Fumi "Foomy" Kanno

Fumi Kanno

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Fumi Kanno (菅野 史)

Age: 21
Birthdate: July 3
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Occupation: JP's Nagoya Branch Clerk; Scientist

A technical wizard, Fumi can come off as rude and cold due to her disinterest in dealing with people. Excelling in science, her hobby is gathering data. She often lacks common sense and morals when she is deeply indulged in her research. She has a sharp disdain for explaining things in a streamlined, layman's manner and especially dislikes it when people don't understand her explanations no matter in what manner it's given. Fumi is shown to be quite confident of her abilities to excel at whatever she decides to dedicate time to.

Voice Actors
Calene-Black, Shelley
Rybiczka, Anja
Yamaguchi, Rikako