Jun 17, 2015
Rage-The-Dragoon (All reviews)
The keyword "Bizarre" in it's title is more then appropriate.

And considering the many details the show has it's difficult to find a point to start talking about it to explain everything, but I'm going to give an attempt.

The First thing to address is probably the story and the storytelling of JoJo.
where it basically does everything wrong in such a way that it becomes hysterical to watch and not to mention the big layer of 80's cheese that covers it all.

JoJo tells it's story through the worst way possible "exposition". and not just a little bit. The characters will explain literally EVERYTHING that is happening in front of you, and it's not just done in your typical anime fashion. No, Every Character will explain things as if they are pooping out the biggest turd of their life that was been clogging their bowels for weeks. making it hysterical to hear them do so. Jojo's story itself is very simplistic in each arc. protagonist faces an evil that is bent on world domination. and that's about it. however This is the first series I've ever seen that has multiple shifting protagonists. without spoiling to much, I can say that each story arc headlines the offspring of the previous protagonist. which keeps the show very fresh, because of the shift in characters.

Moving on the the art and animation.
One of the things I absolutely loathe is talking during battle scene's.
(Looking at you Bleach!)
because it kills the pacing and tension of the combat. As I explained above Jojo likes to explain A LOT but they manage to keep the pace up despite lengthy dialogues and maintain intense visuals to keep you on your toes during the fights. The visuals are very clean, sharp, and use some very unique color pallets to address dire situations. suddenly placing characters in a complete green pallet against a dark/pink background.
The animation to be fair is very limited and makes use of clever tricks to make a "less is more" kind of effect. flashy backgrounds, shaky cam, etc. which works very well for shows like this to maintain the high detail of characters, yet it makes the fights less dynamic.

The Music is phenomenal, very catchy and colorful, which matches the overall feel for the show. and a lot of different styles come to play, jazz, rock, even dub step. And choosing Roundabout by Yes as a title track!? is to me a strange choice but it works.

To be fair the Characters in the show come across rather weak.
As I mentioned earlier, because of the shifting protagonists we're also time skipping every arc. which only allows 1 or 2 characters from the previous arc to reappear. this makes it very hard to latch on to a character because the time spent with them is so limited. and the expositional nature of the series also pushes you away from a character. we are not allowed to get under their skin and get a chance to feel like they feel. because they will address their emotions the moment they bother them.
This is probably why the protagonist of the sequel, (Stardust Crusaders) Jotaro is one of the most popular protagonists of this series. because he hardly talks at all, he's mysterious, silent, you don't know everything about him and that is what makes you curious about a character.

However, in overall the show was still an enjoyable ride, the combat scene's are every enjoyable and varied, the character designs are incredibly flamboyant and unique. it's all around 80's cheesy fun. that deserves a decent 7.