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Jul 18 2022, 12:50 PM | Updated Aug 4, 2022 4:57 PM
These are all Joesei manga that I’ve found interesting! It’s all manga, there aren’t any manhua or manhwa in here at all. Remember, Josei is a demographic so while there are a lot of heterosexual romance manga in here there’s also Boy’s Love, mystery, action, thriller, isekai, and etc. I hope you find a new manga to enjoy!

Hikari to Tomo ni...: Jiheishouji wo Kakaete

With the Light: Raising an Autistic Child

Hikari to Tomo ni...: Jiheishouji wo Kakaete
Manga, 15 vol, 2000 Me:- Author:-
As a person who is autistic and has autistic family members, this is a very tasteful and beautiful manga. It’s in the perspective of a woman with an autistic child and reading through her perspective is a very emotional experience. This manga is a very investing work and deserves to be experienced by as many people as possible.
Manga, 1 vol, 2010 Me:- Author:-
This is a Josei BL manga that is very emotional and dramatic. It’s very short but it’s a very unique experience for sure! I mean you can look at the cover and tell it’s a bit special. It’s definitely good though if you’re interested in BL so check it out.
Midnight Secretary
Manga, 7 vol, 2006 Me:- Author:8
I love all of this mangaka’s work but this is by far my favorite of hers. I love the two main characters and the way that they interact with one another. It’s a hot romantic series and it keeps you invested with every page turn. It’s a romance story that sweeps you off your feet.

Game: Suit no Sukima

Game: Between the Suits

Game: Suit no Sukima
Manga, ? vol, 2015 Me:- Author:-
This is a sexy and funny series with two amazing main characters. I love this series. It has great banter and watching these to fight gives me a kick. It can be emotional at times too, it’s the full package.
Hapi Mari: Happy Marriage!?
Manga, 10 vol, 2009 Me:- Author:-
This story can be pretty frustrating because it’s so good and the characters make you feel so many different emotions. It’s dramatic and intense and it’s a really good series.
Totsuzen desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu
Manga, 9 vol, 2014 Me:- Author:8

Mangaka to Yakuza

The Artist and the Beast

Mangaka to Yakuza
Manga, 5 vol, 2015 Me:- Author:-
Haru no Noroi
Manga, 2 vol, 2015 Me:- Author:-
Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori
Manga, 28 vol, 1995 Me:- Author:10
Perfect Crime
Manga, 10 vol, 2016 Me:- Author:-
Koi to Dangan
Manga, 12 vol, 2018 Me:- Author:-

Ousama ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi

The Third Finger offered to a King

Ousama ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi
Manga, 8 vol, 2014 Me:- Author:-
Majo no Biyaku
Manga, 5 vol, 2011 Me:- Author:8

Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Dokomademo

An Incurable Case of Love

Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Dokomademo
Manga, 7 vol, 2016 Me:- Author:-
Manga, 15 vol, 1999 Me:- Author:9

Konyaku Haki ga Mokuhyou desu!

I'm Calling Off This Engagement!

Konyaku Haki ga Mokuhyou desu!
Manga, ? vol, 2020 Me:- Author:-
Herscherik: Tensei Ouji no Eiyuutan
Manga, 2 vol, 2018 Me:- Author:-
Barairo My Honey
Manga, 3 vol, 2005 Me:- Author:7
Anata ni Hana wo Sasagemashou
Manga, 4 vol, 2009 Me:- Author:7
Private Prince
Manga, 5 vol, 2005 Me:- Author:-
SP x Baby
Manga, 2 vol, 2014 Me:- Author:-
Manga, 5 vol, 2002 Me:- Author:-
Love Cruise
Manga, 1 vol, 2009 Me:- Author:7
Manga, 9 vol, 1997 Me:- Author:8
Saiyuuki Reload
Manga, 10 vol, 2002 Me:- Author:8
Saiyuuki Gaiden
Manga, 4 vol, 1999 Me:- Author:8
Saiyuuki Reload Blast
Manga, ? vol, 2009 Me:- Author:-

Chou yo Hana yo

Butterflies, Flowers

Chou yo Hana yo
Manga, 8 vol, 2005 Me:- Author:-
Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai
Manga, 10 vol, 2013 Me:- Author:-

Hirano to Kagiura

Hirano and Kagiura

Hirano to Kagiura
Manga, ? vol, 2019 Me:- Author:-
Kindan no Koi de Ikou
Manga, 10 vol, 2001 Me:- Author:8
Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou
Manga, 1 vol, 2000 Me:- Author:7


Bibliophile Princess

Manga, ? vol, 2018 Me:- Author:-
Mitsuyokon: Tsukumogami no Yomegoryou
Manga, 8 vol, 2015 Me:- Author:8
Renai Metro
Manga, 3 vol, 2013 Me:- Author:-

Kono Otoko wa Jinsei Saidai no Ayamachi desu

This Guy Is The Biggest Mistake in My Life

Kono Otoko wa Jinsei Saidai no Ayamachi desu
Manga, ? vol, 2017 Me:- Author:-
Deep Kiss
Manga, 1 vol, 2005 Me:- Author:-

Marielle Clarac no Konyaku

The Engagement of Marielle Clarac

Marielle Clarac no Konyaku
Manga, ? vol, 2018 Me:- Author:-

Sensei mo Net Sedai

The Net Generation Teacher

Sensei mo Net Sedai
Manga, ? vol, 2018 Me:- Author:-
Manga, 3 vol, 2018 Me:- Author:-
Yougisha α to Keiji Ω: Zettai ni Aishite wa Ikenai Unmei no Tsugai
Manga, 2 vol, 2020 Me:- Author:-

Daija ni Totsuida Musume

The Great Snake's Bride

Daija ni Totsuida Musume
Manga, ? vol, 2021 Me:- Author:-

Samezoku e no Sasagemono

Sacrificed to the Shark Clan

Samezoku e no Sasagemono
Manga, 1 vol, 2021 Me:- Author:-
Gokukon: Chou Dekiai Yakuza to Keiyaku Kekkon!?
Manga, ? vol, 2020 Me:- Author:-
Shirogane no Ou
Manga, 1 vol, 2007 Me:- Author:-
Shirogane no Ou: Fenrir Craft
Manga, 2 vol, 2009 Me:- Author:-
Tenohira Size.
Manga, 1 vol, 2009 Me:- Author:-
Acid Town
Manga, ? vol, 2008 Me:- Author:-
Mahoutsukai no Neko
Manga, 5 vol, 2009 Me:- Author:-

Mouken Darling to Donkan-chan

Little Miss Oblivious and her Savage Darling

Mouken Darling to Donkan-chan
Manga, 2 vol, 2016 Me:- Author:-

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