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Feb 7, 2018
Tension and Tedious are 2 completely different things!
and it's clear Kaiji season 2 feels there is no distinction between the two.
Unlike season 1 this addition just drags...and drags...and drags! on and on and on.

Everything Else in the show is perfectly fine. the score is intense, the animation is crips clean, the voice acting is solid. but the single deathblow season 2 has is it's TERRIBLE dragged out pacing. it's not that noticeable in the first half of the season but it really begins to show during the second half.

And this is where the Tension vs Tedious bit comes into play. The big final gamble of read more
Jan 2, 2018
The is probably one of the prettiest mediocre shows I have ever watched. it's one of those anime I wish I could have liked more, but I know it's been done better in the past.

And it's sad, Kakegurui has all the elements to be a great show. It's intro has our main Jabami going trough a buffet with a fork and knife and all the meals on the table are the opponents in the show. as if she actually means to devour them. great visualization and a very addictive song.

Jabami herself is a very interesting character. while underneath her gentle and polite exterior hides read more
Aug 5, 2017
Oh Boy...I Wish I liked you More Lodoss...

Ahem, Lets get this out of the way, The art, Sound and animation are for the most part really great. but as soon as we come down the Characters and cinematography, problems start to arrive in Spades.

I see what Lodoss is trying to do with their limited 13 episodes and only giving us the nessesary bits and pieces to link the story together. but because of this it feels like the anime lacks a lot of focuss on what it actually wants to tell. and this effects the relation between it's main cast members the most.

some of the read more
Jun 23, 2017
Slayers (Anime) add (All reviews)
After watching Slayers I think the easiest way to say it is this.
"Slayers is one of those anime that I WISH I could have watched as a kid."

It was one of those classics that was part of the great anime boom of the 90's. just a year before DBZ made it's debut in the west. And while it may come across as cheap because of it's obvious budget restrictions. Slayers is very self-aware on multiple levels and try's to make the most of what it does. and frankly it does a lot of things better then most modern day shonen.

For Example: lets take ..."Bleach" A read more
Nov 8, 2016
(writing this review just finishing the 16th episode.)

You know when a show is really good? when it can pull you in and pour gasoline on you to blaze up your emotions. And boy do we have a roller-coaster on our hands here.

Rainbow is a story taking place right after WWII, of 7 kids going through their day's in a correction facility. due to either criminal behavior or unfortunate circumstances.

Starting off I was pretty worried about Rainbow having a cast of 7 people in it's main roster. which is quite difficult, considering you have to get us attached to each individual in the group for read more
Jul 10, 2015
The oddball of the Gundam Franchise.

G Gundam is probably the most child friendly Gundam Series there is.
As a kid I alway's felt I watched these shows in the wrong order. because I saw Gundam Wing when I was 14 and G Gundam a few years later.

While it tries to give us a serious story like most Gundam series It's sometimes hard to keep that serious tone. This is because each country has their Gundams Gimmicked towards somethings that (usually) relates to their country. This causes them to range from serious, creative, to silly and absolutely bizarre designs.

G Gundam sadly did seem to suffer from read more
Jul 5, 2015
I'll be Honest, I had the intention of dropping this anime halfway through.
but I continued to watch just to be sure about the shows ending and justify my words for a review. because Watamote is a show that couldhave been So much more!

And i'll state right now that i'll be diving a tiny bit into spoiler territory, but no further then episode 2.

The premise of Watamote is that our protagonist Tomoko is a girl with an extreme case being the gamer/otaku type along with a huge dose of teenage Anxiety, Unable to make any form of social contact with anyone besides close family, she Hates read more
Jun 20, 2015
Hey gang! remember the powerpuff girls? well how about instead of sugar, spice and everything nice, we'll do something else, we'll keep the sugar but throw in slutty and offensive in for the other two before adding chemical X. lets see what we end up with!

Well thats about the best way I can introduce the smash hit that was PSG.
This is what the american saturday morning cartoon would look like with a thick bucket of anime glazing on top, And it did not disappoint.

PSG features the story of two angels who clearly represent the sins of lust and gluttony, are cast out of heaven for read more
Jun 20, 2015
I saw various clips from Stardust Crusaders before I was even familiar with the whole JoJo scene. so I did the obvious, I started watching the 2012 version of the Bizarre Adventure and work my way up to watching Stardust Crusaders. But in all honesty the prequel was clearly better.

The typical trope in any shonen-type show is a character starting off with a very low amount of skill, but an incredible amount of potential. this is what invests you into watching a show like this, you wish to see the characters evolve, improve themselves, learn new ability's etc.

Despite the flaws the original bizarre adventure had, read more
Jun 17, 2015
The keyword "Bizarre" in it's title is more then appropriate.

And considering the many details the show has it's difficult to find a point to start talking about it to explain everything, but I'm going to give an attempt.

The First thing to address is probably the story and the storytelling of JoJo.
where it basically does everything wrong in such a way that it becomes hysterical to watch and not to mention the big layer of 80's cheese that covers it all.

JoJo tells it's story through the worst way possible "exposition". and not just a little bit. The characters will explain literally EVERYTHING that is happening in read more