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Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 2nd Season - Sunny Day
Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 2nd Season - Sunny Day
May 22, 4:22 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 5
Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 2nd Season
Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 2nd Season
May 22, 4:06 PM
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Sansha Sanyou
Sansha Sanyou
May 22, 9:48 AM
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May 19, 12:20 PM
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Sakura Trick
May 13, 6:19 PM
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May 13, 6:06 PM
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JanusPrime 6 hours ago
Unlimited Blade Works?
dmrch Yesterday, 8:18 PM
For your next step of learning Japanese:
Acinonyx Yesterday, 5:02 PM
One of the two personalities for the crunchyroll podcast talks about Inferno Cop almost every episode of the podcast. It is a trigger....anime. Each episode is three minutes long. He lauds it as a masterpiece. I respect his opinion. I knew almost nothing about it aside from supposedly having bad animation. I finally decided to watch the dub on youtube. I was absolutely not expecting what I got. I think the first episode broke me. I was laughing so hard through most of it that I had to rewatch it again. This time I watched it in Japanese and it's just as much pure insanity as the dub. What even is this? I might have been broken by it. Going to watch more to confirm.
Cratex Yesterday, 3:53 PM
JanusPrime May 23, 3:50 AM
Oh yes, alive. I just cannot remember my password for MAL unless I am on work computer. I did not get to watch any anime this weekend :(

Hope to finish Broken Blade and Fate/Zero this week.
dmrch May 22, 7:00 PM
UBW Sunny Day - I was surprised at your score, because it was very high. haha. In visual novels of Type-moon, every route usually has two endings. One is "true ending" - it is what the author wanted to write. And another one is "good ending" - it is just written for people who want to see only happy endings. I always think the "good endings" like "Sunny Day" destroy not only the mood of a story but also the logic of a story. As for Sunny Day, I strongly think against Saber: "What did you consider of at the battle between Shirou and Archer?" and "Why did you appreciate to Shirou twice (at Emiya residence and in front of Gilgamesh)?"

About Lancer's first master:
Lancer repeatedly said he wanted to have a female master like Rin. It was because he liked his first master who was a strong-willed female magus. As Caster's first master said to Kotomine, she was sent from the Magi association. Yeah, her name is... Bazett Fraga Mcremitz.

Kotomine stabbed her back as same as he did that to Tokiomi Tohsaka, and he did cut off her left arm to rob her Command Seal. Because of that, Lancer was forced to obey Kotomine. (I think Kotomine did a really great job. If Bazett had participated in the Fifth Holy Grail War, Fate stories about Shirou would have not existed. I guess she would have been able to win the Holy Grail easily). This is only explanation about Bazett in all three routes of Fate/stay night.

However, Caren Hortensia secretly saved Bazett's life. And Fate/Hollow ataraxia is a story about Bazett and Caren. The author of Type-moon works said Bazett was originally a main character of Tsukihime 2 (not released yet). And now Bazett is a teased roll character in several spin offs. LOL
Cratex May 22, 6:37 PM
--Mashiro Mitsumine
dmrch May 22, 1:33 PM
> Amu Hinamori :D

Thank you. I searched the name on Google, and I remember I dropped the show...

The following is about the infodump which was omitted in the anime, UBW.

When Kiritsugu found Shirou in that fire, Shirou was almost dead. So Kiritsugu implanted the sheath of Excalibur into Shirou in order to save his life. (Did you remember that ultimate healing tool in Fate/Zero?). Kiritsugu had left it in Shirou's body, and he died. That was the reason why Shirou could summon Saber and also the reason why Shirou has strong spontaneous cure when Saber is near him.

But the powerful mystic sheath has brought a strong side effect to Shirou - his nature was changed to rather swords from human, for being a pair with the sheath. When he looks at a sword, he creates a copy of it and stores the copy in his mind. Shirou's magecraft, Analysing the structure of actual things, Reinforcement, and Projection are the leaked fragment of his true nature, Infinite creation of swords. His copying of a sword is accomplished through the six steps that were mentioned by Chloe in Prisma Illya 2wei Herz.

"Appraising the conceptual production,
imaging its fundamental essentials,
replicating its material composition,
imitating the techniques for its creation,
sympathizing with the experience of its growth,
recreating its accumulated years,
for surpassing all of its manufacturing process,
I shall bind these illusions together and forge the sword here."

As above, Shirou also reads information about of the sword user's technique, and he can use it by himself to some extent. Thus, showing many mystic legendary strong swords to him would be like suicide for his enemy oneself.
dmrch May 20, 8:49 PM
> わたしはあにめにはまっている。

haha. Exactly you seem to be that.

Just a reminder: That usage is very slang-ish. The mid thirties of now (including me) started to use it in that way when we were teenagers. And it is never used in formal conversations or business situations. "はまる" firstly means "to put/fit into something actual" (intransitive verb). And "はめる" means "to put/fit something actual into another thing". The slang-ish usage of "はめる" is... "to have sex (with a woman)". Yeah, it is truly "to fit something actual to another thing".

> (somewhat amazingly, the first time I watched this I realized I at least recognized almost all of the characters that appear in it)

I also can recognize them. Probably I have watched almost all anime of them.

> a certain two young ladies asking another certain young lady to...ah...join them.

"... NOTHING BAD WILL HAPPEN** Alien space ferret promised us... "

That "cool and spicy" girl (I can't recall her name) looks very glad. LOL
mora404 May 17, 6:21 PM
I am enjoying Flying Witch...especially love how the parents weren't phased at all by Chinatsu wanting to be a witch. You would have thought that teaching a witch the correct way to use a broom would have been a part of witch 101. I wonder if her Mother is a witch...if she is then she hasn't been a very good teacher so far.
witchhuntress May 17, 5:14 PM
Hey~ I'm so sorry for not being able to reply as soon as I can. I'm glad you've caught up with the KH manga or the Past Arc in the manga! ^^

I like Tomoe well enough, but I'm not so crazy about him. As I read more about the present him and what he goes through with Nanami, he slightly becomes better and better. He has moments that make him lovable (specifically the moments when he shows he's worried or he cares about Nanami) from the start, but later on, he shows the better side of him more and more. His development overall is slow, but in the end, he does improve a lot as a character.

As to the time travel, I definitely agree! I'm not a physicist (wow, you are?! teach me ways about it's viability or not! *o* haha I love learning stuff like these), but I understand how time travel is often misused as a plot device or how it's not well done (sometimes it's just there to confuse you because confusing people seems cool lol). But in KH, you can really see how Suzuki created the plot points with continuity, making every time travel important to the story (from the type of time travel itself to the situation it happens). It's exactly the kind of time travel wherein everything fell into place at the end, although there are still some things that are left open (and to be answered later in the manga). What I like as well is that little things from before arcs get to influence the narrative in the Past Arc, letting us know that those things she showed before in the manga do have significance.

When I finished reading the arc a few years ago, I was really pleased as well. Everything was built up nicely, and the story about Yukiji made sense (finally). It's clear that Suzuki has thought it up from the start and it's not something she just came up later on. ^o^
Acinonyx May 15, 5:58 PM
I ended up liking Kaede the most. Her interactions with Renge were my favorite part. I really wanted more of that.

It made me nostalgic for where my grandparents lived when I was growing up. It was countryside very much like that were the most exciting thing that would happen all week is a neighbor's dog would get loose, or some such. Man how I miss that place.

I managed to watch 12 episodes of anime today. That's probably the most I've watched in one day in a couple years. Felt good.
Acinonyx May 15, 3:40 PM
That's a pretty fair review for the last book. The series has such a nice and satisfying conclusion that I'm a little worried about the sequel that's being written. I'd like to think that those two could live without anymore drama.

I finally got around to watching Non Non Biyori. I'm usually against shows with a primary gender cast, but this quickly proved an exception. I wouldn't call it 'moe', so that's probably what saved it for me. The country setting was really nice and the landscapes were very well drawn. It's kind of sad to think of how little interaction each of the girls have with people of their own age group though. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Shows like this are why I still watch anime.
dmrch May 15, 3:04 PM
> Ha. According to I've "Watched so many mahou shoujo anime that you sparkle occasionally.",anime
According to that page, I have already signed the contract with that evil beast. Mahou Shoujo: level 1 seems to be even beyond the point for return.

By the way, although I think genre categorization is not an important thing to enjoy anime, I really doubt that the site's (and MAL's) categorizing is true. I mean, I have never thought that Monogatari series are in a mystery genre. Furthermore, I have never added BL manga to MAL list, but I have "Not a day without BL". LOL,manga