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Nov 6, 2018
Tensei Slime is THE isekai of the season, with a great first episode, it presented a relatable main character and how he ended up getting into another world but in a slime's body, all of this on a great animation budget and a good background music. I personally enjoyed it very much. The plot itself wraps p pretty originally and in a good way it connects up beetween events, in a not-rshed pace everything gets developed in a way that you get to really like most of its characters.
Rimuru himself is the star of the show, this cool slime fella is imensely cool, cute and read more
Mar 29, 2018
Death March to a Parallel World Rapsody is very refreshing and relaxing anime, it's not great desconstructor like Konosuba or Rezero was, but it did well on what it tried to do and that is, nothing. Yes, you did not read wrong, this anime is a very simple Slice of Life on a parallel world, nothing more, nothing less. At the start of the anime, you see a little of Satou's past life, as a proggramer, to me that was actually very important and fresh, because I always found myself asking: "what the hell Kazuma or Subaru did on their past lives". It's just something read more
Sep 15, 2017
This is my favorite series of all time(anime+novel), so maybe some parts may be just me. Okay let's start, this anime has been adapted from the Light Novel by the same name written by Shimizu Yuu, it has that cliche feel to it at the start but the story only gets better as it goes on, unlike most other harem series(zero no tsukaima, I'm talking to you), what I mean is that while this does not have that unique setting that most people want, there's actually a very big world built and it's very well used as the story goes on.

Now let's talk about read more
Apr 5, 2017
I watched this anime because my sister forced me to.
I found the story interesting at first, but it disapointed me, it had everything to be an amazing anime, but because of it's poor storytelling, organization and logic, it had me feel sad.
I don't know why it has SO MANY fans.
Maybe cuz Kirito is OP and everyone wants to be like him, oh my god.
I liked the opening and even downloaded it's mp3 to my cellphone, the art was cool and well drawn as well.
Characters are bland without personality, expecially the protagonist, Kirito, I think even Klein would be a better protagonist, because at least, Klein read more