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June 23, 2008
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metamorphius | 04-15-14, 11:15 PM
In case you miss the message in the Uber club, just wanted to mention that your banner's done.

It didn't turn out as anything special, but I hope you'll find it acceptable enough.

Eudaimonia | 04-11-14, 2:00 PM
It's illustrated by the Korean manga artist Boichi and if you are interested in his artstyle you could basically try out any of his works since they share similar aesthetics. My signature image is from Sun-Ken Rock to be specific.

Lycan | 07-05-13, 3:29 AM
Oh, awesome!
I'm glad I was able to help!

It is a bit hard to get into, but it's one worth sticking with. It's great you finished it~

Karharot | 07-02-13, 11:10 AM
OK. I was just saying in case you didn't know, I'm not pestering you to read it ^^

Karharot | 07-01-13, 11:35 AM
Some time ago you were saying that you were putting off Gantz for many years because it was still publishing, I don't know if you are keeping tabs on it but in case you are not - Gantz was just finished (and is already fully translated) ;)

kurifun | 02-02-13, 8:00 PM
Because it has problems with pacing. I love that movie personally, it's one of my favorites in General (I love Yuasa, etc), but it's themes, messages, animation, pacing, etc, all just seem like prototype Kemonozume and Tatami Galaxy. In fact, every single thing that Mind game does is done better by Tatami Galaxy and Kemonozume. "Live your life! Go for the girl! Carpe Diem!" Mixed with a heavy dose of surrealism and fantastic animation basically describes exactly what you would get if you mixed the two.

I love that movie but it's just not Yuasa's best work, and I feel like the praise it gets overshadows what I think are the two best anime he's made, and the two best anime ever made period.

Beatnik | 07-30-12, 11:21 AM
Haha, 'horrendous' is a pretty strong word. We'll have to disagree on Arriety, but you do have to understand reviews are always biased and opinionated. I can admit I was a wee bit harsh on Poppy Hill, but my score isn't that bad considering.

Tumerking | 06-09-12, 5:33 PM
Thanks. It took a very long time.

warriorofdream | 05-18-12, 9:32 AM
could you fill my survey about japanese culture??
I need it to my Universy thesis >.<
I'll be really gratefull, also if you have friends please share it with them!
even if you didn't were in Japan, it is not that important, 90% of survey is about japanese culture
<3 thanks in advance

VongolaXEspada | 02-05-12, 2:39 PM
How come you don't have any ratings for mangas/anime on your list and no favorite anime/manga listed?

_laz_ | 08-20-11, 7:16 AM
Happy to see some supporters of Lain in this age.

I was one of those people :P
until I saw the first two episodes.

johnny_quid | 08-08-11, 11:08 AM
Нападай мангите тогава. Има бая материал. ;]

johnny_quid | 08-08-11, 10:29 AM
Xxhahxah, nice.
Теб май само Каиджи те кефи в момента? хД

johnny_quid | 08-08-11, 5:46 AM
Що си дропил ОП?

johnny_quid | 08-07-11, 8:52 AM
Yeah! ;]]

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