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July 21,
Soul Society
May 16, 2012
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Lyfa | 8 minutes ago
I wasn't doing well at all xD

Ohh you said it exactly the right way!! this website is doomed to fall sometime, which I ofc don't hope happens but gosh....

Haha I'm glad you're agreeing, so when was it disabled? If I remember correctly somewhere starting august 20?

Uhuuu *hides her nosebleed*... thought I feel like I seen most I wanted to see badly now...

Lols I don't even have a lock on my door xD
Uhuu same here, when I get a package I'm always happy :'D ever since I discovered ebay I got a stack of Natsume's and Nyanko-sensei's always waiting for new ones to arrive XD
Afraid for burglars dear?o.o
Lucky you can have them on there I assume they ain't hardcore thought XD

Yeah, the clue is to find out which ones are the intresting ones and which not.

Yua | 3 hours ago
Thank you very much!

DarkNighty | Yesterday, 2:10 AM
At the request of Miyuki and RACE Kuroko no Basket LE will be open until Apr 21th. Sorry! :(

Lyfa | 04-16-14, 4:33 AM
Thankies for the cards <33 now time to finally reply all my comments, I predict it'll take 2-3 hours -_-... and this is the first comment :DDD

Ohh I see... might as well re-enable it thought. I yday changed my liststyle but nothing happened thought :x... this website is in 1 word: AWKWARD XD

Buwhahaha xD... so this awesome anniversary is in august... not sure what day, what you say if it's still disabled wanna make an edition about it?XDDDDD

They are usefull! Because! The bishies make you smile :))... talking about bishies I'm gonna have a real nosebleed soon if this keeps up, everywhere I look are cuties XDDDDDDD yday I went nuts fangirling lols.

Ohh you are allowed to lock the door? Mine would go nuts if I did that :>, but she never enters while watching anime because I'll explode when she does anyways xD...
Ohh phew, a package huh?:3... but god XD........ that's one hell of an ... well extreme situation X-X.......
Ohh you're mom's a nice person then :D, I printed this weekend new pics for my room but I was to afraid to print a boylove one T__T........ because well...

Hehe :)), it'll take some while before it'll roll thought, apparantly the enrollment arc will last until ep 6 which is kind of boring, and then it's gonna start xD

DarkNighty | 04-16-14, 1:54 AM
Thanks for cards <3
And thank for information about KnB's cards :D If you want, you can show me your cards/badges :D

Limonene | 04-15-14, 8:46 AM
Thanx :)

DarkNighty | 04-15-14, 7:52 AM
Kyaaa *.* 1 and 2 - I really love this cards and this picture! Tell me, do you have cards yet? Because I fall in love with 2, 3 and 7 and I really would like to have them <3

DarkNighty | 04-15-14, 6:35 AM
My record is: 30 cards with Hunter x Hunter and badge or 14 cards with Monkey D. Luffy and 6 badges xD Och, one day I also prepared 26 cards with Skip Beat :P

DarkNighty | 04-15-14, 6:12 AM
Ok, thanks :D
I prepared 16 cards and probably I'll do also badges :D For a moment I create edition and I'll add my card :D

DarkNighty | 04-15-14, 4:45 AM
Collab is connect with Surprise LE, when members/staff can choose one of number (1-10) - under this number are hidden prizes. For instance: number 6 - +1 badge with Midorima - something like this.

So you can prepare any cards/badge, but I have one request. Please, tell me earlier (April 17th - but morning), which card your will prepared. Tell me how much card and with who. You dob't need to have a card ready yet, but I must know it, when I will be set a prizes.

Do you understand me? :D

DarkNighty | 04-15-14, 3:55 AM
Elis-chan (can I say like this? :D)! In Apr 17th in ABC and RACE will be open Kuroko no Basket LE. Maybe prepare some cards? :> Please!

ScarletSnake | 04-14-14, 8:04 PM
Thanks for the fast Classroom RE card delivery!

Misfy | 04-14-14, 2:26 PM
Such speed, Tyvm Micha =)

al1619 | 04-14-14, 2:13 PM
Thanks for the cards! That was fast :D

Hime-sama | 04-13-14, 6:29 AM
Card Delivery | Save and Rehost | Expires in 5 days

Lightning Farron LE || Thread
Yuna LE || Thread

If there's any problems, please ask here.
Thanks for requesting!

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