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Cratex | Yesterday, 7:00 PM
I have decided I just don't understand Nagashi-sōmen.

dmrch | Yesterday, 3:04 AM
> So with that in mind, you thinking about giving "Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance" a rating of 3 or 4 tells me that you dislike it and that seems to directly contradict where you state that you were more or less enjoying it despite its flaws :D Instead I would expect a score of 5 or 6.

I also use the numbers that corresponds to the description MAL gives each for rating. Well, I should explain about my stance to anime. Definitely, I always can enjoy almost all anime. I don't dislike any anime and any characters. But, considering deeply about me, I separate anime into two types.

One is, anime that I can really enjoy with my straightforwardness. Another is, anime that I can enjoy by unhealthy reasons. As for the latter, I can enjoy its terribleness. And I focus to think how improve it if I were the director, while I am watching. (Because of that, maybe I can enjoy almost all anime).

About anime itself of "Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance", I almost agree of your thought. So, from only that viewpoint, I would give 5 or 6 to it. But, to me, there is another reason to enjoy it. It is really many "Lol, I already watched it in Seikoku" (*). Like, "A little inflexible knight-girl, and her old sister deals with her strictly?" - "Lol, I already watched it in Seikoku". I was literally enjoying and laughing at those moments. But if thinking seriously about it, I think I should say it is 'bad' point of the work.

(*) The basic settings, patterns of personalities of the characters, and advancing way of the plot of Seirei Tsukai are similar to Seikoku. Rather than 'similar', the author of the LN wrote Serei Tsukai as something like an imitation of Seikoku, because Editors of MFJ paperback series are forcing young LN authors to write imitations of Zero no Tsukaima. And then Seikoku succeeded a little. So, Seirei Tsukai was written as modified Seikoku. The producing team of Seirei Tsukai anime is also making the anime as being resemble to Seikoku. A certain LN author got mad at this trend. And he declared he would write a 'good' sword and magic story in a fantasy world. It is just "Hitsugi no Chaika".


About Glasslip Episode 12

> I liked it. (shrug) Guess I'm weird :D

No. You're NOT weird, because I liked it, too. (Or I'm wired, too. Haha).

To me, it was one of the most interesting episode of Glasslip. By the fragment of future (I'm doubting that it is just 'future', like I said before), Touko saw another possibility of that world. The most important stuff I guess was, Touko followed experience of Kakeru, as a new comer. By that, probably she could understand what "Toutotsu na Atarimae no Kodoku (Sudden reasonable lonliness?)" is. It was the first time that she tried to understand Kakeru. And to viewers, it was the first time that "future vision" was shown obviously. On the other hand, I feel it would have been good if this episode had been Ep 11 or Ep 13.

mora404 | 09-18-14, 7:48 PM
I agree with Rodac's statement... I just wanted a lesser story. To be honest if there was a second season, (which I doubt), I hope it's from the chicken's perspective. I would love to see him running wild through the glass shop... or maybe he gets mesmerized by the glass and slips into another fraction of time and meets Gladys his soulmate. His love triangle will be with Rodney the Rooster who wants Gladys for himself! Can't you see the feathers fly!!

mora404 | 09-18-14, 5:49 PM
Glasslip Ep. 12... I'm so confused, I feel like I have been watching the whole show through glass!

My first reaction after completing episode 12 was WTF! I was enjoying the episode up until the last bit. I thought the role reversal was interesting... But then the scene with everyone watching the fireworks and their discussion of existing/nonexisting left me sad and puzzled.

Why couldn't Glasslip just be about glassblowing and romance.

rodac | 09-18-14, 5:05 PM
I think the toughest part was trying to find a way to explain things without casting aspersions on those people who really seem to have trouble with this show. In many cases the viewers who are having the problems have limited life experience and probably haven't wrestled yet with some of the questions that inform Glasslip (or Glass Slip if you wanted to do some analysis on the double meaning embedded there referencing the slip into an alternate reality). MAL may not be the place to have a discussion on the existential implications of infinite multiple universes based on choice--but it would be nice if they put a little more effort into trying to understand what this show is trying to do.

dmrch | 09-16-14, 3:56 AM
About Barakamon:

> were people in the forum making comments that he had?

I feel the fact that he didn't add his name to the name board was an important expression that brought a kind of sad impression to viewers. But no one on MAL has mentioned about it.

> I noticed there was something added, but since I can't read I didn't assume anything.

To tell the truth, there was nothing added. (Strictly speaking by TV screen, there was nothing added). He seemed to write the names of the villagers on it with changing size of the names-letters and with changing size of space between the lines from the original one. It was linked to the scene that he made the stone wall. Yeah, he is good at working a kind of precise task.
By the way, you're giving a high score to "Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance". Well... ...I feel it seems to be a work which you would not rate high. Or I feel that the score about it is a bit different from your tendency of rating. What has happened? Haha. Am I misunderstanding something of the anime? At the same time, I wanted to hear your opinion about it after you watch Seikoku no Dragonar. But I couldn't find Seikoku on your list. I am really enjoying Seirei Tsukai, but it seems not to be a good anime to begin with. And it seems to be a kind of clones of Seikoku. So, I will give 3 or 4 to it. (I like Seirei Tsukai than Seikoku)

dmrch | 09-14-14, 11:37 PM
As for Glasslip, the most uneasy stuff for me is not the content of it. I feel the two series-compositionists don't work together well, or the two have a gap between their skill as scriptwriters. I can't explain it well, but the direction of each episode seems to depend on who wrote a script. Especially, the way of describing Kakeru seems to have fluctuation by it.

Satou: Ep. 1, 2, 3, 6, 9
Nishimura: Ep. 4, 5, 8, 10, 11
(Anzai: Ep. 7)

But maybe my above opinion is caused by watching the other anime. In this season, I prefer Nozaki-kun and Barakamon and so on. Those are emphasizing distinctive personality of each character. About Nozaki-kun, it is the core of the comedy. (Moreover, the scripts of all episodes are written by one person). So, my thought is maybe unfair.

Barakamon Ep.10 - I've known what would happen, because I am a reader of the manga. Nevertheless, I felt sad at the last scene before the ED song (*). Probably, why I felt sad was because the anime would finish in the next two episodes. Haha.

(*) I thought people of foreign countries couldn't read what Sensei had written on the board. He did NOT write his name, 半田清 (or 半田清舟) on it.

Nozaki-kun Ep.11 - I am really interested in the show ending because it will become completely different stuff by which emphasizing romance or emphasizing comedy. It will depend on sense of the scriptwriter. If I were the series compositionist, I would finish the anime with the chapter 50 of the manga (with emphasizing romance). If the anime ends as I think, I would give 10/10 to it.

SAO II Ep. 11 - I wouldn't mind even if Asuna is Death Gun. I wouldn't mind even if Asuna go to the hospital to kill Kirito. Haha. To be honest, I like the second season than the first season, because it is more focusing on inner struggle of the characters. (I personally like the ALO arc than the SAO arc in the first season)

dmrch | 09-12-14, 12:49 AM
Hahaha, the chickens seemed to dominate that world.

My personal opinion: I don't dislike the style that inner voice of the characters is omitted. Yeah, I think it is suited to the story of relationships of the young characters, because general young persons sometimes can't verbalize own feelings and because they sometimes act without logical reason or without personal benefit.

But I feel the style is not suited for the mystery of 'future vision'. At the same time, the plot (the causality of the story) about 'future vision' seems to be separated hundred light-years from the plot about the romance at present.

To be honest, I like the story of the advancing relationship of Yukinari and Yanagi in episode 9, 10 and 11. Also, I like the anime expression about relation between Sachin and Hiro, even though I don't like the behavior of Sachi. So, I think Glasslip would have been better, if Yukinari and Yanagi had been main protagonists.

In short, I'm very tired of watching Kakeru and Touko. Haha. I don't watch it in the sub, but Kakeru's wording at least in the Japanese language is always like... a mental patient. If a Japanese has his sanity, he would never say the phrase, "唐突な当たり前の孤独 / toutotsuna atarimae no kodoku" ("Sudden ordinary lonliness"?). Each single words are normal, but the combination is really insane. If my father says the phrase, I would call an ambulance immediately because I would suspect he has lost his sanity. Hahaha.

I hope the finale will reveal truth of the mystery and everything will be related.

mora404 | 09-11-14, 7:33 PM
I'm thinking they need to have a chicken BBQ! ;)

mora404 | 09-11-14, 6:15 PM
Haha that's great! The chickens are in control and sending everyone on relationship journeys... And oh yeah, they make it snow...but only people who are close to the chickens get to be surrounded by it.

I didn't dislike the episode but I didn't really like it either. Visually I find it beautiful, and I love it when they look through the glass. What I don't like is how the relationships are dragged out....and everyone seems unhappy.

rothrock | 09-08-14, 11:18 PM
Whoa! ._. I believe you. Oh my, you went to Japan.. :o really, and by yourself? ;_; wasn't it lonely? lol your pics look fine, I cracked up at "(it may not look like it, but I AM smiling, I think)" lolol. I hope to go to Japan soon as well. I'm still thinking about my life and what I should do tbh.

Oh, it's good that you're enjoying it. You should really try Oresama Teacher then, by the same author. It's not focused so much on romance and has a lot of action. It's really funny as well.

Your list still looks the same, I dunno if it's a problem with browsing it with chrome. Maybe. I'm really surprised though, I now wonder if Spacecowboy is actually legit. And you've joined in 2011, what made you join? =) How long you been watching anime?

dmrch | 09-08-14, 7:08 PM
As for Hanayamata EP.10 - Finally, I noticed something... where the title word came from.

ハ: ハナ
ナ: なる
ヤ: ヤヤ
マ: マチ
タ: タミ

I spent 10 episodes on understanding it. Haha. ('Hanayamata' is not a common word in Japanese). Did you know it? I was always wondering what it was.

Estherella | 09-08-14, 1:07 AM
Wow~ That's actually pretty amazing :D I wonder if that explains why i always see so many spanish speaking people on youtube videos o-0 But that's cool~ :) I only speak 3 languages - Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese and English :) I was originally born in Malaysia and most of the populations speak an average of 3 languages at least so almost everyone is multilingual >.<; I didn't really know how to speak english until i came to australia when i was 9 years old ;~; From then on, I started using english daily so now it has become my most preferable language to speak to other people with. I become so familiar with the language to the point that i occasionally have trouble speaking my original languages Dx.......Like i can speak and all that in conversational mode but i can't write because i've forgotten how the characters are written but i can still read and listen >.<; In recent times though, I've been trying to relearn what i had forgotten since i find it to become quite a handy skill to know how to speak many languages :S I found it harder to learn language as i grew older~ IT's going to be quite a challenge when i start learning japanese in UNI T__________T

rothrock | 09-07-14, 1:12 PM
I'm sorry about the late reply, it happens when you conversate with me. I get busy and take a while to reply. Ah yes, I don't believe spacecowboy's list. I'm still having a hard time believing your age as well, but I somewhat believe. His plan to read list is in the 30k. Omg. What have you been up to?

Edit: I see you're watching Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, how's it going for you? =)
Also your anime list is "broken".

dmrch | 09-06-14, 7:38 PM
I think Barakamon has many good scenes, so the average of its quality is really high. Of course, I like that 'paper airplanes scene', too. But as for it, one thing prevented my deep touching. Well, I know about calligraphy magazines because those are sold even in a small bookstore here. And, prices of them are really expensive. In Japan, common magazines (including manga magazines) are about 500 yen (about 5 dollars). As for calligraphy magazines, the most popular two are about 1,000 yen (about 10 dollars). And other than those are 2,500 yen or 3,000 yen (25 dollars - 30 dollars). In other words, probably Kanzaki paid at least (*) 20,000 yen or 30,000 yen (200 dollars - 300 dollars) for his 'collection' of that scene. So, I felt it was too expensive to make the paper airplanes. Haha. I was not the only one. In Japan, some people screamed, "GYAAAA!" on Twitter at that time.

(*)- Secondhand calligraphy magazines are more expensive than current issues of the magazines. Those become to calligraphy textbooks without change. (Training of calligraphy requires models which experts write). And persons who buy those magazines tend not to sell off them.

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