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Greetings, and welcome to Kuudere, Dandere & Emotionless Girl Lovers, or KDEGL for short. As the name indicates, this is a club for people who like emotionless girls. Because there's something adorable about a girl who keeps the same expression no matter what.



Etymology: 素直クール, Honest Cool

Defined as, a potential love interest, from the main character's standpoint, whose attributes and features are "cool", with the possibility of "dere" during character development.

Any female character who is cold in the different ways a character can be portrayed as, distant, and inherently skilled who tends to outperform other girls in the same setting, this in turn adds to their independent and lonely ways, since they don't rely on others to accomplish difficult tasks and tend to come off as hard to approach in a friendly manner, they tend to be very objective and logical being able to see through complex deceptions, can be very clever in their speech though they are not typically very talkative. In the different anime examples, they tend to be stereotyped having more or less the same hair color and mannerisms, which are popularly believed to derive from Ayanami Rei (although she is more accurately an emotionless girl), besides her personality and physical appearance, other elements might be associated to the archetype, such as character role and voice acting.

Common traits observed in over 400 characters:



Etymology: 黙, Be quiet

Defined as, a potential love interest, from the main character's standpoint, whose attributes and features are "quiet", with the possibility of "dere" during character development.

Any female character who is determined to possess avoidant personality features, only rarely someone other than a minor character who is thoughtful and overly self-aware, because of this they come off as shy and introverted but also delicate and sweet, a DANDERE tends to have monologues, be it internal or actual instances of talking to themselves out of feeling conflicted, a DANDERE is mostly quiet, but can be very emotional since the actual defining trait is more related to not speaking out loud rather than being calm and collected.

In KDEGL, DANDERE characters are selectively chosen based on low emotional profiles. So a DANDERE like Kuronuma Sawako will not be listed, while a DANDERE like Kiyoura Setsuna will.


Top Picture listing:

Voting starts on the 20th of each month, except February that starts on the 19th, because it's a short month, duh. Any girl who has been picture of the month can be voted again after a year, but only once.







Everyone is welcome to join, as well as to suggest characters to the list.

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Club Discussion
kuuderes_shadow - Jul 2
1 replies by DrMondaiNashi »»
Jul 8, 7:25 PM
[SELECTION] Kouro Hotaru
kuuderes_shadow - May 14
1 replies by DrMondaiNashi »»
May 14, 4:38 AM
[SELECTION] Origami Koori
kuuderes_shadow - Apr 6
1 replies by DrMondaiNashi »»
Apr 17, 4:33 AM
Anime recommendation
ericty - Dec 8, 2015
11 replies by kiwi0fruit »»
Mar 28, 12:06 PM
Who are your favorite kuudere or dandere character(s)? ( 1 2 3 4 )
EtherSword - Mar 22, 2009
156 replies by kuuderes_shadow »»
Mar 11, 2:15 AM

Club Comments
ZettaiRyouiki | Jul 8, 12:46 PM
I agree with Rukia but sadly she didn't have much screentime, thus cannot give exact episodes to check out; sorry not being useful xD.

vegeta8639 | Jul 8, 11:46 AM
>Someone tipped me off about this character a while back (years ago maybe)
>Aired: Apr 1, 2016

Ok. . . . . .

kuuderes_shadow | Jul 8, 9:55 AM
My turn for one of those.

Anyone know anything much about Rukia from Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst? What little info there is seems to suggest that she could be a fit. Does she have much screen time? Any particular episode(s) that I should focus on if I'm looking into her?

DrMondaiNashi | Jul 6, 12:57 PM
Someone tipped me off about this character a while back (years ago maybe), she has an air to her but I was never interested on the show actually, this person is lending me a DVD so I'll take some time to check it out, thanks for the heads up.

kuuderes_shadow | Jul 6, 12:12 PM
There's no episode that focuses on her but she quite often plays a role in asking the others questions and trying to work things out. So yes, she does play a relevant role in the story progression.
She's on my list of characters I didn't consider worth making a thread for but who I would look at again and possibly support if someone else does. Although I was more focused on Lion, who accompanies Nanko most of the time, looking back over a couple of scenes, Nanko is probably a better fit for the club.

Both are worth looking at if you're going through the series, though, and Ep 10 has probably the most attention on them of any episode. They both have appearances throughout the series, though, including relevant stuff.

DrMondaiNashi | Jul 5, 11:20 PM
Anyone that watched Mayoiga:

Is there an episode focusing on that character? Or, does she plays a relevant role on the story progression?

ZettaiRyouiki | Jul 4, 2:58 PM
I changed the top picture, enjoy!

kuuderes_shadow | Jul 1, 8:39 AM
The upcoming season seems to have rather more KDEG potentials than the last couple have had, that's for sure.

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