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My anime list is accurate as to what I've completed, but not so as per what I'm watching (too many things at once). My manga list isn't as there is lots that is just not in the database yet and I am too lazy to add them or make a list on mangaupdates.

Don't talk to me about my ratings, cartoons, comics, games, Western television shows, any Western media apart from film and literature.

I do like love communicating about anime and manga and all that. I'm an expert (no really). Less so on anything gamesoft, LN's, VN's.

While almost all of my free time goes to this interest, I also watch film. And, while I try to actively stay away from video games, I do play Mahjong, Chess, Go, and Shogi. You may play with me anytime with these.

I love meeting and talking to other turbonerds. Which translates to people with a passion for something basically. I don't think it's a coincidence these burning passions are often on activities called "hobbies".

For instant communication, join me in IRC, contact me on twitter, or through a private tracker I'm on.

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grifatmal | 05-20-14, 5:57 PM
Oh, and I added Ookiku to my PtW list!

grifatmal | 05-20-14, 12:32 PM
Re: Daiya, that’s the biggest problem with senpai ain’t it? They always
I cried when Imayoshi retired from Tōō in KnB (as I will cry when Kasamatsu follows suit in the next season). And I will most likely shed a boatload of tears if I see Yūki walk away from Seidō (yes, I do have a thing for captains…). I may pick up the manga if it seems really unlikely that we’ll ever get another round of anime.
That said I have mixed feelings about episode 32. Raichi is a fun addition to the mix and right up my alley too as I have a big canine fetish, but Sanada… I often enjoy Kamiya’s work as a voice actor but he has a nasty tendency to be far too recognizable in his tone and delivery. I mean I understand the reasoning behind using a popular V.A. and cashing in on their trademark style. Heck I squeal in glee every time I hear Nakai Kazuya. But there should be a limit to that and I hate it when it completely overshadows a character. So yeah, Sanada’s introduction irked me a bit.

Now, about the senpai thing, if a show has older characters, I’ve noticed that I unconsciously gravitate towards them. Being much older than the average anime viewer, it makes sense that I look upon the antics of first-years from a position that is fairly similar to theirs. In other words, I have a situational affinity with senpai that often supersede any personal connection I might have with younger characters. That’s why they are such a critical part of the cast for me. In the case of Haikyuu, I really enjoy the “parenting” combo formed by Sawamura, Sugawara and Tanaka and you could say that I care about Hinata and Kageyama because they do. Both first-years are super cute but I didn’t really get attached to them until their senpai showed up. That doesn’t mean I need older characters balancing the younger ones to enjoy a sports show. But if they are there, the more endearing I find them the easier it is for me to enjoy their “charges”.

Yeah, I saw the announcement for the new Yowamusi Pedal season. Pretty cool.

I’m moving back home (France) for a year. My dad passed away and I have to take care of the succession so it isn’t particularly exciting or anything. I will however be closer to my siblings so I’m pretty happy about that.

grifatmal | 05-19-14, 11:17 AM
Somehow, I'm not really surprised that JoJo's isn't your cup of tea...

I truly believe that Isshuukan Friends would be nothing more than a big spoonful of honey sprinkled with sugar and toped with a dollop of whipped cream if Shōgo wasn’t around. He’s such a great character. And I agree with you. The value of the show is in the execution rather than the plot. I’m still pretty surprised at how much I’m enjoying it week after week.

Haihyuu… is just awesome. There is nothing even remotely exceptional about it’s components if taken individually but once you put it all together, it just clicks and you get a little bit of magic. I love how low-key yet upbeat everything feels. And the characters are really, really cute. The more I watch sports anime the more I believe that it’s the senpai that make the first-years. Or maybe I just like them older. The only negative for me at this point is the OST. I do love the ED though (bummer it’s not to your liking) but the rest of it wouldn’t even work in an elevator.

Sidonia is guilty of one of the most common problems in the fantasy/sci-fi genre: the characters don’t feel like they are true products of the unique universe they grew up in. Honestly, take the setting away and you’re just watching yet another high school show. The other issue I have with it, apart from the rather crude and inappropriate sexual references, is that I don’t feel any kind of care coming from the creator for his characters. They’re mere puppets whose sole purpose is to shine a light on the cool stuff he’s come up with. I have the same problem with Urobuchi’s work: great world building but hollow characters. Honestly, I could drop Sidonia this week and not even notice.

Daiya remains thoroughly enjoyable even though the characters continue to defy any attempt on my part to ship them. It baffles me because they are sooo slashable. Miyuki’s still a big favorite of mine but I just adore that kind of character anyway so no surprise there. What I appreciate the most about it is how bloody intense everybody is and how much they love the game. It’s nothing new in the world of sports anime but this show is literally dripping with manly determination. I personally don’t really mind the drop in production values but I would like to see some more growth in the characters.

Yowamushi Pedal’s really gone off the deep end. And I’m happy to follow it wherever it goes. If I had been watching it on my own, the insane parade of weirdos would have probably turned me off by now but my hubby is getting such a kick out of it that I can’t help but laugh with him. He even took Makishima and Tōdō’s antics in stride which as close to BL as I’ve ever seen him get so hurray for that! Naruko’s still the cutest thing though – he’s like a very feisty Ōsakan kitten. And I’m sticking with my Kanzaki x Aoyagi pairing. There’s nothing in there to support it and nobody out there to illustrate it but I think it’s cute.

I absolutely agree with you on Ping Pong. Remove the style and what you’re left with is a poignant, astute, intelligent and fascinating drama. The dialogues, as you’ve mentioned are particularly stellar. It’s so rare to see shows that actually have something to say and choose to say it in such a unique fashion. Honestly, it’s a treat. There’s so much emotional baggage hidden just behind the surface of each character that you feel they could blow up or fall apart at any time and I think it’s that tension that makes it so addictive for me.

Rizon will have to wait as I’m currently in the middle of moving overseas and I don’t have a lot of spare time.

grifatmal | 05-15-14, 6:35 PM
Let’s see.

I’m on the fence with JoJo’s. Jōtarō is nowhere near as endearing as his predecessors (it’s a rare miss on Ono Daisuke’s part), the supporting cast is bland and I would need a lot more Dio to keep me happy. We’ll see how things look once we hit episode 12 but I may still drop it.

Sidonia no Kishi… I’m not a fan of the CG look especially when it comes to the characters’ design and palette of facial expressions. It isn’t a turnoff per se but it’s plenty distracting. What’s making my skin crawl though are the in-your-face sexual references. Apart from that, I’m still curious enough about the universe depicted to stick with it for a little while longer.

Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii is cheesy and predictable and a bit of an eyesore and I should hate it. Well, I do hate it whenever she sings. But there’s something really interesting about the way their relationship constantly oscillates. And Nike is quite independent and resourceful which I do appreciate.

Isshuukan Friends is cool. It isn’t overly ambitious and it manages to make the best out of its very lousy premise. It’s like watching a very slow instructional video on the most common Japanese high school friendship tropes. And yet, I’ve gotta admit it’s kinda cute. It probably won’t go anywhere but it’s pleasant enough way to spend 20 minutes.

Ping Pong, I find utterly addictive. I don’t mind the style, the direction or the editing one bit so that helps. What I love about it is how real and genuine some of the interactions between the characters feel. No matter how weird or distorted they are, you can still feel the humanity at the core of those people and all the flaws and cracks and regrets that come with it.

Mushi-shi is perfect and I am in awe of these people who managed to bottle the exact same lightning twice. It is still fresh, unique and mesmerizing and it will only solidify the place the series occupies at the top of my anime list.

And that leaves us with Haikyū!! Damn those boys are soooo cute. Love it, love it, love it! It doesn’t bring anything new to the table but it’s fun, upbeat, well-animated and just plain delightful to watch. I’m not going to ship anyone in there but I didn’t expect to so no problem there.

I dropped a few things too: Captain Earth, Bokura wa Minna Kawaisō, Mekaku City Actors and Black Bullet.

What about you? Anything out there this season that you’re loving or hating?

grifatmal | 04-06-14, 10:08 AM
To be honest, the only reverse harem show I truly enjoyed so far was Ouran. I find every other one I’ve checked out meh at best and utterly unpalatable at worst. Kamigami leans towards the latter for me so I’ll pass.
Regarding the rest of the new shows, my guess is there won’t be much in there to tickle my fujoshi bone, but that’s fine by me. It’s not like I have to ship.
Mushishi and JoJo’s are obvious keepers, but I already knew that before the season even started.
Haikyuu is here to stay as well and is a perfect example of how lenient I can be when it comes to sport shows – there really wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen at least a dozen times before in that first episode but I don’t mind.
Everything else is still up in the air and nothing of what I’ve sampled so far has blown me away. I’ll give Bokurawa Minna Kawaisou, Captain Earth, Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii and Isshukan Friends a couple more weeks to hit their stride. All of them have elements that I enjoy and the potential to be decent enough shows.
And I’m waiting on first episodes for Ping Pong, Glasslip, Sidonia no Kishi, Black Bullet and Mekakucity Actors.

How about you?

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