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dmrch | 3 hours ago
> Syoko Hoshi - as in "star"?

Yes, the word of her surname, 星 (ほし) means "star". To extend this topic, her name 星 輝子 is absolutely too 'easy'. The kanji letter, "輝 (しょう)" of her first name means "shining, to shine". And probably as you know, "子 (こ)" at the last of first names is a female sign. Look at her name in kanji letters with thinking about these things.

星 輝子

Star-Shining-(female). Yes, her name is something like "Shiningia Star" in English. haha.

As I said before, the producer (not Producer) of the anime Cinderella Girls apologized and they gave a break of three months to the broadcasting. But it seems that they couldn't return the broadcasting times to the TV station. Perhaps, because of that, they started to rebroadcast the first show, the Idolmaster. I'm very glad at it because I didn't watch the first show seriously. Especially about the first 12 episodes, I didn't watch some of them. (What firstly I can recall about the first show is that the Producer literally did fall and that Chihaya is seventy two).

Just now I watched the first episode of the Idolmaster again and I strongly notice again that Cinderella Girls was more strait-laced than the Idolmaster. (I'm not sure if it is an appropriate word). What I want to say is, Cinderella Girls anime didn't take any easy fan-service style. For example, in the first episode of Idolmaster, the hamster dived into Miki's chest. And also Azusa took a sexy pose with emphasizing bigness of her boobs. On the other hand, there was really no fan-service scene in Cinderella Girls. Basically, the characters didn't impress conscious sexy things, except of some scenes about Rika's childlike behavior.

This is the difference between the Idolmaster and Cinderella Girls.

I did heard one more thing. Shibuya Rin appeared in ED of the idolmaster movie.

dmrch | 04-17-15, 9:35 PM
Oregairu ep. 3 - Well, like I said before, the story seemed to become serious. Now Hachiman and the people around him are disconnected emotionally, and they seem to be at a dead end like emotional mexican-standoff. I actually like this quiet but cantankerous mood among the characters. This vibe reminds me about some mid episodes of Toradora. (From the first season, I think the writer is really skilful at describing an atmosphere about relationship like that). On the other hand, I think Oregairu became worse at this episode from the viewpoint of seeing this show as a love comedy, although I don't know whether this show is a love comedy to begin with. Also, I wonder if this story will not go to a happy ending, on the contrast that Toradora did.

DanMachi ep. 3 - Throughout the second half of ep. 2, I was thinking like, "Hey, Hestia, give the knife to him!". And throughout the first half of this episode, I was thinking the same thing. haha. If there was a reason why she couldn't give the knife easily, the reason should have been clearly described from the first. I think the description about it would have been more important than Hestia's chest.

Show By Rock - Your list says you're watching this anime. Haha. That is hilarious. By the way, between a first half and a second half of this anime, they always broadcast TV commercials about CDs of Hayami Saori and so on. It seems that she will also take part in the show as a character.

Re-Kan! ep. 3 -

dmrch | 04-16-15, 9:07 AM
(Sorry, the following is not a big deal)

In the original games of Cinderella Girls, the characters are separated into the 3 types ("Cute", "Passion", and "Cool"). About those groups, I found the key visuals of the anime.


Again I understand that clothes which include much warm-colours don't suit the characters of "Cool". Also, I notice that the scene below was perhaps a joke about it.

Do you remember the character who talked to her pet mushrooms in the episode about Ranko? Yesterday I found the official character design of the original game about her. And I literally laughed loud.

mora404 | 04-15-15, 5:50 PM
I wish his lips weren't so big, I find them very distracting. At this point it is very clear to us who Rinko likes...she obviously sees past the outer shell. I personally couldn't get past his giant mouth.. Oh yeah have I mentioned how crazy big I think his lips are? ;{}

dmrch | 04-14-15, 8:41 AM
> Awesome! That rocks!

It is the most shocking scene of anime which I have ever watched. When the elevator stopped at the 15th floor, my heart was also stopped.

This is the high school which they go to.

Chiba (ちば) is the prefecture which is next on the east side of Tokyo Prefecture. It is included in the Greater Tokyo Area but it is not in Tokyo Prefecture. Writers of Tokyo descent tend to write locations in stories as "somewhere in Tokyo". But writers of Chiba descent tend to specify detailed locations of Chiba in stories. And anime adaptation of those stories tends to go faithfully. Because of that, Chiba city sometimes appears in anime, even though it is nothing special. ("Chiba" is the name of the prefecture. Also it is the name of the center city of the prefecture). Probably, you would be surprised, the locations in Oregairu, OreImo, WataMote and AcchiKocchi anime are based on within a radius of 2 miles of the real Chiba city.

The "Nekoge-Kaigan" station in あっちこっち
The Inage-Kaigan station in Oregairu.
The real Inage-Kaigan station.

Also, writers of Chiba descent sometimes write things which only Chiba people can know. So, probably there were some small things which you couldn't understand in Oregairu. (Other than Chiba people couldn't understand what they said). For instance, in the first episode of the 2nd season, at the robby of the hotel before he met Yukino, Hachiman said "マッカンがない (No Makkan here)". Makkan is the special drink which is sold only in Chiba. Probably you can recall they often drink this:

Regarding the content of ep 2, it was difficult to understand for me. In natural interpretation (I believe), Gahama was upset because Hachiman did suicidal self-sacrifice as usual. She couldn't endure it because he is a close person to her. But I couldn't know the reason why Hachiman said like "I notice this is sophistry. This is the sophistry which I extremely hate.", when he explained his thinking to Gahama after solving the problem of Hayama's group. The words maybe showed he could understand the reason why Gahama (and Yukino) were upset. Maybe, he understood that they were hurt by his hurting himself.

But, really but, I suspect there was one more reason behind the words. Hachiman gave a help to keep the relationship among Hayama's group, even though he was thinking the relationship among Hayama's group is 'superficial'. I suspect that he was changed gradually through his relationship with Gahama and Yukino. His behavior to Gahama is something like facing backward especially in the 2nd season. It somehow reminds me Ebina's behavior to Tobe. So, I suspect that he is afraid the relationship of now with Gahama and Yukino would be broken. And also, the reason why Yukino got mad was not clearly described. I wonder if she was angry about his change - he somehow feels comfortableness to 'superficial' relationship, even though he of the past hated it.

My thinking above is just a speculation. But if the story goes like that, it would turn to very serious one.

Cratex | 04-13-15, 4:54 PM
Sankarea (manga) -

dmrch | 04-12-15, 3:37 PM
Before I go out, I should write one more thing. - I forgot to write the punchline of the last comment. My parents are living in the apartment building where Yukino is living in. And it is the same floor. (Really it is so). But I have not met such a beautiful woman in that floor.

dmrch | 04-12-15, 2:50 PM
Oregairu ep. 2 - (Regretful tears) Well, unfortunatelly I've not gone to Arashiyama nor Fushimi-Inari, though I wish I would go there someday.

By the way, regarding the location of the anime Oregairu, there is an interesting thing. I would like to tell you the shocking truth. (NOT related to the content of the story. But long so a spoiler tag).

dmrch | 04-11-15, 9:25 AM
> Sounds like you really enjoyed Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya.

(I forgot to write the most important stuff of what I wanted to say. Such a thing sometimes occurs when a person speaks or writes in non-mother language. haha). Yes, I definitely enjoyed Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya. Also, I think 'friendship' is good spice of this anime. So, I'm looking forward to the third season (2nd season of the 2nd season) which will come in this summer. In my prediction, Miyu is another grail or a "holder" for the grail. (I think it is not so different because I know what the grail of Fuyuki city is).

Cinderella Girls Episode 13 - Yeah, I thought it was rushed. But by thinking about the composition of all the 13 episodes, I accepted that pace of this episode. And I liked this episode, even though my prediction was wrong. Especially, as you said, the scene about Mio and the fan-letter was good.

About overall of the 1st season, I really enjoyed this anime. As I said before, the consistent V-shaped story style of each episode made me feel refreshed. On the other hand, I think that the story was sometimes forced for describing downward parts of it. (For instance, Miku's barricading in ep 5, Producer's lost in ep 10, and Minami's sudden down in ep 13). But yeah, I accept the director's and the scriptwriter's intention of making viewers feel refreshed. So, I accept those forced parts as lovable traces of the director's and the scriptwriter's efforts.

> there were to many "still frames".

It seemed that the animators concentrated to make the scene of the song "GOIN'". And... I'm not sure how the situation of making Cinderella Girls was announced in the other countries, but it seems not to be in good status. At the first, it was announced that Cinderella Girls would be aired as 2 cours anime. But then, the producer (not Producer) apologized that it would take a break. It seems really hard to make animation about gestures and face expressions of the 14 girls precisely.

P.S. By the way, I still think the costume of New Generations doesn't suit Rin. The character design about her seems to be completely created only to matching with cold colours.

mora404 | 04-10-15, 6:57 PM
I think Hachiman hears why the girls were upset but doesn't get the true meaning behind their words. I can see him assuming they were upset because of the way he handled the situation. I don't think he understands that they hurt for him when he put himself in that situation.

I still want Hachiman with Yukino but Yui seems to be in the lead. Which really doesn't say much because Hachiman is still oblivious to the girls
feelings. The only person we see that flusters Hachiman is that pretty boy.

Cratex | 04-10-15, 4:53 PM
Nagato: you believe Santa exists?

Suzumiya: If he doesn't, that's okay too. But...what would be worst is if he existed and I didn't know it, right? So I have no choice but to verify it myself.

-- Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu

dmrch | 04-10-15, 7:17 AM
Today I finished watching Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya, both the 1st season and the 2nd season. Firstly, I was very glad that Kiritsugu's family (Kiritsugu, Irisviel, Illya, Shirou) are living in a happy life. Secondly, I was very glad that animation for battle action scenes were really great. (Those scenes looked like battle scenes of Fate main series).

By the way, the storyline and the setting of this spin-off are much much closer to the main series than I had expected. When you watch F/SN, you would be able to notice that some mechanisms were hidden behind the scenes of the 'friendship power' in Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya. (For example, the reason why Archer-Illya could use Excalibur against the blackened Saber, the reason why the blackened Berserker was strong and the reason why Illya and Miyu could win against him, the reason why Chloe didn't go out, what the Rider-Miyu is, and so on).

> -> So, the fact that you have not watched any of Fate/stay night anime implies that you have not gotten any result of Fate series.
> Actually, I *did* get something out of Fate/Zero,

Really sorry. I forgot to write one word. I wanted to say, "So, the fact that you have not watched any of Fate/stay night anime implies that you have not gotten any result of salvation of Fate series".

> never mind that the grail was a much later tacked on story to the older Arthur legends, but I digress

As Kotomine Kirei and Toosaka Tokiomi said in F/Z, 聖杯 (せいはい: tranlated as "the holy grail") of Fuyuki city is not related to the Legend of Arthur or to the legends of Christianity. As you know, the holy grail of the fourth Holy Grail War was Irisviel herself, and her personal wish was to prevent her daughter Illya becoming the holy grail of the fifth war. The setting about the holy grails of Fuyuki city is revealed in F/SN.

Oregairu Zoku (Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku) - I think Totuska looks like Anastasia of Cinderella Girls. Also, comparing to the 1st season, I think the character design of the 2nd season becomes slightly similar to the character design of Toaru Index/Railgun.

Cratex | 04-08-15, 6:21 PM
Houkago no Pleiades (TV) - beware of butterflies...

mora404 | 04-08-15, 4:46 PM
I just watched episode one of Ore Monogatari!! So far this one is very cute. :)

Cratex | 04-07-15, 2:59 PM
Rinne Rokudou...a shinigami, or something...

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