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Feb 24, 2017
Overall: 7.5

There were things I enjoyed about Wolf Children, and other things that I found lacking and even a little bit detrimental to the movie. Some people found such things to have really harmed the movie, so my review is subjective, and I hope to give anyone planning on watching it a good idea of what they are in for, without spoiling too much.

First, the good:
What I really liked about this movie, and what made it stick as at least a solid 7, was the adorable overtones. As you may know already, the children (as well as the husband, who read more
Feb 13, 2017
People often say not to review this movie based on its comparison to the series because this was made before the series, but considering the series is out, I think it's totally okay to review the movie in such a way, because it's obvious which of the adaptations is superior.
I gave the movie an overall 6: Story 6, Art 7, Sound 6, Character 6, Enjoyment 6. Allow me to explain why I gave these ratings. For the most important aspect, story, I feel that it is justified because even though a lot of the heart-breaking events occur in the movie, the read more
May 31, 2016
I wandered into one of the viewing rooms at FanimeCon just this weekend (memorial weekend 2016) during the very beginning of this movie. I thought to myself, "hey, this is pretty cute", not to mention I had a couple hours until the next panel I planned on going to.
Now, what I have to say about this, is that it's a lot like Finding Nemo--- only that it gets really fucking brutal in a subtle, built-up way. The crazy thing is that this was obviously meant for kids.
MILD-MEDIUM SPOILERS AHEAD: (Though personally, I don't think these will ruin the movie experience, but read more
Apr 15, 2016
So, i was pretty stoked when I learned that steins;gate 23(b) was out as a precursor to steins;gate 0. However, I honestly didn't really get the change. It seemed he had given up on Kurisu, which was sad and disappointing. But more than that, it didn't really give me a lead to what S;G 0 was going to be about.

Story: 6/10
Dont get me wrong, I LOVE stein's gate, but half of it felt like a rerun and then diverged into a plot that was not fully explained as far as how it was supposed to transition. It didn't serve read more
Feb 18, 2016
Story: 6-7 / Art: 8 / Character: 6 / Enjoyment: 7 / Sound: 6

As you may or may not know, this is a chinese cartoon (as another reviewer pointed out). But don't let that make or break your decision to watch this anime. However, as for me, it definitely made my decision because I could tell someone honestly that I was just "watching some of my chinese aneemay". However, it's really not as bad as it sounds because chinese are known for low-quality stuff or knock-offs and to be honest this is a legitimate show in its own right.

The story is a read more
Jan 24, 2016
//**Spoiler Alerts Included**//
First let me get this out of the way; there is no second part. However, the first part was really well-written and performed. The way it ended (no spoilers here) implies there would be a second part but sadly there isn't as its 2016 now. So, a perspective shift is needed at the end otherwise you feel like youre left at somewhat of a cliffhanger.

Aku no Hana is in fact, a pretty twisted anime. It's not "edgy" twisted, or really implausible, either. Basically, the main Character, Kasuga, as said in the description, ends up stealing a gym uniform on total impulse, and this read more
Dec 26, 2015
"I am Mora, I will never explain anything and will go robot and back at random moments. And lose all the time."
"I am psycho killer, I will kill room full of people, but then imprison one guy in a room with open ventilation shaft. And then go into robot to kill this guy with giant knife."
"I am military guy. I want to fight robot. I will hire psycho killer and pathetic hacker and kidnap a girl. And jump into robot asap."
"I am Sougo. I do not care who Felia is. I never question Mora. I never care why my hand lights up when he becomes read more
Dec 25, 2014
Di Gi Charat is a very colorful and humorous slice of life following two catgirls, Dejiko and Puchiko, who wind up in Akihabara. Without a home, they find work at a game shop (called "Gamers" -- Which, interestingly enough, is the store that this anime was aired as an ADVERTISEMENT for, before it became a series).

What's really great about this anime is that it's taken in 16 bite-size chunks of about three minutes each. A lot is packed in to this tiny series, and it moves quickly. The timing for the jokes and for Dejiko's eyeball beam drive the humor read more
Jun 20, 2014
I wanted to write this review early on, but I decided to wait a few episodes, then after that, another few episodes, until the show ended. Thats because it changed enough for my view on it to shift quite a bit, but after everythings been said and done, I can tell you why I like where it stands now, though it could have done some things better. Nanana's buried treasure, as we all know, is basically about a group of adventurers looking for amazing magical artifacts hidden by Nanana, who now is a ghost residing in an apartment room where main character Yama read more
Jun 3, 2014
Harmonie is a fantastic metaphor for the duality between individualism and collective conscious. Each of the students are remarkable individuals, who share an interest in one way or another. I don't find it a coincidence that Akio's friends start the short film by talking about their shared interest in anime before their individual qualities are portrayed. Akio has an ear for music and an interest in art.

Now what's more important is the message conveyed about stifling individual creativity. Juri, the female lead, is constantly embarrassed for the ridicule she has undergone for her dreams and her musical compositions. For a read more