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anck-su-namun | Yesterday, 12:34 AM

Roth | Aug 29, 2:37 PM

Lyfa | Aug 28, 10:47 AM

Sylph's CardShop Mini Cardmaker Update
Hi guys, as you all know I usually never send an extra update as I report it all in the staffchat but there where so many stuff changed with the schedule from september that I felt like I had to mention it.
First of all THE DEADLINES CHANGED, they're not far of their old deadlines thought so please take a look at the upcoming edition thread.
Second of all. The Yuno Gasai edition was replaced by an Aisaka Taiga edition because Yuno was very recently solo'd by one of our cardmakers... whups x)
And third of all mcxynth's birthday edition got added, it wasn't in the list before so that's why I forgot it whupsie whups.
Fourth of all the eye colors edition still has no date however I do plan to open it mid september no matter what, starting with red... if you're a participant do get your cards in on time pls.
And fifth, a .Hack edition got added :)

Those are the changes, sorry for bothering you :)

tsubasa_ | Aug 28, 6:50 AM

[03]. D.Gray-man

★ Delivered by: tsubasa_ ★ Cards from: Lyfa

Zheng1991 | Aug 27, 12:42 PM
may i know whether you still got the banner for T.C.O Anime/Manga Claim June/July 2015? i havent saved ><

CocoNoelle | Aug 27, 10:57 AM
Hello there ~
I re-created the Staff clubroom, Archives, Claim list, Badges & Staff applications.
Now please check the Staff clubroom for future plans!

Lyfa | Aug 27, 7:28 AM
You do?:D oh I'm so glad to hear that ^__^ come gimmie a hug again *opens her arms wide* :DD but are you alright irl? By the sound of it it seems you've got a tough time :/
Pretty much.... *sights* aww thanks sweety <33........... I just rly wanna finish right now... I think I'm at it for 4 hours alrdy....

Lyfa | Aug 27, 6:46 AM
(っ◕‿◕)っ♥ <333 I miss you to, pls rl stop being a bitch you keep taking my dearest Micha from me ;____;
Oh you did?:D then I'll go open the edition as a break from replying comments.... my shoulders hurt, my neck hurts and I still continue to type X'D

Lyfa | Aug 27, 6:27 AM
<33333 *huggles* I didn't do that in a while with chu <3333
.... OIOIOI XD... but I just try to say in 9 hours I usually go to sleep so yeah x)

Lyfa | Aug 27, 5:51 AM
Sweet dear <3 I can give you 9 hours ;DDD hehe

Lyfa | Aug 27, 4:48 AM
Dear will you be alright with adding cards for Elken's bday today?:) I know you're on hiatus but you told me you did bday editions so ofc I'd ask ^^"

CocoNoelle | Aug 26, 1:20 PM
I was speechless too, firstly I though the hacker came back so I didn't really bothered since Ithough the MAl mods will make everything good or make a roll-back. But no, it was a pure sabotage on our club, to erase the claims and the archives. As you can see the close threads and card editions stayed untouched. And it was surely one of the staff, coz I hardly think someone had such a huge grudge and hacked MAL for that sole reason.

CocoNoelle | Aug 25, 1:21 PM
Sadly it's not my dear :(
No it was not the hacker. It was surely one of the admins in our very club. That was the only solution we came to.

gummyghost | Aug 25, 12:48 PM

CocoNoelle | Aug 24, 6:08 AM
Hello there ~
It looks like TCO's main threads have been deleted by some f*cker. Sadly Ariiel is not active anymore, so I will have to make a new club, that mean everything starts again.
If you are still interested staying as a stafff, I will need help to get the new club some attention.

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