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Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.
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Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.
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Nagi no Asu kara
It's a "light" feeling anime about a group of friends, just like AnoHana. I would definitely recommend it. They both have fantasy elements and are about how a group of friends' lives are changed forever by different circumstances, including love, among other things.
report Recommended by renchan
The overall atmosphere of the series is very alike. Most of all because the characters of Manaka and Menma seem very similar, and both of them have a friend who always cares about them (Hikari and Jinta respectively). Both series are about a group of friends who spend time together.
report Recommended by lolwutwhatever
In the sense of atmospheric mood--sweet adolescence romance between childhood friends! The sentimental feels that you'll get from watching the two are very alike where sometimes you just want to burst out in sheer joy for the characters or weep for them. Both have a drab of supernatural or out of the world charm that makes the love polygons more than any ordinary childhood crush. Both main leads (Jintan in 'Ano Hana' and Hikari in 'Nagi no Asakura') are in love with a childhood friend and do not openly admit it. Both main lead girls, Menma (Ano Hana) and Manaka (Nagi no Asakura) have similar personalities:   read more
report Recommended by PhoenixWish
Both Anime are Drama that have a kind of 'fantasy' theme to them and a huge focus on the romance aspect. The main girl is very similar in both shows (in a way of being naive and overly moe) and the cast itself has a similar setup as well (2 girls, 3 guys and similar relationships imo). Also at some point both focus on a somewhat important event, those episodes felt especially similar but overall you get a very similar feeling watch those two.
report Recommended by PokeL
Dealing with friendship, loss, and coming of age. Really heartfelt series with similar OST and characters of similar age.
report Recommended by alysael
SIMILARITIES: group of friends, growing up together, unrequieted love, love triangle (and more complex polygons...), how relationships change over years, guy as main character and POV, childish girl as female protagonist. DIFFERENCES, referred to AnoHana: way more tragic and sad, realistic setting.
report Recommended by nakisou
As everyone said, both basically give off the same vibe. Both refreshing and don't claim to be more than they are, they don't claim to be the most exploring animes into the themes of childhood, they give what they want to give, a middle-school story. Childhood friends relationships and growing up Themes of change and fear of change A perhaps too much focus on childhood love that conquers all Manaka and Menma are alike but Manaka is more developed and becomes somewhat mature as the anime progresses (though we can't really blame Menma who's practically frozen in her childhood self) Both have brilliant soundtracks and you can't ever feel the   read more
report Recommended by HarukaYume
This two are more alike than me and my identical twin brother (haha ok, ok.. maybe not THAT alike, but still). Nonetheless, if you enjoyed the first one, it shows that you like love triangles, in which ofc someone is left outside of the geometrical shape of painful love, aaand you enjoy seeing them suffer throughout the series, therefore making you a sadist. OR you kinda hate this love-triangles but the story is so good that you can't stop watching and you choose to endure all those heart-crushing moments, which kinda makes you a masochist.. hahahaha k bye.
report Recommended by ChemicalBlack
Nagi no Asukara and Anohana are both anime series with a similar atmosphere, small cast of characters, and involves romance between friends. A shy young girl is in caught in the middle of a love triangle with more complex circumstances also involving themes of supernatural. Both series also has some emotional factors as characters tries to go deal with certain situations with their own hands.
report Recommended by Stark700
•both anime focus on a group of friends, and there present lives while emotions begin to stir for each other, as the story continues, emotions explode and the story sets in motion, concluding for better or for worse •both focus on the human interactions of certain incidents that happen during an event, and the result of the time lapse there emotions froze or changed for the better or for worse •both are the light heartwrenching emotional roller coaster, that will make the audience cry out in happiness or sadness, it will stir up past feelings or present •both are an anime that are enjoyable and will make you   read more
report Recommended by Lupta
Very similar feeling. Lot's of drama and hidden feelings among a group of friends, resulting in/because of an unfortunate event. Also, both series revolve around their "mascot": an airheaded young girl who would do anything for her friends.
report Recommended by MrCave
Both tell a story of the pain of feelings and growing up. Menma and Manaka are very similar, both the center of attention.
report Recommended by aifukola
Similar romantic drama between a group of friends in school. Manaka and Menma are very similar and even have similar sounding VA's. Hikari and Jinta are also similar male protagonists, though Hikari is a bit more tsundere and jealous. They both have very similar feelings despite having very different settings.
report Recommended by Asfaria
Nagi no Asukara is basically a fusion or a mix of both AnoHana and Shinsekai Yori - they're both anime about a group of friends/teenagers growing up (mentally and physically) in an "unique" world related to magic in a way. Also the romance and feelings factor and characters are really similar to AnoHana. Menma could be compared to Manaka while Hikari could be compared to Jinta, etc. (Spoilers Alert) There also was a huge love "shape" (because it was basically a triangle that kept getting more angles as the episodes went on) a bit similar to AnoHana.
report Recommended by KaneshiroK
High school problems amidst a lot of rampant emotions and a slow journey into the characters' lives, make these anime similar.
report Recommended by diepandora
-Focuses on a group of friends and their relationships -Both have love triangles -Can make you cry -Both are bittersweet dramas -Has a colorful cast -Both the main female characters are innocent and cheerful, yet complex.
report Recommended by NaLu
melodramatic kids, time skip, love triangles for days, even the aesthetic reminds me of anohana
report Recommended by isahbellah
This is an easy one. Both have a dramatic focused story line. They both have comedy and romance, but AnoHana is definitely more comedic while NagiAsu is much more romantic. They both have problem related to the past in different way. The main character are teenagers having difficulties to accept those changes around them. They leave you during all the show with a lot of bittersweet feelings.
report Recommended by minouneetzoe
They both are light hearted series about a group of friends. Just like in AnoHana, there is love involved. Manaka and Meike (main characters from both series) are very alike also.
report Recommended by dragones-s
If you a sucker for anime that makes you soft as hell; then I thoroughly recommend these anime. They both exert this "cry or else I'll fck you in the ass" feeling... Haha, sorry I know this isn't much information but if you like one then you will probably like the other. To sum they're both about a group of friends filled with drama, slice of life, and some sort of crying magic. P.S: Even big boys can force tears :P.
report Recommended by musclesandanime
Nagi no Asukara is virtually the 2013/2014 Ano Hana's spiritual sequel.
report Recommended by MegaDany97
Both stories are about childhood friends and how they cope with their feelings toward each other.
report Recommended by jayjaybernil
If you like watching the drama unfold in AnoHana, you may also like Nagi no Asukara. In my opinion, they're similar because of the drama, romance, artwork, character design, and supernatural essence. It's kind of difficult to explain without spoiling any plots, but both animes share same aspect of not being able to assume what's going to happen next. Also, another point that needs to be put out there is how there's always a lump of hopelessness that gets bigger and bigger with each passing episode until the very end. I think if you're into that sort of tear-jerking, tragic storyline, you might also enjoy   read more
report Recommended by umiSalt
The characters are really similar, as is the plot line, since it focuses on similar themes/genres. It has light-hearted as well as sad/touching moments. Art also has a similar feel to it, but it's nicer in Nagi no Asukara. And they're both full to the brim of sometimes annoying, tearful love triangles!
report Recommended by Mnemofysh
Both have a group of friends that grew up together ever since their childhood. They build feelings for each other, and it's a really heartfelt adventure and experience.
report Recommended by Shioumizu
Anime shows that are similar in terms of character cast, atmosphere and romance between friends. Also includes love triangles and drama.
report Recommended by Avidreader123
Both of these shows have similar feelings (even though AnoHana is like 10x more dramatic). They portrait the daily lives of a group of childhood friends, with similar characters (Menma similar to Manaka and Jinta similar to Hikari) with an extremely beautiful environment. Also, both of these shows talk about changes in life.
report Recommended by akaerna_
Both deals with love pentagons and so on, both has similar main characters and will occasionally make you cry. Both has a mixed setting of supernatural and reaity. Both have student settings and they're a group of childhood friends as well. Very similar except for the setting and story.
report Recommended by anarrowstrail
Both NagiAsu and AnoHana are some of the best works that the oddly-specific "teens in a love polygon with a fantasy or supernatural element" genre has to offer (seriously, there are so many of these, it's ridiculous.) Aside from their typical genre trappings, both center around the themes of maturing and the emotional confusion that said maturing can bring to a group of childhood friends. Both have a beautiful art style with vivid colors, and both first and foremost, want you to cry. If you are a fan of this genre and have seen only one of these, I highly recommend watching the other.
report Recommended by CureEtude
The story line from each show is different from one another, but the slice of life aspect and the interactions between the main, girl character in both shows are very similar. There are several relationships involved, but both shows go beyond the surface level of exploring relationships.
report Recommended by nanaminoshi
Nagi no Asukara and AnoHana are both written by Mari Okada so there are some similar emotions that are brought out.
report Recommended by its_Near
Story about friends,coming of age.... with the drama and hardships to tackle mixed in. Also the romance kinda feels similar,especially on the heroines' part.
report Recommended by pathetic-doc
+ The cast of friends have all grown up together but eventually, something happens along the way that splits them apart + They're bother rather depressing yet they leave a happy or innocent feeling in you once you finish it + Love triangles are involved + In the end, you can see the change between the group of friends compared to what they were like in the beginning and the end after dealing with their issues which is pretty depressing in my opinion. It basically shows how dramatically something can change a person - Anohana focuses on only paranormal activities while Nagi no Asukara leans a lot more towards   read more
report Recommended by Sylvettia
The pains and joys of youthful friendship are what make them so strong, and what help them last. Even the calamities of romance cannot break this truly wondrous connection that we make between ourselves. Like Anohana, Nagi no Asukara focuses on a group of friends who struggle through obstacles and change as they figure out who they want to be for themselves, and for the others. As the characters struggle through the calamity of romance threatening precious childhood friendships, we see them develop and mature into different people as time goes on. Similarly to Anohana, the characters in Nagi no Asukara work together to maintain what's   read more
report Recommended by myeongie
Ano and Nagi revolve around friendship and love depicted by a group of close friends who grow up together. In fact, the female leads in both anime have very similar emotions and characteristics. Both give very warm feeling to the audience. These two shows have touching endings. The difference: Ano focusses mainly on the gang of friend but nagi is a bit more than that, it talks about the society in the sea and the land which involves a bigger group of people.
report Recommended by CloudieC
Both are similar in the aspects that the story revolves around childhood friendships which many of us can relate to. Naji no Asukara in my opinion is greatly overlooked by the anime community and definitely is a must watch if you love the slice of life/drama type of genre. Stellar voice work with a relatively big main cast; top tier voice actors all around. Has one if the BEST soundtracks (including OPs and EDs) that I have ever heard. Trust me on this.
report Recommended by Microwaves
Both focus on the development of its characters and also the relationships they have with other characters. Very similar atmosphere, great drama, and a wonderful story on growing up.
report Recommended by GreyGaming
The main hero and heroine have very similar personalities. As well similarities about drama between their inner circle of close friends.
report Recommended by freexavier
Both anime almost got the same feeling and atmosphere except Nagi no Asukara take place in sea and ground and Anohana only in the ground. Both anime got supernatural in it except Nagi no Asukara contain fantasy because it include sea. If you like drama and romance, both of these anime are great for you! ^^
report Recommended by HeroArgonaut
literary the same show and characters, but underwater.
report Recommended by yellofish
Both have sad stuff and kids.
report Recommended by FijiOnMyWrist
It'll make you sob, while still keeping a firm connection with the characters.
report Recommended by Cave_noir
It's not so similar that you feel like you're watching the same anime, but they both are focused on childhood friend groups and the feeling of being left behind.
report Recommended by ArielNIvy
- the characters are very simalar - summery vibe ex: meiko = tsumugu menma = manaka yukiatsu = hikari
report Recommended by cryoharra
Given that they are both written by Mari Okada, there are numerous similarities between the two: -The main male protagonists (Jintan & Hikari) are both romantically frustrated teenagers who often come across as rude, have issues with their dads, but are motivated to help their friends. -their romantic interests (Menma & Manaka) are the typical dandere girl whose personalities are sweet and childish. Both Menma and Manaka also suffer from amnesia at a crucial point in both series. -Anaru and Chisaki are the conventionally attractive tsunderes who have a crush on Jintan and Hikari respectively but do now want to express it. -Chiriko and Tsumugu, while different   read more
report Recommended by Inter_anime