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Alternative Titles

English: No-Rin
Synonyms: Agriculture and Forestry
Japanese: のうりん


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 11, 2014 to Mar 29, 2014
Premiered: Winter 2014
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: Frontier Works
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Silver Link.
Source: Light novel
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 6.911 (scored by 51,574 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #41452
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #903
Members: 121,537
Favorites: 189


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May 10, 2014
MarcoAlencar81 (All reviews)
The anime is more comedy than "romance". It has some parts with kind of drama/romantic themes but the main thing here is the comedy borderlining silly and nonsensical. Every episode was fun to watch. The characters are interesting, the main is well balanced between wacky and serious, the support characters are interesting. The main theme is very interesting, the references and self awareness are good too. I really enjoyed and I wish there was another season or more episodes.
Mar 28, 2014
PyraXadon (All reviews)
In life, there are things that are misleading, such as commercials on TV, ads on the internet, and even, anime. There are certain things in anime that I require in order for me to really like it, and that is a good exposition, a decent amount of character development, and a nice end in the last few minutes of the series to wrap it all up. Nourin here...broke every single one of those foundations I set down for myself. In any case, here's the review.

Story (3.43/10): The story of Nourin is set in an agricultural school, where a student by the read more
Jun 17, 2014
Dontaskme (All reviews)
Who knew farming could be filled with so much passion and fun? Well, probably not as much in real life, but certainly in anime anything can be made fun, even something as mundane as farming. And oh boy, did I have fun watching this one.

With unique characters and strange, humorous twists at every episode, I was grinning most of the time. The personalities of the characters were simply and elegantly presented, allowing for easy understanding of where they were coming from and the kind of person each character was. Well, except a few. A bonus was that, amidst all of the fun, there was a read more
Nov 1, 2014
Lord_Rutsah (All reviews)
Hate it! Hate it hate it hate it!

Why? The story is somewhat original, the jokes are pretty funny, the music and the animation are on pretty ok levels, the fanservice is good. But the ideology makes me want to burn rainforests, preferrably filled with endangered species.

The anime begins with our protagonist, Kosaku, 100% obsessed over a certain pop idol in Tokyo, far away from the countryside where our protagonist attends a Farmer's School (something like a regular high school with lots of focus and special lessons about various aspects of farming). The pop idol on the other hand, Ringo, is going through depression due to read more
Mar 29, 2014
Baddie007 (All reviews)
Well, that anime ain't bad,but I'm just not that impress as how it was presented at all, the plot was pretty much a typical harem theme, but I can't ignore that there are two groups of characters that this anime was on two, the first one was the harem theme of Minori, Hata and Ringo, the second group was the romance theme between Kei and Yoshida. Well, if one is to examine this anime more focus was on the comedy aspect, but its comedy aspect- well let's just say that some parts were funny while there are some that where downright corny. Now, there are read more
Apr 4, 2014
henkuku (All reviews)
My pick for "Underrated Anime of Winter 2013/14"...

Usually the titles which are in the spotlight would be those involving intense action, intense feels, or those which were adapted from already popular manga or LNs. However, it has been proven over the past few seasons that some of the ones which are less popular may turn out to be that decent after all.

Nou-rin was by no means an anticipated series. The LN was relatively unknown by most, and there wasn't a manga adaptation. Hence when I first started watching it, I really didn't know what to expect from it. And 12 weeks on, I'm glad read more
Mar 29, 2014
PenX (All reviews)
Looking at the preview before this aired, we can already tell that the art and cg animation on the music performance was good. The synopsis was interesting, so I gave it a try. Unfortunately, my expectations on this anime was wrong. Let's start with the many things that's wrong with this anime.

Hata, our main protagonist was energetic, but not interesting. He isn't that important in some parts of the story, which is a problem if he is a main protagonist. His end story at least could have been improved if he showed some foreshadowing for his hatred for the country. Instead, they shoehorned it read more
Apr 5, 2014
Holorence (All reviews)
I'm sure all of us have one or two idols we look up to. Usually it's musicians or sports stars, maybe you're completely head-over-heels over your favourite anime director. Hata Kousaku is no different than us. Kousaku, attending an agriculture school, is completely obssesed over a certain popstar named Kusakabe Yuka. His obsession goes to absurd lenghts. He occasionaly sends his grown vegetables or fruit to Yuka and his whole room is completely filled with posters and what-not. Kusakabe Yuka shocks the world when she announces her retirement leaving Kousaku shocked and majorly depressed. Suddenly, a transfer student joins Kousaku's school and class under read more
Mar 28, 2014
mercury1980 (All reviews)
I hope you really appreciate my effort in coming up with reviews. As I have said Winter Season Anime is definitely a difficult time for me to review anime. My brain is finally relaxed and calm after I enraged a lot in my Pupa review. However, there is still one more review to go in the Winter Season and that's "Nourin". "Nourin" is directed by Shin Onuma who also directed one of my favorite comedy of all time "Baka & Test". "Nourin" is produced by Silver Link. Let's get started.

STORY (5):

The story takes place in Tamo Agriculture School where Kousaku, Kei, Minori & Yoshida were read more
Apr 13, 2014
Kshmir (All reviews)
Welcome wretch who unfortunately stumbled across this promising looking series!
Welcome to a journy full of overused and completely misplaced standart jokes and tons of other failures!
Welcome to a still somehow enjoyable time!

A few months ago - I was searching for new series for my List - I incidentally saw the Illustrations from Nourin and was at least a little bit impressed. I thought that just maybe this would turn out as a pretty good series ... and I was wrong!
To be honest the farmer clothes and the tractor already made it look kinda suspicious but I didn't know anything about the story so there was read more
Sep 13, 2015
End (All reviews)
The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings. - Masanobu Fukuoka

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. We cannot do everything we want. But we can do small things with great love. What you see depends on how you view the world. To most people, this is just dirt. To a farmer it’s potential.

Nourin also covers all aspects of Romance, Slice of life, Agriculture down to the core itself.

I'll get back to the main story in a minute. I want to clear this read more
Mar 21, 2016
captaincool (All reviews)
When I planned to watch Nourin, I thought "Its a 12 episode laid back kinda anime like D-frag or Maken-ki that I can watch and not get to stressed over" and I was right. Except in this anime I actually liked the characters, and connected to them faster than I would in say Maken-ki or any other type of that anime. Also didn't have as much fan service than your typical harem/echhi anime. Still has some but most of the time they use it for funny moments, not just for the hell of it, they have fanservise for all boys and girls and Cows!
·The read more
Feb 24, 2017
Rizkiawan-kun (All reviews)
Although using agriculture as a school setting, this anime is almost never taughtanything about farming or the lives of those who study there. There is still no information was delivered, but the amount rarely, is highly technical, and inserted at random so it feels so forced, just as long as he looks had something to do with the agricultural school and not seriously intend that the audience can understand. More often, the anime is actually using the agricultural element as a material for a comedy that tends erotic nuance. What he actually wants to achieve by using a unique setting? Is this anime is not read more
Aug 8, 2019
KidDeams (All reviews)
I will begin by saying Nourin is heavily underrated and is an amazing anime for fun. Every single episode was comedic and absurd in a well-directed way. The story itself may not be the greatest, but the character interaction was very well done throughout the series. The art and sound are completely fine for being made in 2014.

1. Each character was great and added value to the show.

2. Love the anime as a little show for fun and cliches were not boring and in fact, were done correctly.

3. You will enjoy this if you are looking for a way to past time, or you are read more
Jul 21, 2019
ToxicMinimum (All reviews)
In short: This show is a very pleasing happy show with little amounts of story but good character development. Explanation below...

To start for anyone looking for a simple anime to watch you will most likely enjoy this, that is if you are a fan of agriculture or do not "hate" if you're okay with the agriculture aspect than this show can be a very enjoyable watch, the only problem is that it falls short of somethings during the show the story wasn't really there... to be fair this doesn't feel like a show that needs a story, most likely because it is more based around read more
Oct 25, 2016
Jiroemon (All reviews)
I wasn't sure what to expect from Nourin. An ero-comedy, set in an agricultural school? It's not the best show, but it definitely lands some good jokes, probably more than it misfires. Unlike some shows that kind of poke fun at fan service (while still employing it) Nourin leans into it too heavily and it comes across as over the top without always being funny because of it. If you can get around that though some of the episode plots are a lot of fun and I'd definitely have watched more eps/a second season. I guess because it's an on-going manga it doesn't have a read more
Jan 27, 2015
torrapamii (All reviews)
First think that comes into your mind when you think of farming would be the countryside, right? Well, after watching anime, the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of farming, would be the massive boobs... heh, right?

Story: 9/10

Story is based around agriculture and mostly the countryside. So, if you're a futuristic, sci-fi lover then look no further, this anime is might not be for you. The one aspect that stands above the rest is the comedy. 80% comedy and 20% romance. I would find myself laughing to each episode, because of how stupid one sounds or how they make the biggest read more
Aug 2, 2015
ZizRenanim (All reviews)
This show deals with a uncommon topic: rural life. More specifically, the farmer's life. This is very cool, because you don't expect this subject to be dealt with in a romantic comedy. On the other hand, It's not a great show in general terms.

Story/Idea (7/10)
The story is the best one in this series. I already said that the subject is uncommon. Well, It does not delve much on the aspects of a farmer's life, but when it does, it does it very well. The way in which some things are explained is funny and lighthearted, without too many complex details.
On the other hand, read more
Feb 23, 2016
Hadoke (All reviews)
Nourin , at first when I've read the description of this anime , it didn't appeal me that much.
I mean c'mon? Farming?
But I decided to give a try ,
It has a really good art style and I personally think the art style saved this anime.
The main character had a annoying voice and hairstyle .
I liked the fact another guy had a crush on him, I think the voice of kei was hot and I liked his borat swimsuit haha.
I cheer for Minori , I yearn to have a childhood friend like her wich is truly devoted onto
Her crush.
It could appeal anyone wich has read more
Sep 11, 2016
Hoohah (All reviews)
For a Rom-Com genre type, it didn't have much impact on the romance side. It did however have a great comedic side. Unfortunately, the story did not progress so much especially the ending. So it did left a bitter taste.

The anime definitely have no problem in its comedic side. Every episode can make you laugh.

It has a unique story and as much as the art and sound its average. A good Anime for me has high qualities in the climax and ending. However, the Nourin is a cliffhanger in the progression of the plot.

It certainly is unique and intriguing but progresses really slow, read more