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Roth | Yesterday, 9:20 PM

Save or Rehost within 14 days.
Ctrl + f to find your cards.
If there are any problems, please inform me.
Thanks for requesting.

Lilybeth's Card Workshop
Kakashi Hatake SE / Cards ❅ 33

elkensteyin | Yesterday, 7:47 PM
Hi Micha - sent you a PM. When you have a chance to get back to me

Lyfa | Yesterday, 2:49 PM
1.0 days again.... passing the 170 mark soon x'33 nicey.

xmirainikkix | 04-25-15, 6:49 PM

Please save and rehost within 14 days.
Ctrl+F to find you cards.
If there is any problems with the cards, please contact me.
Thank You for Requesting!!! ^___^

Dear Clouds Deliveries!
☆.゚★。゚.☆ White Hair Monthly Edition ☆.゚★。゚.☆
Pick up your cards HERE

oliviasyl | 04-21-15, 7:38 AM

☆ dear clouds;

Here are your White Hair Monthly Edition cards, please remember to save and rehost them asap. Do inform me if there’s any problem! :D

Lyfa | 04-21-15, 6:01 AM

Sylph's CardShop Monthly Cardmaker Update
Hi all, this is the staff update for May, first of all I wanna thank everyone for being active lately, I noticed allot more staff are participating in editions and I'm very gratefull for that <3. Second of all I wanna apologize for my lack in presence in the staffchat, I'm multitasking like crazy lately and honestly I can say I feel quite stressed because of it, however I won't cry and just continue <3. Even when multitasking I finally thought of some unique themes for the month may, I even got themes for june already ready, I hope you guys enjoy them :D

May editions:
~~Sign up Link~~
Happy Birthday Toarujisuru SE - May 1
No Game No Life LE - May 5
Double Black RE - May 10
Happy Birthday lunaillumina SE - May 11
Hoola Hoop RE - May 16
Swim Ring RE - May 21
Hestia SE - May 26
Happy Birthday chaosflame5 SE - May 27
Feathers LE - May 31

Please sign up for them as you wish :) no pressure of course as always.

New staffmembers that don't have their birthday in the second post of the Upcoming Editions thread yet please notify me, please don't edit it yourself as I'm still remaking it ^^

Further more everyone is of course free to open their solo editions, solo claims, whichever threads they wish by themself. I think I'm gonna close this month's NL at this, everyone's doing what they gotta do well, so what more should I write?xD
Have fun all <3

Lyfa | 04-20-15, 11:31 AM
Well I calculated it this way, if I watch all anime eps I can after dinner which is like 7 hours I usually barely reach 1.0 days a week, if you where to watch the ENTIRE day with no break 2 days can be possible........ OHH THAT CONFESSION <33... wait... wait you're confusing me by saying that so I let my guard down and let you win ;D NO NO NO NO I don't fall for it!!
Btw how are you lately dear? I'm atm uber stressed, been multitasking like crazy for 3 days and I hate it x.x

Lyfa | 04-20-15, 9:17 AM
You failed... just 1.0 days x'3.... but 2.0 is impossible so give up and let Lyfa win :DD

xmirainikkix | 04-19-15, 6:32 PM

If there is any problems, please contact me.

Roth | 04-19-15, 3:26 PM
Why'd you stop reading then? o: I'm watching a few you listed. Including Shougeki no Soma, Kekkai Sensen and Baby Steps S2. I'm liking Shougeki, and ptw Ore Mono :> Everyone says Ore Mono's amazing haha, how's it going?

I'm a total noob @ editing ._. I think RACE is a great place to improve, the card makers there are really amazing. Nice gifs too btw ;A; How do you have those gif overlays?

HotaruKara | 04-19-15, 2:18 PM
Btw, just in case you forgot this was my comment:
And I replied to this comment of yours:
I'm really proud of it because I replied in the same day, lol, silly me.
Being away from MAL for quite a while and coming back made me get used to replying in a timely fashion once again. So of course I understand why you haven't replied in so long, it was just that I was proud I could once again reply to you in a timely manner, and not getting a reply made me a little worried that I had done something wrong >.<

HotaruKara | 04-19-15, 2:11 PM

Happy Easter, micha-tan hope you celebrate it ^^ Us orthdoxs celebrated a week later this year so sorry for being late on that ^^
Thank you for wishing me Happy Birthday, it's much appreciated ^^ Yeah, I replied to you in quite a long comment but you haven't answered it in more than a month, and I was guessing you haven't seen my comment again and waited for me to answer ^^
How have you been doing?
I see you're watching Arslan Senki, do you like it? It's my favorite anime this season, that Arakawa greatness ^^ The writer is the same one who wrote Legend of the Galactic Heroes, I don't know if you heard of it, but it's one of the best anime series, it's kinda retro but still holds up ^^
I see you also started watching NHK ni Youkoso! Great, maybe I'll watch it at the same time with you. I started watching it a few years ago, I liked it, but for some reason I got into watching other series and doing other stuff and put it on-hold for a while now.
I see you're watching Detective Conan, when did you started watching it? You put Akai Shuuichi in your favorites, so you must really like him, having to choose from so many favorite characters from so many series ^^ There are some big revelations in Detective Conan coming after episode 500+, can't wait for you to see them ^^ Btw, did you know
Akai's voice actor, Shuichi Ikeda, is the real-life husband of Akemi Miyano's voice actress, Sakiko Tamagawa? That's kinda cool.
In episode 509 you'll have a new favorite character, I won't spoil who it is, but he's my favorite character from Detective Conan ^^ (maybe only rivaled by Conan himself)
Also, seems you're watching One Piece, since we haven't talked in a while I'm gladly surprised you've seen so many awesome shows since last time we talked more ^^
I've stalked your list a little and saw you gave Arcana Famiglia a 9...Did you like it that much? I think I gave it below 5 it was too generic and had little character development, but I guess I've become harsher as time passed...
I've just noticed an interesting fact... We were born on the same day, not the same month, but the same day, how awesome is that? ^^
I can't wait to talk more with you. Huggies <3

Lichtspiel | 04-19-15, 11:56 AM

For all Dear Clouds Members

anck-su-namun | 04-17-15, 6:29 PM

rinnie002 | 04-17-15, 1:29 PM

Military LE//Cards
Genderbend LE//Cards
Human Version LE//Cards
Sebastian Michaelis Monthly Edition//Cards until post #22
~Please save and rehost within 14 days~
~Let me know if there is any problem and thank you for requesting!~

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