Jun 17, 2014
Nourin (Anime) add (All reviews)
Dontaskme (All reviews)
Who knew farming could be filled with so much passion and fun? Well, probably not as much in real life, but certainly in anime anything can be made fun, even something as mundane as farming. And oh boy, did I have fun watching this one.

With unique characters and strange, humorous twists at every episode, I was grinning most of the time. The personalities of the characters were simply and elegantly presented, allowing for easy understanding of where they were coming from and the kind of person each character was. Well, except a few. A bonus was that, amidst all of the fun, there was a plot! Not a flawless story, but something to add a bit of drama and set a level of seriousness.

As I continued to watch, and as the existing plot continued to develop, I realized that I was watching Nourin more for its humor than for its serious undertone. I could appreciate where the seriousness fit into the grand scheme of things, but the most memorable parts of this series were the funny and ridiculous.