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Visit the 5 Worst Anime Worlds - Featuring Yamcha

Everyone doubted you, but you've proven them wrong. You're now 2D. You can speak Japanese, and there's English subs appearing beneath your feet. The only problem is... you're in the most messed up world anime can ever give. Good luck!

by llezur17
Apr 11, 2016 7:09 PM | 44,528 views

Welcome to the anime world!

danganronpa Worst Anime World

Before you look around and figure out what anime you're in, cherish that initial feeling of success. Attaboy! Not everyone can experience what you're about to face.

The gods of anime welcome you with a present!

Yamcha Dragon Ball Z worst anime

You've been told that you'll get a companion from a random anime to assure your safety. Feeling very excited because you heard confident footsteps approaching you from behind, you turn around - expecting someone at least Goku strong. The smile on your face slowly fades as you recognize who you will be with. His introduction made it worse, "Yamcha-desu!".

With tears falling down your cheek, off you go!

Anohana Menma worst anime world

Now take a look around. Is there blood anywhere? Are the buildings still intact? You got to be careful. You're just a visitor. You've got no plot armor on so even the Pokemon world can solar beam you to ashes. If you're having a hard time figuring out where you are, how about we worsen your anxiety by knowing some of the worst places you can be at now?

The following videos contain MAJOR SPOILERS and EXTREME GORE! Please be forewarned!

Hope's Peak Academy

From: Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei

danganronpa Worst Anime World

In this government-funded school for elites, you'll get the word "ultimate" added to your name, a monochrome bear for a principal, and fourteen exceptionally talented classmates. Sounds fun right? Well the bear got you all trapped inside the academy and the only way to escape is to play his murder game. This game involves thinking and God knows Yamcha's not equipped with good analytical skills. And if you ever get the chance to escape, the situation outside is chaotic and the air is poison. Nope!

Class 3-3 of Yomiyama Middle School

From: Another

another Worst Anime World

Have Yamcha check if you're enrolled in class 3-3. Every year in this cursed section, there's an unwanted person that's supposed to be dead but is interacting normally with everyone. As long as this person is existing, a student in class or a relative will die each month. The only way to lift the curse involves a wild guess and killing somebody you've shared a lesson with.

Outside the Wall

From: Attack on Titan

attack on titan Worst Anime World

Living inside the walls with the anxiety of them getting wrecked by a giant about 60 meters tall is one thing to be scared about, but outside is the real deal. Without any fortress to stay, the only way to not get eaten by these titans is to fight them, or run. Fortunately, Yamcha can fly.

Heavenly Host Academy

from Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

corpse party Worst Anime World

Heavenly Host Academy is an elementary school found in an alternate dimension filled with vengeful spirits and poltergeists. To those who have watched Casper, these ghosts are not as friendly as him. The best way to live in this world is to run, because some of them are in ethereal form so even Yamcha's combat capabilities would be unsurprisingly useless.

The Whole Blood C World

blood c Worst Anime World

Filled with a lot of monsters indiscriminately killing everyone to feed on their blood, no amount of magic beans can prevent your insanity in this world. You may as well ride with Yamcha to the skies and make it rain Nopes.

Actually, almost all anime outside the slice of life genre is dangerous, especially to a normal man. Heck, shounen anime like One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball, and etc. are probably the most unsafe. Overpowered main characters means overpowered villains too. Imagine yourself caught in between their battles. Would you even stay to watch their clash destroy the whole town? Nope! And unless you prefer getting eaten by a zombie, parasyte, a titan or a ghoul, anime worlds are still best staying inside the screen.

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