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Rose of Versailles
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Kanon (2006)
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Top wo Nerae! Gunbuster
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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
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Five Star Stories
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Kidou Senshi Gundam: C.D.A. - Wakaki Suisei no Shouzou
Kidou Senshi Gundam: C.D.A. - Wakaki Suisei no Shouzou add
3x3 Eyes
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Shin Kidou Senki Gundam Wing: Episode Zero
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Mamotte Shugogetten!
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Favorite Characters
Minase, Nayuki
Khushrenada, Treize
Soreil, Dianna
Starwind, Gene
Valentine, Faye
von Lohengramm, Reinhard
Takaya, Noriko
Grandier, André
Ayukawa, Madoka

Favorite People
Hayashibara, Megumi
Hayashibara, Megumi
Iwao, Junko
Iwao, Junko
Kouda, Mariko
Kouda, Mariko
Matsui, Naoko
Matsui, Naoko
Miyamura, Yuko
Miyamura, Yuko
Touma, Yumi
Touma, Yumi
Tsuru, Hiromi
Tsuru, Hiromi

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Welcome to my page, I welcome friend requests made if you feel we may have anything in common, but if I feel we may not, I won't accept the request.

Below is my top favorites in anime titles and characters. My top favorites in regards to my favorite anime based on enjoyability and for characters and seiyuu are those that I have a fondness for. I enjoy mainly the classic anime of the 80's and 90's because of the variety of anime that came out during that time, accompanied by the talented seiyuu, artists, and writers that brought these titles to life. When it comes to the modern anime shows, there's a handful of them I do like. However, when it comes to some anime series that are highly regarded by others, there will be some where I won't share the same opinion.

When it comes to the anime I watch/would like to watch, the criteria I look for is a good story/plot, likeable characters, and a talented cast of seiyuu. I also look for well-established character development when watching the anime. How I rate anime is by looking at the whole picture and not give something a good score just because it has a handful of good episodes. Enjoyment is key when I rate anime, most of those I rate 8-10 are those I like to re-watch. At times I'll watch a light-hearted/guilty pleasure anime that seems like it will be a fun watch and with those, I rate it differently than I would a serious anime.

I dislike loli/shota anime, shows with "imouto" and "onii-chan" in the title, harem ecchi series with stupid and perverted male leads, and those long running shounen anime that goes on for 200+ episodes, they become a chore to watch and often run into predictable territory.

I feel in today's anime, it is lacking in having certain great female seiyuu that made their mark in the 80's and early 90's (like Megumi Hayashibara) in voicing main characters and are cast aside to supporting roles, which is sad. I'm mainly a fan of the female seiyuu that were active in the 80's and the 90's because I love their voices and those that I favor are excellent in terms of their acting and singing talent. I feel they deserve more respect, love, and fans than the currently popular ones. So I ask and encourage everyone to support veteran female seiyuu for their amazing talent in both voice acting and for some, their singing talent.

As a fan of older anime, I disagree with those who base their superficial arguments on disliking/not watching older anime because of the animation. When it comes to anime; the story-plot, characters, and how both progress is what counts, not what the series looks like or how pretty it is. I encourage everyone to watch older anime from the 80's and the 90's, there's plenty of awesome titles to choose from and you'd be surprised on how entertaining the classic anime titles are.


For September’s Character of the Month, I’ll be featuring Tenchi Muyo’s Tsunami and Sasami from the OVA-verse of the intricate franchise. Twenty years ago, the second OVA series brought to light the connection between Tsunami and Sasami. In the OVA-verse, Tsunami and Sasami have a unique connection to one another like two sides of the same coin, and in the spinoff Pretty Sammy series, the relationship between them is completely different, and the overall setting is more light-hearted. For this profile, I will only be discussing their OVA-verse personas. Sasami is a Juraian princess and the younger sister to Ayeka, is a girl who pulls her weight in the Masaki household who regularly cooks meals for everyone, and acts as peacekeeper between the space pirate Ryoko and her older sister who often get into arguments with each other. Sasami has a special bond with Ryoko’s partner, Ryo-Ohki who is a small and cute cabbit that can take on the form of a spaceship when she transforms. This bond between Sasami and Ryo-Ohki would be common place in the grander Tenchi-verse in the various spinoffs. Sasami is a noteworthy figure in the realm of anime of a young girl commonly referred to as the “loli” in a harem setting, even though Sasami is not the first character that would originate the character type. I always liked Sasami for her sweet, fun, and playful nature but also being kind, compassionate, and considerate. Sasami’s alter ego Tsunami is one of the three powerful Choushin goddesses alongside Washu and Tokimi. Tsunami is the founder of the planet Jurai and creator of the sentient Royal Trees that bond with certain Juraians which in turn gives them tremendous power and eternal life spans and as the core of Juraian ships they become a key part of Jurai being a galactic superpower. I believe because of being linked with Tsunami grants Sasami her mature personality, although the aspects of her being that are child-like…especially in the second episode of the 1st OVA when she has Tenchi sneak into her sister’s bedchamber to get the Tenchi sword from her and the fun she spends playing with Ryo-Ohki. The connection that Sasami and Tsunami share in the OVA-verse adds the special ingredient in Sasami’s development as a character, so when it comes to my favorite of Sasami’s portrayals in the big picture of the Tenchi-verse, the OVA trilogy is the best. The quality that each of them share is they’re charming individuals.

Tsunami’s history is a vast one alongside her sisters Washu and Tokimi as they were present at the beginning of the universe before time and space began. The trio was on a mission in search of an all-powerful being who possessed greater power than they did. After much thought and time, a decision was made to take a more practical approach, both Tsunami and Washu descended to the third dimension to make their respective searches. Tokimi remained in the higher dimension creating chaos in the universal fabric to force this “so-called” superior being to reveal itself. 150,000 years in the past as told in the official story in the doujinshi “Omatsuri Zenjitsu no Yoru 21 Seiki Ban 1-21st Century”, Tsunami encountered a young boy who was to become the first Emperor of Jurai. At the time of this encounter, Tsunami was in the form of a tree and had been asleep for quite some time that her form had become to change. He climbed upon Tsunami’s branches and awakened the sleeping goddess. When she awoke, Tsunami sensed that this young man’s future descendants would produce the higher being she and her sisters have been searching for. From then on Tsunami would become the guardian deity of Jurai and protect House Masaki’s descendants. The 1st Juraian Emperor’s sister, Masaki would take a Royal Tree on an exploration mission and was the progenitor of the Masaki clan on Earth.

There is a hint of the connection between Tsunami and Sasami in the episodes when Kagato makes his appearance and the dream that Sasami has and in The Night Before the Carnival special when she has another dream that reveals the mysterious Tokimi taking Tenchi away. Sasami’s dreams are prophetic in nature; while Sasami technically is still a little girl, these dreams are nightmares and are frightening to her. Tsunami and Sasami’s destinies are intertwined when Jurai is attacked by Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki when Sasami fell from a walkway in the Royal Arboretum, in the location where the Royal Trees are grown near the roots of Tsunami-no-Ki and the little princess was fatally injured, but was saved when Tsunami assimilated with her in order to save Sasami’s life. Sasami feared this aspect of herself as she felt the “real” Sasami was actually dead, she was just a facsimile, and be rejected by those she loved. Her older sister Ayeka assured her that she didn’t care what the circumstances were and still loved her for who she is. Even though Sasami and Tsunami are still separate entities, when Sasami reaches physical maturity, she and Tsunami will become one. Because of being assimilated with Tsunami, Sasami is able to bond with Tsunami’s ship, the Tsunami-fune, the most powerful ship in the entire fleet. Also bonded with the Tsunami no Ki, grants Sasami incredible combat strength and endurance combined with what skills taught to her by her mother, Misaki Masaki Jurai who is the Supreme Commander of the Juraian Royal Bodyguard.

Thoughts Tenchi’s Romantic Prospects

While Ryoko is considered the popular love interest for Tenchi, Sasami is popular in her own right as she took on an important role in the Tenchi in Tokyo TV anime and was the central character in the spin-off Pretty Sammy series where her character becomes a magical girl and Tsunami herself has a role in the latter, but the two exist as separate individuals.

Both Sasami and Masaki are voiced by Chisa Yokoyama, a veteran seiyuu who was at the peak of her popularity in the 90’s who was also best known for her role as Sakura Shinguji of the Sakura Wars franchise, most popular in its’ stage show format in which she and those involved in the anime and VG series took part in as performers, shows that are quite fun and enjoyable to watch. Some of those she worked with in the Tenchi Muyo! series were also involved in Sakura Wars such as Ai Orikasa and Etsuko Kozakura. Yokoyama also is known for her roles in mecha anime classics Martian Successor Nadesico as Ryoko Subaru and Mobile Suit Gundam Wing as Lucrezia Noin. She is also the title character in Galaxy Fraulein Yuna as Yuna Kagurazaka, a bishoujo VG series that spawned two OVA’s, something I see as 90’s moe. Other roles Yokoyama has portrayed in her career are Chun Li in Street Fighter II V, Milly in Tekkaman Blade, Hinageshi in the second Yu Yu Hakusho movie, Chiaki Enno in ZENKI, and many others. In her most recent works she provides the voice of Biscuit Krueger of the Hunter x Hunter (2011) series and Tohara as well as the narrator for The World is Still Beautiful. This year, Yokoyama also announced her pregnancy and I’m sure by now she and her husband have welcomed their child into the world. Most of her works she has done her roles have either been innocent young girls or tomboys, although she did voice the sexy Sherry Kalxath of the Langrisser VG series (a series that would’ve made an awesome anime series IMO). Although I am fond of her work of the titles I’ve watched that she was involved in and her talent as both a voice actress and a singer, I feel she is one of those talents that is under-utilized and it would be nice to see her take on a risky role outside of what she has done before, such as character like Sherry Kalxath, although at this point it’s unlikely. My top favorite anime roles that Chisa Yokoyama did that I enjoyed her doing were as Sakura Shinguji, Lucrezia Noin, Ryoko Subaru, and of course Sasami and Tsunami. Yokoyama will be reprising her role as Sasami in the upcoming Ai Tenchi Muyo! anime, which I'm glad she will be.

Below is the 2nd opening song “I Am A Pioneer” for the OVA series sung by Chisa Yokoyama (Sasami).

Tenchi Muyo! is one of the most complex series out there with the mythology that the creator of the series Masaki Kajishima has crafted for it, especially in the OVA continuity with the web of connections that the main characters have to each other and how they are all a family. So it definitely shows that even by today’s standards, even though the harem situations may seem tame compared to modern anime series of a similar vein that can trace its’ inspiration back to Tenchi, the intricate universe that was forged and the colorful cast of characters make Tenchi Muyo! a memorable and everlasting fan favorite. The series was produced by the anime company AIC, known beforehand in producing sci-fi works such as Megazone 23, Gall Force, and Bubblegum Crisis, Kajishima himself had previously worked on each of them as a key animator. The series heroines are voiced by some of the finest female seiyuu in the industry such as Ai Orikasa as Ryoko Hakubi, Yuri Amano as Kiyone Makibi, and Yuko Mizutani as Mihoshi Kuramitsu and for the male cast I loved Masami Kikuchi’s performance as the male lead and the late great Takeshi Aono as Katsuhito and Nobuyuki Masaki plus Norio Wakamoto’s rather brief role as one of the series’ villains, Kagato. I feel that it still the finest piece in the harem genre as it has substance with its’ fantastic story and setting, interesting and diverse characters, and is enjoyable and fun to watch…not like these tasteless and generic modern harem anime shows. I’m also fond of the Universe continuity as well as the Daughter of Darkness movie and Mihoshi Special. Pretty Sammy was okay, but I preferred the OVA version of it over the TV series. The only parts of the franchise I don’t like is that horrible Tenchi in Tokyo, especially with taking away what should have belonged to Ryoko, sharing a kiss with Tenchi, and it was granted to that Mary Sue, Sakuya . Also, I’m not too fond of the personality that the series gave Sasami and how Ryoko was treated in this series as a secondary love interest. I won’t even go into Sasami: Magical Girl’s Club, it’s just a disgrace to me. I don’t think GXP looks that good either and just feels like something to milk the franchise and I’m not fond of harem-style endings. I’m not too sure about War on Geminar though. With the upcoming Ai Tenchi Muyo!, I do wish the concept had been 5 50-minute OVA episodes rather than 50 5-minute episodes, it seems kind of chintzy to me and the character designs will take some getting used to. I'm pleased that the majority of the original seiyuu of returning Tenchi characters will reprise their respective roles for this new series, something I wish was the same for Sailor Moon Crystal. The older Tenchi series was one of my first series that introduced me to the world of anime long ago and to this day with the parts of the franchise I still have a fondness for, they will be the ones I will always cherish alongside Cowboy Bebop, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Outlaw Star, and Rurouni Kenshin that are also among my gateway shows. Tenchi Muyo! is the kind of series I would gladly recommend to anyone interested in exploring the world of old-school anime.

For an in-depth look into the vast family tree from the OVA-continuity, click this link.

Below is the lively “Sasami’s Theme” followed by the melodic “Saint Sasami”, which I would consider “Tsunami’s Theme” by the music composer of the series, Seikou Nagaoka.

My Rating System

Favorite Live-Action Movies-2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien, Blade Runner, Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992), The Breakfast Club, Cleopatra (1963), Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Die Hard, Dr. Strangelove, The Godfather Trilogy, Iron Man 1 & 2, Planet of the Apes (1968), Raiders of the Lost Ark, Rashomon, The Right Stuff, Robocop (1987), The Seven Samurai, Silence of the Lambs, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Streets of Fire, Superman (1978), The Terminator (1984), and Teminator 2: Judgement Day

Top 25 Anime Shows I Dislike-Those With An Average Rating of 6 or Higher

Top 25 Anime Characters I Dislike

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Kamibakamo | 09-08-14, 9:19 PM
ill have to pick it up again, I had put it down a while back and recently started thinking bout finishing it. I appreciate your insight :)

ive been doing well for the most part I have my own troubles as does everyone but I believe it shall be improving soon. thank you for asking.

i started reading a manga the other day called Koe no Kitachi, its a good manga in my opinion its wrecks the emotions a lot. I recommend it for you if your interested and have the time.

How have you been doing?

Kamibakamo | 09-07-14, 1:59 PM
Hello Kanon! hope all is going well for you! I saw you finished little busters recently, I was wondering if you could tell me your opinion on the animated series?

Master_Of_Faster | 08-31-14, 9:43 AM
Hello there, sorry It's been a while I haven't really been on. I got a new job and stuffs 8D. How are you doing? I'm doing good, thanks. :D

VincentHarkonnen | 08-13-14, 3:00 PM
Hmmm, it's somewhere around 23 Celsius degree during the day and around 14 at night. Still, the weather in my country is pretty bad lately, not where I live, but the southern regions once again deal with floods, storms and tornadoes. It's been 6 years since we've had our first tornado in Poland, but since then, they've became a rather usual occurance every summer.

Damn, Mardock Scramble was so bad... If the story would've been on par with the production values, it would probably live up to its "modern GITS successor" hype, but overall, the script felt rather unfinished and even juvenile. Still, you can never tell what Japan will censor next, given that in JoJo Part 3 they show the fights normally, but the cigarettes are being covered by shadows.

VincentHarkonnen | 08-12-14, 1:24 PM
Hello to you as well :) You're not the only one being busy, at least since today, the temperature has finally started cooling down in my country. Still doesn't stop me from devouring ice cream every evening to cool myself down.

Yes, Mahou Tsukai no Yoru is something I'd love to see animated, we need more backstory on Aoko. Especially given that this VN didn't have sex scenes in it, so they won't have to worry about how to bypass them, like they will have to in Heaven's Feel scenario, given that Sakura's sexual appetite was a part of the story. Also, Zouken's penis worms. I'm still wondering who in the development team thought that putting these things in F/SN was a good idea. I mean, they looked disturbing, but at the same time it just entered La Blue Girl territories.

VincentHarkonnen | 07-27-14, 12:47 PM
Yeah, I'm not a fan of Kamina too. He died far too fast to leave a bigger impact on me. But given that people change their favourite characters every season, I guess Char will have a very hard time catching up, he lacks plot armor at his site, this factor seems to be a guaranteed "character of the year" material.

To be honest, I don't really think about it, I've had enough of Fate milking. It's not like Type-MOON has other novels they could adapt or anything. If they're going for UBW route, good for them, but I'll still look forward to seeing other, original shows. You're right about Heaven's Feel though, it's probably the longest route of F/SN and maybe even the best.

Yeah, I barely type nowadays. The temperature reaches 31 degrees during the daytime and 27 at night, with no cold wind or rain to at least make it easier to breathe. This is the reason why I'm not going to the beaches - I hate hot temperature, it drains all strength out of me. I wish it would get colder soon, this month is unbearable.

InazumaBuster | 07-27-14, 3:05 AM
No problem! Its nice to meet you too! ^_^

VincentHarkonnen | 07-12-14, 1:36 PM
You're welcomed, it's such a shame that Noriko is so underrated, with everyone praising TTGL's Simon left and right. If Domon from G Gundam would be a girl, he'd probably look and act like Noriko. *laughs*

Nah, no need to apologize, I was slow with replying to my friends lately too, I blame the 30 degree heat here, it's impossible to collect your thoughts in such temperature.

You're probably right, I need to get used to these new Mobile Suits, even if Unicorn spoiled me. :D But I'm expecting a good old Gundam to return with this show, free of 00's stupidity like the character who changes his personality depending on which eye he covers with his hair.

It's Princess Devilotte de DeathSatan IX from Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness, a fighting game with giant robots made by Capcom in the '90s. She was basically a humorous villain, a spoiled daughter of a fierce space pirate who travelled the galaxy with her two not too intelligent servants to steal parts of the giant robots. I mostly like her because of the name, it's so cheesy it might as well be something made by Go Nagai, but I still find it cool because of that :D I also find it funny that with her design, she might as well be Dorothy few years before Wing began. *wheezing laughter* It's rare to find enjoyable characters like Devilotte nowadays, most of these "evil lolis" currently are pretty damn bland. Also, she shares the same voice actress with Coquelicot from Sakura Wars :)

VincentHarkonnen | 07-02-14, 4:54 PM
Great choice for a heroine of the month, her development as a character is what really stood up for me the most in her case. It's like a reverse Simon from TTGL, who went from likeable kid to Shinji-esque depressed individual and finally a forced "badass". Then again, given how both of them were Gainax titles, I can see how TTGL could be considered a spiritual successor of Gunbuster, as a Mecha show with huge emphasis on character development.

Also, new Gundam. Looks okay, I'm not a fan of this new Mobile Suit's designs, but at least it doesn't seem to be another kiddy show like AGE and Build Fighters.

VincentHarkonnen | 06-17-14, 6:36 AM
No problem, to be fair, MAL is quite annoying to me right now, with how they blocked special characters just to add the pointless images to the forum posts. Nope, it doesn't cripple anyone who is writing in his own language while chatting with friends at all./sarcasm

Yeah, that was the main reason why I didn't like Riddhe in the first place aside of him annoying me with other things as well. I agree about Jerid, I honestly wasn't expecting him to stay alive for so long. But apparently he does seem to have fangirls himself, that may be a reason. Regarding The Origin, yeah, I'd prefer something longer in length as well, but honestly, I'd rather see an OVA based on Char's Deleted Affair, just because teenage Haman was Quess done right as a character. I do hope that we will get another serious Gundam title, because 00, AGE and Build Fighters are completely in a different league than Turn A. I think they already aired enough Gundam titles for younger audience, so now's the time to return to the real Gundam :D

VincentHarkonnen | 06-06-14, 5:17 PM
Like new flashback scenes showing some incest between her and her brother, back when she wasn't as tough? Yeah, I can see that happening. Also, some tentacle groping here and there and Zeiram remade with shoddy CG. Things like that make me quite optimistic about new Sailor Moon, especially after seeing the trailer.

Pretty amazing, as we could expect :D Marida's death was downright heartbreaking and well adapted (even if I wouldn't mind if they would swap things a little and sacrifice Riddhe instead), Frontal's character received even more depth than in the novel and from what I've seen on forums, Banagher ascending Newtype sparked quite a discussion. I personally got used to the novel explanation, where he basically gets absorbed by Unicorn and departs as a new beast of possibility. They've definitely nailed it on the head with putting in the clips from the older shows. Now I hope that they will move on to Origin movie though.

Oh, they've made Nyaruko-san W OVA? I completely overlooked it. *sees plot synopsis and the picture* I give up. They couldn't possibly ruin Lovecraft's works more than that. And they even had to use the most overused theme of a Special - hot springs. Ecchi sells, I guess. At least Cthuko was still the only bearable character there. *laughs* I'm sorry, I just find it ironic how this whole show is supposed to be a "parody" of Lovecraft's works, yet it consatantly clings to this one gag about Cthuko's lesbian fanatasies, which is a parody of Derleth's works, in fact. I've never thought that the one short story about a group of teenagers summoning Cthugha to chase Nyarlathothep away could leave such a rich legacy. At this point, I'm only baffled that they've even made up Cthuko's older cousin, yet never made an anime girl based on Cthylla, Cthulhu's actual daughter which would actually fit to be portrayed as a young girl. At least a game called Chaos Code did that for them with a pleasant result, so there's that.

SunWukung | 06-05-14, 2:21 PM

Yeah, I also have to Iria.

I'm fine, but I feel a little tired. Now I'm rewatching Rose of Versailles.


Zarmyn | 06-05-14, 9:33 AM
So what do you think of Gundam Unicorn's final episode? I really liked it and thought it provided a final satisfying resolution to the Federation/Zeon conflict that Char's Counterattack lacked.

The only problem I had with it was that unlike the AU Gundam series like Wing, X and Turn A where the peace achieved by the characters at the end felt real and lasting, we know that in the long run, that things really won't change for the better in the Universal Century because of the looming specters of the future wars of F91 and Victory.

Kamibakamo | 06-03-14, 5:04 PM
i'm doing rather well thanks:)

VincentHarkonnen | 06-01-14, 9:56 AM
Heh, that's some nostalgia evoking choice for this month. Iria was the very first OVA I've seen in my life, after they aired it here on obscure TV channel focusing on video games as their first anime, back in 1999. I definitely agree with what you wrote about the eyes, nowadays they would've been at least three times bigger, or, as the creators would probably try to tell us, "more expressive to make you want to marry her". *laughs*

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