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6 Types of Nen in Hunter x Hunter

The world of Hunter x Hunter is a dangerous place, so to survive, Hunters must learn to harness the power of their auras using Nen. This article will break down the six different categories of Nen, with GIF images to showcase them.

by Kvasir369
Dec 1, 2015 8:49 PM | 324,048 views

In the world of Hunter x Hunter, people have a special power within them called Nen, which can be unlocked through several different means including exposure, training, or the sheer luck of being born with the capacity to use it with no prior knowledge. The expression of that power, the means by which each Nen-user can create an ability belonging solely to them, is called Hatsu and comes in six distinct classes.


Enhancement allows Enhancers to bolster their natural abilities or qualities of items in their possession. In extreme cases, they can even boost something beyond what would normally be possible by setting limitations and vows upon it.

Hunter x Hunter - Gon Enhancer Rock

Gon Freecss (as pictured in the gif above) uses his enhancement to increase the amount of power gathered into his fist, enabling him to deliver strikes capable of harming even the most durable of foes.


Transmutation allows Transmuters to change their Nen so that it gains attributes of something else. Despite the name, it doesn’t actually change the Nen into a physical substance or element, but rather it simply mimics the properties—it may look and act like something else, but it isn’t really the same thing.

Hunter x Hunter - Machi Nen Thread

Machi of the Phantom Troupe (as pictured in the gif above) transmutes her aura into a thread-like substance that can be used to sew things together, strangle enemies, or even puppet other people around.


Conjuration allows Conjurers to change their Nen into actual objects. To people who are unaware of Nen, it literally makes the users seem like they can pull an object out of thin air, whereas most other Nen abilities aren’t visible to the uninitiated.

Hunter x Hunter - Kurapika Conjuration

Kurapika (as pictured in the gif above) uses conjuration to create chains that can stretch to enormous lengths, which can be used for offense, defense, or restraining his opponent.


Emission allows Emitters to release and utilize their Nen at a longer distance.

Hunter x Hunter - Gon's Emission

Gon Freecss (as pictured in the gif above) uses his emission to fire off his Nen as a long-distance projectile attack, reminiscent to Ki attacks used in other anime.


Manipulation allows Manipulators to use their Nen to control the movement or action of a certain person, object, or other ability. It can be paired up with another type of Nen to expand control over how an ability works.

Hunter x Hunter - Shalnark Manipulation

Shalnark of the Phantom Troupe (as pictured in the gif above) uses a phone and antenna to manipulate others into doing his bidding, making it a prime example of manipulation.


Specialization is for anything that doesn’t fit squarely into any of the other five categories. Specialists usually have abilities that cannot be gained through training and they often have effects that cannot be replicated.

Hunter x Hunter - Meleron's Perfect Plan

Meleoron’s ability (as pictured in the gif above) makes him and anyone he is touching while using this ability completely undetectable to the senses of others, making it perfect for stealth and assassination. The only condition is that it only works while he is holding his breath.

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