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dmrch | 3 hours ago
Natsume created the new meaning from the common phrase, because Japan didn't have culture of saying "I love you" directly at that time. But I don't know why he thought "月が綺麗ですね (つきがきれいですね)" meant "I love you". Haha. As for Natsume Soseki (1867-1916), in Japan, he is regarded as the most famous, the most important and the greatest writer of Japanese literature.

A portrait of him became the front side of 1000 yen note.

All Japanese should learn his novels in junior high schools and high schools. It was the reason why Hiro's sister knew "Yume Jyuuya", even though she didn't seem to be a intellectual person. Also, the scene indicated Hiro was not a good student of the high school. Haha.

> I keep seeing 'death flags' all around.

Oh, 'death flags'. I didn't think about it at all.

> I don't think you are wrong in realizing the implications of using Yume Juuya instead of Kokoro, but I would also think it is probably just a reference and not meant to imply something deeper.

Hey hey hey, I did read Yume Jyuuya again today. It consists 10 short stories ("Yume Jyuuya" means 'Ten Nights of Dream' or the like) and the total volume is also short. The all stories are surrealistic fantasy (The other Natsume's novels were based on very realistic settings). And I'd quote a summary of the first story from English Wikipedia because it is better than my English sentences. I really forgot the plot when I wrote my last comment to you.

--- The dreamer finds himself sitting at a bedside next to a dying woman. Because of her appearance, the dreamer still asks the woman if she truly is dying. After confirming that she would indeed pass away without doubt, the woman asked a favor of the dreamer. The request was that when she dies, the dreamer must bury her by digging the grave with a large pearl oyster shell, put a fragment of a fallen star on her grave as the tombstone and wait one hundred years at which point she would return to see the dreamer again. Once the woman died, the dreamer completed the request began his 100-year wait. At one point a green stalk sprouted from the ground, budding and blooming into a white lily. The dreamer kissed the petals of the lily and came to a realization that one hundred years had passed.---

Now I think "Yume Jyuuya" in Glasslip implied something deeper. And I'd write one more thing probably you've already known. Lily is "Yuri" in the Japanese language.

Estherella | 12 hours ago
Oh wow. That was a very informative answer, thank you~! :) I'm also very similar to that aspect of yours about being very tolerant of relationships since I am more interested about the depth of the characters' bonds and development instead of worrying about silly fallacies about social norms and whatnot by trying to enforce them into a manga series. Or maybe I just read too many manga series with couples who have a major age gap and I learnt to adapt to them without any issues x.x I tend to find those kind of couple more interesting to watch.

From what you just told me, I can be rest assured about watching Cowboy Bebop now. I was very concerned about watching the series since I fear that I will not be able to appreciate them due to my lack of understanding and appreciation for American culture and style as well as differences in humour. Particularly series with unique style and conventions that bear similarities to classic movies like Pulp Fiction. I just simply can't appreciate them as much. Or like in the case with Hoozuki no Reitetsu, the western audience simply don't click with the jokes that were presented in the series while the Japanese audience find them pretty funny. Since you've watched the subbed version, I will watch that version instead. Often times, one of my major problems with English dub is that they can lose the original translations, acting is very iffy, or replace the original contents of the jokes to cater more towards the western audience. That's actually typically the reason why I will never ever watch a comedy anime in English dub because they tend to change the jokes a lot and most of the time I don't get the jokes in them (sense of humour is different in eastern and western culture ;_; ) so thank you for your recommendation :)

Also, those were some great collections of photos by the way x3 I've always heard about how the Osaka castle was big and all but I've imagine it to be that big in comparison with a person o.O it must have been very funny to visit there. I would like to visit there myself one day, particularly Akihabara which hailed as the paradise of manga, anime and video games pretty much all the otaku xD. It's actually thanks to anime that made me become more curious about Japanese culture and fashion x3 Do you travel to japan often?

Estherella | Yesterday, 12:40 AM
Wow~! Thanks!!! That's a huge list of recommendations that you've got there :D I heard many of those series that you've mentioned but i haven't checked them out yet >.<; I've been meaning to ~ Ahaha and i also heard what happened to Usagi Drop in the manga X'D I've heard the ending made every pissed off but i don't mind it~ I've also heard cowboy bebop a lot in the recommendation list and it's widely hailed as a classic anime. From what i've seen based on face values, it looked very americanish. So here's a question, i don't understand much of american culture or their sense of humour, will i still be able to enjoy Cowboy Bebop?

mora404 | 08-31-14, 8:27 PM
Argh!!! That is worse! I want a new student to come along and like Sakura! Nozaki needs some competition and Sakura needs to stop being so pathetic.

mora404 | 08-31-14, 8:13 PM
I decided that I needed to know if anything would happen with Sakura and Nozaki, so I read the manga which is still ongoing. You will be happy to know there is a beach chapter. ;)

Nozaki is an idiot... He was obviously jealous with the way Sakura reacted over the drawing the other artist gave her. I would hope he was jealous because she loved a drawing of another guy... But I'm sure it was because it was by another artist.

Estherella | 08-30-14, 9:32 PM
Hmm~ :P Barakamon is a very special anime to me because i can relate to it in many ways. Just like you said, it is a series about personal growth and i'm not so sure about the friendships thing because to me it doesn't seem to be the major highlight or focus. I personally think it's more about learning to create and develop a connection (bonds) with people while learning to view life from a new and different perspective. Particularly for Handa (the protagonist) who had previously lived a hectic city lifestyle where he had to constantly strive to fulfill the society expectations and pressure that were imposed upon him, and for him to suddenly lead a temporary country life filled with tranquility, no wonder he undergoes a significant change in his attitude towards people and himself through the encounters and interactions with the villagers. The series actually showcases quite an interesting juxtaposition between the two different lifestyle and there bear some truths to them. Having to personally experience a country life to city life, I've always noticed that city life is more hectic and stressful because of the society expectations and importance on how people should behave/treat around other, men should be strong and powerful while women have to be obedient to their husband, always have to be conscious of their self-image, etc. which is drastically different from a country life where no one would mind how you would act X'D Just look at how the villagers treat Handa, so friendly and caring in a way that resembles how family would treat each other. So I really loved how the series dealt with this element of life as well albeit it was done in a humourous way :)

I wouldn't mind listening to your reviews on the series you recommends because it allows me to appreciate the series more. I think one of my problems and nitpick with most slice-of-life series that i've watched is that they tend to dealt with things that i had already seen thousands of time and done significantly better in live tv adaption (asian shows - they all love their slice of life and drama) so that's the reason why i generally don't bother with them in anime unless it have some very peculiar storylines. How shall i put this? I usually enjoy shows that tends to be very different from the reality especially if it depicts characters and storyline in ways that i don't necessary relate to because i am the kind of person that like to experience and explore new things. You can say i'm an escapist. Henceforth the reason why i generally avoid slice-of-life series because they mostly dealt with things (friendship, coming of age, identity and dreams, social problems, etc.) that we have either seen or experience many times before. Unless i felt like watching/reading them all of a sudden. I tend to read manga series more often than anime when it comes slice-of-life because it's quicker and easier to read through the contents. I typically watch/read things depending on my mood. It's the same thing with me for romance, I don't generally like reading romance for the sake of romance because they always have the same kind of card-board story and the only thing that can make it more any more engaging and exciting to watch/read is the characters themselves.

dmrch | 08-30-14, 9:00 PM
> I was going to ask you a 'language' question about something from Glasslip episode 9,

I watched the newest three episodes of Glasslip today right now. Did you mean it was the moon, Natsume Soseki and "I love you"? Haha. To be honest, when Sachi introduced the book of Natsume Souseki to Hiro at the mail, I could realize there would be a love confession scene by it and the title. It was a bit cheap naming way of the title.

On the other hand, for me, these three episodes of Glasslip are hard to catch. I think Sachi wanted to tell her love to her most important persons, Touko and Hiro, before her death. Probably, her real idea will be revealed clearly in the next episode. After the conversation on the tel between Yuki and Yanagi, Yanagi's thought was not described clearly. I think it was 'too late' or 'I'm glad', or the both. Probably, it also will be revealed in the next. But...

But, I couldn't understand the meaning of the snowscape Touko saw. I don't know how to consider it, to begin with. Haha. Probably I have a mistake, but was it related to Yuki? --- ゆき / 雪 (snow) = Yukinari / 雪哉, means '(I/It) am/is snow' ---. If so, I think there would be a tiny possibility that what Touko can see is her unconscious emotion of the past. But yeah, I think deeply too much. What do you think about the scene?

Also, I couldn't catch the reason why Sachi introduced "Yume Juuya" of Natsume Soseki to Hiro. "Yume Juuya" is not the representative work. It is a really exceptional work among novels of Natsume. The common point between it and the other works is only that those were written in Japanese. Haha. In common sense, I feel Sachi's situation is more similar to "Kokoro" (and it is the representative novel of Natsume). The distinctive feature of Natsume's novels is, the feelings and the thoughts of the characters are described in ultra detailed. The plots ownself are nothing. The 80% of sentences in his novels is occupied by monologues of the characters. But "Yume Jyuuya" was not written by that style. And Glasslip takes obviously the style omitting many monologues of the characters. So, I think it was possibly something by intention of the scriptwriter. But I don't know if there is meaning more than it. And yeah, probably I'm overthinking it.

Rei7 | 08-29-14, 8:10 PM
Hey there. Do you have a blog mate? It's Rei from wanabrar ^^

Estherella | 08-29-14, 5:50 PM
Wow thanks so much for the recommendation :) I'll be sure to check it out. I've always been picky about slice of life series and watching barakamon made me realised that I could learn to appreciate the genre more by starting it out with country like type of anime. ;3

mora404 | 08-28-14, 6:58 PM
Ok I don't know what's more weird, the fact that they made a video of the girls wearing animal ears, or that you knew they made a video of girls wearing animal ears. ;)

mora404 | 08-28-14, 5:16 PM
Yeah I'm not a fan of Sachi, she acts like she is stringing Hiro along. Maybe she is sick and dying and wants to express her love to the two most important people in her life. You can tell that she loves Touko the most. Poor Hiro.

mora404 | 08-28-14, 4:33 PM
Did you tell your son that what girls do in anime (i.e. Wear animal ears) does not happen normally. And if it did they would have a hard time getting you out of the school. ;)

mora404 | 08-27-14, 3:02 PM
I get a feeling Hana with the flushed coloring is probably sick... If Naru doesn't get back into formation she might never try it again.

mora404 | 08-27-14, 3:00 PM
I finally got caught up with Ao Haru Ride. I drag my feet when it comes to watching this show. I am not liking it that much. I can't help but feel that Kou is playing with her. He has to know her feelings... she wouldn't follow anyone but him into an unsavory place. I can't help but feel she deserves better.

mora404 | 08-27-14, 2:35 PM
Hanayamata Episode 8

The crazy thing was that neither Naru or Tami are fat! They really had no reason to be upset... however it was a pretty accurate worry that girls/teens have.

I was surprised by the ending of the episode. I'm not sure exactly what is going on...

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