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Chain Chronicle
Nov 25, 10:32 AM
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Nov 15, 4:57 PM
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Toaru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku
Toaru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku
Oct 22, 5:15 PM
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Sep 13, 12:41 AM
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Aoi Honoo
Aoi Honoo
Sep 8, 12:26 AM
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Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
Aug 28, 6:12 PM
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Ardanaz Oct 29, 11:10 PM

Could you give me some candy? :3
Click here and just post +1 Candy for Ardanaz <3

I'll give you a little lick and you can use me as your personal slave ^^

Sooul-Master Oct 29, 8:58 PM
Lol, hahahhaa. I admire your perseverance. Best of luck, tell me how it went later :P

Yeah, I am. My gender just mutates on its own, I can't control it.
Lol, baiting people is fun. They see a female... and they must have it at all costs! Lol, I made statistics and 85% of my comments were received as female. Lol.
moodie Oct 29, 5:42 PM
unicode is cool i agree
Index1 Oct 26, 6:02 PM
I will just say that we have very high compatibility.
Yirq Oct 25, 4:27 PM
I just read your review on Angel Beats! Pretty much summed up what I was thinking about the show. It's been a while since I've actually seen the show, but stumbled up on your review because I had seen an AMV of the anime just a minute ago XD Either way thanks for the review about the show xp
Antalk Oct 23, 11:00 PM
AH-6 Little Bird made me think...
Have you seen Apocalypse Now?
If you haven't, get Apocalypse Now: Redux
Huey Gunship is waaayyyy better than some Killer Egg
The noise factor alone has a psychological advantage over your Little Bird
Antalk Oct 23, 10:50 PM
Never apologize for a lengthy comment, with me, feel free to write as long as you want/need.

Trumpets brought the walls of Jericho down! Trumpet calls still provide a needed call during the day on our military bases: Reveille wakes you up, Retreat ends your work day and Taps ends your day. Taps is also played at military funerals. I was humbled and honored to play Taps at a military funeral while I was at Basic Training. I also had the honor of playing Taps every night from my third week at Basic until my graduation five weeks later. And now, it is not so much you can't hear the trumpet on the battle field, it's that we don't need the trumpet to call out different battle formations to fight anymore. Gone are the days where you would have row upon row of men that would line up against rows of men of the enemy and fire a volley of lead at each other. The infantry train till it is ingrained on the different battle formations they use and it is usually small unit tactics and yes, radios.
Tell your military friend to check our Full Metal Panic and Full Metal Panic: Second Raid. It is goofy but has some very serious moments especially at the end of Second Raid.

BRAZIL!!!! I got to watch Pele play live in his last match. He play one half for NY Cosmos and the other half with Brazil. If my memory serves me correctly, he scored for both teams and one of the goals was his patented bicycle kick.
I am an Indians fan. Our catcher is from Brazil, Yan Gomes. Have you heard of our basketball team, the Cleveland Cavaliers? Anderson Varejão is one of the forwards and is from Brazil. Both are very talented. Gomes is one of the best at throwing out would be base stealers.

What did you think of the Grand Canyon? I have never been there. My wife has been several times as she lived only a few hours away when she was in high school.

I am going to try to mess with my profile to see if I can get the placement right of a pic with a chic that isn't lol. It is going to be trial and error because there is no reference line in the editing section, just code.

...and the Blue Jays just lost
so it will be the Mets and the Royals in the Series

my daughter is the baseball nut in the family and has a blog(?) about the Indians but will talk baseball, any baseball with anyone. I'll find out the address and pass it on to you.
Okashi Oct 23, 1:35 PM
Wait! you didn't watch Jinrui Wa Suitai Shimashita?

You really should. I highly recommend it.
Okashi Oct 23, 1:23 PM
I'll probably do the same and check that thread, but for now, I'm just avoiding profiles. I'm already wasting enough time :p

And of course the userbase will always come up with better stuff, since, you know, they are the users and they know what's best for them. Instead of a bunch of people who probably never used this site, nor do they know anything about what the userbase would want and were just told to Upgrade stuff.

I, too, actually like writing about shows, especially my favorites, not really reviews, but just normal lengthy discussions between people who already watched them. I'm really enthusiastic when it comes to my favorite anime, so, I can kinda feel you, to a point. It's like trying to have a proper discussion in a forum games thread about shitposting.

Well, they already broke the forums with shitty ad spaces and the 50 post per page which will kill your browser if the users who posted have both a siggy and avi, so you can only imagine the suffering when a whole page is loaded with pics and vids. But hey, you can always count on MAL's "developers" to surprise you.

Looking back at Mai's roles, you're right, she's great. From Watashi, my favorite fictional character of all time to Rena from Higurashi to the annoying Haruno from Oregariu and the calm Nanami from Katangatari, and of course, Nagisa. Yup looking back, I really liked the voice acting of all these characters, especially Watashi, which I think she did a godly job with. So yeah, I agree. She's a great VA with wide range of voice acting. I'd definitely like to see more random roles of her. And yes, she needs more appreciation.

And btw, I finally started Ika Musume and it's SO MUCH FUN! It really is. Every episode from start to finish I was grinning like an idiot and had number of good laughs most of the times. I watched 7 episodes so far and will watch more. I'm hoping to finish it all by tomorrow. It's just so much fun. If I didn't get a bit busy today, I would've probably finished season 1 by now, but I was only able to 7, but damn did those episode flew by pretty fast. Can't wait to watch more.
KnightRyder Oct 22, 6:49 PM
Cubbies will have to "Wait til next year"....AGAIN!!! I bet Seattle wins the Series before the Cubbies get there. Of San Diego! Yeah, they have defense and hitting to go with good pitching. It just looks like Mets/Royals for the Worlds. Blue Jays in the Series? They have to beat KC twice in KC...not likely.

Yeah there is a lot of commenting on profiles and PMs there. The Forum is kind of lame, but that is to be expected of a community with only 15,000 members. I think AB now has as many torrents as BBT does. They also have all the Funimation and NISAmerica titles BBT doesn't. But, it's not a perfect community, none are. Still, there is plenty of opportunity there for the ambitious person.
TripleSRank Oct 22, 5:00 PM
Hm. VNDB has their length (time) listed the same, so that might be partly where I got the impression. It would be nice if they provided word counts.

Anyway, is Air worth watching? I'm pretty sure it's the only KEY anime I haven't watched. As much as I like Clannad, I'm note sure if say, Kanon, would hold up for me or not on a rewatch since my taste has changed a lot and it doesn't have the nostalgia factor Clannad does. Of course, you know I've been liking Ef, but that's a bit different than KEY shows too (even if it is close enough to be comparable). Do you think I'd like Air?

As for Ef itself:
• I did pick up on some references, but the only ones I understood were Clannad ones (like the dango payphone card).
• The episode titles form... "Euphoric Fiel-", which I think is implying "Euphoric Fields". That's... interesting, though I'm not sure if I have the proper context yet.
• WHAAAAAT. HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THE LACK OF AN OP/ED BEFORE. Now it makes sense why the encodes were so freakin' amazing, and looking at the MAL entry this has multiple OPs/EDs depending on the episode too... Crap. I'll have to look those up (after I finish Memories, because youtube is the easiest way ever to spoil yourself) and compare to the episodes they go with. Or maybe I'll just get a new source altogether. BLEH.
• I'll look forward to Melodies then. That's a little curious though; I was actually slightly apprehetious concerning Melodies since another MAL pal rated Melodies significantly lower... hmm.

Anyway, I've stalled quite a bit on the end of Ef because I recently got more busy IRL, plus I'm trying to be a bit more productive with my hobby time too. I'm trying to cut down on MAL time rather than anime though (if I have time for either).

Osu looks kinda interesting. Do you play it?

No comment on forum affairs right now, given that. I'll take the mods post seriously once we start seeing an increase in staff numbers. As for vodall's thread, I just stopped posting there altogether unfortuneately (and I legit do kinda feel bad for her sake; I jumped in then bailed out). I got tired of the argument and never mustered the drive to go back-- and now with even less free time I doubt I'll be writing many lengthy posts over MAL politics unless it's entertaining somehow.

The new compatibility going in the negatives now (-100% through 100%) is pretty dumb imo, and it doesn't look as cool anymore either. (Ironic that they made everything more colorful, yet nuked the one colorful thing on the previous profiles.) Our lower score is probably understandable since we mostly relate on romance stuff, but I can't help but wonder if it's factoring in mean score more heavily now too... That aside, what do you think of the new profiles in general?

And before I forget... you really ought to watch The Princess and the Pilot. If you're short on time, I'd actually rec it over Patema since it doesn't suffer from the few weaknesses Patema does (although it doesn't have the same gimmick and isn't quite as visually impressive). It's a simple, beautiful story, and it seems like it'd be up your alley.
turtleinshell Oct 22, 3:22 PM
Hm, I'm not sure about Kannagi. I haven't been caught up on manga (at all.)

Compatibility above 0% now means... how much more likely it is that you will have an above average agreement on ratings... something along those lines. I think it doesn't really matter at this point. Before I felt compatibility didn't mean a whole lot, but now it just flat out doesn't matter in my mind. It almost seems like they are trying to make compatibility reduce the likelihood that you will friend someone with very different opinions. That doesn't make any sense given that some really good relationships are founded on differences or don't depend on similarity / differences at all. Before compatibility was at least a neat way of getting a very rough idea for how similar your view was to others regarding anime, but now it almost seems to be a means to force you to like and not like people. Kind of ridiculous. I don't see how they even would need resolution... isn't 4 significant digits enough? Hell, 2 may even be enough. Anyways, if we held the same exact views on everything, it wouldn't be all that interesting to converse with one another. I wouldn't want to talk to a parrot all day long.

Thank you, for not being a parrot.
QuattroVaginas Oct 22, 3:15 PM
I believe they're competing with Youtube in a match to promote user-unfriendliness. Pretty ambivalent on the profile design change. I like the bigger icons. That's about it. The stats bar is complete rainbow bullshit. The rest of the shuffling I don't even give a fuck, but it'll take some time to accommodate. Apparently, these changes are based on "user feedback", so you have to wonder who's been feeding them garbage. The situation with reviews is indeed pretty hilarious. Didn't think they would just remove "unhelpful" and leave it at that. What little faith I had I will now relocate to more probable shit. Like a Shinkai-directed hour-long foot-fetish hentai.

2 episodes into F/K s2. They really dialed up the loli-service. Even in the op/ed. And now I've seen the source of that gif that has made so many rounds on the webs, it puts my local whores to shame. I laughed when they cloned Illya. Genius progression.

Nanoha is a name I haven't heard it a while. I really liked it up to A's. Forgot why I never watched StrikerS. It's been so long that starting it up again is kind of intimidating.

While on them Mahou Shoujo, have you seen Yuyuyu? I enjoyed the fights in that one, however little. It's a pretty fun watch up until that polarizing ending.
Antalk Oct 21, 6:40 PM
Just read your blog on Sora no Woto. I am always amazed by people like you that find the details 'hidden' within an anime and it is in those details that makes anime such an enjoyable medium to watch. Sora no Woto was a masterpiece, i found the music and the camaraderie between the soldiers inspirational ( I am a retired combat vet and trumpet player ). After finding this anime in your list I know you didn't rate it as high as I did but you did like it and actually, I am happy someone else watched it. I have my own reasons for rating anime the way I do and I do not expect others to follow suit ( tho I will confess I have gotten several women on this site to watch ALL of High-school of the Dead over their objections of too much boobage ).
Sora just struck a chord within.
You have a talent for writing.
I look forward to reading other 'reviews' that you have written.
KnightRyder Oct 20, 5:54 PM
Cubs have to deal with the "Billy Goat Curse". It looks like they are succumbing again. I would love to see them in the Series. KC is in, they need just 1 more win and 2 of 3 games at home. Stranger things have happened, but it isn't likely in this case. It looks like NY and KC in the Series. The year of the have nots! LOL.

MAL has gone to the dogs! I don't do much here anymore. My list is hopelessly out of date and will remain that way. Few talk to me anymore, just you and a couple others. I do most of my socializing over at AB, a private tracker. (I have invites if you are interested).