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Sep 26 2022, 8:54 AM | Updated Yesterday, 4:06 PM
These pieces have a harmony, uniqueness or just an x-factor to their overall aesthetic presence.

This is not to be confused with animation though, while the two intersect, if something is interesting only for its animation quality, hopefully it's not here.
Dragon's Heaven
OVA, 1988, 1 ep Me:- Author:7
mecha meets Moebius. Amazing.

Kanashimi no Belladonna

Belladonna of Sadness

Kanashimi no Belladonna
Movie, 1973, 1 ep Me:- Author:8
the most visually arresting anime from the 70s, water coloring used to disturb
TV, 2008, 12 eps Me:- Author:6
arguably Yuasa's most distinct looking work, and that's saying something

Kaguya-hime no Monogatari

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

Kaguya-hime no Monogatari
Movie, 2013, 1 ep Me:- Author:10
water color Ghibli, enjoy
OVA, 1984, 1 ep Me:- Author:6
some very interesting moments where music takes over and it's just vibes and speed. Character designs are great and mechanical design is done by Makoto Kobayashi.
Tenshi no Tamago
OVA, 1985, 1 ep Me:- Author:6
visceral and haunting, Yoshitaka Amano's influence is greatest in this film.
Mob Psycho 100
TV, 2016, 12 eps Me:- Author:10
because Mob was directly translated from ONE's (the mangaka) webcomic, Mob has a fluidity and freedom to it that OPM S1 doesn't even have.
Serial Experiments Lain
TV, 1998, 13 eps Me:- Author:6

Vampire Hunter D (2000)

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Vampire Hunter D (2000)
Movie, 2000, 1 ep Me:- Author:10
clean and quiet. Yoshitaka Amano provided D's design and then team worked around that design for a lot else.

Kaze no Tani no Nausica├Ą

Nausica├Ą of the Valley of the Wind

Kaze no Tani no Nausica├Ą
Movie, 1984, 1 ep Me:- Author:10
personally my favorite aesthetic from Miyazaki, feels timeless but sharp and imaginative. "Dune" has been cited to be as a partial inspiration.
Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion
Movie, 1997, 1 ep Me:- Author:7
a visceral experience
Gake no Ue no Ponyo
Movie, 2008, 1 ep Me:- Author:8
crayon Ghibli!
Mind Game
Movie, 2004, 1 ep Me:- Author:10
interesting because this film looks different during the different arcs within it. And that's just the tip of Yuasa's acid trip of a movie.
Ping Pong the Animation
TV, 2014, 11 eps Me:- Author:9
Yuasa's aesthetic molds perfectly with the offbeat emotional and kinetic story of Ping Pong. And the manga paneling is different and works very well.

Koukaku Kidoutai

Ghost in the Shell

Koukaku Kidoutai
Movie, 1995, 1 ep Me:- Author:9
clean and dreary, cyberpunk world building through atmosphere at its finest.
Movie, 2001, 1 ep Me:- Author:7
Some of the best backgrounds in the business. There's a great sense of verticality to this film.

Additionally 3D here looks incredibly intriguing despite being made in 2001.

Kotonoha no Niwa

The Garden of Words

Kotonoha no Niwa
Movie, 2013, 1 ep Me:- Author:10
Still Shinkai's magnum opus in terms of aesthetic believability. Rotoscoping used here is insane. (Weathering With You, could be watched as well)
Tekkon Kinkreet
Movie, 2006, 1 ep Me:- Author:8
Without a doubt, one of the most french looking anime's out there with a 10/10 OST by Plaid. Treasure Town is textured and alive.
Little Witch Academia
Movie, 2013, 1 ep Me:- Author:9
clean character designs that pop with a bright color palette and brought to life with masterful animation
Genius Party
Movie, 2007, 7 eps Me:- Author:7
Yuasa's short here is memorizing, and there's so much.
TV, 2014, 13 eps Me:- Author:7
Animation and style are incredible, most episodes are aesthetically different. Almost like an anthology with a continued story.

(S2 is more of the same if not better)
Movie, 2018, 1 ep Me:- Author:6
more of a western aesthetic, very different than your usual affair.

Arete Hime

Princess Arete

Arete Hime
Movie, 2001, 1 ep Me:- Author:6
Absolutely classic and slow feeling to this 2001 movie.
Cowboy Bebop
TV, 1998, 26 eps Me:- Author:-
Western, jazz, noir, vibes

Kaijuu no Kodomo

Children of the Sea

Kaijuu no Kodomo
Movie, 2019, 1 ep Me:- Author:6
retains its manga DNA giving a unique vibe, additionally the end gets exploratory

Ouritsu Uchuugun: Honneamise no Tsubasa

Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise

Ouritsu Uchuugun: Honneamise no Tsubasa
Movie, 1987, 1 ep Me:- Author:6
1987 Gainax is dumb good looking.
TV, 2011, 13 eps Me:- Author:8
ufotable, has a clean modern aesthetic that is strapped down with great animation and effects. (S2 as well)

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