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Oct 11, 2008
___________________________________________ Review the 8th

Chihuahua Review(short&sweet): Clannad After Story retains the reputation seen by most sequals, it has the same great quality as the original but so far is still without the WOW factor.

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STORY: Its end of the school arc for Tomoya and now the plot resumes with his after story. Beginning with the same fun antics as seen in the original, read more
Oct 8, 2008
___________________________________________ Review the 7th

Chihuahua Review(short&sweet): A decent additional episode to the Prince of Tennis series.

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STORY: Nothing really special about this episode. Here we have Echizen and his Seigaku headed for a tennis resort where they meet up with some unfriendly college tennis players. As a huge Prince of Tennis fan I was pretty disappointed with this episode. The only tennis match of the episode lasted maybe 3 or 5 minutes and that wasnt really spectacular other than a new shot that really wasnt that new.

ART: Art was well done again the characters looked vibrant and the animation quality is still improving. But still read more
Aug 11, 2008
___________________________________________ Review the 6th

Chihuahua Review(short&sweet): This is a good shounen(bunch of guys and action) to watch. There are alot of unique characters. Let me rephrase that there are a lot of UNIQUE powers here.

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STORY: This is not, I repeat NOT just some lame, generic kid show. The story here is a for spot to become God. Here angels become god-candidates who choose kids to give powers to and then let them battle. The main character Ueki who believes deeply in justice. This may still sound lame and generic but the story execution was great with fun interesting strategies in every battle. The only read more
Aug 11, 2008
___________________________________________ Review the 5th

Chihuahua Review(short&sweet): A musical, HIGH quality romance with lots of memorable moments.

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STORY: The theme to this anime is CLASSICAL MUSIC. The main charcter Chiaki is a piano major with a dream of conducting. Along his journey, filled with phobias and doubt, to his goal he meets many UNIQUE musical players including Nodame. The story here was amusing and addictive. This was probably a result of the amazing depth each character had and their many interactions with one another. I consider this to be one of the top tier animes around with such amazing character and music.

ART: The read more
Aug 11, 2008
___________________________________________ Review the 4th

Chihuahua Review(short&sweet): This is NOT a special lesson in the music sense(they're at the beach). If you're gonna watch this it is recommended to be watched AFTER EPISODE 8. Get ready for a little summer fun from Chiaki and friends.

------------------------------>In Depth Review:<------------------------
STORY: This is filler of the stop Chiaki and friends took on the way to the music festival in Nagano. Here a certain character's fear of water is inadvertently exploited by his/her unknowing comrades.^_^ This results in some mild humor and antics familiar to that of the series. Overall its funny but not to the level of some great extras read more
Aug 10, 2008
___________________________________________ Review the 3rd

Chihuahua Review(short&sweet): A dramatic, HIGH quality romance with an unexpected ending(maybe just me) that keeps on making me think of "what if's".

------------------------------>In Depth Review:<------------------------
STORY: This romance is based around the main guy, Shinichiro witih the usual three girls fighting for his love. Wrong, one of them obviously has no chance. The the other two duke it out till the very end, which some say was not the prefered finish. However the rest of the story was pretty well done with an ordinary basis flourishing with great execution and "flying" and tears as the main theme here. In my opinion this is read more
Aug 10, 2008
___________________________________________ Review the 2nd

Chihuahua Review(short&sweet): A fun, continuation extra to the Prince of Tennis. If you like the original series non-chibi fillers you'll probably like this.

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STORY: This is a huge bonanza with every single character from the original series participating. Here Atobe of Hyotei Gakuen hosts a celebration to express his deep gratitude to a certain friend. During this time a variety of games are played including a dating game>_< and a relay. Story not really, but entertainment is there.

ART: Art was well done again the characters looked vibrant and the animation quality is still improving. But still it wasn't really as read more
Aug 9, 2008
___________________________________________ Review the 1st

Chihuahua Review(short&sweet): A fun, addictive shounen(bunch of guys and action) filled with more unique characters than probably any anime out.

------------------------------>In Depth Review:<------------------------
STORY: You definitely dont have to be a tennis fan or player to enjoi this anime. This could be like any other action anime but, with tennis as the medium. Story is about a young tennis star who joins the infamous tennis club known as Seigaku. Through his time there he and his teammates play through tournaments to become Japan's best team. This may seem boring but with the most hilarious fillers i've seen and experiencing unexpected players(probably over 50 read more