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Oct 2, 2014
I hereby make another review co'z some pinche mod had a lot to say about my previous review, so, time to get down to business again.

Story: First of all, the plot where it involves aliens invading earth was indeed pretty overrated, also, the theme of the anime was based on the classic Martian invasion. However, the scenario where, Princess Vers was able to escape from an assassination was pretty darn good to say the least and her wish to stop the invasion also adds to some good in it, even so, imo it wasn't enough that this anime's story would have a high score, so read more
Oct 1, 2014
Ok, so what we've got was another one of those harem based fantasy anime, where it was some sort of "Infinite Stratos" kinda of thing where a school for girls was suddenly been invaded by a guy who can do what them girls can do kind of thing, soooooooooo, generally there is no story except a plot where a red head bitch was trying to have the guy all for herself because of what he can do and what he has so that she can win in the so called "Blade Dance" and the rest was the usual them girls competing for the guy's affection, read more
Sep 26, 2014
Another mangaka themed anime has ended and frankly, I was taken as to how a reverse romance between mangaka X assistant has taken place, where it's a girl that's going after a guy, oh and the guy, however was still the usual oblivious about the girl's feelings for him, however the story part of this anime, in my opinion deserves a fair 6, since it was more like a almost there kind of thing where in the end gets spoiled up, ok so it was a bit of turn off, but then again the romance genre of this anime did played up well, but still read more
Sep 26, 2014
Another, summer anime that involves magical girls has just ended and it is time for me to make a review of this 12 episode anime. So, like I've said it was another one of those anime that involves magical girls, in this case it involves witches, whose typical concepts were modified to fit the Japanese fanbase, basically it is like "Witch Craft Works" except that there isn't that action genre present in it, though it doesn't have the same romance genre it, but I ain't gonna push through co'z this isn't the part for it.

For the story, I give a fair score since one read more
Jun 21, 2014
This a newly edited review of this anime, 3rd time in a row, (upon the mods insistence), Bueno let's get down to business:

What we have was a card game themed anime with a shoujo element in it where them girls were involved in some strange card game where the stakes are high and the price for losing or winning are huge. At this point one would wonder as to why them girls choose, most especially the MCs, would still play it, even though they may not get exactly what they wish for. Besides, the true title of the series is "Wish- Across". Now I admire read more
May 9, 2014
I've just finish watching this 26 episode anime, I ain't gonna fuck around and just present it the way it is. Oh and btw this an edited version.......3rd time co'z them know who, orders me to do it.

Story- Very Good 8

I like the way how this anime was divided into 5 mini series ( not including the summaries), basically it didn't follow the usual arc it did with its previous monogatari seasons.

Art- Fair 6.

Well, I got to hand to studio Shaft, the first miniseries "Tsubasa tiger" was intense to say the least especially with Hanekawa's skinship thing with Hitagi, and that's as good read more
Apr 10, 2014
ITAI! ITAI! ITAI!!!!!! Ok, enough of Sakura's "ITAI" monologue. So, leave it to them Japanese when they wanna come out something usual and exaggerate be it in Manga or Anime....Ok so I haven't read the manga, and I probably won't...except skim over the fanservice. Co'z frankly that what I've been doing since this anime was shown. Frankly, this anime can be compared to one of those mix wrestling porn videos, where it involves FBB's doing some choreographed wrestling and choking of the guys, also this anime is somewhat of a crush video as well since we do see the main character Sakura getting crush read more
Mar 29, 2014
Nourin (Anime) add (All reviews)
Well, that anime ain't bad,but I'm just not that impress as how it was presented at all, the plot was pretty much a typical harem theme, but I can't ignore that there are two groups of characters that this anime was on two, the first one was the harem theme of Minori, Hata and Ringo, the second group was the romance theme between Kei and Yoshida. Well, if one is to examine this anime more focus was on the comedy aspect, but its comedy aspect- well let's just say that some parts were funny while there are some that where downright corny. Now, there are read more
Dec 25, 2013
Ok, so another anime has ended, somehow I get the feeling that the writer of this anime's manga version, Tomonori Inoue seems to be a clairvoyant, though the Fukushima nuclear disaster did happen 3 years since the writer conceptualize the possibility of where the scenarios were similar, except of course in his version the nuke contamination was widespread that it covers the so called old capital, while the one that happen in Fukushima Prefecture was only limited in its area. But, anyways, I still give this anime a benefit of a doubt, surly there is something in this anime that basically annoys me, so leave read more
Dec 20, 2013
Bueno, as the info states this season 2 was compose of chapters from 5 to 8 of the manga and quite frankly the way studio 8-bit executed it was not very impressive compare to season 1, now, it's difficult to say as to whats going on in the mind of this anime's director, Yasuhito Kikuchi and writer, Fukihiko Shimo that they've decide to come out with a season 2 where a clique harem was more profound than the action. Also, the introduction of Tatenashi didn't do much, for I hated her more than the antagonists called "Phantom task," which brings us next subject as to read more