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dmrch Today, 2:51 AM
I had not heard about Fantasy Island. And I'm looking forward to Mayoiga, because I like the director (who made Girls und Panzer, Shirobako and so on) and the series composition (who wrote the scripts of AnoHana, Hanasaku Iroha, Nagi no Asukara and so on).

By the way, I found an interesting tendency among MAL users. When they watch a show, many of them seem to pay much attention to the studio's name than the director's name and the series composition's name. On the otherhand, Japanese fans firstly check the director's name and the series composition's name.

このすば (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!) - I just finished the current 4 episodes, so I would like to tell about this anime a little. (This title is on your list).

This show has a story about an adventure in a very MMORPG-like fantasy world. There are four main characters --- the one male protagonist who is transferred into that world from Japan, and the three heroines (heroines?). Therefore, this show looks a harem story in the "trapped in/transported to/stuck in a game" genre at a first glance.

However, I think it is not the essence of this show. This anime is pure comedy, and not a harem story at all. The three heroines are extremely hilarious idiots and the male protagonist is the straight man of the comedy. (There is rare fan-service stuff in it. The protagonist has not accidentally grabbed woman's chest or something, so the heroines has not slapped him so far).

And, as for the comedy, it is absolutely hilarious. This show is really funny. To be honest, I was really surprised at myself, because I literally laughed out loud so many times when I was watching this show. So, I guess the show has worth to give a try to the first three episodes, although I'm not sure whether you would enjoy or not.

(Checking the forum of MAL, many fans seem to enjoy this show. And this show is said as a big surprise of this season in some Japanese sites).
dmrch Feb 4, 2:45 PM
WOW! I just noticed I can search anime titles in the Japanese language on MAL's profile pages! (but I can't do that on my list pages). In the last year, I wanted to add "Dagashikashi" to 'plan to watch' of my list, but I couldn't. (It seems that "Dagashi Kashi" is a proper spelling in English). Now, I searched "Dagashikashi" again and MAL responded it. Furthermore, as a test, I searched "だがしかし" and MAL responded it. I appreciate MAL's improving. That's one small step for the Westerners, one giant leap for Japanese speakers.

Anyway, I love the show, Dagashi Kashi, because that is for Japanese people in their thirties. There is a lot of reference from 1980s TV shows and 1980s TV commercials in it, and there is a lot of cheap sweets that we had really eaten in 1980s.

Also, I really like Hotaru's eccentric cuteness. She is definitely odd but doesn't harm anyone. I think that her smug face and her cute failing are the core of the show.

> There is some subtle difference - "prisoner" being a strong indicator of somebody held against their will, were as "stuck" could imply simply someone who doesn't want to change.

Thank you for your telling. The original text says:

かこに とらわれたものたちへ おくる ものがたり

"とらわれる" usually means "to be caught / to be captured" and is usually written as "捕らわれる". When "とらわれる" is written as "囚われる", it means "to be caught as a prisoner". Maybe you know "人 (ひと)" means "mankind", "person", "human being"... Look at the kanji again.

It is really "prisoner", isn't it? haha
mora404 Feb 2, 6:41 PM
There was a bit of recognition on her face when saw "kidnapper."

I read the manga sooooo my lips are sealed. ;)
mora404 Feb 2, 5:27 PM
Awe that's a bummer. I usually go to

What did you think of the episode?
dmrch Feb 2, 2:19 PM
> it seemed like it would be more about the physical aspect than anything else.
> there might be more relationship development than I thought,

If "the physical aspect" meant sexual stuff or a style of taking importance on the visual stuff more than the story, it would be definitely not. As your assuming, Citrus is about the story of the relationship development between the two main characters, Yuzu and Mei.

However, the story is strongly focuses on Yuzu's struggle for saving Mei. Mei has problems of her personality and her environment, and Yuzu tries to break a wall of Mei's heart. (Mei also hopes to surpass her problems but she doesn't know how to do that by herself). But Yuzu is not an old wise man, so it is like she hits against every wall of the course so many times by trial and error.

So, the main theme seems to be put on that youthful passion of Yuzu's love for saving Mei from troubles. In other words, it seems not to be necessary so much that the characters are female in those situations, although there are moments about sweet love growing between the girls. Hence, the worth of Citrus will depend on how you take the story structure.

I always think that a standpoint of how you take a story would give a strong influence to your impression, interesting or boring. I just finished Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru, and couldn't help laughing at the forum of MAL because some people said it was boring as hell, like Shoutarou's naive cry.

I took the story structure as a tale about the characters overcoming a sort of regret and sorrow which were caused in the past, because the subtitle at every opening song said, "A tale dedicated to people who have been stuck to the past" (*). I took the mystery/detective elements in the story were something like just a tool for revealing what happened in the past. On that viewpoint, I think Sakurako-san was a really good story that was constructed decently along that main theme. And I guess that your opinion was perhaps close to my opinion, because you gave a very high score to it. On the other hand, I guess Sakurako-san would be a really boring story for people who thought the theme was worthless or expected the show as a spectacular battle between a cleaver detective and a psychopath villain.

(*) I'm not sure about the English sub of the line. The original text literally means "A tale dedicated to people who have been prisoners of their past".

> Wait, that third one (from F/SN) is Amaterasu ?!

Yeah, that fox woman is Caster of Fate/EXTRA and Fate/EXTRA CCC (*). She says that she doesn't want to reveal her true name at the beginning of the story, although everyone (all of the Japanese people at least) can instantly see that she is the heroic spirit (?) of a certain fox of Japan. However, as the story progresses, the readers discover that the contents of her words and of her magic chants may go beyond bounds of the nine tailed fox. And she finally admits that she is something like an alter ego of Amaterasu.

(*) Fate/EXTRA and Fate/EXTRA CCC (the sequel) are role playing games for Play Station Portable. The universe of the story is a parallel universe from F/SN. At the first, players can choose one Servant for the protagonist of the story. However, this system will bring a heavy spoiler in Fate/EXTRA CCC, because players can choose Gilgamesh as a Servant in it. Gilgamesh is always given a special position in the setting shared in all Type-Moon stories (he is an existence for connecting human and other spiritual things in those universes), so he soon notices the trick of the whole story and the mastermind of the scheme of Fate/EXTRA CCC. Therefore, if you choose him at the first time of playing, he talks about an extreme spoiler of the story before you understand what is going on. LOL
dmrch Jan 31, 9:02 AM
I would like to tell about Citrus a little. (I guess you have read some yuri manga as an extension of your main interest in SoL manga).

Citrus looks very popular in the overseas, but that work has something irregular as yuri manga. It is like... a kind 'boy' takes care about an immature girl who has had no chance of growing for expressing own emotion properly. And the story is like a broken jet coaster that keeps running on an ordinary road. I admit that I like the vigorous energy of the story, but I guess Citrus will completely divide readers into the two exterem impressions, "Oh, I really like it!" and "Oh, I really dislike it!"

Setting aside above, the art is gorgeous.

> I always think we lost something important when the ancient European religions were displaced and suppressed.

On the viewpoint of Japanese subculture, it is really good that Amaterasu, the top deity is female. That indicates that we can portray her as a cute woman/girl. haha.
dmrch Jan 29, 2:10 PM
> somehow Nora/Hiiro/Mizuchi managed to get out of the underworld.

Imagine that Yato's father desperately cried Mizuchi's name for her escaping from Yomi behind the tragedy of Ebisu... haha.

Though Nora/Hiiro/Mizuchi is one of the villains, I don't dislike her, while a lot of people on MAL seem to dislike her. Like you said, she sincerely cares for Yato as he is. Only one problem about her and Yato is that she loves his nature which was born as Magatsukami (kami of bringing disasters to human beings).

> That's a concept that most westerners (who follow the major monotheistic religions) would find completely alien :D

The case of Sugawara No Michizane (845 - 903) would show how the people thought about kami in Shinto. Sorry if the following is a repeat.
dmrch Jan 28, 9:19 AM
I have finished both 2nd season of Noragami and GochiUsa.

ごちうさ 2期 (My score: 8) - I've heard that the sales of GochiUsa DVD/BD are good, so I guess the third season will come the next year.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the 2nd season much more than the 1st season. Probably that is because the phenomenon which you and I have talked about before worked very well for me. --- the more you understand characters' personalities, the more you will be able to enjoy the story. (I think this is one of the real pleasure of this type shows).

On the other hand, I feel that either GochiUsa or Yuru Yuri should have been on this season. Although I'm not sure about anime of this season now, it looks that anime fans can't watch a show of that type in this season.

Noragami Aragoto (My score: 8) - I'm glad that Yato finally decided to become kami for human happiness.
dmrch Jan 27, 6:36 AM
1) Roofs covering shoutengai are a very 'new thing' which has started after WWII, in order to resist invasion of chain supermarkets. By the roofs, people can walk on a shoutengai street without umbrella in a rainy day.

2) Wikipedia in English says, "Shoutengai often connect to the nearest train station". But it is really the matter of course because railways of Japan were constructed mainly for connecting several shoutengai areas.

3) The origin of shoutengai was born by Oda Nobunaga's policy. In the first half of Feudal Japan, Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines had completely controlled all commerce and industry of Japan. In order to protect their interests and the monopolies, the temples and the shrines had been directly armed(*). (On the other hand, the Samurai class controlled the agriculture of Japan). But Nobunaga released and liberalized the commerce and the industry through bloody wars against the temples and the shrines. Because of his policy, Japanese commerce and industry started to grow, shoutengai started to form, he had gotten rich taxes for wars of re-unifying Japan, and the temples and the shrines were disarmed. (Excluding Nara and Kyoto, the most of Japanese cities were started to form by his policy).

This is the reason why he is often referred to as "だいろくてんまおう (the Devil King of the Sixth Heaven / Satan-like existence in Buddhism)" in anime and in real life. The most people of Japan regard him as the greatest innovator in Japanese history and sometimes refer to him like that with awe.

(*) Each of the temples and the shrines were armed. For example, Enryakuji of Hiei mountain (one of the biggest Buddhist temples of Japan even now) had 3,000 soldiers as a standing army at that time.

> Takayama....(I also visited the little historic village outside of town - I highly recommend it).

Oh I will try to go there if I have a chance.

> (I've since learned that there is apparently a "reason" he is like that, revealed later in the novels, but I still think something could have been done to give him a little more personality.)

I haven't read the original LN, but I think Touma's personality was decided by the story structure. So I guess his personality couldn't be described anything but flat. Umm, I have no confidence to tell my opinion decently in English, but:
mora404 Jan 26, 7:35 PM
Mihaya is a sketchy character... He's definitely an opportunist and I wouldn't trust him.
dmrch Jan 25, 8:53 AM
> However, it's not common for smaller store chains, and very rare for places where the owner has only the one store front.

I don't know about the situation of the US though, there is 商店街 (しょうてんがい / shopping street) in every town of Japan. And almost small stores and shops gather in shoutengai areas. Probably you have seen such streets in anime really many times, and maybe you have seen them on your trip to Japan.
And every shoutengai has "point-service" system, in order to resist chain stores. Then you can use the "points" in most stores of a same shoutengai. Therefore, even if it is a small store where one elderly woman sits in, usually you can't escape from a point-sevice system of Japan. haha.


> I haven't picked up nearly as much this season as I have in the past. Only a few "tv series" are interesting to me.

I just saw your list. Umm, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S is on the plan to watch. How about that? I think that Railgun S is the best season of the Toaru series.
dmrch Jan 24, 2:48 AM
I have not watched that anime, but I think that I can give correct answers.

> "point service"?

Yes, it is. It is definitely an English word coined in Japan.

> Does it mean "wireless internet" or something like that? Or is it literally "points" for buying things?

It is "points" by buying things. Almost shops and stores have each "point" system in Japan. For example, when I buy a thing in a grocery store where I always buy foods, I get "points" as 1% of the price. And when I buy another thing next time in the store, I can use the points like a discount (1 point = 1 yen).

Such systems completely cover everyday life in Japan, at a shoes shop, a barbershop, McDonald, a book store and so on. Some point system is linked with using IT technology. But such systems are for encouraging customers to continue to buy in a same shop, so stores of a same industry doesn't connect the system each other. And... wallets of the Japanese people are full with many "point-service" cards. (When people of the other countries start living in Japan, they always say Japanese streets are clean and point-service systems are something like a curse, because they are always asked at every shop and every store, "Do you have a point card of this shop?").

> the sign above the store reads "「スーパーとみた」", which I can't figure out at all

The signboard? Firstly, the word "スーパーマーケット" from the English word "supermarket" means grocery stores and supermarkets without a distinction. And it is often shortened as "スーパー". So probably it is a grocery store which Mr. Tomita manages.

*) As I repeatedly said, the Japanese people feel different impression among hiragana, katakana, and kanji of a same word. Perhaps, とみた is a surname written as 富田, 冨田, or 富太 or the like.
See this:


Probably many people think the latter gives a friendly impression.
If one thing will be added, the kanji 富田 means "money-rich rice field". But hiragana letters have a function to show with deleting meanings that kanji letters have.

**) The following might have caused your confusion.
mora404 Jan 23, 5:16 PM
Momokuri ep 1 was cute.... Although I get a feeling that the letter he received might not have been from her.
dmrch Jan 23, 9:37 AM
ことしも よろしくおねがいします。

My both parents were in hospital by each sick from the last November and my PC got broken at the same time. In other words, my father, mother, and motherboard were down. But the three came back the last week, so I can take a rest now and try to finish watching anime of the last season.
By the way,


Yuru Yuri San☆Hai!

> that silent version of わらしべちょうじゃ...おどろく ばかり!

I was surprised that you know the word, "わらしべちょうじゃ". To tell the truth, that is not a general used word. As you know, the situations for using the word are not many in our real life.

Overall, I like San☆Hai! much more than the last two seasons. I think the change of the producing team worked well. (From Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi!, the anime studio, the director and the staff got completely changed).
mora404 Jan 22, 7:30 PM
New Hampshire usually gets a pretty good amount of snow. This is the first year that we have had hardly any snow. I'm not complaining believe me! ;)