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Sep 7, 2011
Dice (Manga) add
Preliminary (9/10 chp)
Shiina Ayumi was one of my favourite shoujo manga authors in the past. I no longer see any new releases from her which saddens me but at least I can re-read some of her manga and still enjoy it immensely. Dice is only 2 volumes, it's short but still really sweet so if you need a quick read I would recommend picking this up.

- Story -
Alright, I didn't expect a 2 volume manga to have any sort of story. I just expected a cute fairytale romance that would end even before I felt like it started. I was in for a small surprise. Dice plays ...
Jun 21, 2008
Ageha 100% (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (4/25 chp)
‘Mediocre’ shoujo at its best, Ageha 100% gives us nothing innovative, nor is the plot or characters anything for you to scream in ecstasy over.
The manga has (from up to the beginning of volume two) followed the same format of Ageha basically helping other girls get what they so desire through the use of beauty and makeup. Emphasising the importance of makeup in producing any average looking girl to become a beauty. From what I’ve read so far, ‘conflicts’ arise mainly due to disbelievers in the “Legend of Ageha”, and imitators of Ageha’s work. While these conflicts serve to extend the storyline, and perhaps ...
Jun 10, 2008
Mawang Ilgi (Manga) add
Initially bursting with potential, Demon Diary appears to be the result of what happens when writers are changed during the progression of the story, when plot line sort of either disappears or emerges to have as much sense as a can of beans.
Likely to be this manga’s weakest link, Demon Diary begins with a simple plotline of Raenef’s education to become Demon Lord. Slowly, characters are introduced and relationships are established. This all turns to hell halfway through when ‘revelations’ are made which are about as believable as claiming that pigs could fly. The change in authors appeared to have resulted in a plot that ...
Feb 3, 2008
Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna can be almost what you would call reading 15 volumes of bliss. The mix of excellent artwork, a mind-boggling storyline, fascinating characters and plot twists that you would not have expected all work towards creating the dictionary definition of an 'enjoyable read'.
Spiral's storyline is one of the decisive elements that keep it apart from your usual run-of-the-mill manga. While it begins on a rather lackluster note, seemingly appearing to be a murder mystery, the plot quickly develops into one that leaves you with many questions asked, and begging for the answers to come quick. The mystery behind the existence of the ...
Jan 28, 2007
Mixed Feelings
A mahou shoujo show, a genre that might interest some, and chase off pretty much everyone else. KKJ might not give us any new spins in this highly niche genre, we can't help but love it anyway?

KKJ doesn't exactly provide anything ground breaking story-wise. It's standard mahou shoujo material. Like many other thieves you may find in other anime, Jeanne oddly enough tells the police beforehand she actually plans to steal something, and magically completes her missions successfully, foiling the police each time. While there is an obvious plotline, majority of the anime is fairly episodic. It follows a monster of the week pattern, so ...
Dec 20, 2006
Tantei Gakuen Q is pretty much just another detective show with fairly interesting mysteries for all the detective addicts to get high on. Based on the manga by Seimaru Amagi and Fumiya Satou, Tantei Gakuen Q is about the young Kyuu, who is talented at deduction and reasoning. He eventually enrolls into the famed Dan Detective School, a specialist school that train students into detectives. He befriends a number of the other students in the school, each with their own specific talents. Together their group tackles a number of mysteries and crimes that occur.

Tantei Gakuen Q is episodic, with each episode mostly focusing on different ...
Nov 10, 2006
Kare Kano was a romance anime that could have become incredibly great, if it had the proper budget and ideas from the producer to actually complete the show properly. Unfortunately the stale ending that Kare Kano ended on left myself and I’m sure many other fans in frustration. Based on the popular shoujo manga by Masami Tsuda, Kare Kano is about the blossoming love between two high school students who lived a life of lies, pretending to be the perfect person for their own reasons. Being able to truthfully open up to each other, their initial friendship turns to love. Sadly, life isn’t so easy ...
Nov 8, 2006
Utawarerumono (Anime) add
Utawarerumono manages to be one of those harem animes that anyone can possibly find enjoyable, even if they don't particularly like the concept of harems. Based on the ero-game with the same title, Utawarerumono focuses on an amnesiac man who is found critically injured in a rural village. With the kindness of the villagers, he recovers and spends his days peacefully with them. However, the peaceful times quickly end with a heart shattering event that throws the man and his fellow villagers into a life of war.

The story in Utawarerumono is somewhat simplistic at first, with a majority of the anime following a simple formula ...

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