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04-22-14, 9:17 AM
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January 3, 2009
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About ridojiri

My anime list is accurate as to what I've completed, but not so as per what I'm watching (too many things at once). My manga list isn't as there is lots that is just not in the database yet and I am too lazy to add them or make a list on mangaupdates.

I'm not particularly interested in talking about my ratings. I'm equally uninterested in comics/cartoons, television, games, other awful media mediums, and I don't care about the Western anime/manga 'market' or 'industry' or 'community'.

I do like love discussing/debating/conversing/arguing about anime and manga, and its domestic markets/industry/communities. This includes the artistic/independent animation sector.
Less so LN's, VN's, as I'm simply not too knowledgeable in this area- though I'm lucky enough to have several friends who are.

I also watch film. Naturally I have a higher interest in Japanese film, but I watch film of all varieties (when I have time away from anime/manga devouring).

I should respond to pertinent things, but responding to a single thing may take me months. This is due to a horrible natural inclination my personality takes where I shut down when people request/need things from me. I apologise in advance.

For a more immediate response, join me in IRC, contact me on twitter, or through a private tracker I'm on.
I do not have a blog as my time is consumed by other things, though it is one of the many things in life I wish I could do. I want to write more in an academic capacity as well.

Anyone who knows me quickly realises that despite my harsh scores, I love anime and manga. And I particularly, as hinted in the above picture, like [boys] Sports and Kids anime.

PS: CA has released a conclusive H2 batch, watch it. Thank Heibi afterwards.

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grifatmal | 04-06-14, 10:08 AM
To be honest, the only reverse harem show I truly enjoyed so far was Ouran. I find every other one I’ve checked out meh at best and utterly unpalatable at worst. Kamigami leans towards the latter for me so I’ll pass.
Regarding the rest of the new shows, my guess is there won’t be much in there to tickle my fujoshi bone, but that’s fine by me. It’s not like I have to ship.
Mushishi and JoJo’s are obvious keepers, but I already knew that before the season even started.
Haikyuu is here to stay as well and is a perfect example of how lenient I can be when it comes to sport shows – there really wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen at least a dozen times before in that first episode but I don’t mind.
Everything else is still up in the air and nothing of what I’ve sampled so far has blown me away. I’ll give Bokurawa Minna Kawaisou, Captain Earth, Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii and Isshukan Friends a couple more weeks to hit their stride. All of them have elements that I enjoy and the potential to be decent enough shows.
And I’m waiting on first episodes for Ping Pong, Glasslip, Sidonia no Kishi, Black Bullet and Mekakucity Actors.

How about you?

Katagari | 03-23-14, 7:31 AM
Oh I wasn't thinking of Chess, I thought you meant Mahjong actually. I know there are sites for both Go and Chess but didn't know if there were online sites for Mahjong. Previous message you mentioned you were tempted to play so I didn't know if you knew how or not, or were just willing to learn to play. Either way, I'd be happy to play ya once I learn =)

Hmm we differ there then. I view sports as both an individual or team thing, as long as there is competitiveness and rivalry as you said.

I haven't watched all of Touch yet but if it's anything like Cross Game I understand. I enjoy it as a plot device as well. I noticed you had Touch rated higher than Cross Game, that makes me really wanna watch it! I started it a while ago but the animation really hurt my eyes (literally) so I had it on hold for the longest time.


starshinesMonet | 02-20-14, 11:26 PM
I would also check out Vladimir Samsonov's works along with Wendy Tilby's Strings (Canada 1991) and Caroline Leaf's The Street (Canada 1976), which are also paint-on-glass animation short films.

grifatmal | 02-16-14, 1:40 PM
The show I’m looking forward to the most is without a doubt the second season of Mushishi. Ping Pong and the new JoJo’s are up there as well. And I will probably end up enjoying Haikyuu even if I don’t pair anyone (‘cause sports shows are cool no matter what!). Beyond that, everything else feels a bit meh to me. I’ll probably check out Mekaku City Actors, Kamigami no Asobi and Captain Earth but I don’t hold much hope for any of them. And I’m pretty curious about Isshukan Friends. I like watching an overly sweet and mellow show once in a while. Then again, I’m usually not big on amnesia so we’ll see.

Yeah, that groping really came out of left field and ended up being pretty awkward. It still cracked me up though. Honestly though, I was more taken aback by the introduction of Narumiya. I mean I knew it was bound to happen. All sports shows come with a parade of opponents, each stronger and weirder than the last. But a part of me would have loved nothing more than to just watch the Seidou boys practice forever. So many shows start going downhill the moment competition starts…

Inari KonKon is so-so. I enjoy having the Fushimi Inari-taisha as a backdrop since it is one of my favorite spots in Japan and I adore all kitsune so it’s got that going for it. Uka-sama is a nice enough character and her obsession with otome games makes her really cute but I do find it a shame she got saddled with an overdone trope of a brother. Apart from that, there’s nothing even remotely original about the characters or the situations they find themselves in and the fanservice is really clunky. The only thing that keeps me coming is that I’m curious to see how the relationship between Uka and Touka will progress. And there’s only 5 episodes left so it’s no big deal.

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