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Top 15 Creative Tokyo Ghoul Memes

Tokyo Ghoul is filled with action, mystery and of course, a lot of ghouls! Despite the serious nature of the show, there are still a lot of "creative" memes from the internet about it. Below is a collection of 15 Tokyo Ghoul memes sure to make you smile, laugh and be hit with some powerful feels!

by Ai_Sakura
Jan 21, 2016 8:35 PM | 205,602 views

Tokyo Ghoul follows the story of creatures called ‘ghouls’ who can only survive by eating human flesh. They hide their true nature by disguising as humans in order to avoid pursuits from authorities. It stars Ken Kaneki, an average college student who gets caught up in an encounter which changed his life forever.

The series is ranked 27th of the best-selling manga series in 2013 with over 1.6 million copies sold and ranked 4th in the following year with over 6 million copies sold. Without a doubt, the series has gained popularity due to its dark nature, mysterious characters and great plot. Despite the mysterious and tragic nature of the series, fans are still able to make some memes, puns and jokes out of it.

Here are 15 of the best Tokyo Ghoul memes available on the internet.

Eating while watching Tokyo Ghoul

15 Tokyo Ghoul Memes -1

If you do, you have just made the worst decision in your life, my friend.

Favorite Character Syndrome

15 Tokyo Ghoul Memes -2

When you have finally learned to like a character, and then it happens…

Nice eyes

15 Tokyo Ghoul Memes -3

Girls just can’t get enough of them!

When someone asks you out on a date...

15 Tokyo Ghoul Memes -4

Be careful who you date! It just might change your life forever!

Shuu and his fantasies

15 Tokyo Ghoul Memes -5

Apparently, Shuu likes them very much!

Anime vs Manga

15 Tokyo Ghoul Memes -6

I still have no idea why it has to be VERY different!

Best torture method ever

15 Tokyo Ghoul Memes 7

You’ll never look at subtraction the same way again!

Only Kaneki

15 Tokyo Ghoul Memes -8

And you end up copying it cause it just looks so cool!

You’re not you when you’re hungry

15 Tokyo Ghoul Memes -9

A parody of the famous Snickers commercial where Kaneki gets his first bite of… Snickers?


15 Tokyo Ghoul Memes -10

Must be really tasty!

A lesson about TRUST

15 Tokyo Ghoul Memes -11

Tokyo Ghoul’s life lesson 101: The only person you can trust is nobody!

Everyone likes stolen shots!

15 Tokyo Ghoul Memes -12

Sort of like the Profile picture vs Tagged photo!

Can’t simply skip the opening song

15 Tokyo Ghoul Memes -13

In fact, the opening theme is ranked 20th on the 25 Best Anime Openings of All Time based on the number of times Favorited by MAL users!

French ghouls

15 Tokyo Ghoul Memes -14

Shuu Tsukiyama being a diva as always!

Hide (T_T)

15 Tokyo Ghoul Memes -15

You just can’t HIDE your sadness.

We hope that you enjoyed these hilarious Tokyo Ghoul memes.

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