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Favorite Anime
Howl no Ugoku Shiro
Howl no Ugoku Shiro add
One Outs
One Outs add
No.6 add
Chihayafuru add
Kuroko no Basket
Kuroko no Basket add

Favorite Manga
Nineteen, Twenty-One
Nineteen, Twenty-One add
Seven Days
Seven Days add
Kuragehime add
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai add
Ouran Koukou Host Club
Ouran Koukou Host Club add

Favorite Characters
Ootori, Kyouya
Tsukimori, Len
Tajima, Yuuichirou
Ayase, Chihaya
Mashima, Taichi
Goidou, Yui
Usui, Takumi
Akise, Aru
Noda, Megumi

Favorite People
Okamoto, Nobuhiko
Okamoto, Nobuhiko
Nakamura, Yuuichi
Nakamura, Yuuichi
Yonaga, Tsubasa
Yonaga, Tsubasa
Fukuyama, Jun
Fukuyama, Jun
Kamiya, Hiroshi
Kamiya, Hiroshi
Kaji, Yuki
Kaji, Yuki
Hosoya, Yoshimasa
Hosoya, Yoshimasa

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October 16, 2009
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Time (Days) 84.0
Watching 8
Completed 288
On Hold 18
Dropped 36
Plan to Watch 14
Total Entries 364

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Unknown :(

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Time (Days) 32.5
Reading 25
Completed 169
On Hold 27
Dropped 15
Plan to Read 31
Total Entries 267

Manga compatibility with Dione is:
Unknown :(

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About Dione
An economics student who spends way too much time on things not related to her studies ヽ(´ー`)ノ

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Kami_no_Kage | 08-06-14, 4:09 PM
Hello, if you are receiving this comment, you are a member of AnimeHQ and have been online in the last week.

I'm here to inform you that AnimeHQ has become an inactive club. It is regrettable, especially as club activities never quite happened, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

I will also take this chance to inform you of a similar club that has recently been undergoing revisions, called the VIA.

The VIA is currently looking for more members, as most of the ones it has right now have since left due to a period of inactivity.

Please take a look through the club and think about joining if you liked the idea of AnimeHQ. Reviews have actually been made in the VIA, 5 as of right now, 3 of which have been made by my own division, Graveyard.

You can find a link to VIA reviews in the bottom graphic, just click on reviews.

Thank you for your time.

- Former AnimeHQ Admin, Kami no Kage

PinoyAnimeFreak | 07-15-13, 9:45 PM

Wanna Join Akise Lounge?

Is it a Fan Club For Akise?
Well, not exactly

What kind of Club is it?
This Club is mostly a Card Shop and also a Fan club for Akise all in one.

So if you like collecting cards, making cards, or a fan of Akise you should join!
I hope I convinced you to join our Club (^-^ ) Have a Nice Day

_Cassiopeia_ | 12-30-12, 10:06 AM

Hey, everyone :3
First of all, we'd like to wish everyone Happy Holidays, hope you have nice ones ^^
Also, since our club has more than 500 members now, we've made some cards in order to celebrate it :3
You can request them HERE.

And if you'd like to receive the club's newsletters in the future, you can apply HERE.
Thanks for supporting the club & have a nice day :3

Akuto | 08-23-12, 11:35 PM

Hey members! :) Hope you are all doing GREAT! I want to thank everyone for their support towards the club! We have 850+ members in the club & a NEW LAYOUT so be sure to check that out! :)

We have opened 800+ LE & Sunglasses LE for now. They both have limits so request your card today! :) There will be weekly LEs as well so keep checking club so you don't miss out on them :)

Also, if you have any SUGGESTIONS for the club, don't hesitate to post in the suggestion's thread :)

Discussions! | Anime or Manga? | Favorite GoM | Better Light? | Kuroko or Kagami?

800+ LE | Sunglasses LE

Stay true to the club & take care!


Click Here to Request Newsletter List Removal

chisaihoshi | 05-14-12, 11:05 AM

SerasAshley | 12-04-11, 5:57 PM

Recommendation Club Newsletter~Holiday Edition

As we enter into one of the busiest times of the year, we here at the Recommendation Club would like to extend our wishes for each and every one of you to have a wonderful holiday season!

Since the September newsletter, our club has gained many new members, and seen the return of old ones. We would like to keep the momentum going, and with our member list now at 3,111, that should be no problem at all! ^_^.

We would like all of our members, old and new, to help keep this an active, and fun club, a place to Chat and to seek out recommendations in our General anime and General Manga thread as well as the specific anime genre threads, such as Drama and Romance and Sci-fi and many others as well.

It’s a great place to make new friends, or renew past friendships, and we urge all of our members to drop by, and post in the various threads and comment section, as well as share you expertise with other members.

We look forward to seeing you all here !

Saybarnet | 08-30-11, 10:42 AM
cute picture

misakiandusui | 07-25-11, 12:52 PM
Sorry i havent responded in a while i was on my churches mission trip and there was no internet service:p
I love Bleach<3 Im glad u started watching it and even more glad tht you're enjoying it!:)
i know wht u mean by the fading in and out of moods:P i especially hate it when im in the middle of watching an anime and i stop for bout 2 weeks:P
im totally addicted to City Hunter <3 i check mostly every night a midnight to c if a new episode was added:P im tht desperate to watch it:P haha xD
I never heard about the tvdrama adaptation to OHSHC!!!!!! do u know when tht's going to happen??? :D

so... little.. time.... i hate it!!! there isnt enough time in the day to just get everything done and do the stuff you really wanna do:'( i need bout 30 hours in a day, not 24:P

misakiandusui | 07-10-11, 4:48 PM
Ur very welcome:) Im glad I could help you find Dream:)
thanks for the new website!:D ill have to check it out:)
I recently started watching some new dramas and they are really good! One is called City Hunter and it's now my absolute favorite!!! i watched all the episodes within 24 hours! xD
others i started include Hayate the Combat Butler, (i think thts an anime on here but ill have to check... o.O) You're Beautiful, Lie To Me, and im about to start Heartstrings:)
I hope Heartstrings is good!
have you seen any good shows lately?:)

misakiandusui | 07-06-11, 7:15 PM
he is xD like eye candy with lost of sugar:P haha

I know where u can watch it! theres this drama website for jap, korean, asain, etc:P they have the links for it so i assume the episodes are there:) heres the link:

Hope it works for you! xD

100 days with mr arrogant was halarious:) It was time well spent to watch it:) here are some links for good websites to watch asain movies and tv eps:)

thats all i think i have:)

misakiandusui | 06-30-11, 2:28 PM
Thanks:) and Congrats!!! xD That sounds exciting! I wish you the best of luck xD

I will have to checkm those titles out! The titles themselves sound good so i hope the show is too:) I love Kim Hyun Joong! very good looking! haha xD But my fav guy from BBF is Kim Bum. Or atleast i think thts how u spell his name... ive seen many.. interesting versions:P
Kimi ni Todoke was very very good! I watched it b4 i finished the anime.. which reminds me i still havent:P I just couldnt wait to watch it:) Ive seen some other japanese movies. Honey and Clover was hard to follow. I stopped watching it i was so confused but i havent seen the anime yet so thats probably why:/ idk..

Ive seen multiple movies theyre really good i recommend checking them out:)
Smile Seiya no Kiseki (very good heart felt movie<3)
Aquarian Age (i recently discovered a manga but idk if theyre the same...)
How To Date An Otaku Girl (VERY halarious!!! the girl is a boys love fan:P haha)
Days With You (beautiful movie<3 I cried:'( so sad )
Hanamizuki / May Your Love Bloom A Hundred Year (cute but it gets slightly boring in the middle)
100 Days With Mr. Arrogant (this ones a korean movie but its halarious:)

wow typing all those made me realize how many ive actually seen o__O I still have a whole b unch on my to watch list too :P haha

I think my comments pretty long too:P haha =^.^=

misakiandusui | 06-29-11, 1:21 AM
Ill have to check ur lists too, since we have many common intrests im sure ill find some tht i like!:) I know wht u mean by the compatibilities:P its hard to find someone like tht:)

And if you do ever get the chance to play violin give it a shot ;D if you've ever listened to the background music in animes they use a crap load of violins! xD Thats wht im aiming for! I love anime and violin, so in the future im going to kill 2 birds with one stone and play the music for animes! who knows? u might just hear me playing someday:P haha

So i know you like boys before flowers, do you watch any other korean dramas?:) Ive recently started watching live action jap movies:) Do u know any good ones?

And i agree! It was very nice to meet you too! xD

misakiandusui | 06-27-11, 7:35 PM
Hello there:) Ive noticed tht we have a lot in common! I actually noticed through tht u like kaichouwa maid sama, boys before flowers, kimi ni todoke, violinist association, la corda, and thts just to name a few!! I got really excited when i saw u had a myanimelist profile!!! xD

44 | 03-08-11, 12:24 PM
Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji dnia kobiet. ;*

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