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Greetings, and welcome to Kuudere, Dandere & Emotionless Girl Lovers, or KDEGL for short. As the name indicates, this is a club for people who like emotionless girls. Because there's something adorable about a girl who keeps the same expression no matter what.
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Etymology: 素直クール, Honest Cool

Defined as, a potential love interest, from the main character's standpoint, whose attributes and features are "cool", with the possibility of "dere" during character development.

Any female character who is cold in the different ways a character can be portrayed as, distant, and inherently skilled who tends to outperform other girls in the same setting, this in turn adds to their independent and lonely ways, since they don't rely on others to accomplish difficult tasks and tend to come off as hard to approach in a friendly manner, they tend to be very objective and logical being able to see through complex deceptions, can be very clever in their speech though they are not typically very talkative. In the different anime examples, they tend to be stereotyped having more or less the same hair color and mannerisms, which are popularly believed to derive from Ayanami Rei (even though she is described as an emotionless girl in our club), besides her personality and physical appearance, other elements might be associated to the archetype, such as character role and voice acting.
Common traits observed in over 400 characters:
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Etymology: 黙, Be quiet

Defined as, a potential love interest, from the main character's standpoint, whose attributes and features are "quiet", with the possibility of "dere" during character development.

Any female character who is determined to possess avoidant personality features, only rarely someone other than a minor character who is thoughtful and overly self-aware, because of this they come off as shy and introverted but also delicate and sweet, a DANDERE tends to have monologues, be it internal or actual instances of talking to themselves out of feeling conflicted, a DANDERE is mostly quiet, but can be very emotional* since the actual defining trait is more related to not speaking out loud rather than being calm and collected.
*In KDEGL, DANDERE characters are selectively chosen based on low emotional profiles. So a DANDERE like Kuronuma Sawako will not be listed, while a DANDERE like Kiyoura Setsuna will.
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A female character that does not express emotions when an emotional response is elicited and expected.

A club-exclusive definition, this category of characters are divided into four subtypes with their own characteristic traits.
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Top Picture listing:
Club Picture Monthly Feature: Place your vote on the comment section
Voting starts on the 20th of each month, except February that starts on the 19th, because it's a short month, duh. Any girl who has been picture of the month can be voted again after a year, but only once.
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Most popular reference and a role-model for many others; a prototypical EG voiced by Hayashibara Megumi.
Appeared for the first time in GS美神 極楽大作戦!! vol. 2 released in 1992, oldest known example of a modern EG.
Chosen as the featured club picture more times than any other.
Original fingersmile trendsetter, from DARKER THAN BLACK 黒の契約者: Episode 13
First character to be entered in the database.
Most popular character featured only in games and no other audiovisual media.
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Everyone is welcome to join, as well as to suggest characters to the list.

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[SELECTION] Shinobu Nunotaba
DrMondaiNashi - Sep 7
0 replies by DrMondaiNashi »»
Sep 7, 10:32 PM
Kuudere, dandere, introverted and logical female love stories romance
kiwi0fruit - Sep 4
0 replies by kiwi0fruit »»
Sep 4, 1:00 PM
DrMondaiNashi - Aug 10
0 replies by DrMondaiNashi »»
Aug 10, 12:28 PM
New character suggestions
mvhcmaniac - May 18
12 replies by DrMondaiNashi »»
May 28, 1:19 PM
Who are your favorite kuudere or dandere character(s)? ( 1 2 3 4 )
EtherSword - Mar 22, 2009
161 replies by 2D-kun-desu »»
Sep 27, 2018 9:59 AM

Club Comments
DrMondaiNashi | Oct 19, 10:10 AM
Right, I mean shadow isn't leaving4ever, just not actively involved in management, but seriously the fact two of our admins were kind enough to leave a note just to state they wouldn't be helping with the database anymore is so nice, obviously we pick the #rightpeople >s/o to our HR reps for a job well done o/.

and I understand, I mean people change, their interest change, they get new jobs, whatever, but that doesn't mean you can just leave us hanging in here. So the resignation letter is much appreciated.

Anyway ... it's martial law tiem folks *dons dictator cap*

kuuderes_shadow | Oct 19, 9:07 AM
I'm still in the club.

NextUniverse | Oct 18, 11:22 PM
Oh, Shadow left? Rip. Oh well, this club looks as if it has long past its glory days. Will do what I can if there is anything, would suck if this club disbanded altogether.

DrMondaiNashi | Oct 18, 1:09 PM
I don't know what chu talkin bout, I don't see anyone dead around here.

I mean, I just received shadow's resignation letter after two weeks of not logging in the site, but besides that, everything's the same as always.

... yeah, things are not looking dandy for our club at this time.

NextUniverse | Oct 18, 12:49 AM
@SirCodyTheThird it is pretty dead here as you can see, but on behalf of everyone, we are still living, I guess

SirCodyTheThird | Oct 16, 7:43 PM
whats up guys lol

NextUniverse | Aug 10, 3:36 AM
@DrMondaiNashi Alright, fair enough, though it is quite surprising that here that chibi animated forms are taken into account. I am not really sure of the verification processes here but it seems pretty detailed enough to not let her onto the list. I had a look to see what was up with B and C emotionless and I can see where you are coming from, and with those requirements, I somewhat agree. I don't know if regular members have a say in who can end up on the list, but as of now, whatever happened, has happened.

Anyways, it was just quite surprising to see the two not make it to the list at all, but if the staff came to a conclusion that both are not eligible to be classed as a kdeg, then so be it, I pretty much respect every choice made here, the staff seem to put a ton of effort into their work, so I have no reason to complain. In any case, thank you for the reply.

DrMondaiNashi | Aug 9, 7:38 PM

I can confirm neither of the characters you mentioned has ever been on the list, thought I'm sure we had a suggestion made by someone to include Violet, and I'm personally leaning towards yes on Mikasa's case, only because of the chibi animated format which presented her character as a D EG type.

On Violet no one in here is really sure, I tried to bring up the subject a few times; no one in the staff is really willing to support her case, and as for myself, I can't really allocate her character archetype into any of the accepted "conventional" EG or cool girl types .. least she can make it in as a dan but I don't see her as one either, she would possess sparse personality traits belonging to either C or B emotionless, but nothing conclusive that can seal the deal on her belonging into either of those.

I guess we could argue on her being cool, and dereing for this guy she is always remembering, but then she would have 1,4 and nothing much besides that, with 4 being questionable too, it's got occasional swings in tone

I know people will hate me for saying this but Kyoani isn't very good at writing EG or cool girl characters.

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