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mora404 | Yesterday, 3:47 PM
I wasn't expecting it either but I am more interested because of the background info. I hope they delve a little deeper on all the girls

mora404 | Yesterday, 2:51 PM
Hanayamata Episode 4. I agree that this episode was better then the last one. The storyline seems to be a bit heavier this time around. I wonder what the class president's story will be. She seems very uptight.

mora404 | 07-27-14, 3:45 PM
Sakura should just give up now... Nozaki is oblivious! He has an adorable girl right in front of him who describes the man she likes (him), and he has no clue. At least when he picked the game character he liked he picked a girl who looks like Sakura. Maybe there is hope yet. ;)

dmrch | 07-27-14, 7:58 AM
Thank you for answering my question. I understand the viewpoints to Mahouka is basically same in the world.

> my real problem with the story is, those are supposed to be "rookie" events? This is a high-school setting?

Haha, Mahouka seems to require patience for watching an ultra-overpowered protagonist. To tell the truth, I started to like this unreasonable setting from a few episodes ago. Haha. For the Japanese persons, a kind of dilemma like you mentioned exists from the beginning. In the first place, Tatsuya is not a 'Rettousei' at all in the Japanese language. And in Japan, Mahouka is considered as an unintentional comedy of unreasonable setting and of incorrect Japanese.

> I like certain aspects of the show, particularly the ‘scientific’ approach to magic.

Yeah, I want to watch it in other anime.

Barakamon episode 4 - His allergy to cat, using a black telephone, and writing the name on the ship showed "You never know how something will turn out until you've given it a try". I really liked it. Barakamon and Nozaki-kun finally became my best after watching three or four episodes of anime of this season.

mora404 | 07-26-14, 7:39 PM
Ok I just watched Barakamon. It is sooo cute. I love Naru!

mora404 | 07-26-14, 6:10 PM
I forgot all about that one! Since I didn't see it on Crunchyroll it slipped my mind. I will start that one as soon as I find a site that has it. Thanks for the reminder ;)

Bans | 07-25-14, 4:33 PM
I've completed the entire series at this point, I just don't remember a toothbrush scene...or if you explained it then I possibly just missed the significance haha

dmrch | 07-25-14, 4:06 AM
As for Locodol, haha, When I wanted to post a comment "Nanyako, be careful, be very careful!", but your similar comment was already posted.

Well, I want to know your opinion about Mahouka Koukou no Rettoeusei, if you like. Your list says, you don't dislike it. The biggest problem for the native speakers of Japanese is that Mahouka became unintentional comedy due to its incorrect Japanese language.

Bans | 07-24-14, 11:29 PM
The hell is the toothbrush scene from Nise?

mora404 | 07-24-14, 7:45 PM
Glasslip is starting to hurt my head... And heart. I'm not really happy with the way things are going.

mora404 | 07-24-14, 12:55 PM
Oh no! I'm sorry... I should have put my message in a "spoiler" thing. I hope I didn't ruin anything for you. I assumed since you watched the raw version you prob understood the episode... I hope. ;)

I can't see the episode being a bridge to a new season.... Unless the new season starts in Okinawa. That could be interesting.

mora404 | 07-24-14, 10:23 AM
Ok so I just noticed Non Non OVA listed only one episode! There has to be another one with the girls going to Okanawa! Needless to say I will be very disappointed.

mora404 | 07-24-14, 10:19 AM
Non Non Biyori OVA 1. was sooooo funny! It reminded me how much I love this anime. Renge is hilarious. I was laughing through so much of the episode. And as much as it was funny there were some touching moments as well. Like when when Renge said goodbye to her town... and not to worry because she would be back. I can't wait for the episode when they all get to Okinawa!

Renge: "What are we wailing at?"
Natsumi: "Whale not wail!"

dmrch | 07-24-14, 3:20 AM
> "Death Gun" is lame in English as well. It sounds like something a 10 year old would come up with.

I was relieved to hear that. Haha.

> I do have several shows I've watched and liked where there is a fair amount of "internal struggles", for example "Nagi no Asukara", "Ano Natsu de Matteru", "anohana" (for short).

Oh, the two of the three were written by the queen of "internal struggles". I like those three, too.

> I don't usually get hung up on how anime portrays Americans. As I told somebody else, the stereotype is actually fairly close, we Americans tend to be "loud, forward, and not quite house trained." :D

Haha, probably you felt in your trip to Japan, sometimes we Japanese tend to be shy and obedient. Our ancient country name which was named by China, meant "Country of shy and obedient persons". And from us, Americans seem to be powerful, straight and forward. Basically, anime utilize a character of an American for cheering up other characters and for making the characters step forward. I think the way of Japan is better than setting an American as an enemy in certain countries.

okanagan | 07-24-14, 3:06 AM
Thanks for mentioning the "Gion" neighborhood of Kyoto in your post on the thread.
That turned out to be an essential clue for me. After that, I spotted the poster at
19:00 which was advertising the "Gion Festival" (祇園祭). That was enough for me to
put two and two together and understand what that is all about. Naturally, there are
good Wikipedia articles about both Gion and the Gion Festival. I hope that your visit to
Kyoto happened to be in July.

I am moderately sure that there is nothing in the OVA or in the official background
information that tells us whether or not "Okiya" is in Gion. I found out that there
are five Geisha House areas in Kyoto, of which two are in Gion.

Along the way, I learned that that Japanese government recently spent a lot of
money in Gion to get rid of the overhead electrical wires and put them underground.
They want to recreate the historical appearance. You can see this in the OVA. So a
little bit of money may have been contributed from the Kyoto city government to
support this production even if the BD/DVD sales are not huge on their own.

I think this is fairly clearly aimed at the "shoujo" demographic. For one thing, the
three main characters all just graduated from middle school. There is no adult
material that would creep out either pre-teen girls or their parents. I think that they
are employing a promising marketing scheme in putting out the light novel and the
OVA at nearly the same time. (But in fact everybody already had a chance to read the
whole thing online two years ago.) Since this is so well-done, I think this could be
the kind of thing that parents would be willing to purchase for their daughters.
The BD costs 4500 Yen, which is not cheap. But the huge benefit of the OVA is
that it gets people drawn into the premise of the story and invested in the main
characters. So that motivates people to want to pick up the light novel and start
to read it.

I speculate that we may see more volumes after this first light novel.

I agree with your guess that this will not have wide appeal outside of its niche
market inside Japan. So it won't shock me if it doesn't get subbed. On the other
hand, I don't know what actually motivates the sub groups.

It's great that you can understand so much. I was able to get just a vague idea of
the premise of the story from reading the Wikipedia page, and then I watched it a
few times just to enjoy the art while not understanding what is going on. It was
only this third or fourth time that I finally picked up that Gion Festival poster.

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