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Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru
Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru
Nov 25, 3:03 PM
Watching 8/12 · Scored -
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei Herz! Specials
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei Herz! Specials
Nov 24, 1:34 PM
Watching 2/5 · Scored 4
JK Meshi!
JK Meshi!
Nov 23, 4:19 PM
Watching 8/- · Scored 7
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Kokoro Connect
Kokoro Connect
Nov 24, 1:35 PM
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Nov 23, 2:59 PM
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Hori-san to Miyamura-kun
Hori-san to Miyamura-kun
Nov 23, 2:54 PM
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Bans Yesterday, 11:42 AM I want spaghetti...
Bans Yesterday, 6:14 AM
Ah as far as RWBY goes I've been a diehard RoosterTeeth fan since before the first season of Red vs Blue finished...I'm very biased towards liking it before I had even picked it up...and then it turned out to be pretty good haha.

I'm at the end of either the first or second season of Yuru Yuri and I'm just letting other shows take priority. I like the new Gundam, but I've decided not to watch any more so that I can marathon it.

And since it's your suggestion I will definitely take a look at those two up top.

I'm more of a ham fan then turkey but...that's how the day goes, I ended up sleeping through it anyways since I had to work overnight. Luckily when I got to work my coworker brought a ridiculous amount of leftovers so I ended up having an excellent turkey night haha.
Bans Nov 26, 7:56 AM
Happy Turkey Day! How have you been kind sir? Anything fantastical in the anime world that you think I MUST see ASAP?
mora404 Nov 22, 5:29 PM
You are right... It does seem like Nora is some drug he can't kick. However after watching ep 8 you see how Nora is the queen of manipulation. They almost gave a dom/sub relationship. You will have to tell me what you think after you watch it.
Peterlour Nov 22, 3:12 PM
Hmm , i see your point about traveling and i quess you are right about starting small (europe) and then going big (japan , america etc.) .But the thing is that i used to travel alot with my parents when i was younger and i've been almost everywhere in europe with a few exceptions (England , spain, portugal,norway, iceland, sweden ,russia and belasus if i'm not forgeting any other ) and i have little to none interest in visiting these countries (except englahd , but from what i heard england is really expensive and i'm not sure if its worth spending alot of money there ). I was thinking about visiting egypt since i really like history and i want to see anything that has to do with archaeology , but with the commotions and all this Isis and war stuff i'm not really willing to go there anymore :/

THanks for saying that my english are good , i'm still learning , sadly apart from english and greek i dont speak any other languages on an acceptable level ; however , i speak a litle bit of italian, i also know a few phrases and words in japanese and i plan on starting french lessons in 2 months .

I'm currently trying to persuade my friends into joining me but they are not as hyped as i am about traveling and they dont have the money to spend , thinking that i wanna go there for 20-30 days , but i still have 1 year ahead of me , so i might succeed in due time ^_^!

->Picky eating : The truth is that i'm an amazigly picky eater and not a fan of raw food ,though i also like testing new stuff , so i think i will manage (do they have good sweets? if yes then i will survive with ease ) :P

Finally , about the chopsticks ! I tried using them once and ..... it didnt go well...... , it was like a watching a person with 2 left feet dancing , for half an hour i was trying to hold them correctly without any progress , ! After many attempts i gave up on trying to use them correctly and i started "stabbing" the sushi and anything else that i could , and i used them like a shovel and tried to shove the rice in my mouth ! It was really awkward for me and really funny for my friends xD , but i'm sure that if someone shows me how to use them correctly i will get the hang of it .... eventually

mora404 Nov 22, 3:10 PM
Noragami ep 8...poor Yato. I wish Nora didn't have such a hold over him.
Peterlour Nov 16, 11:33 AM
You really know how to tell a story !
Now i wanna visit japan more than ever before ; your experience sounds amazing , and i too wanna see all those shrines , castles ,historical places , meet all kinds of people , walk in tokyo next to the big scyscrapers , hike, see many kinds of ceremonies and celebrations , as well as taste the traditional dishes .

If everything goes as planned i'll visit japan in autumn of 2016 or sping of 2017 (which season do you think is better?

TO tell the truth i'm a bit scared of traveling alone ,since i'm young and from a country far far away from japan (greece) , do you have any tips about traveling alone ? (though i might succeed in persuading some of my friends to accompany me by then :D)

Also , i'm sorry for your health condition , i really hope you get better so you can travel again ^_^.
Peterlour Nov 15, 12:28 PM
I would really like to thank you for wasting some of your time to answer me, i really appreciate it .

FIrstly i would like to know how many days did you stay in japan?
WHich places did you visit (only those your mentioned on your post or more ?)

How much did you spend for these days (without the plane tickets )

And the most important question of them all (since people i talked with told me that japan is overated) , did japan meet your expectations ? Many people tell me that japan is overated and its not as nice as it seems , but i think they are wrong ,sadly since i've never been there myself i cant prove them wrong.
dmrch Nov 10, 1:31 PM
Yuru Yuri ep 6 - Yes, that was very funny. I confirmed again that Kyouko's trolling and teasing are the core of Yuru Yuri.

Yuru Yuri is not like Sakura Trick or Sasameki Koto, because it is mainly focusing on close 'friend'-ship among early teen girls in daily life.

On the other hand, Yuru Yuri has big difference in comparison with other shows about cute girls. The original manga of Yuru Yuri is published serially in Yuri-Hime that is completely specializing yuri (lesbian love) manga, and the stance of the original manga is "Imagine freely about these girls into yuri relationship!". So Yuru Yuri is extremely popular in fan-art, fan-fiction of the Japanese subculture.


> 「もしかして、秋」
> To me, it is reading "perhaps, autumn" or "did it mean, autumn".

Yeah, it is literally "perhaps, autumn". In English, it would be more natural if it is "perhaps, it is autumn now". It was a joke message to make viewers laugh, like "why 'perhaps'?"

> To me, it is a sentence fragment, as there is no verb.

Well, it is not a questioning. And indeed, it is a little awkward because there is no "だ". So it will be more easy for you to understand if it is "もしかして、秋だ".

* Strictly speaking, the Japanese language does not always require a verb in a sentence.

e.g.) そのほんは おおきい。 (That book is big)
There is no verb in this sentence, but the sentence is completely decent.

Setting aside things about omitting words, English (and I'm assuming the other European language) always requires a subject and a verb in a sentence, because those are the stem of the sentence structure. But Japanese doesn't have such structure.

The sentence structure of Japanese is: topic + predicate part
そのほんは (topic)
おおきい (predicate)

(I'm assuming) the sense of English speakers is:
That book is --- big.
On the other hand, the sence of native Japanese speakers is:
そのほんは --- おおきい。

** Probably, learners of the Japanese language in foreign countries are taught that "だ" and "です" is like a verb "be". I think it is really good explanation for understanding. But, to tell the truth, "だ" and "です" are not verbs. Those are particles for indicating a predicate part.

e.g.) わたしは ごはんを たべている。 / I am eating a meal.

わたしは ごはんを たべている んだ。
わたしは ごはんを たべている のです。

Though those take conjugated forms, "だ" and "です" can be put after a verb in order to emphasize predicate.
mora404 Nov 7, 7:47 PM
Of course I decided I had to watch Noragami after reading your message.

I really thought the episode would end with her dying and being reborn. I was surprised that Kazuma survived. I hope Hiyori makes it back into her body in time.

Btw I look forward to the day Nora dies....
dmrch Nov 6, 4:39 AM
(About a novel which I am writing now, I finished writing the one-third of the plot yesterday. But I realized that the amount had been already over the limit of regulation of competition... So I have changed my plan. I decided to release that in a free site. Then I got an account of a certain site in which Mahouka, SAO and many novels were originally released).

Yuru Yuri S3 ep. 4 - For your information:
There are two kanji letters for sakura (cherry tree), "桜" and "櫻".

"桜" is a simplified form of "櫻", and it is used in almost all cases now. But, to the Japanese people, "櫻" generally gives more poetic and beautiful impression than "桜" does. So, for person's name, "櫻" is well used as same as "桜" is.

And, if considering the structure of the letter, "櫻":
木 (き, tree)
貝 (かい、shellfish)
女 (おんな, female, woman)
Sakurako said about this at the last scene.

Yuru Yuri S3 ep. 5 - Sakurako's older sister is the only person that is clearly indicated as a lesbian in the story, so I laughed a little at her kindness to Yui in the family restaurant.

Ore ga Ojousama Gakkou ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Gets Sareta Ken ep. 5 - (I know you don't watch this)

This show and Yuru Yuri have a same publisher. In this episode, the two heroines of this show talked about Yuru Yuri. Some pages of Yuru Yuri real manga were shown.

And they said:

Aika: I like this main character.
Reiko: Oh sorry, she didn't even leave an impression on me.
dmrch Nov 2, 1:51 PM
The temperature is about 10C (50F) now. What is going on here?

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry ep. 5 - Oh, that was too sweet and clumsy quarrel of love birds. haha.


Ah, it is too sad. 38 is too young for that.

She has performed important roles in type-moon works - Hisui and Magical Sapphire... I had been really looking forward to a remake of Tsukihime which will be added characters' voice. That's too bad.
Cratex Oct 31, 4:34 PM
This is pretty cool:
mora404 Oct 29, 8:44 PM
That was too cute! I wish a new season was coming out.

Btw I hope you are doing alright, and that your "tough day" turned out not as bad as you thought it would be.