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Naruto Rinnegan: God of Creation or Destroyer of the World?

Three great eye techniques exist in the shinobi world of Naruto. The Byakugan and Sharingan both belong to legendary clans whose skills are said to be second to none. But above them lies the Naruto Rinnegan, a god-like power. Will it be used for good or for evil?

by NicWat10
Nov 5, 2015 5:15 PM | 22,752 views

What is the Naruto Rinnegan?

naruto rinnegan Naruto Shippuden Pain
Pain and his purple Naruto Rinnegan eyes are filled with sorrow and despair.

The first Naruto Rinnegan was used by the Sage of Six Paths, a legendary man who founded the world of ninjas. For centuries, most of the world thought of him and his power as nothing more than a legend; the stories of the power of the Naruto Rinnegan seemed far beyond the reach of any mortal man.

History and Power of the Naruto Rinnegan

naruto rinnegan Naruto Shippuden Hagoromo Ootsutsuki
Is the legendary Sage of Six Paths the creator of chaos?

Only a direct descendant of the Sage of Six Paths is capable of using the Naruto Rinnegan naturally, but like other eye techniques the Naruto Rinnegan can be transplanted into other individuals. First seen being used by Akatsuki leader Pain, the Naruto Rinnegan makes its user an almost unstoppable force with enough fighting prowess to take on entire teams of enemy ninja and win with minimal effort. Other individuals are shown to use the Naruto Rinnegan as well as other Naruto eye techniques, with the ability to switch between them or even combine them to use the power of all skills at the same time.

Main Ability of the Naruto Rinnegan

naruto rinnegan Naruto Shippuden Six Paths of Pain
The Six Paths of Pain are a crew of mysterious warriors.

Compared to the other eye techniques, the Naruto Rinnegan grants its user a massive number of powers. The most notable ability is the Six Paths Technique, which is really six different techniques. The Deva Path controls gravity, the Asura Path puts mechanical weapons into the users’ body, the Human Path rip human souls from their bodies, the Animal Path can perform a variety of summoning techniques, the Preta Path can absorb chakra, and the Naraka Path can summon the powerful King of Hell. These abilities can be used directly by the user or through corpses animated by chakra from Black Receivers, spikes embedded in the cadavers.

Other Abilities of the Naruto Rinnegan

naruto rinnegan Naruto Shippuden Sasuke Uchiha
The full power of the Rinnegan is revealed!

The Naruto Rinnegan allows an individual to use ninjutsu of all five chakra natures, something that is impossible for an ordinary ninja to do. Naruto Rinnegan users are also able to see chakra, even inner chakra contained inside human bodies. Some Naruto Rinnegan abilities appear to be unique to certain individuals as well, such as using a space-time ninjutsu to teleport (although this particular technique can also be used by some Sharingan users). Due to many Naruto Rinnegan users also having access to the Sharingan, it can be somewhat difficult to tell which techniques come from which eye power.

Without question, the Naruto Rinnegan is one of the greatest powers within the world of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. It is mostly used by the bad guys, but that will only make it all the more impressive when Naruto and his friends are able to overcome that power and save the day!

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