Nov 6, 2018
Jio_Inzagi (All reviews)
Tensei Slime is THE isekai of the season, with a great first episode, it presented a relatable main character and how he ended up getting into another world but in a slime's body, all of this on a great animation budget and a good background music. I personally enjoyed it very much. The plot itself wraps p pretty originally and in a good way it connects up beetween events, in a not-rshed pace everything gets developed in a way that you get to really like most of its characters.
Rimuru himself is the star of the show, this cool slime fella is imensely cool, cute and pretty likeable, he is a good guy, everyone in the anime likes him, everyone watching the anime likes him, he's the kind ideal protagonist a show should have, and most of all, he's original, I mean, when did you see a talking genious magician slime before? I say, never! He being a slime is the main reason everyone likes him, he's jsut original, if he was a simple teenager japanese boy, it wouldn't be the same thing.
Most of the sub-characters are great, we get to know the goblins(which in this anime are good, as opposed to the goblins in a certain other anime), they're carismatic, they're likeable. Same thing can be said about the wolves, tough less carismatic, the leader of the bunch is pretty cool.
Animation-wise this anime is great, I simply love the opening theme's animation, it's really well done, as well as the general animation, nothing feels bad or rushed in it.
OST, except for the great OP theme I don't think there's something really great about it, quite forgetable I must say :/

And that's about it, a more great than good story, a outstanding art, a ok music, a great character and of course I had a outstanding enjoyment.
Overall a great show with imense potential.