for typical floorings, rugs, and high-pile carpets thanks to the durable construction and the newly-developed swivel steering technology. You can perform deep and thorough cleaning with these modes.

But in a few simple steps, you can transform it into a canister vacuum. The canister is easy to lift , causing little to no trouble in the cleaning process. This operational mode will take advantage of the motorized head to deal with hard-to-reach areas that a traditional upright model cannot.

Last is the handheld mode, which can help you clean difficult-to-reach areas in your car or the stairs, fulfilling the needs of a portable cleaning solution.


The high-grade HEPA filter, combined with the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology from Shark, can assure you that it can catch up to 99% of dander, dust, pet hair, and all other types of allergens.

This seal design is a brilliant choice for Shark because, without it, some exhaust air may get escape from the vacuum before going through the filters, which means some allergens can get back into your room again.

The Shark Rotator NV752 Powered Lift-Away Truepet comes with two washable filters that are situated before the motor. You can rinse these filters, which are made of felt and foam, under running water and then dry them to keep them clean.

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Dynamic Swivel Steering Technology

There is a popular idea that upright vacuums as big as the NV752 are not easy to steer and maneuver. While it is true that this Shark vacuum is quite heavier compared to other lightweight competitors, you won’t find it difficult to maneuver, even with the standard upright model.

The NV752 can cover rooms packed with furniture thanks to the dynamic swivel steering feature. And if you want to clean under low furniture, the canister mode is ready for you.

Easy to empty

You don't need to follow many steps and effort to empty the dirt bin. Just press a button, and that's it.

LED lights

This is a helpful feature for households with a lot of dark or hard-to-see corners. The LED lights are on the nozzle, enabling you to see deeper and further than before with controls under your fingertips. You can now know where all the pet hair goes and get rid of it from under your furniture.


Shark bundles the NV752 with various attachments and accessories for different needs, including a crevice tool, the Canister Caddy, the Pet Tool, the TruePet Motorized Brush, the Hard Floor Hero, and the accessories bag. You can achieve your daily cleaning tasks by attaching the correct tool into the vacuum with ease.


Hard floors

With the Hard Floor Hero ability, you can target the hard floor / bare floor effectively. The Shark Rotator NV752 Truepet can clean all your laminate tiles and floors without leaving any marks behind.


Shark can deal with the upholstery of your car seats or furniture with the motorized brush and the multi-tool for pets.

You can now get rid of the stubborn dust and pet hair deep-rooted in your bedding, curtains, car interior, cat trees, and other furniture. The motorized brush can pick up the dander, dust, and other kinds of dirt into its container. For the delicate surfaces, you can use the multi-tool for pets to clean all the pet hair in its suction path.


The NV752 can deep-clean your carpets with the stiff bristles to remove all the unyielding dirt and pet hair.

The settings are made for high-performance when cleaning different types of carpets. You can switch between the low-pile and high-pile mode for your soft and thick carpets, respectively. They will adjust both the suction and the speed of the motorized brush.

Final Verdict

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-away Truepet NV752 is a compact vacuum that can assume the responsibility of a heavy-duty model, which makes it a special product on the market. With the versatile cleaner head, it can clean both stuck-on and surface debris.

The NV752 is compatible with almost all kinds of floors, so now you don't need to buy multiple products for your house anymore.

With just a button at your fingertips, you can control the operation of this powerful machine. Switch on and off or changing modes, all is completely in your hands without many manual steps.

With different modes, enabled by the Lift-away design approach, you can have the benefits of an upright and a canister vacuum cleaner at the same time. This great versatility is not only a cool-looking feature to boast about in an advertisement, but it is also helpful for many daily cleaning situations.

Pet owners will be happy with this purchase because of the excellent pet hair removal performance. And finally, the NV752 gets all the tasks above done without worsening the air quality of your home thanks to the high-grade HEPA filter system.

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All in all, this Shark vacuum is a wise investment if you can ignore the price tag and its heavy weight.
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