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One Piece
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
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Kuroshitsuji add
Pandora Hearts
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xxxHOLiC add
Tenshi Kinryouku
Tenshi Kinryouku add
Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist
Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist add

Favorite Characters
Michaelis, Sebastian
Phantomhive, Ciel
Break, Xerxes
Aomine, Daiki
Kurosaki, Ichigo
Jaegerjaquez, Grimmjow
Koizumi, George
Zoldyck, Killua
Livius Orvinus
Ifrikia, Livius Orvinus

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Ishida, Akira
Ishida, Akira
Yusa, Kouji
Yusa, Kouji
Sakurai, Takahiro
Sakurai, Takahiro
Ono, Daisuke
Ono, Daisuke
Yuki, Kaori
Yuki, Kaori
Matsushita, Yuya
Matsushita, Yuya

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Chiikyuu-n | 08-25-14, 8:17 AM

Hello Micha-tan~<3
I'm here to shamelessly beg interest you into becoming a staff in my club, Card Lovers United Brigade ♛ C.L.U.B.
I know, uninteresting, BUT WAIT.
Here in C.L.U.B. there are no schedules, no rules, and no theme restrictions!
You could even make an edition every 2 months! (though that's not indicated, BUT YOU COULD)
You will have all the freedom you need, you needn't worry about any nagging or pressure, so why don't you lay a hand around the club?
Let me know if you would like to be a fabulous staff~<3
Thank you for your time!

Haine15 | 08-23-14, 5:51 AM

(~ ̄▽ ̄)~ Sorry for the late delivery >.< [All editions is here + All PM/comments Requests are here too]
Please tell me If I forgot you because my notepad [I had everything in it -.-] deleted itself and I had to remember o.o xD

Cards : 2097 || 19 Edition
Please let me know If there was a mistake ^^

NicoNicoDesu | 08-22-14, 6:46 AM
Thank you very much for the card delivery~!

Yorozuya-no-Yume | 08-21-14, 4:25 PM

Hello, dear members! Thanks for joining us! Hope you are having a lot of fun in our club (︶ω︶)

The following editions will be opened this week:
Beach LE (on the 22th of August)
Katsura Kotaro LE (on the 24th of August)
Also, if you don't wanna miss other upcoming editions, we would suggest to check the club regularly.
We made a thread with some Future Editions.

We have also decided to include a delivery section to make the job easier for the card-makers.
So please make sure to check it regularly, so you wouldn't miss any of your cards.
Vego22 and Kyo's deliveries are already available in THIS THREAD.

The club also has various forum games you can check out:
Count to 1 000 000
This or That
Ask the person below you a question
What Are You Listening To?

If you want to get a card on your Birthday, you can apply HERE
You can also get more gifts HERE
And in the end, if you would like to receive our newsletters from now on, apply HERE

Hope to see you sometimes in the club!
Have a nice day / night! (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

Miyuki- | 08-21-14, 11:31 AM

Massive Delivery Coming Your Way!
Before you click the link... just want to say I'm sorry before you see it! ;)
Card Delivery the:
Random Anime Cards Emporium
Active Brigade Creators
Anime Manga Cards World
Midnight Madness
Yukiyo Club

I hope you like the cards! If you have any problems please dont let me know ^^

Panda3 | 08-21-14, 8:18 AM

Sekichi | 08-21-14, 12:57 AM
Thank you for the cards <3

Tjioemon | 08-20-14, 10:20 AM
Etto, hi there Micha-chan

Sorry for bothering, if you don't mind can I request the cards you make in this thread?
I really want to have of those beautiful cards xD
Etto, maybe like this
Username: Tjioemon
Cards: 3

Thank you so much!
Regards me :D

Lyfa | 08-20-14, 3:29 AM
Sylph's CardShop Monthly Cardmaker Update

Hi all, this is our update on the month september, this update is send out to active cardmakers and the ones who just recently went on hiatus.

Last month in august I mentioned there will be some changes in september, but now I gotta say they are probarly not noticeable. The only things you will notice is that the weekly and monthly editions are gone now like mentioned before.
The new staffpositions I planned to recruit are all taken by some our current staffmembers so there is no need to recruit those anymore either.
Basicly that sums it all up already so let's move to the editionlist.

First before I start:
In the week of august 25 new Official Member Cards will open. These will be permanent and most likely the final edition of OMC. If you would like to participate you are free to add your cards here... BUT... keep the following things in mind:
1. Official Member Cards is a permanent thread, there is no post limit and you can't just stop in the middle of it.
2. Your cards must contain also a part for numbers.
3. I said the week of august 25 meaning it can also open the very last day so on the 31th but if you need more time feel free to tell me.

Now for the new editions and remaining editions for august.
Our staffmember Honoka-chan also added quite some editions to participate in I'll list them as well.

SilentAirwalk Birthday SE: August 20 WILL OPEN TODAY
Yuri SE: August 21
Weekly Edition - Birds: August 25 THE VERY LAST WEEKLY EDITION!
Yaoi SE: August 26
elkensteyin Birthday SE: August 27

Added by Honoka:
Mecha Girls LE: August 20 WILL OPEN TODAY
Lottery Edition #1 (Mixup Edition): August 24, For more information about this edition please check the thread list and or staff chat.
Vocaloid SE: August 31

Newly added:
1000+ SE: Opens when we reach at least 1010+ Members, the theme is Prince and Princess
Middle Finger RE: September 3, also called Flip Off Re or Fuck You Re
Collar LE: September 11
Zankyou no Terror LE: September 15
Picnic LE: September 20
Hunter x Hunter LE: September 24, dedicated to the anime ending...
Bright Smile RE: September 30

And our staff's birthday editions:
katlee8225 Birthday SE: September 5
Chiikyuu-n Birthday SE: September 9
Nakumii Birthday SE: September 27
Yinhie Birthday SE: September 28

As always if you wanna participate sign up in here

NEW I usually don't send out reminders for when an edition opens but if you truly want me to please tell me and I will send you a reminder 2 days before the edition if I don't forget myself of course x)

This is basicly all I gotta say I think, I also wanna say ty all for being active and such wonderfull staffmembers to me <3 you make this Lyfa... a happy Lyfa <33

legolasdf | 08-19-14, 4:16 PM
hi hi Micha xDDD your claim at scs need to be fixed. after fixing it, pls quote it ^^

Lyfa | 08-19-14, 2:01 PM
Tyvm for the cards dear <3 to bad I only was on time for the black ones but they looked great ^_^
Don't worry don't worry as long as you're fine everything is ok even if you go months missing... ofc I'll panick then and will miss you but as long as you're fine... :'D!
Nah no news at all unfornately... the same old boring days continue, but maybe that's also a good thing :3

Not just want, I alrdy have home courses. I will never go to school again because well it will not work out... I got bullied out of school when I was 12 and never went since then, my parents got into allot of trouble cause of that thought but in the end the gouverment acepted it, I kind of builded a trauma from being bullied even from teachers etc and didn't leave the home unless I rlly had to until I was 17 or something and they told me I had a form of autism, since that got constated my life went up and I enjoy going outside but I hate making contact with ppl in rl, like talking to a salesman in a shop is alrdy pretty hard for me, or going somewhere alone... so I don't have a diploma or much knowledge that's why I choose for homestudying.

I was dead after the delivery but it's after my bday around august 9 that I rlly went into a "fck MAL" mood where I didn't felt like replying anyone or something anymore xD.... seems I needed a break...
Haha, I know right as I love horror, blood and cutted of limbs but that was just.... ugh xD ....

You to?!! ugh same here my body is cold but my parents don't allow me to put on the heating system in the house, I can handle it somehow thought... my room is between 20,5 and 21 atm.... or so it says....

Haha I WAS a game expect :) you readed my first story right? What do you think a girl that barely came outside for 5 years did?... that's right gaming her ass of XDDD

Same here... I even call myself "Lazy Lyfa" from now on >_<"
No way in hell, I didn't dust for months and it's unnoticeable :o

Well the first one was left in o.o but I agree I need more hours in a day as well *sights*... if you think about it the time we spend awake is actually not that great after all XD I wanna try... when I later live alone (if I ever live alone) to see how long I can stay awake without turning crazy.... XD
She'll hang up posters?..... oh wow I'm impressed x) but I guess no matter what age... woman love abs *___*!
Don't turn red dear.... just.... enjoy the moment <333!

Aww thanks for telling me, pre-ordered mine now to, but got 24 pages of calendars.... they sure went all out this year....

Lyfa | 08-19-14, 12:05 PM

Yumecchi | 08-19-14, 10:14 AM

StrawHatLuffy29 | 08-19-14, 5:21 AM
Thank you for the cards! They look awesome! :)

LunyRed | 08-19-14, 3:12 AM

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