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Imperial Arms (Teigu): Akame Ga Kill!

Akame Ga Kill! lures us in a world filled with relics that are so powerful, only the best of men can use them. Supposedly, they are all in front of you. Knowing you can only pick one, which one of Imperial Arms(Teigu) will you choose?

by llezur17
Dec 9, 2015 11:26 PM | 148,349 views

There are a total of 23 different Imperial Arms in Akame Ga Kill!, but we can simplify things by categorizing their physical forms:

  1. Weapons
  2. Armors
  3. Accessories
  4. Others


One Cut Killer: Murasame

  • Murasame is a katana that kills a living creature with a single cut. It transforms the wielder into a powerful demon if the wielder cuts themselves.
    Akame Ga Kill!, Akame, Murasame

Roman Artillery: Pumpkin

  • Pumpkin is a large gun that uses spirit energy to shoot concentrated shock waves. Its firepower depends on the level of danger the owner is in. It can be converted to a sniper or a machine gun.
    Akame Ga Kill!, Mine, Pumpkin

Cutter of Creation: Extase

  • Extase is a pair of giant scissors that can cut through anything. It emits a bright flash of light that is used to distract enemies. It can also be used to block attacks given its size.
    Akame Ga Kill!, Extase, Sheele

Double Bladed Axe: Belvaac

  • Belvaac is a double edged axe that can be separated into two. This imperial arms pursues the target when thrown.
    Akame Ga Kill!, Belvaac

Purgatory's Invitation: Rubicante

  • Rubicante is a flamethrower that burns the target till it is killed. Its flames can't be extinguished by water. It can fire long range and has a self-destruct capability.
    Akame Ga Kill!, Bols, Rubicante

March of the Dead: Yatsufusa

  • Yatsufusa is a katana that has the power to control eight corpses. In order for the reanimation to work, the corpses must be killed by the sword only.
    Akame Ga Kill!, Yatsufusa, Kurome


Demon Armor: Incursio

  • Incursio is a short sword that turns into a full-body armor when activated. Aside from the armor, it also has an ability to turn invisible, comes with an additional spear, and has an evolved form that fuses the user with the danger beast, Tyrant. This continues to evolve as a result of battles against many opponents.
    Akame Ga Kill!, Incursio, Tatsumi,

Carnage Incarnate: Grand Chariot

  • Grand Chariot is a cutlass that turns into a full-body armor when activated. It is more stable and has better primary stats than its predecessor (Incursio) but is unable to evolve.
    Akame Ga Kill, Grand Chariot, Wave

Imperial Guardian: Shikoutazer

  • Shikoutazer is a colossal armor equipped with different armaments throughout its body. This legendary imperial arms absorbs energy and shoot them as shock waves.
    Akame Ga Kill!, Shikoutazer


Animal King: Lionelle

  • Lionelle is a belt that transforms the user into a beast. It also grants the user high-speed regeneration and enhanced senses.
    Akame Ga Kill!, Lionelle, Leone

Infinite Uses: Cross Tail

  • Cross Tail takes form as a glove with a compartment of indestructible threads. The threads can be weaved to a weapon, an armor, or anything. It is best for creative minds.
    Akame Ga Kill, Lubbock, Cross Tail

Omnipotent Five Sights: Spectator

  • Spectator is a head piece with an eye attached to the center. It can read minds, see far objects, look through things, predict a movement, and cast an illusion to the enemy.
    Akame Ga Kill!, Spectator

Water Dragon Possession: Black Marlin

  • Black Marlin is a ring that gives its owner the power to control any liquid.
    Akame Ga Kill!, Black marlin

Thousand-Mile Flight: Mastema

  • Mastema is a set of discs that grows wings. It shoots feather-like projectiles capable of piercing through flesh. It can also reflect an attack.
    Akame Ga Kill!, Mastema, Run

Glorious Hands of God: Perfector

  • Perfector takes the form of a pair of gloves. It dramatically enhances the speed and precision of the user's hands.
    Akame Ga Kill!, Dr. Stylish, Perfector

Phantasmagoria: Gaea Foundation

  • Gaea Foundation is a makeup kit that enables its user to transform into any living creature.
    Akame Ga Kill!, Chelsea, Gaea Foundation

Dimensional Formation: Shambhala

  • Shambala is a purple pendant that grants its owner the ability to move through space. It can also teleport other people and objects to a place marked beforehand.
    Akame Ga Kill!, Shambhala

Thunder God's Rage: Adramelech

  • Adramelech is a pair of golden gauntlets that generates electricity. It can manipulate the weather summoning thunderstorms at will. It also shoots powerful black electricity.
    Akame Ga Kill!, General Budo, Adramelech

Absolute Limitation: Erastone

  • Erastone takes the form of a golden ring. An eye opens in the center when it is activated. It nullifies and destroys other Teigu (Imperial Arms) but can only be used once.
    Akame Ga Kill!, Prime Minister Honest, Erastone


The Speed of Lightning: Susanoo

  • Susanoo is a humanoid that can regenerate as long as his core is intact. He has a high-level battle capability and is also good with housework. He can also absorb his owner's life force to evolve into a more powerful form. In this form, he has greatly enhanced capabilities and the ability to reflect projectiles.
    Akame Ga Kill!, Susanoo

Magical Beast Transformation: Hekatonkheires

  • Hekatonkheires is a dog-like creature that grows into a giant muscular beast. It also has a berserk mode that further enhances its physical abilities.
    Akame Ga Kill!, Seiryu, Hekatonkheires

Demon God Manifestation: Demon's Extract

  • Demon's Extract is a demon's blood contained in a golden chalice. It grants the ability to freeze time and space. People unworthy of its powers had their thoughts destroyed and went insane.
    Akame Ga Kill!, Demon's Extract, Esdeath

Military Music Dream: Scream

  • Scream takes the form of a black flute with red highlights. It has the ability to hypnotize people and control their emotions. It can also enhance the user's physical strength.
    Akame Ga Kill!, Scream

Want more options? Read the manga. The original manga of Akame Ga Kill! features a slightly different story than the anime. Dig up the chapters to find more of these legendary weapons!

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