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Kiniro Mosaic
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Inazuma Eleven Go: Chrono Stone
Inazuma Eleven Go: Chrono Stone
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Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin
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Cure_Inazuma Yesterday, 4:34 PM
Word dude. Those DYRL covers were great. The Frontier original soundtrack was no slouch either. Plus that headshot at the end. MLG. Thinking I'll hit Macross Zero next, then I'll try out 7.
Delta's pretty rad dude. And the girls are really cute. Especially Frejya.
Two of the other idols are primo yuri material too.
Cure_Inazuma Yesterday, 12:12 PM
Micheru best boy.
Klan best girl.
10/10 final episode.
Sheryl wasn't bad after all.
Cure_Inazuma Yesterday, 10:13 AM
Cure_Inazuma Yesterday, 7:17 AM
A Miki is fine too. Though it feels a bit weird to listen to Hibiki singing such a low-energy song. I'll raise you this.

If it ends up being like Eva, then I'm all in dude. Eva's my jam. Dunno about plot-central Toku shows, since all of what I've seen tend to focus on the characters more than anything. I think that's generally the best approach given the typical episode count, but yeah, something more about the plot would be cool too.
Cure_Inazuma Jul 23, 9:56 PM
C'mon bro. We gotta be real right now. How does Sheryl even BEGIN to compete with this. KIRA~! And wait, the flags are real? B-but he survived at the end! Don't do this to me Robo. Ozma doesn't deserve it.
Since I've been focusing on anime, I've only gotten to episode 11 of Nexus so far. Sounds like it gets cooler later on though. Fight on Ultraman!
Wait, it has Kaiji's announcer? Speaking engrish? In Kamen rider henshins? You need to stop convincing me to watch these series dude, I'll never get anything done. Dunno if that'll be as awesome as Ryuki's SAHVAIVAL though. Need to focus on Nexus so I can also get back to my Kamen Rider.
Cure_Inazuma Jul 23, 8:48 PM
Coming right off of Destiny as well, yes, yes I am. Having fun though. Been balancing it out with some Precure and K-On. Shame everyone's so serious all the time in Frontier. The few times where it's lighthearted are when Kawamori's sticking his love triangle fetish down my throat. Ranka's a total cutie. Sheryl's kinda annoying. Alto's too angsty, but overall it's a fun ride. And that stuff with Ozma repeating Focker's death flags was a hell of a ruse. Also I gotta say, that Frontier game for the PSP is tons of fun.
Nexus is pretty cool so far as well, but the TLT's attitude with Ultraman really shivers my timbers. Please tell me they start working together with him at some point. The fights are really cool, especially between Nexus and Faust. The OP is hype. I'm still pretty early in, but I'm feelin' it.
How's W?
Kangaroooo Jul 18, 7:40 AM
I started reading Otoyomegatari only recently and this is the first of her works that I'm reading .It's such a pleasant read with the drama, romance and comedy moments which all seem really balanced without going overboard. and ofcourse the amount of details in the art are really amazing while being expressive as well . I'm definitely looking forward to read her other works
Ratohnhaketon Jul 18, 2:34 AM
Yeah I really liked how they connected all of the games following ACIII. It got pretty emotional taking out Adewale (just finished Freedom Cry DLC) and maiming Achilles. I'm disappointed that there wasn't any reference to Shay in Unity though.

Whaaaat but Unity looked so good when Arno's face was from Ripley's Believe It Or Not!

I didn't get into Unity until a few months ago so luckily I missed out on those dark days. My favorite is ACII as well. It's not just cause of my Italian heritage, but I really do love the setting. "Mythical" is a great word to describe it, it was a sensational experience when it first came out and has just stuck with me since. I was actually replaying ACII the same time I was re-watching Aria and it felt so right. I'd say my favorite after that is Revelations because of the focus on Altair, Ezio and Desmond all coming to terms with their paths as assassins.
Akeno_Misaki Jul 16, 11:30 AM
Heidi is like Adventure version of Akage no Anne, the difference is Heidi cry less compared to Anne and she had kinda autism (maybe a little)
The only suffering part is when she lives on Frankfurt that will make her life miserable, Heidi thinks that living on Alps is like Paradise to her.

Just watch it if you had enough free time.
Ratohnhaketon Jul 16, 9:21 AM
Yeah I've been cycling through AC pics lately. Rogue is up there in my top 3 Assassin's Creed games. Playing as a Templar definitely gave it a fresh perspective. I only like it more than Black Flag because there's snow.
YoukaiBlaster1 Jul 15, 12:51 PM
Initial D is just awesome,the soundtrack is perfect,all characters are likeable,the chara.development has some solid,down to earth aspects,it isn't your colorful friendship/moral kind of shit,the characters interact in a way that reminds me of how people actually act in real life.However even with those aspects nothing too interesting happens outside the car races,inside the car though,the series is one of the best things I've ever seen,each race manages to be unique,and the way they use the musics and monologue to hype you is great.

Gundam Wing on the other hand is just a meme factory,the show so far has been pretty average with nothing really going for it.The artstyle is gorgeous as is most of 90's gundam shows,the character design is pretty neat,but evertyhing ends there for me,besides visuals and memes,the series is probably the worst gundam show I've ever watched side by side with Seed Destiny.
Kangaroooo Jul 8, 1:52 AM
Yeah only the order of two stories were changed because of those being short and it doesn't matter which order those two stories are read. but, otherwise there isn't much of a change in the western publication other than the fact that the names of some volumes were changed. So, yes. it is a satisfactory way to read it.
Kotori_Sonoda Jul 4, 3:11 PM
I just watch what I feel like it, honestly. If I think I'll like the show I'll watch it.
If you'll force me to boil it down though, a lot of the stuff I watch fall into "mecha" "idol" "card game" "magical girl" and "cute girls doing cute things".

Akeno_Misaki Jun 24, 4:10 AM
I'm done with Patlabor tv series and i really love it!
I'm gonna watch Patlabor The News Files next then gonna watch those 2 movies.
CureCloud Jun 23, 9:53 AM
Yeah, Sailor Moon's action is almost non-existent. It's strength is mainly in its comedy and 90s charm. Precure is a much more well-rounded series, and I think that's a big reason I prefer it. It's got a little bit of everything.

Tuxedo Mask being voiced by Furuya and basically spending 80% of his time coming in hot to shit on Usagi is a big reason I still mainly like the first season the most. I can't believe they changed his voice actor for Crystal...