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Feb 3, 2008
Crystal (All reviews)
Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna can be almost what you would call reading 15 volumes of bliss. The mix of excellent artwork, a mind-boggling storyline, fascinating characters and plot twists that you would not have expected all work towards creating the dictionary definition of an 'enjoyable read'.
Spiral's storyline is one of the decisive elements that keep it apart from your usual run-of-the-mill manga. While it begins on a rather lackluster note, seemingly appearing to be a murder mystery, the plot quickly develops into one that leaves you with many questions asked, and begging for the answers to come quick. The mystery behind the existence of the read more
Dec 4, 2009
shyblueangel (All reviews)
This is my first review for one of my favorite manga, please cut me some slack guys. :D

Spiral Suiri no Kizuna has been an amazing read for me, in every way. There are very few lacking aspects in this manga. Upon finishing it, it left me both happy, sad, and thoughtful, which most mangas fail to do. If Spiral were a song, I'd say that it begins mysteriously and ends both beautifully and in a simple way.

The storyline is just very nice, very well-done. Kyo Shirodaira-sensei did a good job. Even though Spiral is an action and a mystery manga, there are many emotional aspects read more

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