May 16, 2018
Karhu (All reviews)
Steins Gate 0 is a story about Okabe losing Kurisutina and falling into depression because now his harem is incomplete. Not awesome. With the power of epic deus ex machina writing stuff, person close to Kurisutina puls a random personality capturing device out of her butt and a trip towards harem restoration begins. Awesome.

The writing is a mess. A total clash of random ideas. The amount of different plot elements from asspullery science-save-us-all devices to reading steiner super powers inserted inside slice of life harem settings about.... depression, is absurd. It mainly reminds me of the chaos that Code Geass R2 was. Inb4 who was riding the time machine? Predicting it.

When it comes to the build-up, last time White Fox did an impressive job by fooling people into thinking that the show isn't good. Steins Gate generating mean score close to 7.00 during its first episodes. With Steins Gate 0, they did the opposite by fooling people into thinking that this series is good. Advanced trolling. gg I guess.

Surely an anime with generic and weak story can be still good if a) the characters are amazing b) the overall execution as a whole is truly unique and impressive.

Okabe became depressed so he would look the exact same as during Mayushii rescue arc. Tutturuus are starting to feel old. Suzuha is still a whine with fabulous hair. Nyan nyan terrible excuse for a fanservice animal girl. I am still not sure if Rukako has a dick or not, but hey token traps for men of culture, amirite? Maho is just a midget with long hair. At least she doesn't have to claim she is ACHUAYLLY 700 years-old vampire in 7 yo girls body. My morals thank thee. Kurisutina is there only to insert one of each archetype into the harem mix. Daru still speaks like he is mentally handicapped... Some people call this series a masterpiece for its characters, by the way... They are just really dull and boring. Even the girls in 'White Album' had more characteristics.

When it comes to the overall execution, basically this is just a parody series which doens't recognize itself as one. Even 'Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu' was more self-aware. Okabe's traumas are handled super poorly and in a manner much worse than in 'Mahou Shoujo Site' which is another "dark" series from current season. Whenever Moeka appears and the 3 seconds long dramatic tension BGM starts playing while Okabe looks like he will get a panic attack, I bury myself in double facepalm. And whenever our characters speak of building a new machine it mainly reminds me of 'Galilei Donna' where 6 years-old kid "build" a huge, advanced airship in a day. Steins Gate is exactly as convincing for that matter. I have yet to meet a person who gets fooled by the thriller side of this show. Super cheap shit-is-getting-real running scenes which end with comedic reliefs... It's almost nauseating. And when they threw that amnesia/memory loss cliche I had no choice but to pause the stream for 5 minutes and think if the writing can even go more ridiculous than this. It's not really even funny, just sad.

The songs are inferior to the 2011 anime. I must have listened Hacking the Gate for something like 2036 years. This time there is no note-worthy songs outside the OP and ED. Especially the supposedly emotional piano songs used in supposedly emotional scenes are just awful. Practically all the rest is elevator music... if there even is any. There almost never is any music playing or if it plays, it plays super quiet and doesn't typically even sound like music. Mainly remind me of the PS3 menu sounds. The voice acting is identical. Of course there are some awkward engrish and wapanese scenes this time which could as well not be there. The art is the same, nothing to complain about that one. At least one thing which I don't have to get annoyed by...

Based to the first 6 episodes, this has the potential to be the worst anime I have seen since 'Guilty Crown' back in 2011-2012. There is almost nothing the series has done correctly (so far).