Kakugo no Susume

Apocalypse Zero

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Alternative Titles

Japanese: 覚悟のススメ
English: Apocalypse Zero
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Type: OVA
Episodes: 2
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 23, 1996 to Dec 18, 1996
Licensors: Media Blasters
Studios: Ashi Productions
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, HorrorHorror, Sci-FiSci-Fi, EcchiEcchi
Themes: MechaMecha, MythologyMythology, Super PowerSuper Power
Duration: 37 min. per ep.
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity


Score: 4.771 (scored by 42914,291 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #132342
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #5689
Members: 10,819
Favorites: 38


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Preliminary Spoiler
Feb 15, 2009
Apocalypse Zero is an anime that lives up to its name. Zero merits, zero reasons to watch it, zero out of ten.

The rating system thing doesn't allow me to assign zeroes and I don't like numerical rating in general because I don't believe that a complex opinion such as a review can be properly simplified with math. However, I will talk about numbers and reviews here. Numerical ratings of anime are approximately earned with merits. Everything the show does to advance its entertainment purpose raises its number. That is why my real overall rating for Apocalypse Zero is zero. This show literally goes nowhere. I ...
Sep 16, 2010
Apocalypse Zero is a completely insane, surreal and over the top Kamen Rider-esque OVA based on a manga by Takayuki Yamaguchi, the artist of hyper-violent yet wonderfully drawn Chanbara manga Shigurui: Death Frenzy. It is also one of the most absurdly loathed pieces of Japanese animation of all time, especially among English-speaking anime fans - there is something about this OVA that has a very special effect on anime reviewers and manages to send them on indignant nerd rage frenzies like no other work. To most viewers, it is to anime what The room is to cinema, or more accurately, what the pixely rape simulator ...
Nov 13, 2009
Apocalypse Zero is one of, if not THE most over-hated anime title in history. This little OVA containing a piece of a much bigger manga story has been hammered and spat-on by countless “oh-so-smart-and-civilized” types. Usually I can ignore differences in opinion, even if its from all-round ass-hats, but this series is one I cannot just look over because frainkly it doesn’t deserve such negative vitriol, especially when you take into consideration the stupefying criticisms. Oh yeah, and even though this is a post-apocalyptic Fist of the North Star-esque series, many seem to be outraged that it is gory. Yes, you heard me, with ...
Apr 11, 2015
This show is fucking amazing. OK, so basically, there's this guy fighting a mutant tit-bear in the Himalayas or something. His dad is some sort of kung fu master, and also he has an intersex brother or something. His brother has tits. Anyway, something happens, and he ends up with this Kamen Rider robot armor. He enlists in this post-apocalyptic Mad Max high school for some reason and randomly fights giant leather daddy gimp frogs with weaponized dildos, demon nurses with vagina teeth & tit rockets and various other abominations against god. I'm so glad I live in a universe where this show exists. Basically, ...
Jan 26, 2010
Preliminary (1/2 eps)
What's amazing about the other reviews of this anime is that they all say "2 of 2 episodes seen." How my fellow reviewers managed to stay sane after watching 76 minutes of this torture, I don't know, but I feel sorry for them. Heck, I feel sorry for myself.

Apocalypse Zero is a unique show. Unlike the other shows on the Anime Wall of Shame, Apocalypse Zero's problem lies not in its story, art, sound, or characters. Sure, it has some abysmal background music, and the characters are pretty shallow, but all in all, it's a "bad" show - not an "unwatchable" ...
Apr 5, 2009
Note: Under no circumstances should you watch this pathetic excuse for an anime.

Grand Totals:
Story - 1/10 (Pathetic)
Art - 1/10 (Pathetic)
Sound - 1/10 (Pathetic)
Character 1/10 (Pathetic)
Enjoyment 1/10 (Pathetic)
Overall -1/10 (Pathetic)

Oct 1, 2015
Apocalypse Zero doesn't take itself seriously and neither should you. It has the potential to be a great guilty pleasure which is loaded with blood, gore, nudity, and references to other anime/movies. Its a total joyride with plot and characters that are exactly what you expect them to be; shallow. Im surprised to find so many negative reviews of this OVA here, i find that many must simply be offended by gore, nudity, or possibly have Zero grasp of scope. (pun intended) Apocalypse Zero knows what it is, and knows what it is and never tries to be anything greater, this is what allows it ...
Oct 13, 2012
Apocalypse Zero is a two part mid 1990s OVA which ticks every box that either made this era utterly brilliant or one to completely avoid depending on your preferences. It has excessive violence from the start with people exploding from the inside out, being diced into small pieces and having their faces sucked off to name but a few, it has nudity, it has hysterical localisation and over the top moves. While plenty other anime and OVAs have done this before Apocalypse Zero turns the volume up to 11 and then stands there with a smug grin on its face as the lunacy explodes on ...
Oct 26, 2015
I absolutely loved this anime! I love crazy stuff like this! I watched this because one of my favourite actors Mona Marshall was voicing the villain in the English dub! Because I watched this I love Harara! She is freaking awesome! I don't care about good plots as long as it catches my attention I will watch any anime!
The music is badass and very catchy! The funniest scene was when the protagnist Kakago pimp slapped another character I was like random comedy! I know this show is not for everyone it's like wine an acquired taste but I for one loved it!
Nov 7, 2011
Preliminary (1/2 eps)
This is, likely, the most disgusting anime I have come across. It does a near perfect job of looking like it's going to stop being extremely gross, then (just when I think it's finally done) returns to exploding bodies, ripping people's faces off, spewing out mostly-digested (but still somehow living) people, and the like.
Jul 7, 2017
Warning possible Spoilers

Despite how weird this OVA is I'm surprised by the low score it has because this was actually pretty entertaining and seems like a gem among anime itself because we'll probably never see something like this ever again.

In a world gone mad the human race must do whatever they can to survive so a boy named Kakugo is gifted with his martial art skills and a super powerful suit of armour called Zero to protect Humanity however his sister Harara wants to destroy Humanity and Kakugo is the only one who can stop her.
Despite how weird the situations are in this OVA it ...
Dec 27, 2016
i cant stress this enough don't watch this pile of crap...unless you like bad guys that clap there balls together and shoot lighting out of there rear end...then this is the anime for you..its the one of the worse anime i have ever seen. Normally i like wired power anime but this one went hard into the dirt . the biggest part is that the fist episode lies to the viewer and make it look as if this will be alot like guyver or fist of the north star but then the second and thankfully last episode is just the pathetic attempt at anime...
Jul 27, 2017
Bear Tits! No I am not kidding at all folks. Yep I hope you like your bears and fond memories of Yogi Bear! Elderly Seniors will forever being ruined once you see the epic glory of it all and the faithful companion that helps said 98 year old elderly fight. Breakout the popcorn because I hope you like Missy Piggy as this anime's nightmarish take it and a BDSM wearing Smurf with a dick microphone sings songs of sweet nothings that would make even Simon Cowell stand up and applaud this years winner of American Idol. Or America's Got Talent. *pick your poison: I don't ...
Mar 28, 2020
This anime is truly awful, this is easily the lowest score I've ever given for an anime. This should probably be titled "cliche: the anime." The anime couldn't be fucked to come up with an original name for their "world" so they called it neo-tokyo. The villain wants to "destroy all humanity!" And the henchmen seem totally cool with this idea even though some of them are human too. Of course, the villain puts one of her henchman in line for bragging about killing 65 people by essentially saying "oh yeah, well I've killed 3,000!" And then going on to massacre everybody in the most ...
Apr 28, 2022
Mixed Feelings

Apocalypse Zero is a 1994 manga by Takayuki Yamaguchi. You might recognise that name, as he’s also the creator of Shigurui (Death Frenzy), a highly acclaimed, highly violent historical action drama about two swordsman in Edo period Japan. Apocalypse was his first big break and his first work that achieved popularity. It’s interesting to observe the sheer difference in opinions on Apocalypse Zero in the West and Japan. Apocalypse (or more accurately it’s animated adaption) is widely reviled in the anime community, with those that have seen it often have little positive to say about it. In Japan, the series was acclaimed enough to be ...
Apr 28, 2022
The ancient text that can be found within the scrolls written by our lord and savior, Tre Seslar, claim that the two greatest sins that any piece of entertainment can do is to be boring or rely solely on the ancient pagan indoctrination ritual that our collective society have christened it as.....Agenda *thunderclap SFX*. A perfect case of not one but an unholy matrimony of these two abhorrent, effrontery acts of transgression can be found within a piece of media that has been deemed so foul that many have decided the idea of throwing a Cheese Tasting that held the exotic cheeses made entirely from ...
May 6, 2022
We were ROBBED, Kakubros. Of the originally planned 10 episodes, only 2 ever made it into production, a crying shame for a masterwork such as Kakugo. Heavily Inspired by the Tokus of the time, mixed with the then popular post apocalyptic setting and harsh violence, Kakugo no Susume in its original incarnation as a manga stands tall against many of its contemporaries, even today. The pure spirit it emanates is hard to describe, but if you're a high power level individual you will surely notice it. The OVA sadly did not get to live up to this standard, as it was cancelled without a real ...
Mar 9, 2022
Mixed Feelings
This is the stupidest thing ever made.

The deranged fever dream of what parents in the 90's thought anime must have been like, Apocalypse Zero is an obscenely violent, bizarrely sexual nightmare of utter absurdity that reaches a gradually increasing fevered pitch until everything about it fades into a stream of consciousness bout of nonsense.

The entire anime feels like someone took a sample combination of random cliche shonen scenes and put it into a GPT-3 Bot and then added hentai samples randomly, and then they took the script that came out of it and animated it. The plot legitimately feels so derivative to be written by ...
Jun 4, 2013
This is everything I want in a terrible anime. Usually, terrible anime will not quite do it for me in one aspect or another, but Apocalypse Zero hits the nail right on the head.

The story can't decide if it wants to be apocalypse fighting, high school in an apocalyptic setting, or a hentai. It's delightfully terrible at mashing these together, which results in hilarious fight scenes against a hentai monster at a run down high school in the post apocalypse. A lot of people found the series boring, but since I could never tell how they'd next attempt to mix these awful genres together next, ...
Dec 2, 2021
My friend received a handful of dumpster diving treasures from her highschool crush that I was invited to dig through and pick which one we'd start with, and I found myself starting with one of the most memorable, horrible, and silly animes that live rent free in my mind to this day. If you're looking for something to just laugh at, this is definitely a good pick. There's nothing redeeming about it, it's extremely sexual for no good reason and yet at the same time those sexual things are morphed into something... This is an awful show, but it's still worth your time ...