Jun 20, 2014
resinweber (All reviews)
I wanted to write this review early on, but I decided to wait a few episodes, then after that, another few episodes, until the show ended. Thats because it changed enough for my view on it to shift quite a bit, but after everythings been said and done, I can tell you why I like where it stands now, though it could have done some things better. Nanana's buried treasure, as we all know, is basically about a group of adventurers looking for amazing magical artifacts hidden by Nanana, who now is a ghost residing in an apartment room where main character Yama Juugo (referred to as the title "Juugo", or better yet, Mr "Totally honest and not plotting anything") resides, bound to a rent contract with an otherwise chill landlord who only wants to drink beer and hang out. Yes, she is basically an alcoholic TCC-chan.

So, what makes this anime something special for this season? Well, for one, I seriously could not get it out of my head that this was basically an anime version of Indiana Jones X Legend of Zelda (what with the ancient chambers and the action-filled collection of artifacts in treasure chests hidden behind complex traps). With that out of the way, let me say that as an anime, it held a certain quality to its story that made me unable to really feel like I could totally predict it all, let alone write a review before it was completely over. I started off thinking that Juugo was just a kid who fell into a sticky situation, and just wanted to check out artifacts and do some general good. But really, this kid has motives and it's not just to find Nanana's killer and evict her from his room. Thats NOT to say he is evil, though, and that right there is the second curve for just one character's standing in the show. Dont worry, its not too complex. Its still mostly about the search for treasures.

I did like the characters a lot. Weve already talked about Juugo, but I dont consider him to have met all the main protagonist criteria. Stories are somewhat based around him, and moreso around Nanana-chan. Those stories involve the group, though. The girl I call the protagonist other than Nanana would be Master Detective Tensai. She is literally the deus ex machina of the group's conquests. Her high resolution foresight knows no boundaries, and knowing this, if you pay attention she knows about Juugo before any lines in the show hint that he's plotting something. She IS the real Indiana Jones, in my head. Then we have Club President Isshin, who is the first runner up to be the antagonist, but really he is just like anyone else- a person whose selfish dreams are considered evil, though theyre honest. His downfall is that theyre certainly not modest. He comes around to help the group in the face of a real antagonist, Hiiyo Ikusaba, an ex club member who is anachronistic in his ways. Whats scary is that his philosophies make a bit of sense, too, and that is why for some reason I was expecting him to come forward as a possible protagonist to the show, but I dont know how they could have done that. It would have been nice, though, to see more characters who were multifaceted in their role as the story went forward. There is always one character who we can be sure will not change, though, and that is Nanana. All throughout the show she is pretty much a cute hikikomori ghost who likes pudding. I dont get it, whats with it in this anime year? All the neets like pudding.

The art and sound weren't 100% on the mark, or that diverse, but it still fit pretty well. This is especially for the adventuring tunes. Music is there to add background and the art is there to support the setting, and in the most important places, like the dungeons, it was perfect. In less important scenes, it wasn't awful. Im certainly glad they werent playing dubstep during a sad moment like one anime this season.

So, with that said, I had much enjoyment in this anime. I wrote this review because i recommend you watch it if you like Indiana Jones X Legend of Zelda anime crossovers, Multi-dimensional characters, cute NEET ghosts, treasure, and side characters who, one second get the shit kicked out of them, the next they are in a full body cast just talking to the group while the group doesnt even ask a question. Dont pry too hard into that if you dont think its funny because its not important.