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I became an Anime DB Moderator on November 21, 2012. My activities involve general entry cleanup for second-tier shows, focusing on the addition of missing characters and seiyuu roles, as well as hunting for high quality key visual images. I am a member of WikiProject Anime and manga on the English Wikipedia.

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BlandMuffin | 08-31-14, 9:38 PM
It would greatly be appreciated if something could be done about all that 9001 epidode anime stuff that's going on. I'm assuming it's just some silly joke someone with too much spare time is trying to pull ^^"

WinryRockbell16 | 08-31-14, 9:17 PM
I also noticed several animes' information getting changed exactly like Kaze no Stigma's. A lot of the descriptions are getting changed to, "Prepare yourself for another 9001 action-packed episodes oozing with epicness!," the alternative titles say "SSJMaster," the episode number is 9001, and some other information is set to "unkown." The ones that I saw were Kaze no Stigma, Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna, and 11-nin Iru.

vince1996 | 08-31-14, 3:53 AM
Hello, just noticed something weird today and since your a Anime DB Moderator I thought I would ask:

On Kaze no Stigma it says there's 9001 episodes and all the info got changed.

jelmpi | 07-08-14, 10:02 AM
hey where did you watch the K movie?

kamiroho | 06-02-14, 5:14 AM
good job

Beezheen | 05-15-14, 5:19 AM
I am not expecting for a reply but. hi there~ ( ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Xenograft | 05-04-14, 6:16 AM
Good job on keeping MAL accurate and UTD

Vampz | 04-30-14, 1:51 PM
Hey, there I was wondering if you could change the title of my thread because some people have got the wrong end of the stick

einonymous | 04-01-14, 3:41 PM
Ahahaha... nice job replacing Haruhi as the character. :-P

Yael-sama | 01-15-14, 7:44 AM
Omg that's such a cute gif. ._.

Btw, thank you for doing such a great job of being a mod!

Stark700 | 01-13-14, 9:47 AM
I think the start is interesting too with the character names and setting. I hope they focus a bit on world building as well. Despite the cliche, I think the romance is innocent so far. The only problem I have is perhaps it felt a bit too quick/rushed with the ending of the first episode.

There's also some questions that needs answers which I hope will be explored later on. Also looking forward to the dogfights of course!

Stark700 | 01-09-14, 11:54 PM
Hey, I just finished reading this novel:

Great review.
The author seems to give an open ending though as Charles' records were destroyed so the fact that he either survived or died in the war was never confirmed. But anyways I'm curious, what do you also think of the current ongoing series "Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta" so far?

Jiharo | 11-20-13, 8:54 AM
Oh so you're the one that's like from so far away. Grats!

I didn't really get much goods from this year's AFA so yea :/

But so many people missed it. It was a pity.

Jiharo | 11-19-13, 12:13 PM
Yep :D

It was shitty though. They talked like only for a while then the rest are all videos of their live concerts. -_-

Sorry for the late reply, wasn't very active on MAL.

Psajdak | 11-19-13, 2:02 AM
I'd like, but unfortunately for some time now I can't send PMs, because for whatever reason, MAL says there is 312 messages in my box, even though I don't see even one, and thus can't sent anymore messages.

I'll delete these messages when you answer me, because they aren't really supposed to be in shoutbox, but I don't have much of choice.

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