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Cure_Inazuma Yesterday, 7:08 AM
It's ...okay. I guess. It isn't as tragic as I expected with Mari Okada doing the writing. Thankfully it doesn't have 3DCG, but the animation is kinda stiff and the character designs could be better. Mech designs are also okay. Barbatos looks cool aside from the missing stomach and the new grunts look like Leo 2.0. It's fun, but it can be a chore to watch at some points. It's certainly more focused than G-Reco, but exposition can be really blunt at times.
I'd say reserve your judgements 'til the plot really gets moving. And that might not happen until the second cour.
Also the ED is Tomino as hell.
arcadia1 Nov 25, 8:50 AM
If you mean Kenshin's anime, then no. But if you mean Kenshin's manga, then maybe. Its anime version was very sweet and charming at some point, but then as you know, fillers and a lot of other stuff took it into a different route. It wasn't that pleasant for me and I had no motivation to continue to be honest, so I dropped at episode 60.

To me, its manga wasn't that good as well but oh well, haha. At least, it tried to give some content its audience, albeit it had very repetitive and dreadful nature.

But OVAs are totally different. They had more mature tone and incredibly good aspects. I always thought that Kenshin was somewhat different, it had a different charm which you'd think it was more “mature” than it actually was. Trust and Betrayal did great job with this aspect and it actually showed us Kenshin's “true nature”. We have to hand it to. And Tomoe was very delightful, especially her conflicted feelings were incredible.

Thanks for your question. And may I ask you what is your opinion?
Cure_Inazuma Nov 24, 5:47 PM
I sure hope so. I mean, Rickert becoming some turban-wearing ninja assassin is cool and all. But I've been waiting forever to see Guts kill some more demons.
I swear to god if it turns out they got off on the wrong island and get back on the boat I'm going to travel to Japan and erase Miura's Idolmaster save data.
Cure_Inazuma Nov 24, 1:04 PM
786Merrick Nov 15, 12:25 PM
I personally like Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, the whole grand adventure of course is amazing but the time travel and turning into a wolf extra was soo cool.
786Merrick Nov 13, 1:08 PM
Hey there, thanks for the friend request. Curious, what is your personal favourite Zelda game? Meanwhile, Onwards to Anime!
YoukaiBlaster1 Nov 9, 12:53 PM
I have to agree with you on that,however, Puripara was a little disappointing imo,even tho it has that aikatsu feel I can't bring myself to really like the characters as much as I like Aikatsu or older PR shows.Besides Shion there aren't any other characters I really like, so yeah.

I'm still stuck on the 30s for months now,too lazy to keep watching and I'm not feeling like watching on the near future.
YoukaiBlaster1 Nov 8, 5:54 PM
I see that you've started Puripara huh.

What are your thoughts from the first episodes?
arcadia1 Nov 7, 7:57 AM
I hear Cobra's reputation from older fans and general anime community. Hopefully, I'll get around to it when I finish Yuki no Joou. Thanks for mentioning.

The incredible thing about Dezaki is that all of his works are unforgettable. Even in this period, we're still talking about Rose of Versailles, Cobra etc. And honestly, I'm very glad to see his works very early when I have very little completed anime. And truly see what is at the core and truly see what this community really is. Even this one is a hobby, I think it's important to do some research or something. Or you'll end up completing 600 carbon copy anime with moe elements. I'm not judging and insulting anybody, please don't misunderstand. It's just that, I think it's important to be conscious of.

Old is never problem for me. L-gaim seems a little bit of large, haha. So, I think it's healthier to make my entrance to the mecha genre with Macross or Patlabor. And of course, I'll consider all the other suggestions when I finish those. Thanks for all these wonderful suggestions and thanks for taking the time to reply.
arcadia1 Nov 6, 5:29 PM
I should be the one thanking you for your sincerity. Really sorry to hear your joylessness. Sometimes things become complicated I think, those things hit us really hard. The only ones who know those difficult situations are the ones who experienced. I'm really sorry if this was too private but hopefully, things will look up for your situation.

Actually, I'm not that true Dezaki fan haha. I haven't seen all of his works yet but hopefully I'll. But Rose of Versailles, Ace wo Nerae, Black Jack, Dear Brother, Ashita no Joe and Takarajima are gorgeousness, if you ask me. And then, there's Ie Naki Ko which probably one of his best works but I'll put that one aside for now haha. And do you like Dezaki's works? As far as I can see, you have almost seen all of his works.

Oh no, haha. Please don't get the wrong idea. I've read those 10 volumes in a very short time to be honest and it instantly became number one. I'm speechless, I really am.

Firstly, I'm not a mecha fan. I have only watched UC series. I have only watched Gundam actually. I watched a little bit of Votoms a long time ago and put that one on-hold. But it's unutterable. I have no idea about mechanical designs and I'm not into it at all but it was undescribable feeling. Sadly, his works are very few as far as I can see. I'm planning to watch Juusenki L-Gaim pretty soon, though. And of course, your informations are golden. If you feel like sharing them, I'll be very happy haha.
arcadia1 Nov 6, 1:20 PM
Hi, pleased to make your acquaintance. How are you?
Cure_Inazuma Oct 31, 9:19 AM
Understandable. I didn't mind it, but it isn't what you'd expect to have in Metal Gear. Well, aside from Peace Walker, but that was a special case. I agree that the gameplay is top tier. Though fair warning, What you see from the side-ops is what you're going to get. There isn't much variation at all, it's just different difficulties for the same few types of missions.

Cool. I could never really get into Tales games. The pacing was always slow and the story kept interrupting the gameplay. Star Ocean sounds better. I'll try 3.
Only thing I've seen from the series before is this. And that pretty much put me off of the series completely. But if 4's a special case, then I guess the others can still be good.
Cure_Inazuma Oct 30, 9:21 AM
To be fair, when you continue a clear save file on Nier, it starts at halfway through the game, and more story stuff changes than just the ending. So it's not so bad on replays. I highly recommend Suikoden 3. It's not as good as 1 or 2, and it's a bit slow to start, but I thought it was really worth it by the time I finished it.
How're you enjoying MGSV so far? I may have beaten it a while ago, but I'm still playing MGO. Really fun.
Haven't played a Star Ocean before. Are they good? The new one that was shown off at E3 looked pretty good.
That's understandable. Drakengard games are definitely not known for their good gameplay, and they can be a bit of a chore to play through, but I dunno. They just have a sort of charm you don't get from most games. If you're into JRPGs, I think they're worth experiencing at some point.
Cure_Inazuma Oct 29, 3:06 PM
Nier gets better with each ending bro. Especially on the second branch in comparison to the first. It shows a whole different view of the story. You should go back and finish it. Yoko Taro games are known for having really strange design decisions. Like how Drakengard 3's a hack 'n slash but the final boss is a rhythm section where the notes keep coming when the indicators are off-screen or the screen turns black. They're unique at least. I loved Nier despite the gameplay, but Platinum seems to have really, really polished it. Still got that fantastic Keiichi Okabe soundtrack as well.
After playing Drakengard 3, I'm pretty sure they aren't going to drop the weird stuff because of a different dev team, which is good. I have really high hopes for this one.
Plus it's about a cute android warrior girl who fights a bunch of cool robots. What's not to like?
Cure_Inazuma Oct 29, 1:57 PM