Fantasy Anime League

Fantasy Anime League (FAL) is a fantasy sport game with an anime twist. Players form "teams" of TV anime from the Spring 2022 season. After registration closes, each anime collects points based on how many MAL users are watching, discussing, and scoring it.
Status: Week 7/13 Check Your Team
Changes since Fall 2021
  • We have reduced the game from 14 weeks to 13 weeks. This was done to avoid a boring first week and test for every-season games.
  • Score coefficients have been modified to try and readjust point distributions back toward the ideal.
  • We wanted to add more wildcards this season but unfortunately didn't have the resources to do so.
Join FAL on Discord After following the #how-to-verify instructions, go to #bot-spam (under Miscellaneous) and type ?join FAL.

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Club Discussion
Week 8: Ace/Swap Reminder & Discussion
Kineta - May 24
1 replies by Kineta »»
May 24, 6:53 PM
Week 7: Ace/Swap Reminder & Discussion
Kineta - May 21
1 replies by Kineta »»
May 24, 6:52 PM
Week 6: Ace/Swap Reminder & Discussion
Kineta - May 14
2 replies by Resy-kun »»
May 14, 10:23 PM
Week 5: Ace/Swap Reminder & Discussion
Kineta - May 7
3 replies by Kineta »»
May 10, 7:07 PM
Week 4: Ace/Swap Reminder & Discussion
Kineta - Apr 30
8 replies by YukiTsubaki »»
May 7, 2:28 PM

Club Comments
eplipswich | May 8, 11:22 PM
@Kineta So another bug to report is that we realize the forum points are not counting the first post of each episode discussion thread, only the replies.

eplipswich | May 1, 7:33 PM
@Kineta Just a bug to report, but clicking on My Rank under Rankings doesn't take me to my rank. It instead defaults to the top rankings. I guess maybe because I'm outside the top 100?

DrOnionn | Apr 21, 8:12 AM
I have already had to use two swaps this season. Gonna be a long one for me lol

Oloid | Apr 13, 10:07 AM
True that :/

Asert333 | Apr 13, 5:05 AM
@Oloid I'm pretty sure they stopped doing that last season when the number of participants jumped from a few hundred to over 20 thousand. It's a lot less interesting to see those statistics when hundreds of teams have the same layout than when it's only 3-4.

Oloid | Apr 12, 2:02 PM
Didn't there use to be stuff like these are how many teams you have your active anime in common with, these many teams have the same anime chosen but different benched and active, etc? Are statistics like these not shared anymore? If they are, where are they posted?

StormSky92 | Apr 10, 7:49 PM
Ah I see. That is rather confusing way of describing it.

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