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Ueki no Housoku

Alternative Titles

English: The Law of Ueki
Japanese: うえきの法則


Type: TV
Episodes: 51
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 4, 2005 to Mar 27, 2006
Premiered: Spring 2005
Broadcast: Mondays at 18:30 (JST)
Studios: Studio Deen
Source: Manga
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.831 (scored by 34,505 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #8762
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1231
Members: 84,048
Favorites: 815


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Aug 5, 2009
Ragk (All reviews)
The Law of Ueki

This anime starts pretty weak. When you first walk into The Law of Ueki, there's not really anything to pull you in. It's a shounen anime. Ok, sweet, shounen I can get in the mood for shounen. So what's the main character able to do? Turn trash into trees. Awesome! wait what. He can turn trash into..... trees...

That's pretty much what The Law of Ueki will hit you with. However, that's what turns this anime into something so brilliant.

You've read the synopsis so let's cut to the chase. The story in The Law of Ueki is definitely not its strongest point. As read more
Jun 28, 2007
Sandgolem (All reviews)
Sandy\'s Anime Reviews


The Law of Ueki, follows the story of Ueki. A middle schooler in japan who has a strong since of justice and unsual powers. Watch as he battles his way to victory with the power to turn trash into trees!

Overall Rating:(9/10)


The animation is on par with that of Zatch bell. While not the best animation around it is far from the worst. And in the big dramatic sences the animation quality become very good. Over all very decent animation.



Great sound track I personally am going to get the series intro song for my MP3 player. The rest of the sound tracks read more
Aug 11, 2008
ADAWG (All reviews)
___________________________________________ Review the 6th

Chihuahua Review(short&sweet): This is a good shounen(bunch of guys and action) to watch. There are alot of unique characters. Let me rephrase that there are a lot of UNIQUE powers here.

------------------------------>In Depth Review:<------------------------
STORY: This is not, I repeat NOT just some lame, generic kid show. The story here is a for spot to become God. Here angels become god-candidates who choose kids to give powers to and then let them battle. The main character Ueki who believes deeply in justice. This may still sound lame and generic but the story execution was great with fun interesting strategies in every battle. The only read more
Apr 13, 2014
Overhaul93 (All reviews)
Following a recommendation on hunter x hunter 2011, I ended up at The law of ueki, and after watching all the 52 eps, this is what I felt : it has a cliche plot, cliche side characters, cliche mc, cliche setting of a tournament, cliche concept,.......and yet.........non cliche powers, different style of fighting, outright comedy, and  cool character roles.(i shall clear the difference between characters, and their role in character part)

The story is based on a knock out tournament (a popular tag which few even classify as a genre of its own) and a final prize for the winner. This concept has been overused like read more
Oct 9, 2009
Lordcrab86 (All reviews)
I've come to realize that with all the newest animes coming out recently, there are still others that people seem to have forgotten, that or they've never heard of any of these shows. I'm talking about the kind of animes that are really good and underrated, but seem to have slipped under the radar.

The Law of Ueki, is one of those shows.

God has created a tournament, called the battle of the supernatural powers, to decide who will take his place as the ruler of heaven. All 100 god candidates must pick a middle school student, give him/her a strange, yet unique power, and act as read more
Apr 9, 2010
bokenhiebing (All reviews)
Most action shows gives a group of people some of the coolest most destructive powers ever imagined. Cutting huge boulders with a sword, blowing stuff up with their mind, shooting laserbeams from their eyes, and so on. “The Law of Ueki” decided to go in a different direction. It decided to give a bunch of people some useless powers, throw them together and see what happens.

It took me about 5 minutes into the first episode to figure out this show wasn't going to have the greatest plot ever. The whole show is just a glorified tournament. The way the show explains all the read more
Dec 1, 2009
kimwonshik (All reviews)
This is my first time writing a review,so if I make any mistake,I'm sorry.
Anyway I want to make a review of this anime,because The Law of Ueki is one of my favorites anime and I want more people to watch it.

Story (10/10):

I know this is too much to give an anime 10 out of 10,but I love this anime!It's not the best anime around,but I know it's far from the worst.The Law of ueki got comedy,action,adventure,romance(a little).There's not a lot of anime like The Law of Ueki that has the justice Ueki has.Ueki is a boy that has a strong sense of justice that not read more
Oct 5, 2011
ktulu007 (All reviews)
The Law of Ueki is the story of several young teenagers with super powers who are fighting in a competition to gain great power. The competition starts with one on one battles but shifts to group battles for the second round, but there's a problem. There's a competitor who wants the power to wipe out humanity. You know, this plot sounds very familiar, almost like I've seen something with an identical story, but where was that...

I remember, it was Shaman King.

Be honest, you all saw that coming. The underlying plots really are almost identical. The only major differences are that Shaman King's tournament read more
Apr 15, 2009
urbankid101 (All reviews)
The law of ueki is a very unique anime. The general story is that in order to choose the next god, the god candidates select their preferred human and grants them very strange powers. Ex, the power to turn trash into tress, the power to turn your hair into a bat, the power change a ring into a rocket....etc. The anime starts out very basic with no depth to it, although as you get deeper into the anime, the story takes some really interesting turns. It truly does get better. And please note that watching the SUBBED or DUBBED version makes a very big difference. read more
Apr 16, 2010
bjay_ang (All reviews)
The Law of Ueki... I would probably say this is the first anime I watch regarding about amazing powers/abilities... (Now even more show expand on it such as To aru Series, Book of Bantora etc)

First impression... Not good... Thanks to the title... I mean, who would wanna watch something with the title "The Law of Ueki"... I would suggest find a better name.

But after recomended by a few people, I'm enter the world of Ueki. But once I start watching... It is absolutely AWESOME!!! Come on... Pretty original on the storyline... But like all read more
Jan 14, 2019
Yamarajos (All reviews)
You will grow as a "good" person after watching this.

Should you watch Law of Ueki? Answer the questionnaire to find out!

It is important that you answer these questions honestly and accurately.
Options: Yes, No, Option 6

1. Are you at least 48 inches tall?
2. Any bowel movement trouble?
3. Are you pregnant? Nursing?

Based on your answers, I think you should watch this anime!
If you've a family to feed, don't worry about that. You can watch while eating together.

This review is intended for those who haven't seen and formed a first impression themselves. If you've already watched it, get out of here, dumb dummy! I'm kidding, please read. :c

Let's read more
Jul 8, 2019
LifelessBreath (All reviews)
Story: 8 (While can sound absurd to some people, i massively appreciate the attempt of being a completely different story for a take in shonen)

Art: 6 (Granted that it is an older series, but animation consistency is still important, while some fights looks great, some looks clunky, but nothing eyebreaking)

Sound: 7 (Some lackluster use of sounds, but overall nothing too distracting, the voice acting is great)

Characters: 9 (Some charaters can be obnoxious sometimes, but the pay off of their characters are always very well excecuted)

Enjoyment: 7 (Some episodes are honestly a drag, but the overall watch through is quite an enjoyable ride)

The Law of Ueki read more
Oct 26, 2010
trishoverman47 (All reviews)
Law of Ueki has some good elements to it. A story in which middle school childern and granted with powers that can turn one thing into another. Our main character Ueki has the power to turn garbage into trees. Although I haven't seen many episodes of this show, it's actually pretty good. The one thing that may cause problems is that the characters talk about the talents too much. It kinda feels like it's more about the talents than whose going to be the next ruler. Other than that it's good to watch.
Dec 29, 2009
Miyushuri (All reviews)
The Law of Ueki is one of those anime series that I can easily relate when recommending it. Someone asks me what it's about, and first I tell them "it's about a kid who can turn trash into trees", but I make sure to tell them at some point, "it's like Shaman King, but with a killer environmental message!"

One of the first real anime I got into was Shaman King. And to find Shaman King reincarnated as this modern anime (though probably not intentionally so) really caught my attention.

I mean consider the similarities. They're both about kids with powers who are trying to compete in read more
Aug 24, 2011
Nayukuo (All reviews)
The law of Ueki is an interesting anime that carries with it entertaining characters and Is worth checking out.

Overall the story maintained a great balance between being fun and being serious when the time called. Perhaps not the most original in creation, it still managed to keep my attention throughout the lengthy 51 episode.

The Art was average at best. There was nothing particularly riveting in the style that managed to separate itself from the crowd but, at the same, time there was nothing to hold against it. A tad childish, I venture to describe it as ‘typically shounen’.

The voices were well cast and the read more
Nov 30, 2013
Rikuichi (All reviews)
Ok, this is my first review so don't expect a detailed review and also I do not look for reviews so I've got no preference and so it's very different from a normal review by a lot of users here. I've only heard this from a friend and said I should go check this out cause this is his favorite anime.

First of all, The Law of Ueki is a very fun and exciting anime to watch even if you do not watched it while it is still progressing in Japan.

Story (8/10)
I think the story is simply linear. TRUE it is amazing but to me it read more
Jul 12, 2016
Blue_Cake (All reviews)
After finishing some rather big shounen series and looking for something new to pick up, preferably something under 70 episodes, I found The Law of Ueki.

This series is a tournament type anime, and the story is nothing unexpected. You can tell, for the most part, where it is going right off the bat. Now that's not to say it's boring, the series did have a solid story line that kept me interested, plus the series has a definite ending(wrapping up after 51E). Although I do feel your enjoyment has to do with weather you like this type of series and weather you like read more
Jan 23, 2012
mruknown6 (All reviews)
At first i tought of this anime as simply a childish anime with a weak main character who wins an unwinable battle with just the sense of justice but after the first few episodes it became increadibly cool
and stoped being that childish, also it sucked you into it soo much you couldnt stop watching.

Art:8- the art was enjoyable i had absolutly no complaints of course ive seen better but still i enjoyed it.

Music:9- the music was just absolutly brilliant completly in sync with the attitude of the situation

Characters 8.5- there are very enjoyable characters such as ueki but then again really annoying characters such as read more
Mar 12, 2016
Nostalgik (All reviews)
[This review will focus on finding out if this anime is worth a shot for YOU]



Basically, The Law of Ueki is nothing like the head-first Shounens out there: the powers included in this one are rather... weird, let's say, but VERY interesting nonetheless!

What if you had the power to transform trash into trees? Or towels into iron? Well, I'm not giving more examples because that would spoil it a bit, but it's pretty easy to see where this is going.



The main plot is quite original! High school students get selected by Celestials (people who reside in "Heaven") to represent read more
Feb 7, 2016
Benny_TheBenny (All reviews)
This anime changed my entire outlook on life, and I live my life as I see in this anime. The main character, Ueki, has this sense of "righteousness," where he helps people and stuff like that, and will go to insane lengths. They also throw in a few more morals to live by. The characters are pretty cool, the story is pulls you in, the ending is mind blowing, and this anime is just too short. Definitely an anime to check out. This might sound super cheesy, and I am serious, but Ueki is going to be an amazing figure read more