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15 Best Gender-Bender Anime: What's a Hideyoshi?

A mind-bending list of 15 anime series where gender-bending is the main plot or a recurring theme. Most of these are comedy series because, well, when was cross-dressing, body-swapping, or whatever not the source of hilarity? Get ready to dive into the unique world of gender-bender anime!

by lmearriola
Dec 28, 2015 5:28 PM | 1,934,138 views

15 best anime gender bender Hideyoshi
Who doesn't know who Hideyoshi Kinoshita is? He's the origin of the word Hideyoshi, referring to a guy who's too feminine in looks and in personality that everyone regards him as a girl. That's why some even consider it a third gender. But this article doesn't only talk about Hideyoshis. Let's meet girls who look like guys, guys who cross-dress, and even people body swapping with another gender!

All ranking information was taken on the date of publication.

Ouran Koukou Host Club (Ouran High School Host Club)

MAL Rated 8.44, Ranked #128 | Aired Spring 2006 | Produced by Bones

15 best anime gender bender Ouran Koukou Host Club
Ever daydreamed about how it would be like to study in a school where only the richest can attend? You probably have. But have you ever dreamed of having a debt of 8,000,000 JPY (about 66,000 USD) just because you broke a vase of some weird host club? Such is the life of Haruhi, a girl who gets mistaken for a boy and is forced to be part of the host club to pay off her debts.

Ranma 1/2

MAL Rated 6.06, Ranked #1270 | Aired Summer 2014 | Produced by Asashi Production

15 best anime gender bender Ranma 1/2
Ranma Saotome, a talented martial artist who has trained since he was a child, gets into an unusual accident during a journey. This accident changed his life... and also his body. From then on, contact with cold water turns him into a girl. Thankfully, hot water turns him back into being a guy. But that's not weird at all. Because what's really weird is the guy who turns into a pig when splashed with cold water.

Himegoto (Secret Princess)

MAL Rated 8.44, Ranked #128 | Aired Spring 2006 | Produced by Bones

15 best anime gender bender Himegoto
Here we go again with the debts. Don't go into debt, people. It changes your gender. In Himegoto, we have a high school guy with an overwhelming debt. But good people paid them off. I wish I could tell you that it ends there but these good people were the student council of an all girl's school. And - you can probably guess what happens next - he is then forced to live his high school life dressed as a girl.

Aoharu x Kikanjuu (Aoharu x Machinegun)

MAL Rated 7.31, Ranked #2157 | Aired Summer 2015 | Produced by Brains Base

15 best anime gender bender Aoharu x Kikanjuu
In a world full of bishounen (pretty boy) characters, it is quite easy for a girl to be confused with a boy. And that's what happens with our protagonist, Hotaru Tachibana. At some point, she finds herself joining a team and playing survival games with this team. The conflict is that her two teammates (bishounen, of course) would never ever accept a girl as a teammate. Our Hotaru loves playing these games so, but can she play the part of a boy as well?


MAL Rated 7.22, Ranked #2458 | Aired Winter 2009 | Produced by Shaft

15 best anime gender bender Maria†Holic
Kanako's dream is simple: to enroll in an all-girls school. Well, that's normal, right? Yeah, sure. But not when you're actually a lesbian who fantasizes about doing perverted things with other high school girls. She's able to enroll into one and she even finds a target. But what if that target is actually a cross-dressing boy? How will Kanako handle Mariya, the boy in drag, when she absolutely hates boys and even breaks into hives upon contact with them?

Minami-ke (The Minami Family)

MAL Rated 7.86, Ranked #730 | Aired Fall 2007 | Produced by Daume

15 best anime gender bender Minami-ke

How do you handle your crush towards one of three sisters? Get the other two to force you to cross-dress, of course! Wait, what? Well, this is the path Makoto chose. You might think it's foolish but I think it's nothing but brilliant! Looking like a girl (thanks to the other two sisters), Makoto (or Mako-chan) gets to hang out with Minami Kana at her very house every time he so wishes. I can't tell you about his progress with Kana but his progress to femininity has gotten to the point where he actually gets into this cross-dressing thing and starts buying dresses on his own.


MAL Rated 6.81, Ranked #3865 | Aired Fall 2009 | Produced by Nomad

15 best anime gender bender Kämpfer

Natsuru - the boy who went to sleep as nothing but him and woke up as a girl. But, the upside is he (or should I say, she) is not an ordinary girl. She is now a Kämpfer! So what's that? Well, it's a girl. A girl who fights. A girl who fights with other Kämpfer. Okay, so I guess it's not so much an upside after all. But I guess everyone, male or female, now fawning over her makes it a little worth it.

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo (Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches)

MAL Rated 7.99, Ranked #532 | Aired Spring 2015 | Produced by LIDENFILMS

15 best anime gender bender Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo

If getting turned into a girl overnight for God knows how long is not your thing, then you may still consider body swapping with someone, be it a guy or a girl. One day, delinquent Yamada accidentally kisses top student Shiraishi and ends up in the body of Shiraishi. Unknown to everyone, Shiraishi is actually a witch who has body swapping powers. These powers are activated through kissing. There are other witches in the school and it is Yamada's responsibility to kiss all of them! Err, well at least find out who they are.

Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl

MAL Rated 6.85, Ranked #3720 | Aired Winter 2006 | Produced by Studio Hibari

15 best anime gender bender Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl

Let me try this in one go. So... The protagonist Hazumu dies after an alien spacecraft lands on him so these aliens revive him, but they mistakenly revive him as a girl and as a result, his crush, Yasuna professes her love even though she rejected him before because she can't see boys clearly and only sees them as a blur, but then Hazumu gets torn between Yasuna and Tomari, a childhood friend who also realizes her feelings for him while he's a girl. That didn't sound weird at all, did it?

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru (Otoboku: Maidens are Falling for Me)

MAL Rated 7.21, Ranked #2505 | Aired Fall 2006 | Produced by Feel

15 best anime gender bender Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru

Another guy who cross-dresses to get into an all-girls school! But, let's not judge him too quickly. He is simply carrying out the wish of his late grandfather for him to attend the school where his mother attended. It just so happens that it's an all-girls school. He successfully gets into the school with some help and a good disguise. Too good a disguise, in fact, as he has managed to gain the favor of the majority of the students in school!

Tetsuwan Birdy Decode (Birdy the Mighty Decode)

MAL Rated 7.59, Ranked #1275 | Aired Summer 2008 | Produced by A-1 Pictures

15 best anime gender bender Tetsuwan Birdy Decode

Body swapping with the other gender is one thing. But how about sharing your body with a female humanoid intergalactic police officer? In pursuit of an alien criminal in planet Earth, Birdy accidentally kills a human boy called Tsutomu. Fortunately, they can prevent him from being wiped out from existence entirely by merging his body with Birdy. They can interchange their appearance at will so Tsutomu can still lead his normal daily life. Or can he?

I My Me! Strawberry Eggs

MAL Rated 6.96, Ranked #3352 | Aired Summer2001 | Produced by TNK

15 best anime gender bender I My

An anime that tackles the rarer form of gender discrimination: discrimination to men. Our initially male protagonist Hibiki tries to apply for a job at Seito Sannomiya Private School but is rejected simply because he is male. In order to prove something (and to have a job that can pay off his monthly rent), he dons a convincing female disguise with the help of a friend. How will he manage the student body, the staff, and his disguise all at the same time?

Tenshi na Konamaiki (Cheeky Angel)

MAL Rated 7.61, Ranked #1227 | Aired Spring 2002 | Produced by TMS Entertainment

15 best anime gender bender Tenshi na Konamaiki

Meeting a genie is surely a wonderful experience. But not for Megumi. At age 9, he was an aggressive boy who often got into fights. That's why he wished to become a strong man in a man's body when he encountered the genie, Pierre. So, like a good genie, he turned him into a female Megumi. He threw the book from which Pierre came but later decides to look for it. 6 years later, (s)he enrolls in a high school where a school bully falls in love with her after being beaten up.

Princess Princess

MAL Rated 7.2, Ranked #2550 | Aired Spring 2006 | Produced by Studio Deen

15 best anime gender bender Princess Princess

I swear, the elite do all sorts of weird things. In an all-male prestigious school, there is a tradition where three boys are chosen to become their princesses. When Tooru enters the school, he is offered the opportunity to become a princess. He, with the other two, is required to wear girls clothing all the time. Uncomfortable? Not really. Lunches are free, they get commission from the photographs of them that sell, princess work is on top of school duties, and their school supplies are provided for. What more can a girl (or a Hideyoshi) ask for.

Kokoro Connect

MAL Rated 8.05, Ranked #461 | Aired Summer 2012 | Produced by Silver Link

15 best anime gender bender Kokoro Connect

I didn't sign up for this. The lives of the five members of the Cultural Research Club are suddenly thrown into disarray when they begin to experience a strange phenomenon. They begin swapping bodies with each other without warning and consent. It might seem fun at first but not when you realize that their friendship with each other is on the line. How close is too close?

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