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Blue Lock
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Blue Lock 2nd Season
Mar 25, 9:01 PM
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Yomawari Neko
Mar 23, 5:58 AM
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The Swordmaster's Son
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Hero Killer
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Mythic Item Obtained
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jas-samaaa Mar 24, 1:51 PM
Lool! Yhh My account is a bunch of random ppl & a few irls I think follow me xD.

Fire is such a good opening from Dororo!! Yepo watched it & enjoyed the show! The opening made me watch the show & I do love some samurai action!! The Promised Neverland S1 opening is acc so fckn good!! It was my #1 opening in 2021 of the year 😭😭 I rinsed the song soo badddd! S2 was a disappointment tho :( so sad they ruined the series… Fire Force slaps Inferno yes yess & Veil the ending slaps so fckn hard too! Yee my spotify playlist has too many lit songs!!! Am a sucker for openings in anime lmaoo pure gas! Hmm my top openings damn thats like impossible lol but of all time I will have to say Touch off from TPN, Rise from Shield Hero & Kick Back Chainsaw Man! Omds Kick Back has been pure rinsed out since the anime came oit u don’t realise how 🔥 the opening ahh!!

Yhh its tough when u wabt to read so much but then occupied with other stuff!! 😭😭 wish I could read faster ahhh!!

Lol I got gassed writing this message so my reply is lengthy too heheee ;)
jas-samaaa Mar 21, 11:38 AM
Hahha I requested to follow you! Soo whenever u can accept my request would be appreciated:). Yhh Fairy Tail openings r soo underrated & its one of my fav series that I think alot of the openings r amazing, on par with Black Clover & Bleach! Whats ur favourite FT opening??

Lmaoo, Yhh exactly thatt cant take the Anime seriously no more & if I was to get into the series would just read it tbf save me time xD.

Yayyy! Yhh Mashima sensei is defo still in love w/ FT so he will make sure 100 years quest gets animated but I hope it comes out in 2024 I hope! Btw the manga of the FT Original, compared to the anime defo censored soo much shit!! Like A1 Pictures didn’t do justice on Mashimas art!
jas-samaaa Mar 16, 1:24 PM
Precisely!! & tbf my tiktok was mainly just FT openings 🤣😭😭 my tiktok is jas.samaaa. Haven’t posted since 2021 but I atill use tiktok tho just for anime & seeing weird shit on my tiktok lol.

Yhh its a bit peak cuz I am just not gonna waste my time watching it honestly when the anime is like 70% filler 💀💀. Reading the manga would be better & the only good thing of Boruto was when Naruto fought momoshiki watched the fight on YT & Kurama dieing & thats the only thing that I think Boruto has done well in. LMAO SASUKE FIGHTING A DINOSAUR OMFG WHEN I SEEN THST SHIT ON TWITTER/ TIKTOK I COULDNT BELIEVE IT!! Honestly Boruto should just get cancelled,save the animators time to be animating something else lol. Its gone on hiatus now which is funny 😭😭.

Honestly go for it!! & the art will probs take getting used to bcuz Mashima didn’t/ isnt doing the art for the sequel however, his still giving us the FT story that ppl either love or hate!
jas-samaaa Mar 9, 7:18 AM
Hahah, yhh literally 😭 especially when ur like damn that anime looks good? Cuz honestly rating doesn’t mean anything when it comes to enjoyment & ppl will cry about just cuz the rating is a 7 means its bad, u know something silly like that lol.

Tbfff when I was popping on tiktok posting FT vids I just generated alot of FT followers & then just seen how the fans interacted & yhh defo slightly more Erza fans than Lucy fans but ofc Lucy is still popular. I love Minerva too! & she went thru a development & kinda glad Mashima didn’t just discard her like completely!

LOOL nahh nothing will ever top the sequel of Boruto 😭😭😭 like seriously cuz I think of a few sequels that r not as good but r bearable to an extent & boruto is not one of them. Haven’t watched a single ep of it & probs will never 🤣😭 cuz I have just seen too many clips of the anime & woww its soo baddd. Feel sorry for the 5 boruto fans still out in the world hahaa. But yh I defo think u should read the first 20-30 chapters of 100 years quest just to see how u view it or just even 10 chapters unless u get hooked to it hahaa. Its just we don’t know when the actual anime is coming out & waiting, yee I would have ended up reading the manga if I never started it tbf haha.
jas-samaaa Mar 6, 1:22 PM
Hahaa I get yaa, especially when u r busy & sometimes u don’t even have to time its tough sometimes haha. I try to not add alot of anime to my ptw anymore bcuz it would stack like alot so I just add like maybe the odd anime that I would eventually want to watch (not counting new seasonal animes tho).

Really?? Cuz am on tiktok well I have met quite alot of Erza fans, mainly her & Lucy then Juvia as well. V popular waifus for Fairy Tail but I do have other waifus such as Minerva who I think is underrated & Levy too & even Cana to an extent but yhh everyone has their own taste in characters hahaa.

Yhh the manga is really good imo like the FT vibes r still in the manga since Mashima isnt rushing in terms of how is writing it which is good. The first arc when it gets animated is gonna be exciting! Idk if u have seen any panels from the 100 yrs quest manga?
jas-samaaa Mar 4, 3:49 PM
Heheee! Hmmm recommendations thats a tricky one cant lie! Bcuz u have watched quite alot of anime hmm I would say check out Black Lagoon (idk if u have watchdd it or dropped it lol) & also check out YuYu Hakusho? Idk how big of a shonen fan u r like well battle shonen but yh those 2 animes haha. U do have alot in ir plam to watch but it just piles up doesn't it 😭😭

Yep! Erza is my fav too!! I love Natsu man & the hate FT gets sad but the fandom r still alive! & when 100 years quest finally gets animated I pray I am there for it!! I love Laxus & Jellal as well & Zeref too.
You read/ reading FT 100 years quest at all?
jas-samaaa Mar 2, 4:52 AM
Hello! Thanks for the add! I really love your taste in anime/manga & your a fellow Fairy Tail fan which is rare these days :).
tsumetai-asashin Feb 17, 7:44 AM
If you asked me a month or two ago I would definitely say ao ashi but I think with the tear Blue Lock's been lately I'd probably have to go for it.
SmolChibi Feb 7, 8:54 AM
Kenma, Kuroo, Hinata, Bokuto, Nishinoya, Tendo, Fukunaga and probably a lot more that I’m forgetting about, Haikyuu has one of my favourite casts of characters in anime
SmolChibi Feb 6, 7:34 AM
katsukidayou Jan 28, 5:25 AM

but i seeeee, so u like raiden huh! i also wanna get her, butttt diluc's a priority rn :p

OMG FR? i give you my condolences ;; but at least you're guaranteed for the next banner! (and yep! i'm a guaranteed 5 star soooo here's me hoping i get him or lose my 50/50 to diluc)

LMAOO so relatable. i have so many backlogs rn, but bcs of my adhd-tendencies and well.. antidepressants, i just can't seem to do them ;-; but anw! dw abt it! i totally love giving recs to other people! <3
katsukidayou Jan 20, 2:56 AM
OMGGGGGG U ALSO PLAY GENSHIN?!?! we really are long lost sisters!! so i need to know, who's ur main? and ur fave? :3 (i'm currently grinding to get either alhaitham or lose his 50/50 to get diluc hehe)


no problem! i'm really sorry for the late replies tho! i barely have time to open up mal nowadays bcs of school (and genshin), so there's that :( BUT yep welcome to the romance addict club! feel free to let me know if you want more of my reccs, or if you have specific characteristics you want to be seen in a manga/manhwa (i'm quite an expert in the yandere area so just hit me up if you're one of us XD)

katsukidayou Jan 14, 4:33 AM
SORRY FOR THE LATE REPLYY!! i've been busy grinding on genshin impact hoho

yesss i saw it! thanks! okaaay so anw, here are more of my recommendations!

here are more of my personal faves:

Act Like You Love Me!

- Soo this manhwa really made me binge. It has such a great story! It has the perfect mix of romance and comedy + mystery! Basically, our dear MC was given a doll by a strange man. And days later, there was a mix-up at her temporary job that made her become the PA of a very famous actor a.k.a our ML. She has to spend her OWN money to comply to this stoic celebrity (which obv pissed her off), so she bursted off her anger at the doll that the strange man gave her. Not knowing that the doll actually can make doyun (ML) do whatever she says. SOOO yep the story revolves around that. But don't let the title fool you, it's really not abt that. ++++ THE 2ND LEAD is soooooo handsome i swear. Here, let me give you a pic:

Next one! Not sure if you're into reincarnation ones, but I SWEAR this manga is so damn good. This was the manga that awakened my yandere-loving self!!

The Result of Being Reincarnated is Having a Master-Servant Relationship with the Yandere Love Interest

- I read this one almost 3 years ago i suppose, but iirc, Cecil (MC) is an antagonist in an otome game where she reincarnated. She knows that this character will die, since she played the game before. So, she's willing to do absolutely anything just to survive. Cecil has Ashley (ML, yes it's a boy dw) as a servant, which is actually a yandere LI in the game! So in order to avoid being killed by this guy, she became extremely kind to him ever since childhood.. and welp, little did she knows that this will make him fall in love with her so so much that he becomes so possessive of her. (has very cute jealousy scenes!!)

Next onee! So, one of my absolute faves!

I Will Not Be Spoiled By a Doting Gangster!

- This one is a another yandere-centered romance story. Basically, our FL here is a granddaughter of a yakuza family, and she has her own bodyguard named Iori (which is a black-haired fine man hoho), and ever since she was a child, Iori does things for her, spoil her and such. But now that she's older and in highschool, she wants to be independent and she wants to live without the help of Iori. ANDDD this makes Iori absolutely mad, because he thinks that our FL thinks she no longer needs him and such. It's a reaaaaally good romance story, so absolutely recommend, especially if you love yandere MLs like me!

Next one! Neko to Kiss (A Kiss with a Cat)

- OKAAAY so. This one is a true masterpiece, i've been reading this manga since it only has like 2 chapters. Sooo we have our FL named Erina, a very pretty girl who has an obsession with cats! One day, she stumbles upon a cat in her backyard where ofc, she admired the cat of its cuteness. Aaand as we all do, she kisses the cat on its lips, and to her surpirse it suddenly becomes a naked man, and what's more is that it's her CLASSMATE!! his very handsome, mysterious, always wearing a mask classmate. She was obv shooked, especially when nekoyama-kun ordered her that starting that day, she needs to take care of him and that she's now his owner. It's a reaaally cute story!!!

LAST ONE!! My Student Can't Be a Psychopath.

Okay, I know you dislike age gaps, but i hope you make this one an exception XD dw, the age gap isn't that big, and the FL isn't actually a teacher, but a nurse at their school. It has a very good mix of comedy and mystery. Especially the mystery. It isn't much on romance, but it makes you really think, "Who's actually the psychopath here?" Sometimes I even doubt the FL herself lol.

Let me know what you think! Andd do let me know if you want more recommendations, or if you want mangas in a diff genre! (sorry, i'm just a romance addict XD)
katsukidayou Jan 9, 4:32 AM
OMGG HELLOO! i'm sooo glad that you liked all that i recommended! i'm really happy for you! XD

Also yasss isn't hiroki dan so hawtt?! idc at all if he has psycho tendencies, after all, if bad, why hot >//<

btw! sure,, i can def give u more mangas to read!! just a favor tho! can u send me the mssg i sent u during the secret santa? i forgot the other mangas i recommended to u, it has been so long! i need it for reference so that i know what i can recommend to u next! ~

ANDDD yass i love that u also love one piece and bleach! do u also like naruto? i love all the big 3!
Hibbington Jan 8, 5:44 AM
Drop a comment in this thread and I'm PM you a link -