Koneko "The White Cat, Hellcat-chan, Shirone Toujou" Toujou

Koneko Toujou

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Koneko Toujou (塔城 小猫)

Birthday: November 23
Age: 15 years old
Height: 138 cm (4' 6")
Weight: 31 kg (68 lbs)
BWH: 67/57/73
Eye Color: Gold
Rank: Low-Class Devil (Volume 1 - True Volume 3), High-Class Devil (True Volume 4 - Current)
Role: Rook
Race: Reincarnated Devil (Former Nekomata (Nekoshou))
First Appearance: Volume 1

Born as Shirone, Koneko is a young Nekomata who is part of a rare species among her kind, called the Nekoshou. She was born between a human father and a Nekomata mother named Fujimai. Her father was a scientist who did not acknowledge Koneko or was aware that she was his child, and merely used her for experiments. Her parents eventually died in an experiment accident. However, her older sister Kuroka, omitted the truth and any other details about them from Koneko to protect her.

After losing her parents, she and her sister were later taken in by an unnamed Devil from the branch family of the House of Naberius, who reincarnated her sister as one of the members of his peerage. However, Kuroka's power as a Nekomata supposedly soon grew out of control, eventually causing her to kill her master and become a Stray Devil on the run from her pursuers. In actuality, he had planned to experiment on Koneko in his research about creating a Super Devil, causing Kuroka to kill him in order to protect her younger sister.

Following the incident and the failed manhunt that came after, Koneko was sentenced to death by the Devils in hopes of preventing another incident like Kuroka's from happening. However, Sirzechs Lucifer, one of the Four Great Satans, protected her and left her under his sister Rias' care. Due to the trauma, she experienced with her sister's betrayal and murder of her master, she fell into a deep depression, eventually robbing her of nearly all of her emotions until Rias helped her out of it. It was around that time Rias gave Koneko her name and made Koneko her servant.

Due to witnessing her sister supposedly losing control over her nekomata power and killing her master, Koneko became traumatized by the event, causing her to become withdrawn into herself and stripping her of most of her emotions. As a result, Koneko originally had a quiet and cold personality, rarely showing any feelings or emotions, even when she was speaking. It is noted that her serious personality is a result of receiving influence from Rias and is contradictory to her sister's mischievous personality. She was also the only one in the group who did not initially get along with Issei, often insulting and rebuking the latter for his perverted nature, although she reveals that she respects him for never giving up and considers him a hard worker.

She shows the most concern for her comrades when they are in trouble, often lending her strength in fights. Koneko apparently has a problem with people calling her a midget (although the context of the phrase could be used to be called flat, as in bust size), as shown in her second battle against Freed Sellzen. This may stem from her insecurity about her own small body and bust size.

Powers & Abilities


(Source: High School DxD Wiki)

Voice Actors
Saxton, Jad
Taketatsu, Ayana
Park, Shin Hui
Appelt, Elke

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