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Favorite Anime
Rose of Versailles
Rose of Versailles add
Kanon (2006)
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Cowboy Bebop
Cowboy Bebop add
Lodoss-tou Senki
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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
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Favorite Manga
Five Star Stories
Five Star Stories add
Kidou Senshi Gundam: C.D.A. - Wakaki Suisei no Shouzou
Kidou Senshi Gundam: C.D.A. - Wakaki Suisei no Shouzou add
3x3 Eyes
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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Episode Zero
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Episode Zero add
Mamotte Shugogetten!
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Favorite Characters
Minase, Nayuki
Valentine, Faye
Khushrenada, Treize
Soreil, Dianna
Heim, Kihel
Maxwell, Duo
Asuka Langley
Soryu, Asuka Langley
Ayukawa, Madoka
Grandier, André

Favorite People
Hayashibara, Megumi
Hayashibara, Megumi
Kouda, Mariko
Kouda, Mariko
Iwao, Junko
Iwao, Junko
Miyamura, Yuko
Miyamura, Yuko
Matsui, Naoko
Matsui, Naoko
Touma, Yumi
Touma, Yumi
Tsuru, Hiromi
Tsuru, Hiromi

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Welcome to my page, I welcome friend requests made if you feel we may have anything in common, but if I feel we may not, I won't accept the request.

Below is my top favorites in anime titles and characters. My top favorites in regards to my favorite anime based on enjoyability and for characters and seiyuu are those that I have a fondness for. I enjoy mainly the classic anime of the 80's and 90's because of the variety of anime that came out during that time, accompanied by the talented seiyuu, artists, and writers that brought these titles to life. When it comes to the modern anime shows, there's a handful of them I do like. However, when it comes to some anime series that are highly regarded by others, there will be some where I won't share the same opinion.

When it comes to the anime I watch/would like to watch, the criteria I look for is a good story/plot, likeable characters, and a talented cast of seiyuu. I also look for well-established character development when watching the anime. How I rate anime is by looking at the whole picture and not give something a good score just because it has a handful of good episodes. Enjoyment is key when I rate anime, most of those I rate 8-10 are those I like to re-watch. At times I'll watch a light-hearted/guilty pleasure anime that seems like it will be a fun watch and with those, I rate it differently than I would a serious anime.

When it comes to things like ecchi, I tend to like the ecchi shows of the 90's more because the female characters had realistic proportions and designed well, a good number of them were not placed in school settings, adult characters were among the main characters, voiced by a variety of talented seiyuu, and have a certain charm about them. I dislike recent ecchi shows because they're filled with bad, carbon-copy characters, hardly any set outside of those bland school/harem settings, horribly made with the god-awful shine to them, and voiced by the same, over-used seiyuu. I also dislike loli-con anime, shows with "imouto" and "onii-chan" in the title, and those long running shounen anime that goes on for 200+ episodes, they become a chore to watch and often run into predictable territory.

I feel in today's anime, it is lacking in having certain great female seiyuu that made their mark in the 80's and early 90's (like Megumi Hayashibara) in voicing main characters and are cast aside to supporting roles, which is sad. I'm mainly a fan of the female seiyuu that were active in the 80's and the 90's because I love their voices and those that I favor are excellent in terms of their acting and singing talent. I feel they deserve more respect, love, and fans than the currently popular ones. So I ask and encourage everyone to support veteran female seiyuu for their amazing talent in both voice acting and for some, their singing talent.

As a fan of older anime, I disagree with those who base their superficial arguments on disliking/not watching older anime because of the animation. When it comes to anime; the story-plot, characters, and how both progress is what counts, not what the series looks like or how pretty it is. I encourage everyone to watch older anime from the 80's and the 90's, there's plenty of awesome titles to choose from and you'd be surprised on how entertaining the classic anime titles are.


My Characters of the Month for April 2014 I present to you are Turn A Gundam’s Kihel Heim and Queen Dianna Soreil; two of the most admirable, beautiful, courageous, graceful, strong, intelligent, and passionate young women of the Gundam meta-verse. Never in my experience with the Gundam meta-series since Mobile Suit Gundam Wing have I come across such fantastically written female characters such as Dianna and Kihel. The two of show they are multi-dimensional as characters throughout their experiences in the series when they switch identities and have their lives change forever. The two of them are beyond two people who share the same appearance; that the two have such a symbiotic relationship in their hearts that make it appear as if Kihel and Dianna are as one person. As individuals; Dianna is the revered Queen of the Moonrace, those human beings who have made the moon their home and Kihel is the eldest daughter of the Heim family, who run a mining business on Earth and works as the secretary of the nobleman Guin Sard Rhineford. The series takes place in the year 2345 C.C. in the far future after the latter period of the Dark History in which a catastrophic event had destroyed advanced technological civilization on Earth and in the current period of the story, human civilization has been rebuilt to the point of the early 20th century in the Anno Domini period. The tides change for the Terrans when they unearth the lost technologies of their past. I feel Yoshiyuki Tomino truly did a fantastic job in developing Dianna and Kihel’s characters, more-so than those of his Universal Century heroines who I feel are lacking in development. Even Sochie Heim proves to be an excellent, well-written heroine herself through her own experiences in the series. Both Dianna and Kihel are characters I feel deserve more love than they get, for when it comes to Gundam heroines, they go above and beyond in what they do in regards to the roles they have in the series and have fine qualities that make them excellent characters.

Dianna makes a return to Earth after many years in hopes that her subjects can return to the planet, now that the Earth has fully healed since the time of the Dark History ages ago that had reduced the Earth to ruin. She arrives in the sun-belt region of Earth in Ameria to negotiate with the Terrans to come to a peaceful arrangement. However, there are those among the Terrans who are against the idea of the Moonrace migrating to Earth and it leads to a major conflict between the two factions, which is something Dianna wished to avoid. Not only that, but Dianna has troubles with some of her own people; such as Phil Ackman, Agrippa Maintainer, and Gym Ghingham who challenge her authority as Queen and have caused civil conflicts within the people of the Moonrace through their ambitious actions. One of Dianna’s most loyal allies she has is Lieutenant Harry Ord of the Royal Guard, plus her three young scouts she had sent to Earth; Loran Cehack, Fran Doll, and Keith Laijee. Dianna has lived for quite a long time through cryogenic techniques exclusive to the Moonrace and previously lived a life on Earth long before the events of the main story with a man she loved named Will Game. When she takes on the identity of Kihel Heim early on in the series, she has an encounter with a man with the same name who is the grandson of the man she loved. The horrific death of the second Will Game leaves Dianna heartbroken. In her journey with Loran, the protagonist of the series and the youth who she had sent to Earth a couple of years before on a mission as a scout, alongside Fran and Keith, the two grow closer than that of a Queen and her subject…but as beloved friends who care deeply for one another. Yet not of the romantic sense as some may see judging from how the series ends. Loran himself is another like Harry who is loyal to Dianna and will do anything for her, he is the first to know that the “Lady Kihel” he has been with is actually Dianna herself. A major thing Dianna does in the guise of Kihel is when noblewoman Lily Borjano gets her work in assisting nurses at a field hospital for soldiers where she has to prep tools for a soldier who had to get his leg amputated. I am amazed at how much she tried to keep her composure through that particular ordeal and it is something I praise the ∀ Gundam series for showing as it is one component that is often seen in war stories.

Kihel Heim is the eldest daughter of Dylan Heim and his wife, who was given no name, and of a relatively wealthy family but not of the kind of stock that Guin and Lily have as nobles. Prior to the main story, Loran Cehack was hired to be her family’s servant and chauffeur after being rescued from drowning in the lake located near their home. She has a younger sister named Sochie who is rather tomboyish and leads a different life opposite of Kihel as a young pilot of the Militia, an Earth-based military who are the most vocal in the opposition against the Moonrace migrating to Earth. Kihel spends most of her time working alongside Guin and getting real world experience, rather than spend it in school and because of her work; she isn’t at home as often plus she has higher aims than that of her family’s business. Her father gets killed early on due to an incident caused by the Dianna Counter. Regardless, like Dianna, she strives for peace between both sides. A meeting between the two leads to an innocent game of switching each other’s identities and it becomes more involved as she and Dianna end up having to exist as the other person for an extended amount of time. She learns of her mother’s condition becoming worse as the death of her father had caused her mother great mental anguish. It happens to be at the time both she and Dianna switched identities when the two, Sochie, and Loran go to see her. Kihel gets teary-eyed when she is under the guise of Dianna when the real Dianna who is acting as her, spoke from the heart in front of the grave of Kihel’s father, a scene that speaks greatly of the strong connection in their hearts. As Dianna, Kihel has more passion and energy than the former, because of Dianna extended periods of being placed in and out of cryogenic stasis that has an effect on her physically, though she doesn’t show it. It leads Harry Ord to distinguish the two apart as he is closest to Dianna. Things get rather complicated for Kihel as Dianna because of the rebellious actions of Commander Phil and his faction, but she doesn’t lose her composure. Due to this complication, Harry makes several attempts to retrieve the real Dianna as to not endanger Kihel any further. During Kihel’s tenure as Queen Dianna, she and Harry develop a strong relationship of trust that leads to a romance between them later on. Although Harry does fall in love with Kihel and returns her own affections, it’s those feelings that conflict with his loyalties to the true Dianna of which he admits to Kihel.

Thoughts on the Ending

Both characters are voiced by Rieko Takahashi, unfortunately she’s not a prolific seiyuu, barely has any notable roles, and it’s a shame she doesn’t have much on her résumé. Of what she has done for anime include; Sister Margaret of Freezing!, Ryuuka Jihiyou of the Hanaukyo Maid-tai series, Young Miroku of Inuyasha, Conis of One Piece, Yukino of Samurai 7, Neviril of Simoun, and Shinichiro’s Mother of True Tears. From hearing her voice, it’s pretty sad that someone with her talent isn’t more prolific. She is definitely has a wonderful, soothing quality to her voice, yet also commanding when she performed as Kihel in the scene as Dianna giving a riveting speech in the 18th episode of the series and as Dianna in leading her people to battle against Gym Ghingham. Rieko Takahashi is truly a fine seiyuu when it comes to voicing an elegant oujo-sama /onee-sama character. She would’ve been a great fit for a series like Maria-sama ga Miteru and even also Queen Starsha for the Space Battleship Yamato 2199 series as well.

This is the second ending theme to Turn A Gundam,”Tsuki no Mayu”, a song I feel fits both Dianna and Kihel. The video is one I made myself under my YT account as xMechaAngelx. Although I feel it would have been nice if they had made image songs for the characters though, I’m sure Rieko Takahashi likely has a lovely singing voice and I can imagine Dianna’s song would have a string quartet and Kihel’s song, a piano...or even a duet in the style akin to "Touch My Heart" from Devil Hunter Yohko in which Aya Hisakawa sang for both her characters, Yohko and Ayako.

Turn A Gundam ED #2-Tsuki no Mayu (Aki Okui)

I must admit I wasn’t into the series in the past, but thanks to a great friend here on MAL, VincentArisato, it is thanks to his encouragement and tremendous praise of the series that led me to see the series through to completion and now I can truly say I love Turn A Gundam in all honesty. I feel this is the best of Yoshiyuki Tomino’s works as he has crafted a unique story within the Gundam meta-verse with a great cast of characters who are truly well-written and developed, especially with the principal female cast. ∀ Gundam is the last cel-animated Gundam series before the era of digital animation. It’s truly sad such a beautiful series such as Turn A Gundam is not well-loved by Gundam fans, especially in its’ country of origin. It’s hard to believe it is so with so many talents that worked on the series; such as the renowned Yoko Kanno who composed the music for the series. ∀ Gundam is definitely among my Top 5 Favorite TV Gundam shows and would re-watch. It is a series I recommend to both fans of Gundam and mecha in general as ∀ Gundam is a series that is both entertaining and engaging to watch as it tells a great story that sets itself apart from the usual Gundam fare. What makes ∀ Gundam a unique title in the Gundam universe is the overall setting in which mankind on Earth have been rebuilding what was lost so long ago in the wake of what the Turn A’s destructive Moonlight Butterfly caused and the ironic twist of fate as the very thing that led to Earth’s destruction in the past, becomes something more hopeful in the hands of Loran Cehack who has become its’ pilot, unaware early on of the dreaded legacy that his “White Doll” has other than as a centerpiece for coming-of-age ceremonies for the people of the town in which he lives. Loran himself is a great Gundam protagonist because he has a positive attitude, hard-working, good-natured, selfless, and the experiences he has throughout the series helps him grow as a character. The series is also good at showing the horrors of war without having to wrack countless deaths as Tomino was known to do in his previous Gundam shows, a most noteworthy scene of great magnitude is the detonation of unearthed nuclear weapons that shocks each character on both sides of the heavy cost that their war against each other has wrought…and it leads to the death of a man Sochie Heim loved dearly. With the character of Harry Ord, you can find a brilliant Char-clone in him as he is written with such a unique approach than other Char-clones. The only points I didn’t particularly like about the series is the lack of development for characters such as Agrippa and Gym in their ambitions against Dianna and Gym’s faction of “soldiers” are left to be desired…he’s plenty powerful enough a character that doesn’t need any lackeys to cramp his style. Other than those two flaws, ∀ Gundam was a fine series overall.

April of this year will mark the 15th Anniversary of the Turn A Gundam series, so I send my happy anniversary greetings to the series and to all who have been involved with ∀ Gundam. I hope since Nozomi rescued Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, hopefully they will rescue ∀ Gundam too someday. It will also be nice to see a BD release of the TV series be announced as well.

Below is the full first OP song of Turn A Gundam, “Turn A Turn”

Turn A Gundam OP #1-Turn A Turn (Hideki Saijou)

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VincentArisato | 04-11-14, 4:12 PM
No problem, at least you've done something I want to do with my place since ages. *laughs* Luxury of living in a building which may be taken down soon, yet you don't know when so you don't see a point in even painting the walls, as the years keep passing. *rolls his eyes* I swear, one day I will just snap and paint all walls in my rooms crimson like I'm planning to. Yes, I know it reeks of Russian parliament, but I really like this color.

How are the things going for me? I should start studying for exams in May, if I want to keep attending the University. Seriously, there are times when I'm thinking of bribing the professor because there's so much stress involving the thought of failure. It's not that I don't like studying, I'll always take the University over High School and its subjects they forced you to learn yet you weren't interested at all. It's just that my future job depends on these exams only, so I can't even think of taking a break from being overly stressed. Hell, my average blood pressure is 170, it is the "start taking medication already" levels of stress. I don't even know how I never got hospitalized with pressure like this, but I'm always getting a good laugh at people's horrified expressions everytime I tell them that. At least I'm comforting myself that it will get easier from now on, getting a job and then finding my own place to live are my only concerns in life so far.

VincentArisato | 04-01-14, 10:51 AM
Haha, I'm loving the new avatar of yours already :) Great job on summarizing your thoughts about our favourite duo as well. Now if only MAL's staff would stop toying with the database during every April Fools day, I would be simply delighted. *laughs*

Yeah, I've actually forgot about that over 8 years ago or so. :D Does it really surprise you though? Apparently Lacus wasn't boring enough, so they had to copy her to spice things up. Hell, Meer is so bland I actually had to Google her again, almost die from laughter and come back here to be completely sure who are we talking about. And that's an achievement if an anime character looks downright ridiculous to you. To put it in ultimate analogy, if Meer would've been a real pop star, I would hate her for being paid for wearing this hilarious outfit. A also agree that Lacus was the worst messenger of peace, if placed next to Mineva or Relena, I'm not even mentioning Dianna. Unlike these characters, which had some personality, she just keeps throwing peace-loving sentences left and right. But hey, she's got the biggest breasts and pink hair, so apparently this is what Japan needs. Are you familiar with the last year's candidate for Game Of The Year, called BioShock Infinite? It really reminds me of this game, because the whole marketing was focused on Elizabeth - the female protagonist with whom the player was supposed to feel connection with as he tried to save her from racist cult of George washington worshippers. The only problem was that, to developers' frustration, the gamers rarely focused on the heroine's face which they've tried hard to convey a lot of emotions with, but breasts. :D It's almost as if people nowadays aren't even paying attention to the character's personality unless they'll find her extremely hot. As much as I want to joke here, something tells me that Turn A would gain massive popularity, if only Dianna would wear something much more revealing, like a corset with a short skirt, with fishnet stockings and sexy garterbelts. Can't get more slutty than that, but apparently this is the way to make majority happy, sadly. As for Katejina and Quess, yeah, these are the rock bottom of Gundam heroines. I'd say Quess was a little bit more tolerable just because she was intentionally portrayed as a complete brat, but Katejina was an embodiment of poor writing, like everything in Victory.

Haha, I guess I won't surprise you by saying that Sylvia got shoved to the side in Japan as "not being cute at all"? Then again, No More Heroes was a game which poked fun at Otaku even in case of the protagonist - a huge fan of cute anime girls who never had a girlfriend and who is used by Sylvia all the time, just because he's her emplyoee. And when you'd think there will be a miraculous romance between them at the end, she just brushes it off as yet another tease and leaves him with his cat :D I personally find Sylvia's character very adorable, mostly because of the French accent. I mean, I'm more into Russian accents, but when it comes to more delicate voices, French sounds great, especially when they swap "th" with "z" in words. In all honesty, I'm not into maids too though, it was fun at first, but then modern anime made it unbearable. But you know how it is - when there's convention, there has to be the Maid Cafe, and sooner or later you will get thirsty. *groans* I'd prefer geishas too, or, if we're choosing something more modern, the hostesses. I think both are good chocies - geishas have this exotic value which is hard to find after 80% of the Earth decided to be like US, yet hostesses are simply an ordinary girls you can come and spend some time with, without having to put up with them acting like the moe-obsessed maids.

Great, I'm looking forward to reading your opinions about the book. :) Speaking of these, I don't know if these got released in your country, but Stanisław Lem's books are also one of the most intelligent stories from Cyberpunk genre. This man was definitely a pride of Polish SF market, too bad that his books, despite being mentioned in our textbooks, never received a status of suggested readings at schools.

Technoforever84 | 03-28-14, 8:04 PM
Are you a fanfiction writer?

charmecia5 | 03-27-14, 6:30 PM
hello and your welcome. p.s. I agree with your review on Inuyasha and Sailor Moon R (though I did like the filler to R) and Sailor Moon Super S. The Sailor Moon Super S manga is much better along with the Sailor Moon R manga (it's also a little more darker too for the Sailor Moon Super S manga). And I agree with you on Chibi-Usa's character (though she's at least tolerable in the manga). She was just so bratty and even worse than how they portrayed Rei in the anime series that it made me feel bad for Usagi even more. And yes Kagome and Shippo were the worst characters on the show of Inuyasha. So much that it makes me wonder how could Kagome be Kikyo's reincarnation ? They are just so different. I also wish Sango was made to be the main female heroine. She was much better than Kagome and was very similiar to Kikyo.

VincentArisato | 03-24-14, 1:41 PM
*wheezing laughter* Damn, you've just had to remind me of Meer's costume, haven't you :D Even back when I was 15 I didn't got aroused by that... thing. It looked like she just was too lazy to put her dress on and left it hanging on her waist. But hey, I'm pretty sure that you would find a lot of fans claiming that her character is symbolic, because she's like many fans wanting to be just like their idols and forgetting about their uniqueness. I'm just going to guess that if SEED would get the third season and Meer wouldn't die at the end of Destiny, she would come up with the Wrecking Ball music video before Miley Cyrus in the name of fanservice. The fact that SEED's strange art style makes it look like male and female characters have the exact same looking faces also doesn't help. It's really too bad that so many good Mobile Suits were wasted on this show. But if you think Meer was bad, wait until you'll see Kirara from Build Fighters (a.k.a. Hatsune Miku of Gundam). They actually had to give her Marida's casual clothes, just because the character was so uninspired that they needed to give her something from a character with actual writing behind her. But she's still better than Lacus, I honestly liked Meer more than her (which isn't saying much). It's just really annoying that she's so full of wisdom about war, yet compared to Dorothy, you could swear that Lacus was probably struggling to write these sentences down and remember them when no one was looking. Basically, Lacus constantly ponders whimsically, if you'll recall most of her quutes, these are only questions which are basically the way of shoving the symbolism to the viewer's hands and pointing him directly to which conclusion he has to come up with. In Wing, the characters actually had their own opinions, Dorothy at least had proverbial balls to accuse people for being cowards with low morale, Lacus was mostly like: "Why people kill each other? When there is a war, there are casualties, right? Why is it all so sad?" Urgh... Mary Sue is a perfect term for this character. She doesn't even look like she belongs in a war story.

*thinks* I think it was about 4 years ago. That was the second convention I've ever been to and the last one. I guess that the only thing that changed now is that there will be people talking about SAO and SnK. Also, that's my personal opinion, but even in cases of Cosplay, I'd rather look up some photos of Russian Cosplayers dressed up as Kirigiri Kyouko from Danganronpa or Sylvia Christel from No More Heroes (I swear, Suda51 is the last person in Japan who still knows how to draw attractive adult women) rather than go to convention and see more girls dressed up like L from Death Note or Naruto characters. :/ Also, many girls attending these are about 15, it's like older anime fans realized that there's no point in wasting their time. It reminds me when we've entered the Maid Cafe with my friend and immediately felt like a bunch of pedophiliacs, none of the girls was 18. *rolls his eyes* Makes you ask them if their parents even allowed them to be there.

Before I'll get to movies, I must recommend the book written in 1984 titled Neuromancerbefore anything else. It's known as the Bible Of Cyberpunk, because of how influential it was - without it, we wouldn't get any of Cyberpunk anime, even. Wiliam Gibson has decided to place the action in futuristic Japan, creating the atmosphere balancing between GITS and AD Police. Hell, one of the characters is a former military officer named Armitage, you can see where Japanese have taken the name for one of most known Cyberpunk anime. Overall, Neuromancer is a story about hacker addicted to drugs, after he got caught by his employer when he tried to hack into his computer. As punishment, he got injected with toxins preventing his brain to connect to the Matrix and therefore he spent rest of his life looking for a cure in black clinics. That is, until he runs into a female cyborg samurai who offers him a cure by replacing his organs with synthethic ones, but in return, he will have to return to his job as a hacker. It's really a great book, mixing anime-esque setting and characters with Western approach to the storytelling. The interesting thing is that Johhny Mnemonic, which has gotten a mediocre movie adaptation starring Keanu Reeves, was actually a prequel to Neuromancer. Too bad that it was so inferior. As for the movies though. One of the more iconic ones would've been Alphaville from 1965. It was the story of a futuristic Paris ruled by super computer which forbids emotions amongst humans to mantain equality and order. The most forbidden thing was poetry, because it was the most emotional way for a human to express himself. It was definitely one of the first stories of such kind, later copied by countless artists. The other movie I actually liked was Strange Days, made in 1995 by James Cameron - the man behind Alien and Terminator films. It's a neo-noir story set in dystopian metropolis, where memories can be recorded and burned onto the disc. The protagonist is a policeman working on case involving someone sending him snuff films showing rapes and murders, recorded in someone's head. Also, this song is another strong point of the movie. The other interesting movie would've been Pi by Darren Aronofsky. Being his first movie, it definitely showed that the director who gave us Requiem For A Dream and The Pianist always had a lot of interesting things to say. While Pi isn't technically a Cyberpunk movie, it does have a lot of factors shared with this genre - numbers being the way to self-discovery which may destroy human brain by overloading it and the bond formed by the computer and his owner. Despite its low-budget, it is actually a very well-made film, containing a lot of disturbing scenes. The other movie worth recommending is Paranoia 1.0, which mixes dystopian future with Franz Kafka's disturbing imagery of totalitarian government and people as guinea pigs. It also provides an interesting outlook on something as harmless as commercials, portraying the need for a product in much darker light. Definitely an interesting movie, even if far from perfect. I would also add Steven Spielberg's A.I and, of course, 2001 Space Odyssey, but you've probably seen these already. Also, it's too bad that you're not into video games, because the Western Deus Ex and Japanese Snatcher would be right up your alley plot-wise. The first one dealt with a cyborg agent working on conspiracy involving Illuminati controlling politics all over the world, while the second one is basically Blade Runner in anime setting - robots called Snatchers hide amongst humans and the protagonist needs to find out who is real and who is not. Or the Japanese version of Ace Combat 3, which was about a terrorist organization in 2047 which tried to ascend the humanity to a higher level of evolution by killing people and making their consciousness enter the cyberspace. Unfortunately, the Western releases of the game removed the storyline in order to make it cheaper. I also recommend the manga called Pluto, which is strongly tied to Tezuka's Astro Boy, but being a detective story for adults.

VincentArisato | 03-23-14, 11:57 AM
I apologize for the late answer. I'm still pleasantly shocked to read that you consider Turn A Tomino's finest work, it's seriously too bad that the popularity doesn't reflect that. It seems that many fans really want their Gundam titles to stay by these stereotypes appearing in every single title. That and the fact that Turn A has got a rather realistic, down to the ground honest characters, probably many people thought that it's hard to actually imagine themselves in their place. You know, all of these heroic Gundam protagonists from the newer shows basically beg for self-insertion in case of some Middle Schooler watching the show. Either that, or the case of Judau's little Harem in ZZ :D I still wish more Gundams to be like Turn A, because whenever I hear that people like Setsuna from 00 just because "he's deep because he's an atheist who worships Gundams", I feel like crying for Wing being labeled as the dumbest Gundam as far as characters go. Oh yeah, because that was so much better than anything in Wing, as far as stupid Gundams go. You are right about Gym though, I thought he appeared a little too late to actually leave a bigger impression, even if Turn X was a solid Mobile Suit and I appreciated this small nod towards G Gundam with its Shining Finger attack :D

Oh crap, Kuroshitsuji... Why this thing is even marked as Shounen is beyond me. And it's getting the third season, I already expect to see more cringeworthy yaoi segments. And it's too bad because the overall premise does sound interesting, unfortunately, whenever Japanese touch something tied to XIX Century, especially London, it always turns into crap. What's worse, teenage girls love watching stuff like this. I wouldn't really mind the setting, but the way Japanese see Europe from back then is nothing like it trully was, it's like a small girl who only sees medieval times as an era of princesses out of Disney movies.

Ah, I overlooked Mitsuo Fukuda... again. Talk about a forgettable person. Speaking of that, I always keep forgetting about Neo, just like you, I didn't like Mu La Flaga's antagonistic role as well. I often label Rey as the worst Char clone simply because of his role in Destiny - he was a clone of Rau (who wasn't really that bad of a character), who then turns evil and wants to kill everyone for no reason, but it only takes saying that he doesn't need to be like Rau to suddenly stop him. No motivations, no clear goal. It's like he's started a new trope of being a clone of a clone of Char and he already failed. *laughs* It's too bad that they wasted a Mobile Suit like Legend on this guy. But when it comes to the actual bad antagonists, Gundam 00 actually has multiple evil masterminds and they're all horrible. You get Ribbons, who is able to take a bullet to the head and live (unthinkable thing in Gundam), yet he doesn't do anything until the last episode. Then you get Wang Liu Mei who was a passable character in the first season (by being a 17 year old Chinese Rin Tohsaka who already ruled the world with money), only to turn evil in the second one and spend most of the time whining to her brother before she gets killed by a psychotic fangirl of Setsuna. And then you get Mr. Bushido, the Char Clone in samurai-looking Gundam, who hardly has any character. And ironically, he's the best out of bunch.

For some reason, Catherine Bloom always looked like a CLAMP character to me. But I preferred Dorothy personally, I like stereotypical rich girls in older anime, in modern ones they're unbearable. I guess it's because earlier, they were either portrayed in more serious way or completely comedic, while nowadays it's all about throwing in another fetish for Otaku. Urgh...

Tell me about it, I only attended anime (more like animu) convention twice in my life and I never did this again. It is one thing that conventions here aren't handled with proverbial "bang" like in Japan or USA, but it's a waste of time and money to pay about 20 PLN for entry just to see a bunch of people in cat ears walking around the school building and asking for free hugs, while acting like complete morons. You know, this strange mix of "kawaii", perversity and "I have no social skills". Call me strange, but I treat anime on the same level as Western movies, games and music - I'm already an adult who simply likes to watch these because television is boring, does that have to force wearing cat ears (I hate these, by the way) upon me, just because I like anime? That and the fact that people generally watch only the most popular modern anime, Kuroshitsuji, Code Geass and Death Note are still being handled like friggin' masterpieces on conventions. But try to ask about Devilman and whole room will be like "What's that? Is it as good as Higurashi?" No, thanks, I'd rather remain sane rather than attend such waste of time and money conventions are. No wonder many people stare at anime fans as if they've seen a bunch of asylum escapees, it's their fault that anime are always seen in obnoxious, negative light.

Not really, actually. Whenever I get the idea, I just save it in my memory. What's the better hard drive than your brain after all? :D I still like to plan ahead of my current position in writing, the last thing I want is to actually look for the part I'd like to edit somehow amongst the lines of text. *laughs*

Haha, I like that idea! :D 15 years... It will be also an anniversary of me watching Gundam for the first time, thanks to Wing airing here about 15 years ago. :)

Also, how do you like the older Hellsing adaptation so far?

Technoforever84 | 03-19-14, 6:35 PM
I'm far from the capture part already. I know Katejina is a Zanscare eventually. The official explanation of Katejina's change is unknown. So it could be many reasons. I'm thinking Katejina's change is audience intepretation. Cloning is a big possibility considering it has already been used in Gundam ZZ but this time more advance. Brainwashing also possible but less likely cause when Katejina got back to Earth Chronicle said he wanted to protect her from the war and he did save her from other Zanscare. Also, Katejina was given the chance to choose to be with League Militaire or go with Zanscare. In all, explanation unknown. Also she sort of care for Uso and the amount of time given there's no way a non new-type becomes an ace pilot the first time.

Also Katejina at the end of the series has the complete opposite personality as Katejina at beginning. She hates mobile suits and killing innocent people.
Also she almost killed Uso. The way the series depicts the change of Katejina, it's not enough to cause her to want innocent people and Uso to die and becomes psychopathic. It would not be as drastic as a war hating womanly woman to a psychopath in months. Also I don't see Katejina at the beginning as a woman that fights cause she's tried to go away from war. This is just my hypothesis.

Victory Gundam is the only series where I like Federation more because there aren't other faction that will save humanity from Zanscare. This might be the only series where I like to see both sides defeated.

Did saw Judau Ashta in Victory Gundam. It was interesting, the writer should've shown how Roux Louka is doing.

Just to be lightheaded and funny, what do you think of the idea of Katejina leaving Earth to a stripper instead?

Technoforever84 | 03-19-14, 2:07 PM
With Victory Gundam, I agree if a company takes over the show and change the plot entirely like how an American company did with Macross. Without cutting and putting scenes from other anime. Maybe adding alot more cels for Victory Gundam to support the new plot to fit the story more. Usually I don't like changed anime but for this one I think it needs revision. Even though it won't but it needs it.

Doesnt make sense Katejina knew Zanscare destroyed her town. At the beginning she didnt like them or hated them. Realistically, she should've try her best to not get involved with the war. Because she didnt like war she escaped Earth and lived in some colony. People usually hate a faction that destroyed their town not support them.

If Tomino is depressed at the time he should'nt be writing any anime at all. Not healthy for him. What he shouldve done is just describe the characters physical description, factions, and mobile suits and send the ideas off to someone else.

Apparently many men in Victory Gundam are below 165cm or 5'5. Seems like the series tries to make women more superior. There's rarely any females in Gundam that past 5'5.

Someday, when I have time, I might make a doujinshi of V Gundam. It'll be
years before I get started since I don't have time and skills currently. Definely a fanfiction first, but I start after the semester ends.

I'll post the ideas on my profile. I hated how Tomino ended UC timeline.

Technoforever84 | 03-19-14, 10:23 AM
From watching Victory Gundam, do you feel Tomino lacks knowledge in science and how technology progresses? I see that in many Gundam series phones were still used. Also in Victory, a laptop is still popular and mobile suit use rotors. No nanotechnology, no invisibility, wormhole, and teleportation, and human printing. Katejina I assume is a clone. Original Katejina is too nice and womanly and she hates war. Katejina in the beginning is soo cute and attractive.

Victory should be remade entirely from scratch with new plot.

I like to see that in Turn A people discover the fossils of Amuro, Char, and the rest of other UC people like Roux Louka, Elle, and Fa. It'd be interesting to see how the fossils of them turned out.

Technoforever84 | 03-18-14, 3:46 PM
Is Turn A worth watching if I'm a big UC fan?

Technoforever84 | 03-17-14, 7:52 PM
Have you seen all of Victory Gundam?

SunWukung | 03-08-14, 1:05 PM
Hi there my dear friend.

Thanks soooo much for the songs, really really. I want see Dirty Pair and Record of Lodoss War, definitely.

Btw, Happy Women's Day!!!

See ya.

Akagi-kun | 03-07-14, 8:15 AM
Yes, I highly recommend this movie. I watched this movie quite recently and I like it. When watching "They Were Eleven!", it reminds me of an old, good, Sci-Fi books. Though the plot of the movie is rather banal - "In the far future of WARP technology allowed mankind to begin space expansion, to meet other races, to occupy planets in other star systems... ", anything at least bearing a faint resemblance to the space saga with epic star battles here isn't present (to the best, probably). If compare it to something, the movie slightly reminds "Mugen no Ryvius", though heroes in "They Were Eleven! " are pleasant to me more.

Akagi-kun | 03-06-14, 9:47 AM
Something more about Gunbuster )
I know that you estimated "Top Wo Nerae!" as "masterpice" and sincerely hope that didn't offend you with my words about "flat" and "expressionless" characters.

I would like to explain a little, that I called "flat". I watched the first two series without any interest. It seemed somewhat strange and slightly delusional and at all it wasn't believed that it was Anno make this. "A squadron of girls in shorts" - the physical training performed by huge robots, I didn't impress this.
In the first two series, Noriko is full lack of talent. However, clearly, it is specially made so, because "Diligence is the mother of success".

About Macross series. I'm a big fan of this universe. I especially like the original series, DYRL movie remake and Macross Plus.

What do you think about "They were Eleven"?

Arkhe | 03-05-14, 2:28 PM
You're very welcome ^^ So you had a great time, I'm glad for you :D How old are you now?

I'm good, though I'm trying to pass some exams before my classes begin. I'm studying as much as possible so I don't fail.

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