Dec 4, 2009
This is my first review for one of my favorite manga, please cut me some slack guys. :D

Spiral Suiri no Kizuna has been an amazing read for me, in every way. There are very few lacking aspects in this manga. Upon finishing it, it left me both happy, sad, and thoughtful, which most mangas fail to do. If Spiral were a song, I'd say that it begins mysteriously and ends both beautifully and in a simple way.

The storyline is just very nice, very well-done. Kyo Shirodaira-sensei did a good job. Even though Spiral is an action and a mystery manga, there are many emotional aspects to the plot as well. It has a good amount of suspense and tension, but not a ridiculous amount that makes your brain freeze up, just enough to keep you on the seat. In addition, the many tiny comic relief moments are very well placed, so Spiral, with all its darkness, is still rather light, but not inappropriately so. But, the most outstanding aspect to me was that between all the action and humor, we have many of those...I can't even describe it, but, BEAUTIFUL delicate moments that touch your heart. The only complaint I have is the beginning, which implies that Spiral is going to a manga that is just about a bunch of random murders and Ayumu catching the culprit (FYI, the actual story is NOTHING like that). However, the seemingly random murders in the beginning does indeed play its own role in the main storyline. Also, the ending, though beautiful, leaves you hanging which can annoy some people. For Story, a Solid 9.

The art is up to par. I love Eita Mizuno's style and I wish that he would do the artwork for some other manga as well since I just fell in love with his art. Everything is water-colored and the drawings are always very nice. I bought one of the Spiral Artbooks (which was quite expensive costing 40 bucks) and it was well worth it. The art in the actual black-and-white manga is also gorgeous. Like the story, however, the art is a bit messy at the beginning. And enjoyable aspect to me as an artist was seeing Mizuno's work develope thoughout the chapters. The characters in the end look a little different, but not so different that you don't know who is who. For instance, Eye's hair becomes more and more wispy thoughout the book. The art is a bit shoujo-like and is run amock with cute girls and hot guys (eye candy!) which I enjoyed. The art isn't typical shounen, however. And some shounen readers maybe a bit upset about that. The characters all have their unique style of clothes and are very attractive and colorful. For art, also, a perfect 10.

This was a major defining factor in Spiral. All of the characters are very likeable and, thanks to the art, attractive. The wide cast of characters was a plus, but some character "types" get copied a bit. But that's perfectly fine since most of the "copies" still retain their own personality and that makes the cast more realistic since its only natural that someone will have a similiar personality to another. There is no good or evil in Spiral. All of the character have goodness and darkness in their personality, which makes them more human to the audience. Another 10.

Spiral is a very enjoyable read. The suspense and tension mixed with comedy and the nice scenes and both the physical and mental battles all add to the enjoyment. Sometimes, the individual manga books (translated by yen press) and reading them book at a time can seem...lacking. But the story as a whole is amazing. The mysteries can be vexing, and this manga is chock-full of WTF moments, but to me, that just adds to experience.

Spiral was an amazing manga. It made me laugh and cry and could really bring out my emotions. In most manga, I end up going like "awww, that's so cute" or "oh, that's too bad", but Spiral actually got me smiling, like, physically, and crying, as in, tears actually running down my face. I would always impatiently think "oh god, what on earth is going to happen". The art is great and the cast is such an easy one for audiences to fall in love with (and when I say cast, I mean EVERYONE, not just a few characters here and there). Spiral has it moments of comedy, action, mystery, foreboding, comedy, and even some romance that makes you smile.

Spiral gets a 9 in Story. A 10 for Art, Character, Enjoyment, AND OVERALL. It expands over many genres. Whether you be a mystery lover, a romance lover, an action lover, or even a sci-fi/fantasy lover, you're sure to fall in love. There are also a few biblical references in the book that spices things up. Highly recommended for just about anyone out there that love manga.

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Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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