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Inazuma Eleven
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Gisèle Alain
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Cure_Inazuma Feb 7, 12:26 PM
Yeah, that's the one. Selvaria showing up and wrecking my squad has to be one of the most intense gaming moments I've had in a while. Didn't expect that. The mission with just Welkin and Alicia afterwards is pretty interesting too. The psp ones do look fun aside from the cutbacks with technology, but I gotta say, 2's school setting is pretty offputting. I quite liked the first one's war setting, which I think they brought back for 3 if I remember correctly.

Oh, tell me how it is when you eventually play it. Going by the other dusk games, I don't have high hopes for it, but it would be nice if it was surprisingly good. I think Sophie's out in Japan. I didn't know whether it had already been localized or not. It does seem more like the dusk games than the others sadly. Bummed that it doesn't look like they're bringing back Kishida Mel either. He draws the cutest girls. And he's a wacko.
Cure_Inazuma Feb 7, 7:13 AM
Well, I guess I can deal with a friendship ending too. My imagination can make it full-on yuri.
Did you ever pick up Shallie or that new one? I haven't played an Atelier game since Escha and Logy.

FFT is pretty great. Takes your average SRPG mechanics and layers FFV's job system over it. Plus an interesting story and great soundtrack. Loads of fun. I've actually yet to complete Valkyria. Recently beat that desert mission though. That was satisfying. The other two are on psp right? I heard they weren't as good as the ps3 one. How're you feeling about the new one that got announced?
Cure_Inazuma Feb 6, 7:34 PM
Eh? I can pick my mc AND my waifu of choice? Can I yuri it up? That would upgrade its priority to must-play.
Ooh, Nayuta does look fun. I think I'll download it now. Need another Ys-like game to tide me over 'till Ys 8 comes out.
I'm actually playing through War of the lions now on my Vita. Slowdown's a pain, but if there really is a fix for that then you should definitely play it again. It's super fun.
Cure_Inazuma Feb 6, 4:25 PM
Ooh. You reminded me that I still have Trails on steam with hardly any progress on it. I blazed through the Ys games, but when I tried TitS, I just couldn't keep focused. I'll beat it at some point, but that slow pace is kinda hard for me to get into. I like the music though. Really catchy. As expected of Falcom. Ueh, it sucks when you lose a lot of data. Same happened with me and FFV recently. I hope you didn't lose too much. And I think you rec'd Mana Khemia to me before. That or Iris 3. Still haven't started 'em, but if you can pick a female MC in one of them, then my interest is higher than before. Gust has a knack for making cute girls. Yeah, I figured you wouldn't like the backtracking. It's a major problem. I liked the story though, and it had its moments. Certainly lower in the ranks than 1 and 2. 4 is worse in more than a few aspects, but I have a soft spot for it because I like ocean/tropical settings. Apparently 5 is better than 3, but it and Tierkreis are the only ones I haven't played.

Yeah, there's a lot to love about FF8. I actually liked the story and thought it was really well paced. Only moments I kinda tilted my head at were the orphanage twist and when Squall gets pierced in the heart. There's that 'Squall is dead the whole time' theory, but I don't like that much 'cuz it takes impact away from the rest of the story and character interactions. What really fell through for me was the gameplay. When you're not sluggishly drawing tons of magic from a boss, you're beating everything else in seconds because it's so easy to break the Junction system. I respect their choice to try new ideas, but it didn't work out well. Kinda feel like it needs a remake more than 7, just to fix the gameplay and tweak the story a bit to make more sense. Regardless, it probably has one of my favorite soundtracks of all time now. I especially like 'Eyes on Me' and 'The Extreme'.
Really looking forward to the 7 remake though. Along with the PC version of 9. Goodbye slowdown in battles.
Cure_Inazuma Feb 6, 2:56 PM
Ah, a pure soul. You still chose an actual girl as the best girl. I commend you. Though that may change with Go. Because Kariya's best girl times infinity.
Eh? There's a purple one? I only saw pink, yellow, and blue in the OP. Blue's the best so far.
I hear ya. Ya got all these long RPGs, and devs are pumping out these huge open world games like Witcher and MGSV. Harder and harder to finish backlogs. Playing anything awesome? I just finished FF8, liked it more than I thought I would.
Cure_Inazuma Feb 6, 1:47 PM
I'm glad you're enjoying it. Everyone has their own favorite when it comes to the different arcs. I really like the first one, but I remember the second one being just as fun. At least, I think that's the one with the aliens. I recommend the games too. They're pretty fun, though the US/Euro versions got hit by the 4kids-like Level 5 localization. Yeah, I usually prefer more grounded sports series like Slam Dunk and Ashita no Joe, but the battle-shounen-like ones can be fun too. Also, who's best girl? Answer carefully.

Yeah, I saw the new Precure season was about witch-like girls, and it reminded me to start Doremi. It's pretty fun so far. The girls are so cute! Pretty witchy doremi-chi! Though I'm only 2 episodes in because I keep starting new stuff for some reason. Should probably finish 00 and MJP first. And Zambot. And Mazinkaiser...
Cure_Inazuma Feb 6, 10:40 AM
Yeah, he's only in SvN. Texas Mack isn't too strong, especially compared to the Getters, but nothing's cooler than robot horses and a flying cowboy hat-shield robot to go with the giant cowboy robot. Master Asia could learn a thing or two. Would be cool in SRW or something, but they only include Getter Armageddon or Toei Getter in the earlier ones.
Oh, how're you liking Ina11 so far?
Cure_Inazuma Feb 6, 8:08 AM
Zeta-Astacion Feb 5, 11:06 AM
Oh i see.

If you`re planning to watch Layzner, i`m warning you that the last episode is a fucking recap, just pretend that episode 38 doesn`t exist then move on to the OVA after watching episode 37.

speaking of magical girls, what do you think of the entire Precure franchise?
Zeta-Astacion Feb 4, 9:09 PM
I see.

Have you tried watching other mecha anime made by Ryosuke Takahashi?
Zeta-Astacion Feb 4, 2:31 AM
If you like Mecha anime, have you tried watching Armored Trooper Votoms?
Cure_Inazuma Jan 31, 8:32 AM
Pretty much all I know about it is that it's somehow connected to PriPara and it has a larger focus on male characters, which is fine. Is Rainbow Live a sequel or can I just watch it right off the bat? I like crazy stuff in my idol shows.

Yeah, Inazuma Eleven's silly to the max. Fireball soccer kicks, playing soccer in space, playing soccer against dinosaurs, aliens, robots, etc. It gets progressively more ridiculous with each season. It can be a bit repetitive with stock footage and the old 'Teamwork is the best' formula, but if you can get in the right mindset, it's a grand time. Lots of cute traps too.
Cure_Inazuma Jan 31, 7:31 AM
Bahaha, what the hell? And I thought PriPara could have some crazy making dramas. This guy's straight outta Inazuma Eleven. Is all of Pretty Rhythm this weird? If so, I might have to actually watch it.
Cure_Inazuma Jan 30, 9:06 PM
O-oh, and uh, the girls are cute too. Meganii and Leona are just fun. Y'know.
Don't get the wrong idea now.
Cure_Inazuma Jan 30, 5:45 PM
Adorable, right?! Just when you think the series hits its cuteness peak with best girl Leona, they throw more at ya. The goats only add to the appeal.
Now all this season needs is more Meganii.