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Tatakae! Chou Robot Seimeitai Transformers
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Jewelpet Twinkle☆
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Semen-Demon 2 hours ago
I've visited anime conventions around 4 times, my visit on 4th time was disappointing because of lack of cosplayers but i see so many anime toys are on display especially robots.

I'll upload the pictures later because i'm busy right now.

Well, the only good quality moeshit we got are the Iyashikei type shows Aria and Tamayura.
Looks like you haven't seen Non Non Biyori, many people love it so you must give it a shot, it's really relaxing.


Is it ok to watch these two without watching the original Mazinger Z?
Cure_Inazuma Apr 30, 9:07 AM
I've been trying to keep away from Pripara videos because I didn't want to spoil myself, but I'll take your word for it. Apparently Doki's just having trouble finding a typesetter, so at least it hasn't been dropped.
Oh wow, these are some cute girls. If this show has subtext with them together, that's a pretty hefty reason for me to pick it up. And is this the same one that had Gouenji 2.0 using the BURNING SWORDO? If so, that makes two big reasons to pick this up.
And it always amazes me how they use all of those different camera angles in shows like this and Pripara, but they can always avoid the pantyshots. I am simultaneously impressed and disappointed.
ZetaZaku Apr 28, 4:07 PM
I watched the first three episodes. It was really a trip, makes me wonder what the creators were smoking with Decepticons. A robot that turns into a recorder to spy and then throws out a cassette that turns into a dog. It makes me chuckle every time they throw out mini Decepticons. It was kind of bad, but in a fun way. I assume the next episodes will be more standard episodic formula, so maybe it will improve once they go slower.
Semen-Demon Apr 28, 9:04 AM
Oh you're watching the 1st original Transformers, ah how Nostalgic.

By the way, have you visit Cosplay/Toycon Convention before?
ZetaZaku Apr 27, 9:42 PM
Had no idea that Transformers G1 was on MAL. I was actually looking for a torrent today, only to struggle finding a single good one. But thanks to you I decided to try bakabt. From what I've read, it's completely made in America, so I didn't even bother looking there.
Cure_Inazuma Apr 23, 7:54 AM
I was all for Ran/Yurika until the episode where Ran partnered up with Sora. I jumped ship when we got that great skydiving scene with Yurika/Kaede. Too good. Mikuru was cute too. I didn't even like Mizuki, but I thought they made a great pair. Sadly she got so little screentime. I didn't mind Dreaca. But I vastly preferred the Starlight girls and Kii's OKOKOK killed me a little every time I heard it.

I agree that it did good to stay entertaining for almost 200 episodes. But I think the balance of safe to ambitious definitely leaned more towards safe the longer it went on. Though I probably would've been satisfied if it was just a bit gayer.
On that note, I wish Doki would get back to Pripara already. I need my Leona fix. Might start Pretty Rhythm or the next Doremi soon too.
Cure_Inazuma Apr 22, 10:37 PM
Good overall. Consistently cute. But I was beginning to feel the fatigue around the last two or so seasons. Everything just sorta blended together in my mind. I would've preferred if there were more skit episodes like the vampire and sci-fi ones, those were definitely some of the most entertaining and it allowed the characters to show more...character. But they mostly played it safe a lot of the time. And it was kinda hard to feel anything for the fourth or fifth time they did the Starlight Queen contest. But it was fun enough.
Kaede best girl for first half. Hinaki best girl for second. Passion Jalapeño best unit and pairing.
What were your thoughts on it?
Macross2013 Apr 20, 4:57 PM
Yesss I have I've been into roleplay. I sent you pm
Macross2013 Apr 20, 4:19 PM
Whew good! Haven't been on in a while hello ^_^!!!
Cure_Inazuma Apr 9, 9:49 AM
Sounds like Astray's worth checking out then. I was thinking that Seed could've stood to take itself a bit less seriously, but that did end up making some things more entertaining than they would be otherwise. Especially any scene with Flay. But if some of it takes place during or after Destiny, suppose I'll wait to read it after I watch Destiny. Maybe there'll be new scans out by then too.

I see what ya mean. FFI didn't add much new to the table, but I got the impression that it was just there to try and ground the anime back to being about a bunch of kids playing soccer without stuff like aliens. The other seasons are more fun though. Go is almost entirely new characters, so you don't have to worry about that. Including my waifu. But I can get taking a break. Too much crazy soccer at one time can't be good for one's health.
Cure_Inazuma Apr 9, 8:23 AM
BROTHERRRR. Of course not even the other attempt at an ultimate coordinator can match up to Jesus. Praise be his name. Reminds me, is Astray worth reading? I've heard it's better than both Seed and Destiny. Also don't know whether I should wait to read it after I watch Destiny.

Also final thoughts on Inazuma? Gonna watch Go?
Cure_Inazuma Apr 7, 4:18 PM
But the cockpit was wide open! He only noticed it was going to explode at the last second! They showed the fried cockpit! He was in the dead center of the huge NUCLEAR EXPLOSION! Either Jesus Yamato is actually canonically a divine being, or Gundam Seed was meant to be a comedy all this time and we just didn't notice.

Ooh nice. I always thought Black's henshin was really cool too. I was going to start Faiz next after I try a Super Sentai series, but maybe I should try one of the showa series instead.

Well the first episode was definitely pretty bad. Art and animation are awful, they somehow made the game's music boring, and they rushed the first case like no tomorrow. Also the OP looks like something straight out of the early 2000s. Gonna keep watching to see if it gets better. At least there's no way it can be as bad as Devil Survivor 2's adaptation.
Dual Destinies is pretty good. Investigations 1 is okay. Investigations 2 is fantastic.
Cure_Inazuma Apr 7, 1:39 PM
How? HOW?
Cure_Inazuma Mar 30, 9:29 PM
I never got the hate for 0083. Sure, the stuff with the NTR and Nina at the end was pretty awful, but it was fun otherwise. And the GPO2 is pretty radical. Also CARROTS.

Thanks, found it on some obscure video archive site. Pretty cool. I certainly prefer the original, but it's funny that someone would cover it like an old super robot OP when Eva's known as the antithesis to those types of shows. But geez, the Precure one's even harder to find. Motto baribari!

Ooh, Heroes does look fun. Though I guess it's best to play some of the other games first, since it takes characters from those. Hope it has SSStylish combos. I've definitely heard a lot about 5, and it seems to be the one that Japan loves to reference the most. Had absolutely no idea that it had a PS2 version though, that looks fun. And a generational story sounds fun. I'll probably play that, then 8. I remember 7 and 8's 3DS versions being announced for the states, so that'll be fun (Though I have the sneaking suspicion that the 3DS version of 8 won't be as good as the PS2 version despite being released years later).

Hell yeah man, have fun with 'em. Wish I didn't have so much on my plate. Don't forget Diamond is not crash next season though. Should be hype. Lord knows how the Ace Attorney anime will turn out.
Cure_Inazuma Mar 30, 4:08 PM
Eh? 70's Cruel Angel's Thesis? You wouldn't happen to at least know the name of the artist would you? Though I think Gundam danger zone takes the cake

Also, having now finished Kamen Rider Ryuki, I can confirm that it is the GOAT toku show.

I noticed DQ8 is one of your favorite games. Which games in the series are worth playing?