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mora404 | 10 hours ago
Just watched it! So funny... Haute couture!

Cratex | 10 hours ago
Hikage: I'll take pictures of Tokyo Tower to show you next time I'm home.
Renge: Did you get a camera? You can't take pictures without a camera.
Hikage: Actually, I can. With this...a cellphone!
Renge: A cell phone?! When did you get cell phone?!
Hikage: Hahaha. Mom and Dad bought it so I can keep in touch. If you're going to Tokyo, you've gotta have a cell phone or two. With one of those, you can take pictures and lots more. They can do everything.
Renge: Everything? Then I wanna make it so all the whales in the world can fly!
-- Non Non Biyori Repeat, episode 1

Cratex | 11 hours ago
Hikage: Oh, Renge, you're already up?
Renge: I am.
Hikage: Why are you wearing your backpack?
Renge: A backpack is something you wear. Putting it on your head would be bad manners.
-- Non Non Biyori Repeat, episode 1

dmrch | Yesterday, 3:07 PM
Non Non Biyori Repeat ep. 1 -

dmrch | Yesterday, 9:03 AM
Thank you. A few month ago, I couldn't add Non Non Biyori into my list because I didn't know the spelling. (MAL doesn't respond to "non-non" and "nonnon"). Today I noticed Ren-chon on your favourite list and learned the spelling. haha. (To be honest, there is a lot of things like that, and I still can't add them into my list. To me, it is troublesome to use Google search for each one of them. haha).

I checked some anime works for comparison.

Akatsuki no Yona (24 episodes): 8 volumes of the original manga
Zetsuen no Tempest (24 episodes): 10 volumes
Barakamon (12 episodes): 6 volumes
Ao Haru Ride (12 episodes): 4 volumes
Hanayamata (12 episodes): 5 volumes
Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii (12 episodes): 4 volumes
Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo (12 episodes): 11 volumes ← LOL

Probably, the sub version of Yamada-kun doesn't show sponsorship shots. So I would like to introduce a wonderful illustration by Hayami Saori to you. She drew illustration about this show. Her talent for drawing pictures is brilliant. And her courage of showing it to everyone is more brilliant. (She has good handwriting of letters without a joke).

> ->But unfortunately I'm convinced that F/ha will be never animated.
> Why is that?

It's because Fate/hollow ataraxia is not suitable for anime on the viewpoint of anime script-writing. Rather than "not suitable", it would be almost impossible.

Firstly, F/ha requires you to know all the three routes (story lines) of Fate/stay night, because it was released as an 'addition' of F/sn. In it, there is no explanation about the setting of F/ha (because it is completely as same as F/sn). Also, there is no explanation about characters' personalities, no explanation about their motivation to act, excepting about new characters'. Furthermore, the Ataraxia part of F/ha consists of over 200 tiny story pieces and those pieces are inconsistent with each other. For example, Shirou and Sakura are a couple in some pieces, but Shirou and Rin are a couple in another some pieces. That inconsistency has significant meaning in the work and the reason of it is revealed in the ending. But, to viewers who don't know about F/sn, it will bring extreme confusion. In addition, most of those pieces are based only on conversations without actions.

However, each route of F/sn has an amount of 24 episodes or more of anime. (And the most important route, Heaven's Feel has not been animated yet). So it will be almost impossible to create anime adaptation for people who don't know F/sn. Hence, I'm convinced that F/ha will be never animated.

P.S. Luvia was a new character of F/ha. And she is always put as a rival of Rin in new Fate works since F/ha, as a comedy relief. But I think Luvia has no chance about her one sided love.

mora404 | Jul 5, 6:29 PM
Wakako-zake... I can identify with her too. Sometimes it's nice to eat a meal alone.

Cratex | Jul 5, 10:28 AM
"Is it so wrong to just eat salmon skin and drink sake? I wonder, is that how this world works?...I need some more sake...."
-- Wakako Murasaki

dmrch | Jul 5, 6:38 AM
...? What?... I can see you have already watched the seventh episode of Yamada-kun and the seven witches. Your pace of watching it was similar to the pace of the show. haha.

Anyway, I feel sorry for the scriptwriter. She had no responsibility for the scope of the anime, and she wrote a really decent script under that limit. The show is very smooth to watch and most of veiwers can enjoy it. So I think it was a supremely great script as a digest.

> まあ、これははずかしいです

I'm sure this is "This is shame". But, excuse me, I'm not sure about this context. Were you saying this about Yamada-kun and the seven witches show? And this Japanese sentence means "I'm ashamed", "I'm embarrassed".

このアニメは はずかしいです : (generally means) I'm embarrassed to watch this anime.
これは はずかしいアニメです: This is shameful anime.

"これははずかしいです" is exchanged into "このアニメは はずかしいです" on Japanese sense.

> I was looking at the discussion thread for the PV and somebody hinted that it might be a "bait and switch" type of thing, where initially things seem happy and carefree, only to have the rug jerked out from under them.

Oh I see.

Anyway, I will be happy if Illya, Irisviel, Sella, Leysritt, Kiritsugu, and Shirou live in happy life in this work. And also I will be glad if Bazett (*) live in happy life.

(*) Bazett Fraga Mcremitz: That terminator woman in the Prisma Illya world is one of the two main protagonists of Fate/hollow ataraxia (the sequel of Fate/stay night). Her inner struggle and giving salvation to it are the main theme of F/ha. I started to like that terminator woman since I watched this face of her:
Also, Caren Ortensia (Hortensia?), the teacher of the infirmary in the Prisma Illya world is the main heroine of Fate/hollow ataraxia. In F/ha, her remarks are usually very sadistic. But in the final scene of it, she is wonderful.

To be honest, I got most impressed by the final scene of F/ha among all Fate stories, because it brings straightly positive feeling. Well, to me, F/ha ending is one of the most beautiful endings among which I have ever read/watched/heard. But unfortunately I'm convinced that F/ha will be never animated.

mora404 | Jul 4, 7:49 PM
Was the section and character that was left out of Kamisama... Anime adaption important?

Cratex | Jul 3, 4:02 PM
ミス・モノクローム, ファイト!

dmrch | Jul 3, 6:28 AM
About Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo

> the "hook" seemed nothing more than an excuse to have the characters do fanservice things, and the humor depend upon things like how how often the girls would accidentally sit on the guy's face.

I don't deny this show has an aspect of fanservice. But this was not accidentally-touching-a-girl's-body comedy. And, rather than fanservice, the humor of this show clearly depends on more common comedy things. Also, the main plot is that the protagonist and the main heroine find isolated female students having troubles in school life and solve their problems. Through it, the main protagonist and the main heroine also solve isolation of themselves in school life. And romance between the two begins. The "hook" of this show is a tool for this plot.

> Having said all that, it sounds like maybe you liked it, despite your score :D Maybe I should watch it anyway..? :P

Hahaha. I actually liked it. And the average score on MAL is over 8.0. ( It indicates various viewers including people who don't like fanservice things enjoyed it, even though everyone felt it was (too) rushed. In short, I don't think you should watch it and I'm not sure whether you can enjoy the humor of this show or not, but I think it has worth at least that you give a try to the first half of the first episode. It will be enough time to judge whether you can enjoy this show or not. (I think the 'three episodes rule' can be applied into the first 14 minutes of the first episode. This show is very convenient in that regard. haha).

By the way, "These aren't notes an honor student scribbled!" means "The honor student's writing on her textbook is really amazing!"? The former is the English sub by the AnimePlus in the first half of the first episode. It is a kind of comedy scenes in raw. But I feel the sub doesn't imply any comedy.

Now I remembered this by the word "fansevice":

In my before prediction, the second season of Prisma Illya zwei would be a serious battle show. But I can't find any of such an aspect from this PV...

dmrch | Jul 2, 9:25 AM
Ugh, I forgot to write what I wanted to say about Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

I don't mind even if a second season of that show comes. But, rather than that, I think the first season should be re-produced as 24 episodes anime.

dmrch | Jul 2, 6:58 AM
> Yet, I'm willing to bet Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo will get a second season. (sigh)

Haha. I'm not certain about what you wanted to say, because I can't find your rating about the anime on you list. But, at least to me, that show was interesting as a light-hearted love comedy show. Firstly, animation and graphics were good, especially girls characters were cute. And, the performing by the voice actors was great (*). And the plot was good. (In this case, I mean a plot is "the relation of cause and effect among events in a story"). So I gave a score 3/10.

...Well, only and the biggest problem of the show was that the story was too rushed like blast beats of death metal. (In this case, I mean a story is a way to show the plot). Probably, the 12 episodes for the 11 volumes of the original manga are a kind of fastest records of anime. And the thing which I got most angry against is that the script was written really well, even though the story was too rushed. Although the fast pace of the story was almost killing its romance mood and its suspense mood, the script was decently written to bring that mood to viewers. In that regard, I felt I was watching the best summary of a certain story. And I felt that it was waste of scriptwriter's talent and also I felt the story was something blaspheming against script writing ways. However, it was a good light-hearted love comedy.

(*) As you know, in the Japanese language, wording and intonation are pretty different between males and females. And, in this work, the voice actors frequently had to perform their role with wording and intonation of the opposite gender. Especially, the voice actors of the main protagonists, Osaka Ryota and Hayami Saori really did a great job about it.

For your information: The following will be my personal opinion about the reason of the fail of Re-kan! sales.

dmrch | Jul 1, 10:09 AM
I have to add: About that, I meant "840 copies". Those numbers of BD/DVD meant it of the sales copies.

dmrch | Jul 1, 9:54 AM
> I was usually laughing, sometimes laughing out loud, through every episode of Ichigo Mashimaro.

Yeah, I was usually laughing as well. And I was almost choked with my laughing at this.

About Re-kan!

> After a rough start, I thought it ended really well. There seemed to be a couple of interesting loose threads left...I wonder if we'll get a second season.

Yes, it became much much better after a couple of early episodes. But probably we will never get the second season...

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