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Top 15 Anime Ninja Characters

The colorful world of anime has given birth to some awesome ninja characters over the years. Some of which surpass the others. Whether it be for their swift speed or amazing techniques, each warrior is a master in their own right. Come meet 15 of the best anime ninja warriors out there!

by ansalin
Dec 20, 2015 11:26 PM | 161,847 views

Who Do You Think is the Best Ninja Character in Anime?

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Ninja are the historical figures from feudal Japan that have infiltrated public conscious and whose supposed feats are often fantastic reconstructions of their actual roles in history. In anime, they are depicted even less realistically, often being endowed with supernatural powers and strength. One thing's for sure though; you will never see or hear them coming, and they will have their star-shaped blades at your throat faster than you can say "ninja!"

Without further ado, here's a list of 15 of the best ninja anime characters!

Kaede Nagase

From: Negima!?

Negima!? Kaede Nagase best anime ninja warriors

She may very well be the most laidback anime ninja ever. But give her a kunai, and she will show you a thing or two about being a ninja. Her gentle nature is a perfect camouflage for her hidden warrior spirit.


From: Himawari!

Himawari!, Himeji best anime ninja warriors

In an anime with comedic undertones, Himeji stands out as more of a serious anime ninja. One of the most talented students in her ninja school, she is considered to be an expert when it comes to weaponry.

Shinomori Aoshi

From: Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin, Aoshi Shinomori best anime ninja warriors

In terms of skills, Aoshi-san is one of the best ninjas out there. Enemies fall silent as soon as he draws his double kodachi. This guy is not a warrior to be messed with.

Recca Hanabishi

From: Flame Of Recca

Flame Of Recca, Recca Hanabishi best anime ninja warriors

Just for his ninja obsession alone, Recca can make it to this list of anime ninja warriors. The teenager does not realize that his true powers have been sealed within a wrist band. When realization does dawn, Recca Hanabishi transforms into a powerful ninja warrior.

Shirou Amakusa Tokisada

From: Ninja Resurrection

Ninja Resurrection, Shirou Amakusa Tokisada best anime ninja warriors

A noble warrior and the charismatic leader of the Shimabara Rebellion. He dedicates his fighting skills and fierce spirit to a greater cause, staying strong even in the face of extreme adversity.

Thobari Durandal Kumohira

From: Nobari no Ou

Nobari no Ou, Thobari Durandal Kumohira best anime ninja warriors

Anime ninja warriors are not known to be the most loyal or trustworthy. Thobari Kumohira defies that exact stereotype by pledging his life to protect the young girl, Miharu Rokujo. Tobari is a rare anime ninja who channels his supreme fighting skills for the better good.


From: Senran Kagura: Ninja Flash!

Senran Kagura, Yagyuu best anime ninja warriors

Her cold stare is enough to stop the enemy in their tracks. The pirate-styled eye patch over her right eye only hints at the fearsome ninja warrior that this 15-year old girl actually is. Yagyuu is one of the coolest shinobi out there, which makes her the perfect anime ninja warrior!

Jubei Kibagami

From: Ninja Scrolls: The Series

Ninja Scroll: The Series, Jubai Kibagami

Jubei Kibagami is the perfect example of the lost, wandering warrior who finds his purpose in life by accident. During an altercation between two clans, he is handed the Dragon Stone, a precious jewel, and thus begins his mission to deliver it to the Priestess Of Light (Shigure).

Saizou Kirigakure

From: Brave 10

Brave 10, Saizō Kirigakure

If there were ever a ‘master’ anime ninja, then it'd probably be Saizou Kirigakure. The legacy he carries is of a warrior so supreme that no enemy has been able to even touch his hair!

Kanzo Hattori

From: Ninja Hattori

Ninja Hattori, Kanzo Hattori

This little shinobi is for all the kids out there. Kanzo Hattori is one of the cutest and most adorable anime ninja characters you will ever find. His robe alone makes him a real treat to watch!

Jiyu Nanohana

From: Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl

Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl, Jiyu Nanohana

She needs an eye patch to summon her ninja skills, but boy when she does, there seems to be no one able to match her.

Kouga Gennosuke

From: Basilisk

Basilisk, Kouga Gennosuke

The most non-ninja of all ninja warriors, Kouga Gennosuke is a peace-loving scholar who despises confrontation. Threaten him or his clan though and a fierce anime ninja warrior is unleashed!

Kenji Fujikido

From: Ninja Slayer From Animation

Ninja Slayer From Animation, Kenji Fujikido

Kenji Fujikido is one of the darkest warriors in anime. His mission in life is to seek revenge for his slain wife and child. Massacre is his middle name as he quenches his lust for vengeance. A grim reaper and an expert anime ninja, Kenji is the perfect addition to this list!

Naruto Uzumaki

From: Naruto

Naruto, Naruto Uzamaki

He may be poked fun at every episode and he may wear bright orange, but this anime ninja is no joke. His ninja skills and strong will are beyond question. Naruto is probably the most popular ninja in the world of anime!


From: Ganbare Goemon

Ganbare Goemon best anime ninja warriors

With blue hair and an assortment of weapons that includes coins and pipes, Goemon is a truly unique ninja. His coin throw attack is the stuff of anime ninja cult.

Special Mention: Shinobu

From: Ninja Nonsense

Ninja Nonsense Shinobu best anime ninja

Strictly speaking, she is a ninja apprentice, and she is a bit clumsy to boot! But we just love the way she stands up and takes responsibility of her dojo because others are too lazy. Plus she rocks her pink kimono outfit!

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