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Mushishi add
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu add
Princess Tutu
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Haibane Renmei
Haibane Renmei add
Top wo Nerae! Gunbuster
Top wo Nerae! Gunbuster add

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Aria add
Emma add
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Shigurui add
Maria-sama ga Miteru
Maria-sama ga Miteru add

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Aznable, Char
von Lohengramm, Reinhard
Harlock, Phantom
Naegino, Sora
Mizunashi, Akari
Hayase, Misa
Oscar François
de Jarjeyes, Oscar François

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Tomino, Yoshiyuki
Tomino, Yoshiyuki
Miyazaki, Hayao
Miyazaki, Hayao
Fukumoto, Nobuyuki
Fukumoto, Nobuyuki
Kon, Satoshi
Kon, Satoshi
Sato, Junichi
Sato, Junichi
Kawai, Kenji
Kawai, Kenji
Hirohashi, Ryou
Hirohashi, Ryou

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About mecharobot
An active watcher since around 2005. Lately I started reading some manga too.

I like most genres, but prefer them to be set in fantasy, scifi or historic settings. Not so big on schools and romcoms.

I also like games. Mostly (J)RPGs but I do play all sorts of things. A list of those can be found here:

Some favorite games:

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Echelon | 08-24-14, 7:08 AM
Oh snap, I didn't realize G no Reconguista was starting up. I'm crossing my fingers it's good... Brain Powered wasn't bad but very forgettable. I wonder if Tomino can still pull something good off.

Guess I always forget about Transformers. That's something I'd almost rather watch dub for nostalgia haha. I know there's a lot though, I wonder how good some of it is.

Echelon | 08-23-14, 4:32 PM
Seems pretty fun heh. I'm a big fan of this composer and heard good things, though supposedly half the series is this really lame filler arc. I never really do this but it was suggested to just completely skip it, so that's my plan.

Kind of surprised this is the first time I'm seeing a cool esper/mecha crossover haha, seems like a cool combo.

Definitely seems like quite an oddball all around. And it looks half 70's and half 80's haha, but I'm really digging it visually. Just seems like one of those that might not have anything to really compare it to.

Kenchiin | 08-11-14, 4:59 AM
Indeed. Series that are released only once in a while :(

The same applies for Mirumo de Pon, but I wasn't able to find a subbed version, I watched the one dubbed in Spanish lol!

Kenchiin | 08-10-14, 8:45 PM
Someone else who watched and liked Yumeiro Patissiere Q___Q

I knew I wasn't alone in this world.

AlabastreAizo | 08-07-14, 9:41 PM
Yeah, I just figured the newest iteration would be a good place for me to start. I ordered it today, and it says it'll arrive tomorrow. Damn, I love domestic shipping in Japan.

AlabastreAizo | 08-06-14, 8:30 PM
I think I've decided to get Atelier Rorona Plus for Vita before I leave Japan.

Yup | 07-20-14, 4:50 PM

Echelon | 07-06-14, 8:09 PM
That he was, forgot about that haha.

Especially with technology nowadays, it'd be cool to see pre-rendered backdrops make a comeback or something. I guess they are with some PC games and the Kickstarter throwbacks, but yeah. Imagine at the resolutions we've got nowadays how rich stuff like that could look. I guess they'd have to be extra creative though since things are so open and 3D nowadays, but yeah. Definitely something I always like seeing in older stuff.

Echelon | 07-06-14, 9:16 AM
Agreed. There's a lot of JPRG's on the PS2 that I hear are great, but it's always been easier for me to go back to the PSX or SNES for more instead. I'd say the PSX has aged 10x better than the N64 to me over the years, since a lot of the games have pre rendered backdrops and such, they still look pretty good to me. But the N64 went the full 3D route and yeah... that framerate, the fog, etc haha.

There was a lot that could have gone wrong with Xenoblade for sure. Definitely has some MMO-isms about it, but the scope, the characters and plot, the music, etc all took it to another level. They definitely hit the right balance and X looks even better with the mech's coming back, the one thing Xenoblade lacked. Plus I just keep hearing Takahashi is taking this one more seriously... which I think is hilarious, because as simple as Xenoblade's story was, the execution and all was still miles better than most, so it was just fantastic. That stuff near the very end was out of this world. Did you play it in Japanese? Pretty cool Vegeta/Reinhard was Dunban.

Glad to see you appreciate all the Xeno's, since that's so rare haha. Yeah, I would say Xenosaga III is probably my favorite PS2 JRPG. I actually like II a lot now too, it took me a few tries and over the course of about 10 years to finally appreciate it, but I dig it now once a friend showed me how to handle the battle system. Kind of funny the game does a terrible job at that... when you really dig into it the battle system is actually fun and unique I thought. The plot focusing on Jr and Albedo was a highlight for me. Albedo not being much in III was a bit of a disappointment, but it had Dimitri instead who's nearly just as good.

The games aren't perfect (same with Xenogears), but damn the scope and depth is just nuts.

Echelon | 07-05-14, 9:00 PM
Haha, yeah the Korean names have been kind of tough too. A lot of them are 2-3 separate parts usually. Sometimes the subs don't help either... Jumong, Ju Mong, Ju-Mong, haha...

I still don't mind long JRPG's here and there, but I've never been into MMO's. So yeah I also like to keep moving and trying out other stuff, instead of just playing one game for months on end.

Suikoden 1-2 are the best in my book anyways. 3 I hear great things about, but the combat was really slow paced and got to me so I never got far. I'd like to give it another shot. Always heard bad things about 4, but I'd like to check it out myself. 5 is the one I'd recommend on the PS2 if you ever get to it. It had a lot of ties to the first two games, lots of recurring characters again, a cool castle, and yeah it was great.

Xenogears is my favorite though, saw you had that listed. I'm a rare fan of all the Xeno's though. I'd argue Xenosaga Ep3's second disc is quite possibly better than most of Xenogears. The chain reaction of final dungeons and every major rivalry coming to an end, it was insane and the scope of the story was even bigger than Xenogears hehe. Love Tetsuya Takahashi, can't wait for the new X game coming. Sounds a bit more ambitious than Xenoblade story wise, so that should be exciting. Still loved Xenoblade though, damn that OST was insane.

Echelon | 07-05-14, 6:33 PM
Yo! I think I've stumbled upon your profile a lot and always assumed you were on my list or something, see your posts in the classic club and whatnot. Awesome tastes.

Three Kingdoms 2010, is that Chinese?

I'm finally taking the plunge lately myself. Gu Family Book was really cool with some fantasy elements and a stronger emphasis on romance, it was like live action Fushigi Yuugi, if you've heard of it (shoujo that feels like shounen haha, amazing villain too).

But this Jumong... is on another level. I feel like I'm spoiling myself and already hitting up the LOGH of KDrama or something. This is like the closest thing to Suikoden I've ever seen, it's just crazy. Awesome video-gameish music too at times.

Well I'm new to all this so hardly the expert lol, but this KDrama stuff to me feels a lot bigger budget than the Japanese stuff I've seen. Also Gu and Jumong especially, are actually not episodic in the least. No way could someone just jump into the middle of this, so it's got a monstrous amount of plot/character development and continuous storytelling which is usually more my thing. I never would have guessed this months ago, but I might be more into KDrama than the Japanese stuff if this keeps up haha. I hear most of the historical KDrama are pretty high quality and there's a ton, so I've got a lot of options.

I tried searching their database for some sci-fi stuff, but yeah didn't really come up with anything noteworthy. But I already watch enough anime as is so I've got all that, I guess I can look forward to JDrama for some romance/comedy or something and the KDrama for this epic historical stuff.

Back on the Chinese, those languages are a bit harder to approach for me haha. I've seen some John Woo films and that's fine, but yeah. Jumping into Korean though was a very easy transition to make, it seems to be a pretty smooth language like Japanese to me. I dig it.

Romario3210 | 07-04-14, 11:53 AM
Do I like it? Obviously yes, I'll be re-watching the series with an arc per day pace. Watching the anime is like a pure psychedelic experience, the colorful and lively backgrounds, the use of camera angles, the eerie yet beautiful music, the story shrouded in mystery, thematically surrounded around human nature, is explored through the characters' perspective with the effective use of imagery and the enigmatic main character who further adds to the atmosphere itself. Hopefully the arcs remain as consistently impressive as I remember them to be, in terms of the pitch-perfect direction.

AlabastreAizo | 06-22-14, 12:16 AM
It took me a long time to beat the third one, too. Several years of me setting it down after playing for a small amount of time. I'm looking forward to the fourth one, though. I'll buy it at the end of the year.

AlabastreAizo | 06-16-14, 7:35 AM
Was Harlock 2013 no good? I loved Ace Attorney 1-3, but haven't picked up Dual Destinies yet. I've got other games I need to beat first.

Yeah, there are always other good things to do, though. I've hardly been watching anything because my schedule doesn't leave me with much time to myself; the time I do have, I spend on guitar and studies, or in my true "free time," video games, lately.

What do you do up North in the Summer for fun? You know what I do in Japan? Sweat. It's Hell here. I wish I didn't have be outside as much as I am.

AlabastreAizo | 06-16-14, 6:12 AM
Have you watched anything good lately?

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