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Favorite Anime
Mushishi add
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu add
Princess Tutu
Princess Tutu add
Haibane Renmei
Haibane Renmei add
Top wo Nerae! Gunbuster!
Top wo Nerae! Gunbuster! add

Favorite Manga
Aria add
Emma add
Five Star Stories
Five Star Stories add
Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa
Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa add
Shigurui add

Favorite Characters
Aznable, Char
von Lohengramm, Reinhard
Harlock, Phantom
Naegino, Sora
Mizunashi, Akari
Hayase, Misa
Oscar François
de Jarjeyes, Oscar François

Favorite People
Tomino, Yoshiyuki
Tomino, Yoshiyuki
Miyazaki, Hayao
Miyazaki, Hayao
Fukumoto, Nobuyuki
Fukumoto, Nobuyuki
Kon, Satoshi
Kon, Satoshi
Sato, Junichi
Sato, Junichi
Kawai, Kenji
Kawai, Kenji
Hirohashi, Ryou
Hirohashi, Ryou

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About mecharobot
An active watcher since around 2005. Lately I started reading some manga too.

I like most genres, but prefer them to be set in fantasy, scifi or historic settings. Not so big on schools and romcoms.

I also like games. Mostly (J)RPGs but I do play all sorts of things. A list of those can be found here:

Some favorite games:

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AlabastreAizo | Yesterday, 5:00 AM
Haha. That sounds like a fun balance. I typically stay away from stuff that is moe for the sake of being moe, with stupid tropes. I don't think moe is inherently awful. There are a few shows that seem tempting.

Your ideal SoL sounds lovely. Have you found anything close?

AlabastreAizo | 04-16-14, 2:09 AM
I'm surprised when I see you watching moe things. Hahah

AlabastreAizo | 04-04-14, 6:47 AM
Now I just have to see this.

AlabastreAizo | 04-03-14, 9:00 PM
Oh, yeah... aren't they all invisible or some shit?

AlabastreAizo | 04-03-14, 4:42 AM
Is Gundam Wing Frozen Teardrop that infamously bad one that sounds like fan fiction?

SSJLuffy | 03-25-14, 1:01 PM
Is is possible to read Five Star Stories anywhere? Is it still even being published?

WeirdHeather | 03-23-14, 9:11 PM
Thanks for your comment. It is nice to hear from someone else who appreciates series like Aria and Maria-sama ga Miteru. I am usually cynical and pessimistic, but sometimes it is good for me to take a break from my negative attitude and watch something positive. I also like Aria's very slow pace; it is a good reminder that the hectic pace of the modern world is not entirely healthy. We miss out on too much when we rush.

AlabastreAizo | 01-30-14, 11:15 PM
Pardon my slow response. I appreciate your input!

AlabastreAizo | 01-20-14, 4:27 AM
Thanks for the tips. I'll keep Shonan Junai Gumi because I loved the manga, so I just wanna see some of the parts redone in animation. Is Ayakashi not so good? Do you know if I'd like it more since I love Horror/Japanese literature?

AlabastreAizo | 01-19-14, 4:21 AM
I just added a lot more to my PTW (from stuff I have on my hard drive, mostly) could you do a run through for me again, and tell me what you recommend I delete?

Kellhus | 01-03-14, 7:02 PM
It's not that I am particularly drawn to the offensiveness (although admittedly I find it funny), the older episodes just have this weird charm that I love. The 90s episodes are different from anything else they did. The show was just so unique and bizarre, there's nothing else like it. This factor really shined in the early seasons, whereas the later ones obviously are current events driven and sometimes become preachy. There are still great eps in the newer stuff too, though.

Cannibal! The Musical is one I would really recommend to fans of this stuff. Same brand of weird humor and the almost inside joke vibe going on. Hilarious stuff, check it out sometime if you liked Orgazmo and are in the mood for some goofiness.

Kellhus | 01-03-14, 3:28 PM
>I've seen all seasons of south park

Well, now I'm curious if you don't mind. I don't come across people that have also seen every season. What season(s) is/are your favorite?

Seasons 2-3 are my favorite. Might be purely nostalgia, but I really like those episodes. I also find that season 8 is particularly good, and is the best balance of elements from the early seasons and the new stuff. I haven't been big on their newer seasons for a long time now, but there is usually a few good episodes here and there that keep me coming back.

I also like the movies they put out quite a bit, Orgazmo is one of my favorite comedies.

Kellhus | 12-31-13, 6:17 AM
The laughs and cheesiness are what these shows are all about. From how it was presented in SRW with Godmars barely moving during attacks that make no sense, I have had high hopes of Godmars being especially hilarious. I like the OP too.

Kellhus | 12-30-13, 12:50 PM
How do you feel about Godmars, in terms of how it stacks up to other stuff in that genre? I've heard the middle is really boring or something, but otherwise it is one of the better ones.

sushiisawesome | 12-07-13, 5:06 AM
Yes, sir! I shall gladly follow your commands for a better tomorrow. SIEG ZEON!

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