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Top 15 Annoying Cliches In Anime: This Again?

Ever start watching a new anime only to get the feeling of deja vu? Let's be honest: many popular shows are chock-full of cliches. Whether we love them or hate them, they have come to define anime! Here is a list of 15 things viewers are almost guaranteed to see in most anime.

by NicWat10
Feb 8, 2016 8:54 PM | 120,675 views

Food Obsession

Monkey D. Luffy anime cliche
So many anime characters that are dedicated foodies. These are individuals who somehow manage to put down more food than even their largest friends. Sometimes excuses are given, such as high metabolism, but face it, these guys are just gluttons.

The Harem/The Shy Guy Living with Lusty Women

harem cliche
The man who could have it all, if only he had the courage. Young anime girls apparently want what they cannot have, because some of these ladies seem to fling themselves upon boys who have no idea what to do around women. These young men are so covered in women they would put James Bond (a cliché himself) to shame.

Boobfalls & Groping

Senran Kagura_Katsuragi anime cliché
Perhaps the most classic of anime clichés, the boobfall. Apparently the breasts of anime women and the faces of anime men act something like soft, bouncy magnets.

Buttfall Infinite Stratos
A variation of the boobfall

Punching as Punishment

Fullmetal Alchemist_Winry Rockbell, Alphonse Elric
Usually as a result of the clichéd boobfall or any form of groping, women retaliate by hitting the offender. Sometimes with a fist, but often times with a wrench, frying pan, or some other equally heavy object pulled from hammerspace.

Teenagers With Attitude

Yuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho_Hiei, Kurama, Kuzuma Kuwabara, Yusuke Urameshi
The world has been put in danger from a dangerous group of aliens/demons/zombies/monsters. Only one team of heroes can possibly save us, the Power Ra-, I mean, a group of super-powered teenagers! Adults do not know what they are doing, obviously. The experienced police and military veterans should take a step back and let the young'uns handle this.

Running With Toast

Neon Genesis Evangelion_Rei Ayanami
Woke up late for school? Plan on ignoring that awesome breakfast your mom spent an hour cooking for you? That is ok, just grab a piece of toast on the way out and you will be fine.

I'm Gonna Kill You...Right After This Monologue

One Punch Man_Saitama, Boros
Speeches must be some kind of sacred rule of fighting in anime universes due to their frequency. Getting ready to fight? Speech. In the middle of throwing down? Speech. Bad guy lies dying on the ground? Speech. Monologues must be the key focus of How to Be an Anime Character 101 classes.

Only Japan Survives the Apocalypse

Highschool of the Dead_Saeko Busujima cliché
The world has been destroyed by civil war, an asteroid, zombies, aliens, demons, vampires, global warming, and/or some other equally horrific threat. But one nation always stands against the threat of humanity’s extinction, and that nation is Japan. Sure, the rest of the world is dead, but collateral damage, am I right?


Dragon Ball_Muten-Roshi
Unable to cope with the sight of a woman, guys (and girls) start bleeding through the nose. Whereas the real world physiology of the human male forces blood towards the mid-section of the body, anime physiology appears to send it straight to the brain.

Humanoid Robots = Military Might

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing_Heero Yuy
The future of warfare looks sort of like the past, but 50 feet taller. There are no soldiers in trenches, there are no tanks, there are no planes. In the future, there are only robots. Giant, human-shaped robots that basically fight the same way we do now, but if humanity was the same height as Godzilla and made of metal.

All Aliens Look Human (or are at least Human-Shaped)

Tenchi Muyou!_Ryouko Hakubi, Aeka Jurai Masaki, Sasami Jurai Masaki, Tenchi Masaki
Evidently there is not too much diversity in the universe, as many aliens have evolved with nearly identical traits to humans. Sometimes there may be a little something extra, like a tail, or even radical changes like green skin. And also superpowers; for some reason, aliens seem to always have superpowers (and speak Earth’s languages).

Dead Parents; The Batman Syndrome

Naruto_Naruto Uzumaki
When Thomas and Martha Wayne were shot…wait, that is a different story. Still, it is easy to get confused due to the number of dead parents anime and comic book youths seem to have. Oftentimes, one or both of the parents are missing from their children’s life, and why that is the case never seems to get brought up unless the parent died saving the world or is an equally important plot point.

Yelling Makes Attacks STRONGER!!!

Everyone knows that yelling makes you stronger! Have you ever seen an anime character whisper the name of their attack? No? That is because you want your opponent to hear the epic name of your technique over the sound of the explosion it creates when you throw it at their face!

Go Ahead and Transform, I Won't Interrupt

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon_Usagi cliché
Transformation, a staple power-up technique in most fighting anime, from gritty action to magical girl. You would think that a hero, trying to kill the bad guy and save the world, would take the tactical opportunity to attack their opponent in this state, but they tend to be far too honorable for that. For some reason the villains also stick to this code despite their general dastardliness.

Friendship is Magic

Friendship teamwork suzumiya haruhi chan yuki nagato
Nothing is stronger, or more cliché, than the power of friendship! The heroes will always defeat the villains and do you know why? Because their friends. Their power makes each other literally and/or metaphysically stronger, whereas the villain fights only for himself/herself and is a horrible person.

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