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bluemountain Apr 19, 6:02 AM
The horse anime isn't half bad actually.

Ooh Valkyria. That game singlehandedly turned me into an otaku haha. I haven't played it since the PS3 version but I remember the Hard-Ex missions were very annoying to S-rank. I was planning to resume Persona 5 this weekend but I also want to play the new Yakuza and finish some VNs. I wish I could just go full NEET for a month >_>

Ayaneru was doing a Netflix event with Suzaki Aya. I was walking by and didn't know why there was such a big crowd, then I saw who were on stage and nearly sprained my leg in shock.

Oh yeah they took that cast photo at the P5 stage event. I was sitting near one of the corners but the photo's low res so I can't be seen :P They were joking about how difficult it was to schedule all the big names to come into the studio at the same time. The producer was like, "give me a break, Atlus!"

All of the FGO events at Anime Japan were fully packed. People were lining up around the booth just to listen to the OST!

If you get the chance you should see the sakura at the garden in Kanazawa. It's not as busy as the one in Shinjuku and you can take lots of great photos. Autumn leaves are my next goal too, maybe next year in Hokkaido if it's not too cold. I wish I had friends to take me around town haha. Your friends probably know all the cool non-touristy places. There are all kinds of collabs going on at random times so you really have to keep an eye out on Japanese twitter. I wandered into a Tokyu Hands/iM@s collab completely by chance in Osaka.

I made some comparison shots of the ramen. The attention to detail is really something:!AkQU_YkLT-QwgZ0Qin2Aq2VwSn9u4g!AkQU_YkLT-QwgZ0OlWN4wBYL9o7wSQ
bluemountain Apr 10, 4:36 AM
Cygames is pretty much responsible for my mobile addiction, so yeah I hate them even as I look forward to the UmaMusu game. Are you playing anything else besides FGO?

AJ was crazy huge! I was darting back and forth between 2 halls trying to catch all the good stuff. Touyama Nao and Sakura Ayane drew big crowds for their events. Naobou and Yuuki Aoi were very cute. Sugita dressed like a homeless man haha. I saw about 25 seiyuu including the P5 cast but somehow missed Takahashi Rie :(

The sakura season somehow matched my trip perfectly so I got to see lots of it. I also went to a few of the ramen shops from the Koizumi-san anime. Tori paitan was so good. Have you planned your next trip?

The best I can say for episode 1 is that it wasn't as bad as P4's first, but the pacing feels really off. Can't be helped, I guess.
bluemountain Mar 21, 3:15 AM
Yeah GW is the reason I quit, gives me the shivers just thinking about it. I'll probably log back in for the Persona 5 collab and then never again. PriConne is actually by the same developer, it's fun but they introduced clan PvP today. If it becomes another GW I'm out lol.

The P5 OVA doesn't give me a lot of hope for the TV series. At least it'll be a fun trainwreck ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
bluemountain Mar 14, 2:23 AM
Yeah I wanted to see Asaka (love the song and show!) but it's at a different venue apparently.

I still haven't finished P5 orz I felt like I didn't play many games last year, then I realised it was because of GBF. So I quit that, but now I'm playing PriConne. I think I'm just addicted to mobile games. Anyway, I'll try to finish P5 before the anime overtakes me haha.
bluemountain Mar 11, 4:43 AM
First ever anime event. Gonna buy lots of merch and try to catch a glimpse of all the seiyuu. I won the lottery for the Persona 5 stage event, so maybe I'll see FukuJun and co :P
bluemountain Mar 10, 5:31 AM

Thanks, yeah I'm going around Easter. Got tickets for AnimeJapan too.

BTW, Taneda appeared on stage today!
bluemountain Oct 25, 2017 5:05 AM
She's recorded some lines for a couple of mobages (Princess Connect Re:Dive & Kirara Fantasia) since coming back. I think game work is easier on her health as she can sort of work at her own pace compared to anime.

Been pretty busy at work and Granblue Fantasy has monopolised what little free time I have, so my anime backlog is massive orz How are you? Still playing FGO?
bluemountain Oct 21, 2017 11:55 PM
So happy. Gonna buy the first (good) show she stars in!

Her blog post was really sweet:

(Sorry for late reply, I never check my comments.)
hannah703 Oct 1, 2017 5:04 AM
You're welcome nice to meet you too:)
kawaii-mio Aug 26, 2017 6:12 PM

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Padgit Apr 28, 2017 2:30 AM
Thank you for accepting my friend request, it's nice to meet you
Yare-Yare Mar 20, 2017 4:49 PM
maybe my account is just playing funny buggers then
Yare-Yare Mar 7, 2017 4:59 PM
Odd question. but are all shinkais works still in you list? I just noticed today that none of his were in mine. lol had to re add them all
Yare-Yare Oct 18, 2016 5:05 PM
I think it only updates every couple days. or so that what ive come to believe as the numbers never seem to move lol
Yare-Yare Oct 15, 2016 8:04 AM
looks like you hit that 400