Kanade "Tenshi, Angel" Tachibana

Kanade Tachibana

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Kanade Tachibana (立華 かなで / 天使)

Height: 150 cm
Favorite Food: Mapo Tofu

Tenshi has a variety of self-defense skills at her disposal, which she calls "Guard Skills."

Tenshi is the nickname the SSS gives her based on Yuri's belief that she must be a representative of god. Tenshi is one of the two main female characters of the anime. Her name means "Angel," though she has stated she isn't one. The main plot of the anime revolves around her rivalry with Yuri, as Tenshi is believed to be the enemy of the Afterlife.

She never admits her name as "Angel." Instead, she calls herself the Student Council President of the school, who oversees the process of the afterlife.

Voice Actors
Hanazawa, Kana
Neves, Emily
Yeo, Min Jeong
Chakraborty, Shanti
Heller, Angélique

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