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30 Silly Jokes from Pokemon

The Pokemon series is filled with lots of jokes, gags, and laughs--and loads of puns! These are 30 great Pokemon jokes from both the anime and its fans for a dose of childhood nostalgia!

by enchantedsloth
Jan 12, 2016 7:18 PM | 61,252 views

Any 90s child is guaranteed to have experienced the laughs that the Pokemon series provided. From its wacky puns to its downright scandalous innuendos, the series was filled with nothing but pure silliness and giggles. Of course, with a franchise as large as Pokemon, there are bound to be in-jokes that the fans share among themselves.

Charmander used scratch!

charmander, pokemon jokes, scratch, dj
Charmander is a classic Pokemon favorite--and even the very first Pokemon that some of us have trained! Usually it's whenever he learns Ember that trainers begin to demolish everything on the earliest routes in the game, but it's first ability Scratch shouldn't go underrated. It gets the job done! Add that to a DJ turntable, and Charmander might just be the cutest DJ anyone has ever seen.

"Repel's effects have worn off."

pokemon jokes, zubat, caves, repel
This Pokemon joke might strike a little close to home. Whenever a Pokemon trainer sees the mountains just looming over the horizon, they usually know what is about to happen: Zubats. Nothing but Zubat for as far as the eye can see. Entering a cave and realizing that you don't have any repels is a nightmare everyone hopes they never encounter.

I believe I can Fly

pidgey, hm02, pokemon jokes, pun, meme, joke
HM02 is the hidden machine for Fly, and it really is a blessing! I just hope I don't crush my Zubat when I ride it to another town... (Bonus Pokemon joke: you can use HM02 Fly to ride even the smallest Flying Pokemon into town.

Gordon Ramsey, Pokemon master

pokemon jokes, gordon ramsey, masterball
Naturally, as one of the greatest chefs of the world, Gordon Ramsay knows when something is rare-and the internet knows how to make a joke out of it!

It's a fake!

dedenne, pokemon jokes, pikachu
With every new generation of Pokemon, there is a new variant of Pikachu. Plusle, Minun, Pachirisu, Emolga, and Dedenne are the names of the Pikachu-family members, Dedenne being the most recent. Many fans are getting tired of this trend, but has anyone asked Pikachu how it feels? I'd assume it would react in a way similar to this funny Pokemon comic.

Sara Bareilles in the house!

pokemon jokes, raichu, meme, pun
Puns are some of the most popular form of Pokemon jokes! Raichu's love songs would probably be too electric for us to handle!


pokemon jokes, bulbasaur, king of the hill, meme
Bobby Hill's face from King of the Hill creates the perfect punny joke with Bobbysaur!

Too cruel for me

pokemon jokes, tentacruel, tentacool, pun, meme
This Pokemon joke features a First Generation Poison/Water Pokemon. Sometimes, you just have to cut toxic people out of your life...

Anyone Have Any Water?

pokemon jokes, card game, fire energy card, pun, meme
For those of us who play the Pokemon Card Game, this is the greatest Pokemon Joke!

He didn't listen...

pokemon jokes, bicycle, red, blue, professor oak, Yukinari Ookido, meme
In the Pokemon games, you can never ride your bike in doors, as Professor Oak always sends a stern warning. Red shouldn't feel so bad; Blue was warned!

There's something in the shadows

pokemon jokes, paras, paranormal activity, pun, meme
If you look close enough, something isn't quite right... This joke might be funny, but the movie sure isn't...

Brock's Perfect Team

pokemon jokes, Takeshi, brock, meme, pun
There are countless jokes about Pokemon's Brock. To go along with the small-eyed Brock, there are also some small-eyed Pokemon!

Team Rocket Wisdom

team rocket, logic, meme, pokemon jokes, jessie, Musashi, Kojirou, james, Nyarth, meowth
Of course, Pokemon would not be the same without these lovable villains. They are full of jokes, shenanigans, and tons of wacky antics!


team rocket, jessie, Musashi, Kojirou, Nyarth, james, meowth, pokemon jokes
The jokesters/comic relief of Pokemon, Jessie and James' dynamic always compares to that of a married couple. They never hold back on each other and are constantly bickering, but that's why we love them.

Sweet Relief

pokemon jokes, game, meme, funny
For anyone who has ever caught a Pokemon, they know the struggle of waiting for the beautiful pop that the Pokeball makes when it has been completely caught. They also know the feeling of an achy finger after they spam the A button in hopes it ensures their catch!

White Fences

pokemon jokes, fences, games, funny
It could always be better. If only the player could use HM08 on fences...

Moving Trees

team rocket, jessie, james, musashi, kojirou, pokemon jokes, funny
What do you mean it's Team Rocket? All I see are trees!

For the players who don't use repel...

pokemon jokes, team rocket, zubat, comic
Here's another Zubat joke: There are players who love Zubat, and those players are generally a part of some evil corporation.

This ship is going down

snorlax, pokemon jokes, funny
I'm glad they aren't battling on the St. Anne!

Unfortunate designs

pokemon jokes, snivy, togepi, funny, comic
Sometimes, the Pokemon itself is the joke. Whenever I look at my Togekiss, I always feel so bad--it never asked to evolve with no arms!

The most dapper Pokemon!

pokemon jokes, gentlemon, bulbasaur, charmander
This design is a mixture of adorable and pun--two of the best things! Kudos to the artist that put two wonderful things together and made cute art with it!

Kyogre is one of those roommates...

kyogre, pokemon jokes, comic
Whenever Kyogre is around, it always rains! There are no sunny days in his future. Maybe he doesn't think this joke is very funny.


charmander, charizard, comic, pokemon jokes
Better luck next time, little Charmander! Maybe when you're level 16, it might be a bit more realistic.

How Brock sees us...

brock, Takeshi, pokemon jokes, meme, funny
If anyone has ever wondered how Brock can see with his eyes drawn as simple black lines, this should sum it up!

Nice Comeback

team rocket, pokemon jokes, Musashi, Kojirou, jessie, james
Of course, Jessie might joke with him one day, but James always has a fierce comeback up his sleeve!

Trees have never been so annoying

satoshi, ash ketchum, pokemon jokes, pikachu,
The trees are so tiny that they should be able to be stepped around, but that would be too easy.

Secret To Success: Wear Shorts!

shorts, pokemon jokes, funny
The shorts boy has always been a running gag among Pokemon fans. There have been cosplayers, memes, and even fanfictions about this NPC character. However, with his whimsical love to shorts, it's no wonder he's so popular!

Oppa Gengar Style

psy, alakazam, gengar, pun, pokemon jokes, meme
This joke capitalizes on the international viral sensation known as Gangnam Style. Psy is probably the best artist in the eyes of every Psychic Pokemon!

Can't Believe it's Not Butter

pokemon jokes, butterfree, pun
I'll take one regular, thanks!

Professor Isn't Sure If...

Yukinari Ookido, professor oak, pokemon jokes, meme
Of course, what would the Pokemon franchise be without the question that starts off every game: are you a boy, or girl? It's a perfect question for Futurama's "not sure if..." meme!

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