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Nice shoujo mangas that don't deserve be reread

Feb 20 2024, 4:20 PM | Updated Mar 4, 2:17 PM
This is a list of "nice" shoujo mangas that I don't think they're good enough to deserve to be read a second time.
Some are very obvious but are enough entertaining if you are looking for a light read.
Strobe Edge
Manga, 10 vol, 2007 Me:- Author:6
The first few chapters of Strobe Edge have a sense of humor typical of early 2000s shoujo mangas, which may not appeal to modern readers.
The further the story goes, the more these comic devices disappear and so the plot becomes a little more serious, focusing on the resolution of some love triangles between the main characters.
The main couple is made up of the typical most popular boy in school with a taciturn and mysterious attitude and the little energic girl inexperienced in love with an crybaby actitude and a pure heart.
As characters they are quite boring and personally I wasn't very interested in their love story, but I found the supporting and some secondary characters and their love affairs quite interesting to read.
It's a shame that they are often left in the background for most of the story.
I recommend it to those who are really young and who have little experience with reading shoujo manga.
Kamibukuro-kun wa Koishiteru
Manga, 2 vol, 2020 Me:- Author:7
I started this manga thinking it was a shoujo parody manga, but instead I was pleasantly surprised by a sweet romantic story.
Don't be fooled by the hilarity of the male protagonist wearing a paper bag on his head, there is a reason behind this bizarre custom.
The male protagonist of this story is the real gem of this manga. Trust me, you'll love he after just a few pages!

I recommend it to anyone looking for something sweet, romantic and relaxing to read.

Shinshi Doumei Cross

The Gentleman's Alliance Cross

Shinshi Doumei Cross
Manga, 11 vol, 2004 Me:- Author:7
Shinobi Life
Manga, 13 vol, 2006 Me:- Author:6

Hakushaku to Yousei

The Earl & the Fairy

Hakushaku to Yousei
Manga, 4 vol, 2008 Me:- Author:6
Manga, 17 vol, 2011 Me:- Author:7
Many people love this manga but I have to say that I found it quite boring to read after that the two main characters became a couple.
However, I really liked the first chapters.
I recommend it only if you want to read something to pass the time but really,I advise you don't marathoning many chapters or you will end up bored.

Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku

Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
Manga, 11 vol, 2015 Me:- Author:7
It's a nice manga, but just like Horimiya it has the flaw of not having a plot.
If you're looking for something nice in self contained episodes, just to relax you and pass the time, it could be for you.
Again, I advise don't reading too many chapters at once or it might end up boring you.

Neko to Kiss

A Kiss with a Cat

Neko to Kiss
Manga, 6 vol, 2020 Me:- Author:5
It's a bit strange but also nice story to read to pass the time.
I wouldn't reread it because it seemed a bit banal to me and the fact that some characters transformed from animals to humans (and vice versa) through kisses didn't really appeal to me (in fact, it disgusted me a bit).
To some, however, this expedient might seem cute and original.
For better or worse the story entertains from the first to the last chapter.
Sensei Kunshu
Manga, 13 vol, 2013 Me:- Author:4
Ok,I admit it. Even though I struggled to read it until the last chapter, this is one of the mangas that I would gladly reread in the future.
The protagonist is completely stupid. It's clearly a parody of shoujo mangas (at least I hope so).
Fukumenkei Noise
Manga, 18 vol, 2013 Me:- Author:6
If you are very young you might really like this genre of manga. Otherwise it could bore you and make you roll your eyes a lot due to the immature way of reasoning and acting of the main characters.
Shiryoku Kensa
Manga, 3 vol, 2013 Me:- Author:7
I recommend this manga to those who are fans of the song with the same name by the Vocaloid GUMI and to those who are professor x student manga fans.
Otherwise I warn you, the characters think and do rather stupid things to advance the plot, and in the end the comic ends leaving many plot holes.
Plus the character development is quite embarrassing.

Sakura-hime Kaden

Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura

Sakura-hime Kaden
Manga, 12 vol, 2008 Me:- Author:6
Shugo Chara!
Manga, 12 vol, 2005 Me:- Author:6
Tensei Ningyohime wa Awa ni Natte Kietakunai
Manga, ? vol, 2021 Me:- Author:6
If you like parody stories this manga might be for you.
We have a woman reincarnated in the character of Handersen's little mermaid, who loves to sing enka.
The protagonist is a completely dumb and has the goal of having sex at least once with the prince to avoid becoming sea foam.
It's just two chapters of pure hilarity. It's not something that deserves to be read a second time but I definitely think it's something so absurd that it deserves to be read at least once in a lifetime.
A special mention goes to the protagonist's mermaid sisters, who are each the exact copy of the other and even the protagonist points it out to us hahaha

Mikansei Lovers

Incomplete Lovers

Mikansei Lovers
Manga, 3 vol, 2014 Me:- Author:5
The characters in Mikansei Lovers are not very developed (for example the professor is practically a cameo) but despite this I found them cute.
I don't really agree with the relationship between the two protagonists, given that the male protagonist is still a middle school student while the female protagonist is studying to enter university, however I have to admit that as adults I'm not disgusted that they stayed together.
I recommend this manga to anyone who is still new to shoujo manga because it's a nice and short read, but nothing special.
I don't think it's worth rereading it a second time, even if you're feeling nostalgic.
Namida Usagi: Seifuku no Kataomoi
Manga, 10 vol, 2009 Me:- Author:5
I recommend this manga ONLY to those who are VERY YOUNG (this fact mostly due to the immaturity of the dialogues and actions of the main and non-main characters) and who have LITTLE EXPERIENCE reading shoujo manga.
It's not the best shoujo manga you'll find around, but if you're new to it and if you are looking for a nice romantic light read, this shoujo manga will probably be right for you.

However, if I can be honest, I recommend you to read Ao Haru Ride instead of Namida Usagi (or read both) since Ao Haru Ride, if it were focused on photography, would objectively be the improved version of this shoujo manga.

An honorable mention goes to the protagonist's best friend and her boyfriend, who are the stupidest and most insufferable supporting characters I've ever found in a shoujo manga.

Uruwashi no Yoi no Tsuki

In the Clear Moonlit Dusk

Uruwashi no Yoi no Tsuki
Manga, ? vol, 2020 Me:- Author:6
The main couple in this shoujo manga is made up of a popular, handsome, rich, playboish boy with a lot of experience in romantic relationships and an androgynous, serious girl with a cold and reserved but at the same time sweet attitude, who is completely inexperienced about love relationships.
She is also famous among the girls in her high school who call her "prince".
She is quite insecure as no boy before him ever shown interest in her as a girl given her androgynous appearance.
The real flaw of this manga is that there is no plot but rather a succession of somewhat random events, and the fact that the main characters are quite bland and, in my opinion, they have also little chemistry between them.
Even the secondaries characters aren't noteworthy.
Here you'll just find the female protagonist have many doubts about her relationship with the male protagonist, and the main couple going on standard romantic dates or experiencing the typicals shoujo mangas romantic events to try to transform their romantic relationship, which arises from a "contract" between the two, in a real romantic relationship.
In short, nothing special.
The only strong point, in my opinion, are the drawings.

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