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09-07-12, 2:49 AM

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At the end of the eleventh volume of the novel, Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai novel was announced to be concluded in the next volume. The twelfth volume is expected to be released in the Spring of 2013.

Cover art of OreImo vol.11

The airing schedule for the second TV series Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. has not been announced yet.

Source: Scan of the 11th volume (spoiler if you can read Japanese.)
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09-07-12, 2:57 AM

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How much of the novel has been adapted so far?
09-07-12, 3:02 AM

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i was watching this anime, but i haven't read the novel
09-07-12, 3:17 AM

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fri said:
How much of the novel has been adapted so far?

The TV series covered vol.1-4 and the online episodes covered vol.5.
09-07-12, 3:17 AM

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I wonder if AIC can make OreImo Season 2 into having 26 episodes plus 4 ONAs to close it up?
09-07-12, 3:18 AM

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I want to read it but the translations arent that far yet :(
09-07-12, 3:31 AM

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need to read the LN asap

09-07-12, 4:04 AM

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09-07-12, 4:12 AM

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-Elektonix - Handsup/Eurodance/Dancecore Producer- -

09-07-12, 4:13 AM

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If Kirino doesn't win I'll merely be disappointed.

But if they're gonna pull some Non-Blood-Related shit again I'll be f**king pissed whether she wins or not.
09-07-12, 4:15 AM

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It makes sense assuming that the anime is airing next spring, since they could cover the entirety of what's left if they were so inclined.
09-07-12, 4:33 AM

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Can't wait for anime! Kuroneko x Kyousuke all the way :D
Cover of 11th volume is so cute!
09-07-12, 4:38 AM

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Taking into account that production for S2 is already underway and that the next volume won't come out until 2013 spring we aren't likely to get a conclusion in the visual media any time soon.

Anyway, still predicting a non-conclusive ending.

Kyousuke: Looks like I can't just leave you alone, can I Kirino?
Kirino: Eh?! B-baka aniki!


I'm still stuck at 150 kanjis so could someone please make a translation of that last page who doesn't care about being spoiled? In spoiler tags of course.
09-07-12, 4:47 AM

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Well.. I have been caught up till the latest chapter (disregarding the 11th one that just came out) by following the Light Novel chapter summaries.. Those are adequately detailed, if someone wants to give a try.

Just try googling it, with OreImo Light novel summaries.
09-07-12, 4:47 AM

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Yay! More of this otaku pandering shit needs to stop.
09-07-12, 6:04 AM

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oh good, 9 volumes are licensed here already
09-07-12, 6:19 AM

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Interesting! It'll be nice to see it end and hopefully it'll get an anime adaptation for the last volumes too. I don't care who "wins", as long as it's a good ride.
09-07-12, 6:21 AM

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Let's hope for a Kuroneko ending.
09-07-12, 6:43 AM

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I pray for the incest ending.
09-07-12, 6:59 AM

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Ayase or bust!

This topic has been locked and is no longer available for discussion.
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