We are a friendly club (or are we?), that greatly enjoys romance, but romance itself may sometimes seem lacking, so our club greatly enjoys varieties of romances that are made thanks to the different types of genres.

Lots of work in progress!!! (But in a very very..... slow manner)

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Anime Recommendations ( 1 2 )
33 replies by Azizuddin198 »»
03-16-14, 8:13 AM
Romance Anime/Latest Episode Discussion
1 replies by FatefulLove »»
01-12-14, 6:23 PM
Poll: Favourite Romance Anime of 2013
0 replies by FatefulLove »»
01-12-14, 4:47 PM
Poll: Favourite genre with romance
7 replies by RedPaintedRose »»
12-29-13, 12:58 PM

Club Comments
FatefulLove | 03-27-14, 1:46 PM
What are your guys thought of Chuunihyou Ren? Like many people I was disappointed with it too, but the amount of hate is somewhat surprising. At the ending

Nagi no Asukara is really good, it constantly makes the viewers want to watch the next episode, it is fairly unpredictable. Idk why but Nagi no Asukara feels really fresh.

My anime marathon for Golden Time is just around the corner!

DarcOrion215 | 02-22-14, 4:46 PM
Yo yo

DarcOrion215 | 10-30-13, 3:27 AM
Yep an I'm bedding on a good one

FatefulLove | 10-29-13, 5:48 PM
@DarcOrion215 Well I do love Nagi, I mean by episode 4 I have learned to love the characters even if they do stupid stuff, but it doesn't stop them from being adorable in their own way. For Nagi.... I can't wait to see the ending.

DarcOrion215 | 10-29-13, 1:32 AM
@fateful I agree with u but I really like the way Nagi has started love dat love triangle or quadruple or watever four pp love lol dats goin on

FatefulLove | 10-21-13, 8:18 PM
This seasons anime... it really has a large variety of anime, with tons of action, romance, comedy, or even harem/ ecchi. But I always feel that psychological anime gets the short end of the stick. I kinda feel for this season, there really isn't an anime (as of right now) that would be a "flagship" meaning that it would shine above all else. The romance of this season... Little Buster is pretty good, golden time seems to have a mysterious side to it, but than Nagi no Asukara.... I like the heroine yet I find her annoying at times, and with Nagi there is a huge chain of unrequited love, which kinda makes it hard to watch weekly, but it really does have nice drama, if it goes well Nagi no Asukara does has the potential to skyrocket its score! A bit lack of romance comedy though, maybe it is because last season rocked in that area.

DarcOrion215 | 09-24-13, 3:02 AM
Yep dats wat im hoping too ^_^

Haysti | 09-24-13, 2:08 AM
I might be wrong, but i think the manga is not so far ahead, so im pretty sure its going to take a looong time till the next series (if their will be one)
If they dont bring one, i hope they make an OVA for a happy ending

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