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Clannad: After Story
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Aria the Natural
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Tari Tari
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True Tears
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Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion
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Byousoku 5 Centimeter
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Ookami to Koushinryou
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Kawashima, Ami
Okazaki, Tomoya
Furukawa, Nagisa
Sakai, Wakana
Mizunashi, Akari
Otonashi, Yuzuru
Louise Françoise
Le Blanc de La Vallière, Louise Françoise
Amamiya, Yuuko

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Kitamura, Eri
Kitamura, Eri
Shinkai, Makoto
Shinkai, Makoto
Maeda, Jun
Maeda, Jun
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Nakahara, Mai
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Ikusagami | 08-26-14, 10:54 AM
If you liked Dantallian, I highly recommend Gosick. Similar aesthetic and themes, but with a good story (though it doesn't get strong till like half way through, I think) and romantic aspects.
I saw the two back to back, and found Gosick to be, by far, the better series.

dolamroth | 08-26-14, 8:04 AM
>> Any request? Hahaha, place it and -someday in the rain- in the far far future I can deliver it.
Hm, actually, yes. :D Maybe, something general about Refrain? (like "altogether scene" :)

As for the series, I neither could handle them. But luckily I was advised to play game and it was like worlds apart. ^^ It's not the emotional rollercoaster, like Clannad or the LB! series (well, their trial was like this, haha), but soothing and still pretty lively!

dolamroth | 08-24-14, 6:09 AM
Hi. May I ask you something? I remember you have (or had) an account on DeviantArt. Do you have any artworks with Little Busters!? I remember your pictures of Nayuki from Kanon and they were just marvellous!

turtleinshell | 08-20-14, 7:25 AM
Having a good Summer?

Ikusagami | 08-18-14, 11:29 PM
Here's what Miyazaki has to say about Chuuni2:
“Almost all Japanese animation is produced with hardly any basis taken from observing real people, you know. It’s produced by humans who can’t stand looking at other humans. And that’s why the industry is full of otaku.”

But you nailed it spot on. It's a trite and overly cliched piece of modern anime garbage. I'm pretty sure that the themes that made the first one good were inspired by this
And when I say inspired, I mean ripped off. Seriously, like, verbatim.
The movie came after the first season, but it's based on a light novel that preceded both. I highly recommend it, because it treats the same themes with a serious air instead of moe. Deals with stuff like ostracism and bullying instead of rolling on the floor in shame.

Heh. That's actually why I liked School Days. :D As a romance I found it boring, but when it got serious it got my attention.
I think we need more shows that aren't afraid to deviate from their genre standards. I think that's also part of what made Madoka popular; it was a blatant inversion of what it presented itself to be. Like when a long and passionate courtship finally leads to an intimate moment, and your beloved suddenly puts on a leather mask and takes out a ballgag and cat o'nine tails.

You didn't like The Girl Who Leapt Through Time? :'(
I think there's some natural law that our tastes have to perpetually differ. I loved the movie. Although, admittedly, that is in large part my affection for the ENFP lead.

"Your profile is getting too lovey dovey mushy mushy, deshou?"
If you think the avatars and profile image are mushy, check out the octopi couple in Jhoanais' post.
It only took a year and a half on MAL for me to become one of those people with tenctacles all over his profile. :O

And don't feel bad about Robin Williams. It's probably my fault.
Several celebrities have died shortly after I mentioned them, and my favorite author died a month after I moved to the same town.
I now receive burnt offerings at the door to my apartment building every sabbath.

Don't worry about the text walls, Dr. Bob. My rambling can be ignored, just be sure to pop in and entertain me on occasion.

felipekorbes | 08-18-14, 1:29 PM
Maldito serviço, no inicio é foda, mas agora me acostumei a dormir 4 horas em mais de 36 horas.
Mesmo se for engenharia, sempre vai existir um jeito de as coisas ficarem piores, o interesse não compensa toda a judiação que tu passa.
Eu também já quebrei o braço, mas não ficou nenhuma sequela e por isso eu to aqui.

Caralho, eu to loco pra começar a jogar a VN, eu até ia começar a jogar, mas eu vi que o gameplay tem pelo menos 30 horas. E eu não to afim de ter que jogar algumas horas em um final de semana e do nada ter que parar por uma ou até mais semanas, eu quero começar a jogar e continuar jogando consecutivamente durante vários dias. Pelo menos eu acho que assim eu consigo uma melhor experiencia.
Quanto mais você fala dessa cena mais eu tenho vontade de ver ela. Mesmo contigo explicando a cena, ela parece uma cena normal, e eu sei que esse é um dos clássicos casos de que só experenciando pra saber como é. O mesmo acontece quando as pessoas me pedem quais meus animes favoritos e me pedem pra falar como que eles são. O que eu vou falar de Clannad? Que é um cara que ajuda um monte de garotas? Ou de Steins;Gate, que tem um grupo de amigos que consegue fazer uma máquina no tempo com um celular e um microondas, o quão escrota é essa ideia? No fim eu só falo algo assim, "Cara, so vendo pra ver"

Eu acho que angustia define melhor o sentimento que Nana me passava. Mas Elfen Lied não me passou nada xD.

É, foi interessante, mas não sei eu posso dize que mudei minha visão sobre esse assunto. No fim nós extrapolamo tanto esse assunto e ficamo presos em suposições que no final algo que era pra ser simples ficou muito complicado de se explicar. De qualquer maneira, eu sempre me divirto falando sobre Clannad e séries que eu gosto.

Não assisti nada da copa, nenhum jogo, o máximo que olhei foi o segundo tempo do jogo do Brasil e Alemanha porque eu tava na guarda esse dia, ai não tinha nada pra fazer do mesmo.

Alías, você chegou a mudar algo na sua explicação do Clannad? Ou o que você achou do que eu falei?

Ikusagami | 08-14-14, 7:24 PM
I know you hate School Days but love thematic analysis, so I thought I'd share with you the deeper interpretation of this underrated gem, as delved into by my kanai and I.

I want to watch School Days now. Such a great masterpiece which denotes the problems of modern youth and their inability to control their libido. I think the themes of bullying were pretty gripping and really gave a fresh look at how bullying in school has increased over the years, juxtaposed with youth and the beauty of falling in love.

Yes yes, daaarling, School Days is indeed a profound piece to contemplate, but the more perspicacious connoisseurs of the modern art form that is anime will more readily recognize that the surface themes of love and bullying were mere facades invoked to mask the underlying critical deconstructive analysis of the dissolution of traditional romantic gender roles in Japan as a result of women's suffrage, and the inevitable schism in the platonic relationship as caused by the rising inequality in the ratio of females to males in the Japanese school systems.
And let's not even touch on the obvious critique of the diminution of school standards caused by the propogation of western values upon post-war Japan. We'll leave such apparent analyses for the bourgeois initiates.
*haughty laugh*

See. It's easily as deep as an Urobuchi title but as misunderstood as Evangelion.
I hope I have opened your eyes to the realization that Makoto Itou is a far more sympathetic and well written character than that one dimensional archetype Shinji Ikari.

Tyler117 | 08-14-14, 4:29 PM
Hey I don't really know whats going on with your MAL account, but it doesn't sound good lol. What happened?

Also I was wondering if you have any recommendations for some funny anime, but have a good serious story? kinda like, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, and Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu.

Subpyro | 08-11-14, 5:39 AM
You are dead. Isolated.

GlennTT | 08-11-14, 1:46 AM

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P.S.S We are in need of active card makers!
We do a few monthly editions and we really need some more card makers to help out with those. If you are interested in applying, click here.

Subpyro | 08-07-14, 11:36 PM
Splendid about. However, I saw better recommendations. One recommended Elfen Lied if you have watched Naruto, and went like this: "Both have a girl with pink hair". Like, literally, that's it. A recommendation based off a character's hair color. A total win. It's sort of an art.

Ikusagami | 08-07-14, 6:53 PM
Dood, I'm not even sure what I'm looking at anymore.
These anon conspiracies are too much for me to follow in media res. :P
But this is seriously some Urobuchi/Dai Sato level shit.
It's already a gigantic mystery with intercontinental influence and an anonymous group causing mayhem. :D Sounds like a good anime, no?

turtleinshell | 08-04-14, 9:02 PM

HeartDivine | 08-02-14, 8:06 PM
Thanks for all those recommendations - it helps a lot! I've added some I haven't seen yet on my to watch list! <3 I actually have seen Maoyuu Maou Yuusha already but I don't really know much about Spice and Wolf, I'll check it out, thank you!

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